Your Truth vs Mine

Your Truth vs Mine

I don’t care about your truth. I care about mine. Your truth comes with a billion plus people attached. Mine has only one. A billion people can’t be right. Your truth can’t be a billion people’s truth. Tell those billion people that you speak on their behalf. Truth be told, they won’t believe you unless there’s a pay day for them attached and even then, maybe one percent will want to believe you.

Still, one percent of a billion people is a lot. But it’s also a lot to deliver on a truth that doesn’t fit any individual, except the vague truth that everybody wants more of what somebody else has that they don’t.

Bad will is a tough product to sell knowing in advance that many will suffer to raise up a few. And then the few raised up, how does one keep them there? What’s the plan? 

Give more to the poor and less to the rich isn’t a plan. Tax the rich more and they’ll donate less. There’s more people in the middle, so more taxes are collected by taxing the middle more.

People care about their own problems. It’s not that no one’s seeing you. They can’t help but see you jumping up and down and screaming, whenever the chance arises for an individual or group wanting to be heard makes itself known. Wanting what you may have that they don’t. And even if they have more, they still need to take something from you. It’s the nature of all beasts to take. 

It seems that large groups of needy people want to make those concerned about their own lives to be as concerned about those who have less or feel less worthy.

I can tell you right now that those people will not be the ones offering money or opportunities to level the field unless the contribution of the ones asking for more money (and benefits and educational opportunities and health and social care plus courses on economics that instruct on personal money management) are commensurate with their demands.

  • In other words, you had better have a better excuse for being poor than your color.

Across the board, everyone needs some rudimentary courses, so we can all manage funds, no matter the size, more effectively and efficiently. 

Learning how to manage the small resources makes one better at managing the larger resources.

The ones who can least afford it, want to get rich from being poor. For that you need a miracle worker.

There’s a reason why there’s so many people in the middle class. It’s where people have the most fun. They know how to stretch a dollar. They live richer lives in all aspects of the word. The struggle is still present, but it’s not dire. Only sometimes.

I’m talking about in America. That’s what I know. It’s my experience that counts to me and yours to you. That’s life, taking care of yourself first.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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