Black Africa Says They Are Not Animals

Black Africa Says They Are Not In Animal Kingdom

Black Africa has a long history of translating dominion over animals into a reason to enslave, torture and slaughter them.

Fur coats are coveted as status symbols of Africa all over the globe no matter the social, economic or educational status. 

Turn around, look in the mirror.

If you claim to be vegan, yet deny you are an animal within the animal kingdom, you missed the point and are in full prejudicial discriminatory mode. 

Wake up to who you are.

Given that Black Africa has been in the world longer than any other human, one might think they would have learned that lesson a long time ago and would be at the forefront of the animal rights movement. Instead they exploited it for personal gain, after it was in full swing; after others laid the groundwork, they came in to dominate by negotiating with the lives of innocent animals to get financial benefit and/or preferential treatment.

I don’t care who anybody’s God is – nobody’s God supports those who deny who they are so they can consume with impunity another species.

If anything they should want to identify with the non-human animal they consume by acknowledging that yes, they are animals too, so they’re doing what animals do, eat each other. 

That would be the most logical scenario. But to deny that they are an animal in the animal kingdom, and then exploit the non-human animal for their pleasure is exploitation based on a lie.

Why lie about your animal status? It stems from black African supremacy. 

Black Africa decided not to evolve. It was a conscious decision. Evolution isn’t always beyond our control. We make most of those important decisions which directly affect our DNA.

Black Africa isn’t WOKE. Nowhere. They stole that wake up from Word Warrior Davies-Tight in WAKE UP THE PLANET, changed it a bit, then called it theirs. They do that with anything they like, then scream like fools when someone wears their hair like they do. There’s a defect somewhere. The proof is in the refusal to evolve and stop inbreeding within the nuclear family.

How many black children in Africa have their father’s babies, or brother’s babies, or uncle’s babies, or grandfather’s babies?

Black WOKE is black SUPREMACY over all creatures. Large and small, big or tall slowed cooked is how they prefer them. Throw in some greens to trick the Gods and they think they got away with grass murder. Dumb dog, dumb cow, dumb goat, dumb what? 

Nobody ever called grass dumb, so they do know dogs have brains – they eat them for their souls.

If black humans have been here longer than any other human, then it was on them to teach the right way – with all those millennia of evolving years and resources dumped onto their continent where was the ingenuity and the industriousness, before the white people came and forced them to work? Must have thought white people were here longer, look what they built while we wallowed, then they continued carving the flesh and blood into their souls so as never to lose it. The way they grab it and tear at it one might think they were in flesh, blood and bone heaven.

One doesn’t need ingenuity or industry to evolve the mind. One can live in a tent and evolve how they think and interact with the world by observing it and how a particular behavior harms and/or helps in the survive and thrive category. That learning still in 2022 isn’t evident in black Africa. For the Universe to witness it, it has to be over fifty percent – way over. One foot in and one foot out doesn’t cut it. No one notices. It’s an African scam – worried they might lose some if all in.

Even their God is asleep.

Now if the first humans did not come from Africa, then excuse me. I’ll shift my focus to the white folks everybody loves to hate these days blaming all that’s wrong with the world on a minority race seems a little much given the progress white people made in a relatively short span toward recognizing the rights of other animals besides themselves to live out their natural existence in survive and thrive mode.

Humans must be on track then. Those who were here first, the minority white people evolved the quickest, because they made a conscious decision to evolve when they had choices. Even now they continue; they don’t give up and let somebody else have a go at it. They’re in this to win it for all the animals in the kingdom, not just themselves.

Go ahead, keep denying you’re an animal. Everybody sees your lie. They’re laughing at you; who wouldn’t? Pat you on the head and shake their own head, while pondering the mystery of how a human with brains can’t see who they are.

I know why they do it. I lived in Cleveland for twenty-six years. I mingle with everybody. They don’t.

I know how they treat animals. I can still hear the screams – DUMB DOG screams. I often wondered why they were screaming louder than the dog, then realized it was instinctual, to hide what they just did to that dog they call TOO DUMB TO KNOW.

Now how dumb is that? The dog screams in pain, Africa screams to hide the dog scream and Africa says the dog is too dumb to know its OWNER just punched and kicked the shit out it, then raised it and threw it across the room.

Week later see dog limping outside. Bandage around chest/ribs and one foot, hopping leashed on three legs. MASTER hanging head low to ground, peeks one eye up at me, not for long.

TOO DUMB TO FEEL PAIN, that’s what Africa said.

That’s what Africa said?

Yeah. That’s what Africa said.

Africa is Africa; they won’t evolve; that’s what I keep hearing. They know they make the decision whether to evolve or not. We’re not talking about facial structure and hair here. Stop with this obsession with yourselves to the exclusion of everybody else. 

When you hold back the planet, by continuing to consume that which the Universe created to survive and thrive, then you are a threat to the planet. If you influence a lot of people to keep the animals on the plate and in the pot and at the end of your fist, the Universe will definitely notice. 

I’m just the forewarning in case you fail to see the signs yourself. Maybe that’s why white people think black people can’t feel pain or don’t love their children, because that’s how they act, like they don’t see the pain in others that they inflict and they can’t feel love when it’s extended, beyond wanting to exploit it. 

That’s why Africa focused the world on respecting their culture no matter how many it hurts, because they won’t/can’t change, so the rest of the world needs to change so they don’t have to.

Nobody’s forcing them to do anything, though the way they burn cities in America one might think so. 

When the Universe decides, the action it might take to save all animals could wipe out the whole human race. 

  • Did you ever think that all the raise-to-slaughter animals, if given the opportunity to live out their natural lives would evolve, and that raise-to-slaughter prevents that evolution?

Raise-to-slaughter prevents the natural evolution of those species slaughtered. sldt.

African activists talk openly among themselves on social media on the need to eradicate the white human race, calling them an abomination. Evil. No one calls them out on it. In Africa, black Africans usually don’t want white people responding to their posts, unless they’re selling something. They’ll say it right out, ‘just black people respond’. They don’t want the white person’s perspective on anything.

In the meanwhile they need to keep their racist, discriminatory trash talk out of the way of those working tirelessly and relentlessly to set all animals in the kingdom – including them –  free from enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Stop screaming. 

Nobody needs to understand you, beyond your words and actions.

Stop acting MASTER OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM while denying you’re one of us.

You’re not awake or woke.

Waking Up is about the animal, and you keep denying that you are one, so we have nothing to discuss. Maybe the world should start treating you like aliens from outer space. 

I wonder if space aliens would be considered a race?

Either you’re an animal, vegetation, rock, bacteria, virus or fungi. 

Choose wisely.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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