Lindsay Graham Seeks Assassin online via Twitter. Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Is?

Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Means?

It is a metaphor of the human ass. Two buttocks. Two halves make a whole.

The reason government agencies, bureaus etc. fail so often is because they do a half-assed job. They spend one half of the time and effort doing the actual job or at least researching it, and the other half letting off steam – before – during – after. 

One might wonder why they spend half the time spilling their collective guts everywhere, and only half the time getting the job done right.

They don’t know how to do whatever they’re doing right. They’re too young, with little actual life experience. Everything done is based on statistics and models and methods they follow, that don’t produce results.

There must be a better way to solve crimes than to rely on snitches or to set up proned-people to commit crimes, then haul them in just as they’re about to commit the crime. 

That’s called profiling.

Government personnel mix in with friends of the target, then befriend the target, ask questions, egg people on when they’re drunk or drugged, casual meetings, set up a crime, then catch a terrorist in the making that they made into a terrorist.  

They justify it all by claiming if they could get this guy or gal to commit a terrorists act, then somebody else, not connected to government could do the same – in time.

Well in time, if not bothered by government forces pretending to be terrorist-to-be drinking buddies, these so called targets may not have been radicalized at all, if it weren’t for the government stepping into a manipulative process to speed up radicalization.

The government needs numbers to prove they are indeed catching terrorists and/or stopping terrorist attacks. 

There’s a saying that one is judged by the company they keep. Hang out where the anti-people hang and eventually you become like them. Show the proof.

I hung out at a local tavern for twelve years where supposedly all the criminals, prostitutes, drug users and heavy pushers hang out and their behavior did not ‘rub off’ onto me.

Governments don’t focus on stopping behavior, they focus on getting results, whatever it takes. They recruit a certain percentage of people whom they are pretty sure will go the distance when asked, then they set them up, very slowly.

  • It reminds me of an experiment where they strap an animal in cold water and slowly increase the heat till the skin peels off and the experimenter claims the animal feels no pain. I don’t believe it, but they make an argument that the public wants to believe and so they do. Scientists did it to humans too during World War II.

They don’t look for loose cannons to go off with light triggers. They want methodical-minded killers who can torture methodically without emotion.

So there you have it. Your serial killers. In every race, every ethnicity. They already exist among the rank and file and the elite of every military. Study them. Is that what you want, to stop a killing spree before it happens? Well, the military is the perfect outlet for these individuals. They hide well, better than radicalized people.

How to find them? 

The same way you find people to set up for crimes – the ones you think may commit crimes in the future. They’ve already been trained to kill. They’re already in databases. They’ve been mentally warped by war. The repeated tours of duty made them addicted to the kill. What to do with that addiction once home?

Find an outlet.

Why are mercenaries allowed to sell their services right out in the open? Why aren’t they brought in and questioned about their job descriptions? Where are the under cover operations to expose them, catch them? Why aren’t they tracked – these individuals who advertise themselves for hire? You don’t even have to set these dudes and dudesses up. They advertise themselves.

They’re out there for hire. Is that legal in the USA? Why have a magazine devoted especially to murder for sale, killers for hire? Where’s the expose? No journalists interested in how they get away with murder in plain sight, in full view of the government and the government doesn’t care? That needs an investigation.

Nobody has to set them up; they set themselves up. Unless the government uses these people to provide services that legally they can’t engage in, namely assassination, why let them operate with impunity? And why let the government use individuals to kill people that would otherwise be illegal? Hypocrisy reigns always in the name of governments. So why wouldn’t the media want to investigate a government that uses these people for hire to dole out death sentences to individuals the government doesn’t like for whatever reason?

Mercenaries or soldiers of fortune were explored decades ago in the press, but not in depth and only as far as the government would allow. They’re not illegal when being used against foreign governments, even though they’re not a member of any military. If they’re not part of the military, they should be illegal. But the military hires these outsiders to conduct military-style operations that otherwise would be illegal.

When these same people are used by private individuals to murder for hire, it appears that the military turns a blind eye.

When governments commit the same crimes for which civilians get prison time, it’s easy to understand why most of the population disrespects their hidden agendas. They claim to be making the world a safer place, but commit crimes against humanity for reasons unknown, that probably influence consequential assassinations and massacres across the globe accepted by them as collateral damage.

Half-assed jobber: someone does half the job right, then slacks off on the other half or does the whole of it with lack-luster effort producing inferior work. On average, a fifty-percent effort. That’s a low score no matter the job. That’s the government. It also means one sat on their ass half the time and did nothing.

I hired an employee once who told me he’d work harder for more money. Better too. I thought, he should be giving a hundred percent no matter the pay. He agreed at the price at the time, but later explained why he didn’t perform as promised. Someone like that, no matter how much you pay them they will still be slackers. If you can’t train yourself to want to do a good job, instead of just barely satisfactory and they expect the employer to accommodate all their quirks, then nobody else can train them to do otherwise.

ASSASSINS ARE TERRORISTS. Those who hire them are terrorists.

Lindsey Graham U.S. senator recently called for the assassination of a world leader, Vladimir Putin President of Russia.

Someone of his stature knew full well the impact. Make the guy scared so he’ll stop the demilitarization of Ukraine? He was also hoping one of Putin’s own people will take the hint, kill the guy and get a big payday from Lindsay Graham personally? Or from the USA government?

I’m not going to remark on the mental fitness status of Lindsay Graham previous to that highly publicized assassination wish on behalf of the USA on social media that spans continents, but if he stays in his position, and Putin is assassinated, Joe Biden will be next. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

He didn’t call for the assassination of Israeli leaders when they did the same to Palestine, or Syria in process as I write. Or at any other time, has he or anyone come out and publicly sent around the globe a written endorsement for assassination for hire? One would assume by a mercenary or soldier of fortune.

So why is Lindsay Graham still in office? Is he trying to cause a World War III? Looks like it to me. If anyone needs to be taken out, meaning fired, not killed, it is Lindsay Graham.

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