Plan B

All Palestinians living on their own land are prisoners of war, occupied by Jews living in the region, eating up Palestine one square foot at a time until it all becomes Israel, land of the Jewish majority.

If the war ended, then the Palestinians should have been released from occupation.

That they were not released, proves that Israel is still at war operating from a land without established boundaries recognized as legal by the United Nations, which means Israel is a fictitious country. A country needs borders to be even considered a country.

Israel is still at war with Palestine. Palestine does not have a military. One cannot call occupation a region of natives without a military. A holocaust is what the Jews (living on Palestinian land and making the Palestinian inhabitants’ lives living hells on earth) are committing against Palestinians.

Israel is not a country. The only way Jews can be a country without borders is to recognize Palestine – all of Palestine – as one country of which they are citizens, not occupiers.

After paying reparations to every Palestinian who lived and/or lives now in the biblical Palestine, all land seized by Jews will be returned to the Palestinian government that will determine what to do with it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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