The Color Gray – the true story

Re: ‘How to Set Boundaries With The Narcissist In Your Life?’

That was the headliner on Yahoo News on 8.29.2022. I didn’t have to read further.

I say, ‘How does one set boundaries with the government in your life? They’re the biggest narcissists of all.

This must be British inspired. They even have a name for it, “gray rock method”. The Brits have a name for everything and a nickname for everyone – even ruin people’s lives with their incessant name-calling.

If there’s a bully on the planet, they’re it. In fact, they’re the ones who coddle bullies and scold victims. So now they’re going to tell the world how to cope with their behavior.

Just ignore them. Act bored like you’re not interested. Evidently the British have no plans on changing their own bully behavior, so they’re telling the world how to change their behavior so the Brits don’t have to change theirs.

Strange though how they attach a color to their method. Gray. 

Rocking method? Yeah, rock yourself to sleep baby.

That’s the British government talking, intelligence they call it. They spy on the entire world, in the most personal ways, then tell their targets to get over it by not making eye contact with people.

Any country that turns their news media over to another country is committing treason against their own country. The USA did that long ago. Since then there’s been a steady stream of British immigrants filling those news positions. 

What does the color gray have to do with any of it? Nothing. Nothing at all. They hadn’t colonized the color gray yet, so decided this was an opportune time. All the other colors were used up.

Tables just turned on them, in a huge worldwide way and to avoid the scorn, they now come out in front of it all to say, ‘just ignore us, make no eye contact’. It seems that eye contact flips them, triggers them into attacking the gray matter in your brain, apparently immediately, much like black Africans ‘stroking out’ white people they don’t like – it’s called attempted murder, if they live.

Decades ago when I discovered they were spying on me and the USA government was alright with that, I attached God to the color gray. It had nothing to do with them. They knew that of course, because they read what I wrote on my computer before the days of social media. So now they’re saying God is a narcissist. 

Yellow meant success, red ambition, blue confidence, orange tenacious, green unwavering and brown calm.  That was a personal writing motivator, since I love all colors, even the seemingly dull ones, and surround myself with them. I didn’t attach anything to white and black. 

Black and white elicited too much emotion, so I left them alone. Besides, I don’t advocate for calling people colors. Back in the day, yellow meant cowardice. Now there’s that sting again that Brits do, always stinging people, like the proverbial bumble bee, planting itself on somebody’s back unaware, till they stand up and feel the bite.

It’s like the color pink they assign it to sex offenders. Yes that’s right. Pink license plates were given to offenders to alert the public to their presence and to warn children to stay away. Is that why they dress little girls in pink? My mother’s favorite color was pink; did that make her a sex offender? Brits ought to learn to think things through before they jump to stamp you with a ‘scarlet letter’.

My color coding wasn’t designed to hurt or discriminate, theirs is. They love to hurt people, all the while they’re apologizing profusely; it makes one want to empty their gut at their feet. Watch out the vomit is coming.

Then out of the blue shadows – (and yes there are lots of Brits in the intelligence agencies of countries other than their own) – they make front page news by color-coding narcissism as gray. Ops, that color and designation is already taken and it belongs to Sharon Lee Davies-Tight via MyGod aka Universe or theBigU. That’s called copyright infringement.

Who decided the placement of that article?

The British, who want to control what you read and how you interpret it. They can’t help themselves is what they’re saying, ‘so please let us be who we are – narcissists’. That’s the gist of it.

Governments set the example and the tone for all discriminatory behavior. Religions work in tandem with governmental forces, not the people’s will, but the will of the oppressors.

Remember that if you will, the next time you ask God for something, you’re asking a government employed narcissist.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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