Something We Can All Agree On


It’s impossible for the whole world to agree.

It’s written into our animal DNA.

It’s a fail-safe in case we’re wrong, and humans are often wrong.

We have another look to see why some disagree; even if it’s a small number, why is important.

Not after the process is complete, do we go back and retrace our steps. We do it now, while the process is fluid. If you’re too tired, plan your sleep better. Stop hammering your work, then hammering down cocktails when it’s over.

It’s never over, so start leveling yourselves. Even Julius Caesar recognized that to rule effectively, the partying had to end. This is no time to exhale.


The majority is not always right.

Get it right, not half right.

All sides don’t have to say ‘ouch’ in negotiations. That means everyone got hurt.

Everybody has to say, ‘they can live with it’ in their own way.

Work harder and get more solid agreements.


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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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