A Hurricane and A Terrorist Attack

Seems like someone or someone copied a hurricane – called Ian – using bombs to blow up a bridge to Crimea. Who’s the copycat?

Something perverse about that. Cutting off people’s access to freedom and goods.

Stop saying: I wouldn’t put anything past this so and so. That problem solving process is a bridge to nowhere.

who copies? comedians? no original material?

Or was it someone who wanted it to look like a comedian did it?

Who does that?

Or someone who sided with Ukraine who had the wherewithal to carry out the attack incognito. Who doesn’t take credit for assassinations?

Ops, I’m full out.

an aside: NATO telling Ukraine that this wasn’t a good time to be applying for membership probably boiled a lot of people’s blood.

With all the spies in the world, nobody was war-gaming everybody’s next move? Who was sleeping at the switch in the USA? Looks like they were running the war – the USA calls it – against Russia on behalf of Ukraine and a missile defense system that USA and NATO sorely wanted on the Russia/Ukraine border. Could this have been averted by such a system? Somebody trying to prove a point?

No missile defense system, no bridge? Can a missile defense system stop a terrorist attack? Probably not. Nobody in Europe or Asia could stop it either? Evidently not. So what’s it good for?

Incoming – by air only. Guess somebody has to go back to the drawing board, or reassess the necessity of war.

This horrible so-called war – undeclared except in the news – is bringing out the operational flaws. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Whoever wanted to prove the necessity of a missile defense system, it backfired.

FLORIDA BRIDGE DESTROYED BY HURRICANE Ian days apart from terror attack against bridge connecting Russia to Crimea

“Sanibel Island Loses Its Only Bridge, With a Difficult Recovery Ahead – Sanibel Causeway, a three-mile bridge that serves as the only connection with the nearby Fort Myers-Cape Coral area on the Florida mainland”, NY Times reports.


“Krymskiy most, IPA: [ˈkrɨmskʲij most]), also called Kerch Strait Bridge or Kerch Bridge, is a pair of parallel bridges, one for a four-lane road and one for a double-track railway, spanning the Kerch Strait between the Taman Peninsula of Krasnodar Krai in Russia and the Kerch Peninsula of Crimea in Ukraine.” Wikipedia

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