Imagine The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Lasting 74 years

USA endorses slavery of Palestinians with payment of $4.8 billion to Jews for Palestinian maintenance

White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion

“The US supports Ukrainians’ right to resist military occupation, and will supply them with all they need to fight back,” said political analyst Omar Baddar. “In Palestine, the US supports Israel’s brutal military occupation, & will ensure the occupiers get the weapons they need to maintain it.”…”

Sharon’s Comment: USA LEFT OUT A PART. The occupation by Israel in Palestine is in the USA interest. The resistance to the occupation by Russia in Ukraine is in the USA interest. There’s no morality here. It’s what suits the USA militarily globally. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia still insists this is not an occupation in Ukraine; it’s a military operation.


  • Or maybe Slavery is a USA held value. We don’t torture at home, but we send people to foreign countries to be tortured, because those countries allow it. What kind of value is that?


USA ARMS OCCUPIERS/SLAVEHOLDERS in 2022 in Palestine to pressure Iran into submission to Israel.


For the record, Orthodox Jews occupied the minds and bodies of Palestinians living in Palestine for 74 years and 28 years before that owned by Great Britain. All these years the world told Palestinian slaves owned by Britain and orthodox Jews they had to earn their freedom.

What a lie. There was never any intention of freeing anybody, unless they fled their homeland to parts unknown. When the Palestinians fought back absent a military, they were labeled terrorists. There is no deal on earth that could be made to free these slaves on their own land that would be in any way satisfactory for what they suffered by the hands of Jews worldwide. The world knows it and the world lives just fine with that hypocrisy. Enslaving humans to get back at another country is torture and the Jews worldwide were witness to their slaughter time and time again. Seal the borders, no corridors for slaves, then bomb them to hell.

In my own country, boasting to be the greatest nation on earth, riding on the tails of imaginary freedom from bondage, while supporting slavery in foreign countries when it is in their best interest to do so. They do that in our name. In the name of We the People. It is not in We the People’s best interest to promote slavery since 1948 and beyond until not one Palestinian remains on the land of Palestine.

The Jews once again made a laughing stock of the USA. And we paid them 4.8 billion dollars to do it – in just one year. They should be paying us instead of us paying them to hold slaves in captivity, as payment to the Jews post WWII fulfilling the promise of Adolf Hitler – work shall set you free – to occupy the land of Palestine and all who inhabit it.

That’s ownership. That’s Hitler bartering with people. The Jews worked for Hitler, and Hitler paid them in Palestinians rather than dollars. Paid them in People. The land came along with the people. Nobody objected strongly enough to make a difference – 74 years now, and they’re still siphoning money from the USA to maintain that occupation of the Palestinian people. Billions of dollars every year. You can bet, not much of that goes to quality of life maintenance.

According to USA Ukrainians have right to resist, Palestinians have right to submit. That’s the difference between Palestinians and Ukrainians – one are slaves held against their will for 74 years, the others are not.

Free The Palestinians From Jewish Bondage

I’m not calling them Zionists. If it were just a small group of land and people bandits, whose activities involve slavery, torture and slaughter that no other Jew supported, then I might. As it stands Jews worldwide present to the world the face of a majority in agreement with their occupier policies, and as a result have not chosen to exercise their freedom to protest worldwide to free the Palestinians from Jewish occupation. It’s not in their personal and business interest to free a people whose captivity brings in money to the occupier and expansion cause of the Jewish people in the Middle East, including weapons.

Reaction from Pro-Israel Groups
All this talk of double standards has created at least a little anxiety among pro-Israel groups and lobbying organizations. “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a dispute over territory by two peoples who both have historic claims and connections,” tweeted ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution that provides security, dignity and self-determination to both.”

Reaction from Pro-Israel Groups: On DOUBLE STANDARDS Re: Ukrainians and Palestinians.

Sharon’s Comment:

Re: “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution”?

Sharon: IT’S BEEN 74 YEARS of a path designed by orthodox Jews in the region that leads to nowhere.

Re: ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution that provides security, dignity and self-determination to both.”


Sharon: Who calls that fair? Who calls 74 years a path to resolution and a two-state solution? Who could call that, “security, dignity and self-determination to both?” The only ones doing any self-determination are the ones stealing the land from the other. The one with the huge military and nuclear weapons against the other with no military.

That so-called path is never-ending. In the meanwhile, the Jewish majority ate up nearly all the land in Palestine.

PALESTINIAN LOSS OF LAND as of 2010. It’s a lot worse now. It’s 2022. The Jewish majority didn’t give any of it back. How could it take 74 years with no end in sight? Because they didn’t take all the land they wanted. There’s more to lose.

These orthodox Jews stealing Palestinian land have dragged their feet for 74 years. It’s a wonder they have any feet left.

White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion

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