Fake Comments And Haters

We all know what fake news is, even though we might not always be able to discern what is and what is not fake or real. Donald Trump made sure of that. Not that it hasn’t been around since the beginning of human life, it’s just that fake wasn’t the focus, it rested in the background as a maybe.

Fake comments don’t headline news stories, like fake news does.

Who, except me maybe, cares about fake comments? But people read comments. Why do you think Yahoo News did away with theirs? For some, the details of the story don’t matter. It’s the headline they attack or support. Comment-fakers set up a pro and con situation with every headline and then go on full attack for or against. Yes, even those in favor go into attack mode.

Madison Avenue (MA) must have thought that too much focus was being placed on comments where there weren’t many ads. They want people to click on headline after headline, not stop and have a war with other comment-fakers on every single story. Too much fighting going on and pile-ons, and energy expended through words that take the attention away from advertisements.

So now, there are no comments. The title of each story is basically an editorial that tells the reader what to believe. Usually by the second paragraph the writer has already interjected the fake part woven into the story. MA also knows the short attention span of humans. So, read the headline, then the first paragraph; okay you’ve read enough now go onto the next story and see some more ads. Many times throughout the article the main point, usually biased, gets repeated. so what’s the point of continuing to read/

News agencies at the behest of advertisers tell you what your opinion is. You don’t tell the world your view in their comment sections – those days are long gone. I don’t know who took away our right to have our own opinions and to express them, but Madison Avenue (MA) played a big part.

Blogs are being continuously censored for conflicting opinions, under the guise of offending people’s feelings, when in fact it has nothing to do with feelings. It has to do with government forces including the likes of Madison Avenue who want to sell ads and the big money that buys the ads wanting to control your opinions, so others seeing the ads won’t be distracted by your views.

What a land of deception we live in that has nothing to do with the rights or freedoms that our government brags to other countries that we Americans enjoy. They don’t exist. This isn’t the land of the free; this is a land where every occupant is living under threats of severe career and life altering penalties for harboring views that conflict with the establishment or special interest groups that dominate the one sided conversation.

The inhabitants of the USA are treated like enemy combatants by every institution and business – yes businesses are the biggest offenders of your rights. And they might as well waterboard you, because when they find your opinion, and there are spies everywhere looking for holes of truth in their fabric of lies, and it doesn’t parallel park with one of their fake opinions, there is an all out assault on every part of your life. You get stripped naked and publicly harassed and humiliated and then kicked off the planet, never to be heard of again.

Yes. That’s how bad it has gotten. Rotten to the core with corruption, discrimination and enslavement. Everyone is a public figure, like it or not, which means faceless, nameless people are gunning for you to conform to their agendas.

They actually tell you who you have to hate, and if you don’t, then they slap you with a hate label.
If you don’t hate who they want you to hate, that means you like the person they hate, and hate the person they like.
So they call you a hater for liking somebody.
Or even if you don’t care one way or the other, you’re still a hater – because you won’t hate who they tell you to hate, and you according to them deserve to have your life ruined due to non-compliance with their hate-driven agenda.

I mean, this runs like a comedy routine. The tragic part is that it’s real and it’s ruining this country and the world. Nobody woke. It’s a lie that somehow gave all the so-called ‘woke’ people free reign to destroy life, limb and property. Where did you all get that interpretation from “no prejudice, beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – the five principles to a better life? One leads to the other if left unchecked. Do you know what unchecked means?

How did this country get this way so fast? It is sheer, socially driven insanity. And it spread like a contagion worldwide. How could that happen? Are we so easily influenced that we just fall into line with whatever these controllers tell us what to think and how to act?

It’s scary. I keep hearing, ‘how can you not hate that person or this person or another person’, and I keep wondering why they want me to. What’s in it for them? I guess once you’re in that hater mode, you must want everybody to be in it with you. Maybe hate loves company, because there sure is a lot of it out there.

The ones calling people racist for not agreeing with them on some issue are the real haters. They hate you for not agreeing with them. Consider hating someone and the intensity involved and how easily it is these days for almost everybody to hate spontaneously. Then they made a crime out of not hating someone you hate and called it a hate crime. Unbelievable.

It’s a hustle to get you to support their agenda, by getting you to hate their target. If you don’t, they target you too.

Don’t tell me who to love or hate, dislike or like. It’s not your business. You who tell others who to hate are the real haters. Wake up!

Do you even know how to converse? Or is hate so much on your mind that it swallowed your brain?

Your own hate ate your own brain. That looks really ugly to non-haters. Stay away from decent people. Your hate is like a fast growing incurable contagious cancer. Your need to destroy others is a form of mental illness, no one has studied much. They will. These aren’t haters with a conscience. When you’re screaming compassion, that’s not compassion. That’s a lie. And you’re out of control. People should fear those who tell them who to hate, who they can talk to. Those are the real oppressors among the populace.

The elitist groups? They do the same exact thing, among elitist groups, within elitist groups. Government to government, nation to nation, people telling other people who to hate, who to talk to and who to snub. Clubs, associations, non-profits even, church groups, religions, political parties, ethnicities, genders, races, rich people, poor people, healthy people, sick people, drinkers, non-drinkers, animal eaters, animal-free eaters.

Just so you know, elitists don’t consider themselves to be part of the populace. They’re separate from the masses. Above and beyond the common folk.

Most elitists are not survivalists and most survivalists don’t mingle much with those whom they consider ill-prepared to meet challenges. When the world is on fire, those elitist groups will turn to the common folk for leadership, since they know how to survive and thrive under adverse conditions. They may not possess fashion-statement equipment, but they know how to improvise better than any elitist and survivalist groups.

So be careful who you tell to hate, and who gets wind of it. To survive one needs to get along with all types of people at all stages of evolutionary development. You don’t need to love your neighbor or love what your neighbor does, but you need to be able to mingle and contribute where it’s needed when catastrophic events occur.

Don’t assume you know what your neighbor thinks. You don’t.

Don’t be that dead weight that everybody has to drag, or that hysteric that everybody has to coddle. You need to prepare yourself. It’s not up to your neighbor to prepare for you.

When someone startles at your wanting to be noticed hairstyle, don’t blame them. That’s what you wanted. Nobody likes feigned indignation or false complaints. The only difference between them and fake news and comments, is it’s what comes out of your mouths that’s fake.

There are lots of ways to communicate. Be sure you are not sending mixed messages.

Mixed messages kill.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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