Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate The Opponent

Confidence Building Measures Are Strategies Used To Dominate the Opponent

Confidence measures are schemes.

When somebody announces confidence building measures, what they want is for the target-enemy to give them reassurances of trust and that trust means they have to concede on one of many points, one at a time until the one applying the measures gains total control over the target-enemy. That’s the result. The intention is a lie.

The USA in announcing confidence building measures to Russia is using the same strategy the Jews use on the Palestinians, making them submit to their will, one measure at a time, until the Jews are comfortable that they can get whatever they want from these babies who have a penchant for candy.

The USA however announced the measures to Russia, a giant presence on the world scene, long before the USA was artificially invented by the British via their colonization measures to convert the people inhabiting the land masses they wanted to acquire under their control to their way of thinking, speaking, learning, acting – with Britain the leader.

The USA is only two hundred and forty-six years old and they’re telling Russia to bend to their confidence building measures. That shows nothing but disrespect.

To the USA put your war machine back in the USA.

Whoever came up with using that method against Russia needs to be publicly fired.

Oh by the way, those measures worked against the Palestinians in favor of the Jews, whereby the Jews now occupy almost all of Palestine with no plans of moving out.

Maybe the USA shouldn’t be putting their national security in the hands of the British. They muck it up every time, wanting to control every last breath that a people, nation, group draws.

Confidence measures are also stalling strategies oppressors use to slowly control their target-subjects into submissive obedience under the guise of building trust.

Confidence building is a negotiation whereby the oppressor controls the terms. In these two cases the USA wanting military power and access over Ukraine and the Jews occupying Palestine.

Confidence building measures are used on Gitmo detainees from the USA 9-11 WAR against Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that detainees are still in prison in Cuba without being charged for any crimes. It is now 2022. The attack against the America was in 2002. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked America.

Confidence measures build confidence in the oppressor’s ability to keep oppressing their targets.

Give us this, give us that, give us more and maybe we can talk again next year. It’s a hoax.

You can’t trust anybody who provokes coups for weakened states in their favor.

Walk away from any such talk from anyone spewing the benefits. There are no benefits for the oppressed in any confidence building scheme.

Yes it’s a scheme.


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