Re-occupy Palestine

To Whom it concerns: Given the juncture you’re at in the Middle East, you only have one option left: a nonviolent reoccupation of Palestine at Palestine’s request – to level the playing field – you have to suggest the request first. When Israel erected an Israeli flag above the leader of Palestine’s compound, that was a signal to you that Ariel Sharon’s plans of invasion and takeover of Palestine were indeed his only objectives, not two states living side by side, but one state where the minority rules the majority. Do those boats floating in the Mediterranean mean anything to you?

Oh right, you side with Israel, the occupier and why wouldn’t you, since you occupied ninety percent of the world at one point.

Decades later it all came true, while the world’s shakers and movers stood down watching. THAT’S NOT WHAT I CALL SHAKING AND MOVING. These behind the scenes people in THINK TANKS they call them, need to get out of the tanks. They’re too prejudicial, standardized and discriminatory in their thinking and recommendations and too many powerful people count on them for decisions they make that affect the entire planet. Too much power I’d say.

All these bridges to nowhere keep popping up in failed strategies.

Time to think anew – forget the box. If you get out of the box, the box is still there, so you didn’t really get out of it.

Think freer. Stop micro-managing every detail and the solutions for the big jobs will emerge. It’s the squabbling about minutia that stalls every process. The more they argue and debate, the worse the predicted outcome. Take a stand on oughtness for a change. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET – take the hinges off the door so you can’t sneak back in.

How do you do that? Think in the now, not in the past. Stop getting even and thinking about money all the time.

You create a predicted war, then you stand by and watch the fireworks – for seventy-four years. That’s not patience, that’s some social scientists gone awry, putting some social paradigm to the test. Sure, they’ll have no choice but to give all of Palestine to Israel, and forever be bitter about not only losing their land, their treasured souls, but their identity. That’s the predicted outcome? No, the predicted outcome was eventually a two state solution.

But that strategy failed. Seventy-four years, almost a century, and you still hold onto that theory, because you don’t want to get involved. You didn’t mind getting involved with Russia-Ukraine. Why didn’t you stand down and wait, like you advocate? Instead you armed a country to the hilt who already had a strong military.

Palestine doesn’t have anything to give you, that’s why. You use Palestine as a pawn against Iran. Talk about enslaving an entire ethnic group for your best interests, not theirs.

You don’t even have a plan do you – except to stay put at the status quo of slavery? Better to keep the slaves locked up in a country that somebody else owns, rather than test the cost of freedom? You didn’t do that with Russia-Ukraine. You were hot to trot to provide them weapons and cash to stick it to Russia. Just like you stick it to Iran using Palestinians as bait. That’s just plain perverse on every level of consideration. WAKE UP to yourself! You’ve been dreaming too long, and now you’re old and weary.

CHANGE THAT before the BigU CHANGES YOU. That’s always ugly when the BigU makes the move to change what needs to be changed instead of the humans who caused it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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