Re: 4 stories Senator Lindsay Graham, South Carolina’s Pig Population, African Albinos and Chipotle

“Sen. Graham calls for Putin’s assassination — again/

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sen. Lindsey Graham again called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin — a suggestion that was widely rebuked by lawmakers in both parties./Yahoo news.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3.16.2020

Lindsay Graham attempts to unring his own bell by doubling down on his call for the assassination of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, then expanding to one way or another, he doesn’t care how it’s done.

So, Lindsay Graham just acted as Commander in Chief of the USA. Giving the order himself to whomever wants to take it up, the instructions being, however you want to do it, he doesn’t care. He even invokes John McCain, a dead senator, claiming he would have said the same thing, worldwide I presume, since that’s the route Graham took.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is an actor in the same vein as Jessie Smollet; he never gets off stage. He’s making a fool of himself by allowing Russia to bombard the country he’s supposed to be running, while crying to the world to help him. Any president who tells the world it’s the end of the world, sitting on the largest military in Europe, while blubbering rubbish doesn’t deserve that position.

The USA got him in by ousting Viktor Yanukovych. Now Zelensky, again on the world stage, suggests to the ones behind the coup against Yanukovych, that ultimately got him, Zelensky, into office, that they use the same coup maneuver to oust President Putin.

That’s Zelensky’s strategy – another coup. Don’t like the terms of negotiations? Stage a coup. He keeps saying he wants to talk, but when the date and time are set, he comes up empty-handed.

Maybe he thinks now he doesn’t want to join NATO, and tells the world such. What does that mean? He thinks? He’s supposed to be talking to the President of Russia, not the people of the world. We aren’t President of Ukraine, he is. We aren’t President of Russia, Putin is.

Stop communicating through third parties. It’s become glaringly obvious that he does not know how to run a country, and maybe the West has been clandestinely running it for him in opposition to Russia, since Zelensky got elected after the ousting of Yanukovych.

There’s a reason why Zelensky was selected to replace Yanukovych by the West. He’s weak, malleable and takes orders from the highest bidder.

Be careful with those weak, malleable people. When cornered, they get vicious. We will not forgive? Who says that while sitting on a huge military?

Frankly, I wouldn’t want Ukraine as a neighbor with anti-Russia leanings that could be manipulated by the West. Zelensky isn’t neighborly. That could be his Jewish roots. On that alone, I agree with Russia. Zelensky is an unstable neighbor, looking in all the wrong places for affection.

I disagree with the current multiple articles regarding Jewishness and Naziism. Many white supremacists in the USA prisons have Jewish roots. Many people worldwide have Jewish roots and don’t know it.

Ever wonder why nobody talks about the number of Jews in USA prisons? Even the Blacks don’t mention it. And Blacks are always talking prisons when talking equality. Black leaders consistently and predictably call out the number of White vs the number of Black prisoners, with Blacks occupying a disproportionate higher number of beds per capita than Whites.

Where do the Jews fit in? They don’t commit crimes? Of course they do. Then why so few Jews in prison, in jails?

They’re there.

Who do Blacks fear most in prison?

White supremacists aka Neo-Nazis. I’m not sure if they’re the same. I read that if I look it up on Google, the Feds are coming for me per order of the Jews someplace. What do writers do who need to know about Neo-Nazis in order to write about them? It discourages discourse. That’s the intent. Keep them in the dark, where no one can judge. That right there reeks of Jewism. You can’t even look it up without being called anti something that isn’t good.

Why does no one talk about the disproportionate small number of Jews in prisons compared to Blacks? Why aren’t black leaders calling for more Jews in prisons, like they call for more Whites in prisons to level the prison field?

How can a Jew be a white supremacist? They always existed, just not talked about much. Supremacy is rooted in the Jewish religion. They changed it to ‘different’ when people like myself called them out on it.

How can a Jew be a Nazi? They always existed, just not talked about much.

How can a Jew be a Neo-Nazi? What does neo/new even mean in terms of Naziism, a political party? How has it changed?

  • People who hate the Jew part in themselves and/or those who don’t know that they’re Jew or part Jew.

Disgruntled Jews. Who don’t know they’re Jews. A paradox in Jewry.

Are orthodox Jews banned from serving time in prison? One must wonder why. Brutality. Probably. Humans are the most vicious of animals. Within the category of human, different groups display varying degrees of brutality.

Jews are not a tiny minority. Maybe inbreeding Jews are a minority among the greater Jew population where Italian Jews look Italian and Irish Jews look Irish and on and on.

White Jews, that’s how the world sees Jews. The Jews kept hidden the other part and still do. Every nationality has Jews, every ethnicity. Every color or shades. Every gender. The indigenous part is hard to prove, because Jews prefer to be white, and indigenous people, those who never left the forest, are anything but white. They’re not black either.

I’m beginning to think that all humans originated on islands and came from water, instead of originating on large land masses. Salt water, not rivers and lakes, except the Salt Lakes. Any other salt lakes in the world besides in Utah?

7 salt lakes around the world

  1. Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel. The most famous of the lot, the Dead Sea – also known as the “Salt Sea” – is the natural place to start. …
  2. Lake Assal, Djibouti. …
  3. Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. …
  4. Don Juan Pond, Antarctica. …
  5. Caspian and Aral seas, Central Asia. …
  6. Lake Urmia, Iran. …
  7. Mono Lake, California, USA.
  • Indigenous doesn’t set people apart, only those who never left the forest from those who did. They still have the same roots. We are all descendants of indigenous people somewhere, which means we can all wear that designation.

Jews worldwide are in support of Ukraine, because there’s a Jewish president and a Jewish population. That could be why the USA thought they could manipulate a Jewish president rather than one who was in support of Russia. To call one corrupt and the other not corrupt is based on political interpretation. Jews are some of the most corrupt people on the planet, and Russia has a large Jewish population. Most of the foreigners now occupying Palestine as settlers are Russian imports.

The USA has a long history of instigating coups and agitating the populace for or against those politicians in foreign countries with whom they want to work to achieve what is in the best interest of the USA.

Lindsay Graham has a death wish – for himself. He’s counting on God to save him from his reckless behavior on behalf of America.

  • Not on my behalf Lindsay Graham. Do not call for an assassination of anybody – on my behalf or anybody else’s behalf, except your own.

To act independently as a congressional member, calling for an assassination of a foreign president should impeach him, twice. Just to be sure, he really meant it. That’s why he repeated it long after he had time to rethink it.

Graham still didn’t unring that bell.

If he’s acting as a voice for the USA military, then I call the USA military reckless to put an old man with cognitive deficits out in front to take the hit, that they should have done themselves.

Did the military make that request or recommendation to congress?

That Graham blamed a dead senator on his word usage calling for an assassination is a tell.

Does the military require permission to assassinate a world leader?

Does the military require permission to assassinate a senator?

Just wondering.

I’m done with him. Assassination is an act of terrorism in any language, in any country. Lindsay Graham put my life in danger; he put every American’s life in danger.

I’m not going down because a reckless senator wanted credit for the death of a president in a foreign country.

ANOTHER STORY about South Carolina, Lindsay Graham’s home state, THAT CAUGHT MY EYES when searching for the state with the most pigs raised for slaughter.

I was wondering if Lindsay Graham ate a pig a day like Ariel Sharon claimed to eat a lamb a day. It’s just how my thoughts ran, thinking I should be writing something about animal rights, instead of wasting time on Lindsay Graham. Okay, his face is a little piggish looking, which probably helped that train along.

South Carolina

Posted in South Carolina Nature September 13, 2021 by Robin Jarvis

South Carolina’s Wild Pig Population Has Spread Into All 46 Counties And The Numbers Are Disturbingly High

Just when we’re getting used to the idea of alligators creeping up onto front porches here in South Carolina, bears climbing up on back decks to empty bird feeders, and coyotes making themselves at home if you leave your door open, in come the pigs – and it’s not good news, either.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

First, the numbers.
You can consider the wild hog, or pig, just a much larger version of its farm-raised cousin. Feral or wild pigs can grow up to five feet in length and males weigh an average of 200 pounds; females weigh an average of 175 pounds.

Wild pigs have proved to be extremely versatile and can easily adapt to most environments. This map shows the 2017 distribution of wild pigs in South Carolina – leaving no county untouched.
According to one report posted on Esri, in 2009, a farmer in Abbeville County reported losing one-third of his 100-acres of crops to wild pig damages.
But crops and livestock aren’t the only damage the wild pig population inflicts.
The female wild pig’s reproductive cycle is such that she can give birth multiple times per year and birth up to as many as 16 pigs with each delivery.
At the moment, the most effective way to combat the population gains of the wild pigs living in South Carolina is through humans hunting them.

Did you have any idea how out of hand the wild pig population is getting in South Carolina? Ever see one of these in the wild, or worst yet… in your own backyard? Weigh in with a comment in our Facebook thread!

For another creature that’s rapidly spreading across the state, keep reading: More And More Armadillos Are Being Spotted Throughout South Carolina And Here’s What You Should Know.

I looked in Nanny’s Suitcase in a folder called Research and grabbed a few items to look at later.

One was Scores of Albinos in hiding after attacks (the writer didn’t capitalize the word albino) CNN November 29, 2009

‘Ten thousand Albinos in hiding in East Africa amid fears of being dismembered and their body parts sold to witchdoctors. Albinos are believed to have special powers and are sought after to bring wealth and good luck…

  • Why didn’t Blacks across America go to Africa and protest the bad treatment of their own by their own? Dismembering handicapped people for their organs and bones to bring wealth and good luck? They’re white black people to them and they show no compassion, even worse, they kill and mutilate them for that which makes them different.
  • How evil can evil get? Talk about discrimination. Whoa. Terror has no bounds with Africans. This is the worst of human bias against someone for the lack of color to their skin. Yeah, if they kill and eat them they’ll get healthy, wealthy and lucky. Bet they don’t.

Then another was a full page ad in Cleveland Scene free newspaper November 11-17, 2009 page 5. CATTLE CAN’T JUMP. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US FROM RAISING THE BAR.

Insensitive I thought, regarding cows who can’t jump the fence to freedom. Making fun of cows because they can’t jump. Who does that remind me of? This entire ad bears repeating, so I’m going to just write it out.

I’m going to title it THE GOURMET BURRITO even though the ad didn’t. Well, the one that looks like a title, didn’t impress me as talking about food. I thought they were still on Olympic overload, thinking about pole vaulting or basketball, then realized it was 2009.

Gourmet burrito. It’s not often you see those two words hanging out together. But if it’s up to us, they’re going to be hanging out a whole lot more.

That’s because we believe that every burrito is born with the right to better ingredients.

And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word: better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals and better for the farmers who raise the animals.

Take our beef, for instance. More than 60% of it is naturally raised, and every day we’re striving to make that number even higher. That means no growth hormones or antibiotics, and a strictly vegetarian diet.

It’s more expensive raising cattle this way. But we think it’s worth it. and when you bite into a mouth-watering steak or barbacoa burrito, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

That’s why we are working overtime to make all our beef, in all of our restaurants, naturally raised. Changing the way America sources, serves and eats beef isn’t going to be easy.

But you’re helping us make that happen every time you come in./

This ad could be called a white washing of the cattle raise-to-slaughter industry, making it sound harmless, appealing, innocuous, worth continuing even if it costs more for natural.

Every burrito is born, acting as if a sandwich is a child birthed by a mom and pop burrito. CHIPOTLE burrito is born with rights – to better ingredients, just like humans have birth rights.

They use the word ‘better’ eight times. I’m not much of a counter, but they were all clumped together, which made me notice.


better ingredients,

when we say better we mean better,

better tasting,

better sources,

better for the environment,

better for the animals,

better for the farmers

CHIPOTLE recommends a strictly vegetarian diet, which means animal-free, for it’s cattle.

But CHIPOTLE does not recommend a strictly vegetarian diet for the eaters of its burrito made with strictly vegetarian fed cattle.

Chipotle did not say better for the consumer or the eater.

Animals are still animals no matter what they eat.

Humans are still animals no matter what they eat.

Feeding a cow/cattle an animal-free diet, does not turn the animal into a plant.

Feeding an animal an animal-free diet is not better for the animal when the animal is raised to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. The raise-to-slaughter animal does not live long enough for a good or bad diet to have much influence on health and longevity.

It’s eating the animal itself, that contributes to human and bovine diseases regardless of what the animal ate prior to slaughter.

This chipotle ad was constructed like it wanted to control the reader’s mind. MIND CONTROL. Brain-washing, white washing. It’s all there. THE GOURMET BURRITO THAT CAN’T JUMP, BUT WE’RE GOING TO RAISE THE BAR ANYWAY.

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