You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

Speak before you bomb, Israel.

Orthodox Jews occupying Palestine as theirs – to have and behold. A marriage; you mean they married a land and now the land is pregnant, so they can’t move? Just squat, poop and it’s yours?

Do Orthodox Palestinian Jews (OPJ) know how to speak to Syrians without bombing them first? What kind of people do that, destroy somebody else’s country to get building contracts? Where’s the outrage from the rest of the world? “CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?” They’ve been terrorized into silence.

No wonder the East doesn’t trust the West. They fall in the face of terror too easily. They’re so scared, they can’t say the word God or Jew in any sentence without trembling from within and promising the “moon” for misbehaving. Yeah well next time, how about releasing all Palestinians from your immoral and illegal physical occupation of humans as well as the land these physically occupied humans inhabit as your penance, eh?

Russian Jews came and huffed and puffed and blew their houses down to build new Jewish tents  – this is how they obtained a Jewish majority, by provoking terrorist attacks that resulted in displacement by bulldozing homes of Palestinian families whose members were found guilty in corrupt courts of colluding with Palestinians.

The USA and European Union told Palestinians living in Palestine that they don’t have a right to defend themselves against invasion and occupation – the United Nations agreed behind closed doors of course. Always the bad happens in secret. The lies Britain tells the world so they can go back to sleep makes the world sick and sicker. We’re talking lives here, real people uprooted to satisfy a bunch of mentally deranged people from the past claiming the earth is theirs.

Jews were not, were not, were not created first.

Whose bombs are those raining down on Syria?

Did the OPJ buy them from foreign entities or were they donated? So those nuclear submarines sneaking around the Mediterranean with OPJ license plates is really the property of the USA and Russia and Germany and Britain? Did I leave out the Czech Republic or was that a clerical error? Africa wants in. Another nuclear military power to worry about? Nigeria? The SCAM CAPITAL OF THE WORLD wants nuclear weapons for ISIS/ISIL. It’s always going to be about negotiating with terrorists like it or not. 

Everybody’s looking at Tel-Aviv wanting to take a hit. Why do Orthodox Palestinian Jews talk about blowing up Tel-Aviv? 

Britain started the whole thing by occupying ninety percent of the world and they still gloat over it – in private of course. They got out and the rest of the world was left with their messes to fix.

The only thing I can see that came out of all that occupation was the bad language habits of the British, that every country they occupied now speak with great fluency. Check out foreign films on Netflix – dickheads, cunts, pricks, pieces of shit, twats; they can’t get enough of it. That’s all they learned, how to startle and offend people. Proud of that?

Britain will fix Palestine or there won’t be a Britain left to force their ways onto other countries as a common good for all. FOR ALL? Looks like you forgot Palestine is Palestine. You just gave somebody else’s land away to appease a bunch of thieves?

Too bad nobody thought about nuclear power without nuclear weapons. 

Once the earth collapses from humans sucking all the oil from the inside of the earth (who’s idea was that?) nuclear weapons will seem just as bizarre when Britain wakes up to the hell they created by dividing people into their endless categories. Who would, after all, want to destroy all life on the planet, except those with a death wish and right now I’m lining up the two factions who form universal countries/states/nations without borders: Jews and Muslims. 

First, the USA needs to stop calling themselves a Christian nation. No we are not. We are a nation that by decree separates religion from government. Do y’all know how to read? The USA Constitution, subsequent amendments and Bill of Rights are easy, short reads. Christians go too far wanting to control every facet of another’s life to get into their pockets. What IS that? Dictatorship. Terror. ‘Feed them first, then convert.’

  • And no, the USA cannot accept all parts of everybody’s religion, just because they’re called religions. WAKE UP, damn it. How do you think our children get sexually abused with impunity? Because the religion allows for it. Yeah, all these priests and ministers, rabbis and clerics, Imans too, they love the children, sometimes to death. Shut it all down.

Second, the USA needs to stop sending funds and war materials to countries that terrorize other countries with them. They’re supposed to be preventative – haven’t seen that one yet.

Third, take care of your own as you’re taking care of others. Family comes first no matter what. Congress and the executive and judiciary don’t understand that part. Your citizens come first. Sending bombs to kill citizens in other countries is aggression, not prevention.

Fourth, stop planning wars. We need to plan. Do you? Seems your endless planning always gets us into another war. If we’re sending troops and supplies including military issued to other countries engaged in bombing other countries that’s war, declared or not.

Fifth, Stop raising your children to die violent deaths on your behalf because you don’t know how to talk to people to make peace.


Sixth, don’t ever lock a people into a region, close the borders and bomb their infrastructure to get building contracts.  Hitler promised them land for service – only problem is it wasn’t Hitler’s land to give and now some Jews claim that they never worked those factories; it was all a ruse, so no such deal was made. I’m not sure if that’s the sentiment of all ZJews.

Seven, Jews will kill their own. Yes, Jews will bomb Tel-Aviv and blame somebody else to get world sympathy to continue debasing and occupying the Palestinians and the land they inhabit. 

  • Inbreeding in nature happens instinctively when numbers are low. Inbreeding, in an effort to continue a lineage for the sake of separatist ideologies does not fare well in the processes of evolution required for surviving and thriving, that being a separatist group, rather than individual, actually puts the group in a slumber, usually reserved by nature for that period of time when annihilation is imminent. Looking for opportunities for economic growth by extinguishing the lives of others is not an evolutionarily smart way to occupy another’s land and people, especially when your point NOT TO MINGLE except for smart business opportunities.

When you forcibly occupy a region and put the people on that land in lock down and under prison-like control conditions, you occupy THE PERSON, not just the land.


IT’S GROTESQUE TO OCCUPY ANOTHER PERSON, it’s offensive, it’s wrong, it goes against human nature. The OPJ – and all Jews worldwide should know better. 

They do know better, but the world won’t stop them, so they’ll continue to separate the world into their designated camps. That’s what they always use as an excuse – “the world doesn’t stop us”.

I, for one, am mortified and horrified that my own country the USA supposedly standing for freedom for all still supports slavery and occupation of certain peoples – basically anyone the Russian Orthodox Jews don’t like whose possessions they covet.  

Unfortunately, Jews worldwide support them, so now there’s an urgency created by that bond that the world appears to have ignored, hoping it will just go away and the Palestinians won’t fight back – because they can’t fight back, because the USA cut off their feet – every Palestinian in Palestine got their feet cut off by Orthodox Russian Jews wanting free land – in 2022. Unbelievable. 

Who’s holding who back? The Jews have a never-ending list of demands; they want slaves; they need slaves, because they evidently don’t want to work subsistence jobs. How many Jews work in factories in the Land of Palestine? Oh, that’s just for Palestinians. Whoa – that does not look good. What’s your God’s name again?

What is it about the male human that seeks to destroy or enslave all in their paths? Even their own family they readily sacrifice for greed. It’s all about greed.

I killed a cow today Lord, will you forgive me? I might, but the cow, that’s a different matter.

And tomorrow the United Nations needs to review all their so-called rules of war. Pitch ’em – and start over without the war.

WAR IS OUTLAWED. Settle your differences without destroying the planet and each other. You’re sick with evil – plotting how to torture for best benefit somebody else’s teenage child.

It’s almost over and all will be right with the world is a lie.

You can change that of course. One more war becomes like the last supper that doesn’t end.

The audacity of the government to train you from birth to accept all the bad that they do on your behalf, that rarely shows up as beneficial to you or anyone you know. 

Why is that?

IT’S A SCAM and you voted for it. You trusted when you should have been skeptical. You know of course what happens to skeptical people; they get thrown into a trash bin by government operatives labeling the skeptical as unfit, conspiracy theorists. 

One needs to be skeptical of any government that attaches a mental health label onto all those who question what they do on their behalf that they don’t support.

NO IT DIDN’T MAKE YOU SAFER; it put you in a lifelong state of terror.


He she it they started it. 

Refusing to fight isn’t an invitation to pummel you. Stand your ground for non-violence. Non-violent DOES NOT INCLUDE burning people’s businesses to the ground. Where’s the American value of “innocent until proven guilty”?

What happened to the democrats? Liberal now means warp; get them before they get you? Imagine the money we’ll get. Seize all their assets and call them yours? Who does that and gets away with it? Offending Orthodox Jews backed by the USA and EU.

STOP HUMILIATING PEOPLE. You wanted a quick solution, that’s it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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