Anti-Palestinianism is as American as apple pie

Sharon’s Comment:

The actual terrorism here, is what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians in Palestine. They took away their race, categorizing them now as Arabs, yet they’re not Semites, everybody missed that; they took away their freedom; they put them into American factories built on disputed territories; how many Palestinians own factories? What, no factories in Israel? Who works those factories in Israel, Jews or Palestinians now called Arabs? Just like to get a clearer picture here. The Jews occupying Palestinians threw them from their homes so Russian Jews could own their land, their birthright. Any German Jews in Palestine; how many? What else? It would take a book.

Re: apple pie: Frankly, apple pie in America is a misnomer. Nobody makes a good one, except everybody’s mother and truth be told, those aren’t good either. Soften the apples and slice them thinner, already. Where’s the cinnamon? Pie is out. There’s nothing that America can call their own as strictly American. Not many mothers make pies anyway – I’m sure yours was the best however – didn’t mean to insult anybody over pie.

Americans don’t make much of anything any more; all the jobs went overseas. The Brits flock to America to avoid high taxes, then take all the higher paying jobs, while Britain pats everybody else on the head, telling them to be patient. Nobody even knows who runs this country. Did we ever? Probably not. Even freedom is a lie. The wealthy are bound to other wealthy people and enterprises. The poor pretty much fend for themselves. No wonder the poor steal from the poor. The system was designed that way.

I live in a senior residence turned into public housing. The government thinks it their right to treat the place like a prison and its residents like prisoners. That’s how they treat their own, so it’s not much of a surprise when they treat poor people elsewhere in the world the same.

Poor peoples don’t have any clout, until they shut all the factories down worldwide. Then who suffers? The poor people who can’t survive without the jobs.

Small steps are no longer welcome to solve big problems. The world has been more than patient. Now get off the fence Europe and America. sldt

Re: MAGA-type racism: Personally I think every country, every person could make better lives for themselves and others.

Going back to a time that was greater, is something we all muse about as we’re catapulted into an unstable future with little power to control our destiny. But we also intuitively know that those days were not so great after all. The key is staying focused on now. What do we do now?

There’s one question I want to pose that shouldn’t elicit a quick answer. If given all the land back and a bona fide, globally recognized country/nation is established with full sovereignty rights, how long would it take for Palestinians to accept the peace deal?


The Palestinians need to write their own plan, in detail. Just because I haven’t seen one, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Still, simple blurbs like ‘help us’ or stop ‘enslaving us and treating us like prisoners on our own land’ didn’t work. You can wait till the cows come home and Britain will never get off their high fence. Cows don’t come home, remember? They go to slaughter.

I’ve noticed that people in need often scream, ‘can’t you see and hear?’ They don’t offer a solution; they want somebody else to do it. Well, those proverbial people who work behind the scenes from other countries aren’t looking for a solution, otherwise they would have found one during the 74 year occupation. Nobody waits that long unless they just want to see it go away on its own, absent outside help.

Instead they wait till the oppressor tires of taking and getting it all – even that gets boring to dictators, who then go on an intermittent reward campaign to help those not so blessed as they.

Those people who sit and wait don’t know Jews. They’re the forever people.

At some point the Palestinians must do it themselves – not with bombs, but with brains. sldt

You see, Britain wants to weed out all the supposed terrorists in Palestine to make the Jews happy, because the world knows the Jews make living hells out of the lives of those who oppose their domination schemes.

Terrorists exist all over the globe, in every region, in every country. Similar demands of every other country are not made. It’s the actions by governments that create a violent foundation upon which violence flourishes as a means to solve problems that could be solved in non-violent ways. Jews worldwide have created that foundation in Palestine.

Crippling a country’s financial position is violent in case the USA and Britain thinks not.

Scott Roth, Publisher

Dear friend,

Palestinians in Gaza are still digging out from Israel’s last offensive, which the juries in Israel and elsewhere consider to have been a great success. As such, you don’t hear anything in the mainstream American media about the experience of people in Gaza.

Nor do you hear about the onslaught Israel has unleashed inside the West Bank since the Gaza “operation” ended. Why is that? There are a few reasons but the primary one is that there are no projectiles being launched from Gaza into Israel and hence Israelis are enjoying “quiet” and that’s all that matters. In other words, no news from Israel is good news.

The reality, as you can see from the stories above, is much different. As if Israel’s intensive forays into Nablus, a major center of Palestinian politics and culture, aren’t enough, the Zionist state is busy shutting down Palestinian NGO’s under the guise of (you guessed it) terrorism. 

As I’ve written in this space probably dozens of times over the years, there is literally no type of advocacy for Palestine that Israel can tolerate. And as long as Israel won’t tolerate it, the United States is more than happy to go along, because as I’ve also written in this space in the past, anti-Palestinianism is as American as apple pie.

As sure as the sun rises every morning, it is during the U.S. election cycles when this particular sort of racism rears its head in public. Unlike right-wing MAGA-type racism, anti-Palestinianism also comes wrapped in progressive regalia. All these efforts to protect what is at the core purely a childish enterprise. It is a dark chapter in Jewish history.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Roth, Publisher

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