How Rare Does A Side Effect Have To Be?

Reports of rare Covid vaccine side effect does not mean jabs ‘unsafe, ineffective’“…”The vaccines are extremely safe, but like nearly all medications, mRNA COVID vaccines do come with some risk of adverse events,” he told AFP on November 21….

What does this mean? Vaccines (especially the fourth dose) is “extremely safe” for old people, but not for young people?  Did those statistics, which claim that heart inflammation is a little more likely to occur in young rather than old people pass the 2-5 percent significance test? 

  • No vaccine is extremely safe. 

My experience is that these cases are underreported. Doctors and hospitals/clinics/ charity and non-charity medical institutions, research conglomerates and independent labs, plus all the other animal related and plant related holdings, examinations, procedurals, treatments and then back to holding for further trials (all that’s included under the “torture for health and longevity” category of research) plus all of their network connections et al do not like to report anything to a government agency.

It’s frowned upon, after all, you can’t prove it anyway. Insurance companies don’t like it either, for obvious liability reasons. In fact everybody will suffer financially if it’s found that certain vaccines are unsafe; maybe all of them in some way do some internal damage that heals but leaves a footprint and a bunch of scars no one can see, so can’t prove.

I wouldn’t be so hasty to discount people’s concerns about ANY substance the pharmaceuticals made from a potentially lethal virus (after all, they use them as biological weapons) to inject into the bloodstream of the recipient as an immune booster to a number of viruses, not all listed all of the time. In fact many viruses are used in one shot, just not the entire formula that a lone shot would look like. Sometimes it takes a component that one virus shares with other viruses that could help limit an outbreak of many viruses.

Theoretically it makes sense, if one were controlling all the other variables, but you can’t, so they settle for side effects – some that are recurring and others that simply never go away. Some are dangerous, some aren’t. They know what they are before that product ever goes to market. They know the risks in going too fast.

Their own interest in being first turned out to be reckless, but who knows how many died where nobody reported the vaccine as the questionable culprit, because it couldn’t be proved. How many suffered and continue to suffer with no knowledge on how to treat what ails them, when it’s the vaccines that nobody wants to admit coming with consequences no one was told to expect.

  • How many autopsies are done on old people when they die? Not many. What would they look for? Pharmaceuticals don’t want to know. They were dying anyway.
  • Then why give old people a vaccine if they’re dying anyway? 
  • What if they weren’t dying anyway, and the fourth vaccine gave the elderly the predicted inflammation of the heart, that went unnoticed until it was too late? That sounds like murder of the elderly (MOTE) to me.
  • Do scientists take the The Hippocratic Oath? “Do no harm.”

It’s not adequate to claim to save the life and block transference to another, and leave the suffering part out completely as if it doesn’t exist.

Immunity should be the the MAIN goal, but money, prestige and egos, more often than is safe, get in the way of rigorous research and applications. Too many lawyers putting the company’s interests before the patient who is going to consume their drugs are largely responsible for mistakes made in research and development.

Big companies, rely on the lawyers to tell them what they can and can’t do. In the medical patient field the insurance companies supersede the doctors orders and assessment, followed by the attorneys. The patient has little if any say in what happens to them in the office, hospital or operating room. It’s all a big secret. Somebody is going to render you unconscious, cut you open, do God knows what, sew you back up and you the patient have no right to know the name of the people who operated on you. Plus, before it’s done, you must sign a paper giving these ‘refused to be identified’ people full rein to do whatever the CIA trained surgeon instructs.

It’s time to BRING CONSCIENCE INTO SCIENCE (BCIS) and stop acting like the global executioners that scientists have become.

  • don’t use a hospital stay and/or death as your determiner goals in developing a vaccine. It sounds like you only care about money spent and available hospital beds, although that was a convenient, obvious reason that no one could dispute.
  • you can do better than that; if not then you’re in the wrong field.
  • how about quality of life? How about actually giving people immunity rather than taking their ability to have a fever away from them for the duration of the vaccines effectiveness?

The Cleveland Clinic line to me was you can’t prove the rash\eruptions\ Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis is from the vaccine. I’m not anti-vaccine. I took my fourth shot.

“Why would you intentionally give your grandparents a heart inflammation that could kill them by the time the vaccine wears off?”

“Grandma wasn’t even sick till she took that vaccine. Her heart was healthy till you made that vaccine for her. That’s how the stories run and there are zillions of them out there.

Or does it wear off? Does it come back? What are the other side effects that won’t go away with each vaccine?

A person’s inability to get a fever comes back doesn’t it, when the vaccine wears off? Or not? What if I can never get another fever in my lifetime as long as I keep taking vaccines? Does that mean I have total immunity?

A person can be infected with a virus with all the symptoms, except a rise in temperature. How dangerous is that? Can they be treated with antibiotics and antivirals? I’m proof that it worked.

You can be sick without a fever for a long time and end up in sepsis that nobody can detect, except through every other symptom absent the fever, and not many exist who could come to that conclusion, but one did and saved a life – mine.

What kind of doctors or researchers would make such a claim in one sentence, then basically negate it in the next?

“The vaccines are extremely safe, but like nearly all medications, mRNA COVID vaccines do come with some risk of adverse events,” he told AFP on November 21.


Kate TAN, AFP Australia

Tue, November 22, 2022 at 3:01 AM

A Telegram post from an Australian anti-vaccine campaigner falsely claims that a decision by government advisers not to recommend a fourth Covid-19 shot to under-30s is proof that the jabs “were never safe or effective”. Scientists say the benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the risks, but that it was not currently advisable to give an extra shot to healthy young people who already had three doses, given their low chances of falling seriously ill with Covid-19 and a rare risk of heart inflammation linked to the jabs.

“They are finally admitting that the whacks cause heart complications and are not going to recommend any further injections for ‘young people’,” reads a Telegram post from November 15.

The term ‘whacks’ appears to refer to Covid-19 vaccines. Anti-vaccine groups on social media commonly use code words or even emojis to refer to the jabs to evade automated moderation tools.

“These things were NEVER safe or effective and the people who pushed them knew full well,” adds the post from David Oneeglio, a prominent Australian anti-vaccine campaigner with more than 68,000 subscribers on Telegram.

Oneeglio has made a string of false claims about vaccines, including that Australian authorities were forcing farmers to inject livestock with mRNA jabs and that political parties were planning to make vaccination compulsory.

The Telegram post shows a clip from a broadcast by Australia’s 9 News, which reports that the government’s Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) is not recommending a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for healthy under-30s.

The presenter says: “The country’s top adviser on vaccination says it’s unlikely under-30s will be approved for a fourth Covid vaccine.”

“ATAGI says the increased risks of myocarditis means the current vaccine schedule of younger people will likely stay as is. Attention is turning to antivirals to tackle the new Omicron wave.”

Myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle — and pericarditis — inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart — are rare side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, but most cases are mild and patients recover quickly.

Oneeglio’s post gained traction — and was shared on Facebook herehere and here — as Australia’s chief medical officer urged people to stay up to date with booster jabs as the country saw an uptick in Covid-19 infections.

A representative for Australia’s health department — which ATAGI advises — said the decision against recommending a fourth Covid-19 vaccine to healthy under-30s did not mean that the jabs were unsafe or ineffective.

“ATAGI emphasises that the overwhelming benefits of vaccination in protecting against COVID-19 greatly outweigh the rare risk of myocarditis and/or pericarditis,” the spokesperson told AFP on November 16.

“At this stage, only a third dose is recommended for Australians aged 16 to 29, and those aged 5 to 15 who have additional risk factors.”

ATAGI said in July that it only recommended a fourth Covid-19 dose — which it called a “winter booster dose” — to older adults or people with a medical condition that increases the risk of falling seriously ill with Covid-19.

“At this moment, ATAGI does not support making the winter booster dose available to healthy adults aged less than 30 years as it is unclear whether the benefits outweigh the risks in this population,” it said.

“Although very rare, myocarditis associated with the mRNA vaccines can occur, particularly in adolescent and young adult males.”

‘Extremely safe’ vaccines

Nathan Bartlett, an associate professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia’s School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, said ATAGI appeared to have decided there was currently “minimal gain” from giving a fourth Covid-19 vaccine to healthy under-30s.

“The vaccines are extremely safe, but like nearly all medications, mRNA COVID vaccines do come with some risk of adverse events,” he told AFP on November 21.

“For COVID vaccines, there is a very low risk of heart inflammation (myocarditis) which appears to be a little higher in younger (than 30-year-old) people, particularly males. This adverse event is transient and manageable, but nonetheless does need to be weighed against the benefit of the vaccine.”

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said it had received 822 reports which were “likely to be myocarditis” from around 49.7 million doses of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines administered in the country, as of November 13.

“Myocarditis is often mild, and cases usually resolve after a few days with treatment and rest,” the TGA said, while acknowledging that serious cases have been reported in Australia and overseas.

Kristin Goddard, a research manager at the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center in California said that rare cases of myocarditis should not deter people from getting vaccinated.

“Covid-19 vaccines are a safe and effective way to significantly reduce the chances that a young person will end up in the hospital with Covid-19 disease, or pass it on to a more vulnerable person,” she told AFP on November 18.

“Myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination remain unlikely for most, and it’s reassuring that when episodes do occur, they tend to be mild, short-lived and with full recovery.”


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