Lindsay Graham Wants to Retire?

Lindsay Graham Republican Senior Senator from South Carolina Wants to Retire?

But he can’t do it; she doesn’t have the grit it takes to let go. In other words, he wants to be forced out and he wants it to be in response to him calling for the assassination of a world leader on a highly publicized social media platform.

The guy has always been a mixed bag of spoiled nuts.

His last action in office was saying what he really wanted to say, without the party permission. If he gets away with it, and nobody forces him out, he’ll one up the call for assassins worldwide to go to Russia and assassinate President Vladimir Putin until he ends up before a judge and jury for committing treason. He’ll end up in a jail cell for putting all Americans at home at risk.

Lindsay Graham left wide open the door for foreign mercenaries (we call them terrorists) to enter America and assassinate the USA president.

Get that man off the stage. Retire him or fire him.

He just committed an act of terrorism.

The fact that he kept it narrow by calling on Russians to assassinate the guy only proves his intent to spread worldwide his call. He tried to cover his bases, thinking it’s okay for Russians to assassinate a Russian president. American service men are now going to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian military as soldiers of fortune and mercenaries to defeat the Russian armies – individual people thinking they can defeat the Russian military? Only if they have assassination on their minds. He’s basically calling for a Lee Harvey Oswald – ‘where is he when we need him?

USA mercenaries and soldiers of fortune already answered that call. They already geared up.

It looks like the USA just declared war against Russia by sending its former military fighters to Ukraine to assassinate the president of Russia. The USA better make sure those mercenaries never leave the USA. That one senator, Lindsay Graham, openly recruited them back to service should give the entire world reason to pause. It’s the result that matters. This is what happens when senators go rogue. They put every American citizen at risk.

The world better hope that Putin stays alive, because if he doesn’t, the USA will be pummeled in the name of Lindsay Graham, and Lindsay Graham will go down in history as the Republican senator that started World War III by taking out a hit on a world leader on social media – Lee Harvey Oswald style.

That bell cannot be unrung. The more you try, the worse it gets. Every world leader is now wondering if they’ve ever been on Lindsay Graham’s hit list. And who else has a hit list?

I don’t think even Donald Trump ever publicly called for the assassination of a president.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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