Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic – update 1,

Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation has a culture of abuse and violence toward animals via their experimental research laboratories that carries over into their treatment of the human animal in all areas of diagnosis and treatment.

This violent culture began with a terrorist attack upon the clinic decades ago by the Maccabees in protest of Jews being denied access to their services, that subsequently and consequently opened the doors to Jews to eventually become the masters of a healthcare domain that sought to rule the field of health science and healthcare via the discrimination, enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter of helpless beings whose voices were silenced by their status.

That violence continues today.

to be continued…

No wonder the clinic has such close ties to the pharmaceuticals. They reside on the grounds of the Cleveland Clinic. In my humble view, it doesn’t look right to have an animal research facility on the grounds of a hospital. Horrors. Can you hear the screams? The internal screams that their torturers can’t silence, can you feel them?

I always wondered about all these Sh-h-h signs throughout the clinic. What? We’re at a library? Pre-pandemic. Way back. Why are you hushing people? So bold and controlling, treating adults like little kids. Why are the doctors so angry all the time? Do they work for free or what? They work them to near death. Sounds like one of Hitler’s factories. They just keep copying, instead of innovating.

But in a hospital. The nerve it takes that no one can dispute, to put an animal torture facility on the grounds of a hospital, just to remind you that the care you get is all based on the torture of these fine specimens of nature that God gave to scientists to use and abuse at their pleasure.
Not many scientists believe in God, but the purveyors of torture know that most of you do, so if this animal experimental lab came as a directive from God, then it must be okay.

Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus all have at the head of their respective religions a God-type that tells them what to do and not to do, so how is it that they all follow in the steps of Godless people when it comes to using and abusing every animal known to humans? Including humans.

Where is the oversight? Where is the outrage, outcry, something, anything? Oh PETA must have shown up, but had no effect. They accused them of mistreating lab animals.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Monday accused the Cleveland Clinic of mistreating lab animals and violating federal animal treatment guidelines and asked the National Institutes of Health to pull funding for the institution.

The organization sent a letter to the NIH, alleging that clinic researchers held mice in overcrowded cages, inoculated some with bacteria and injected others with tumor cells and otherwise violated animal treatment guidelines.

The findings are a result of a six-month undercover investigation at the clinic, PETA said in a media release.

In the letter, PETA asked the NIH to pull millions of dollars of public funding from the clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic issued a statement saying that the occurrences and conditions in PETA’s letter are “inaccurate and misrepresented” and that the institution follows strict federal regulatory guidelines.

”We have received Continuous Full Accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) since October 1976,” the statement read. “In November 2019, our animal care program underwent an onsite review by the AAALAC Council on Accreditation as part of ongoing accreditation. AAALAC voted to maintain our Full Accreditation for conforming with their high standards and commended the program ‘for providing and maintaining an excellent program of laboratory animal care and use’ including ‘the promotion of a culture of care’ for the ‘healthy, well cared for and enriched animals.’”

The clinic self-reports issues to the NIH and other agencies while “taking internal actions to ensure this type of research continues to operate at the highest standards,” the statement said.

Read the full text of the letter PETA said it sent to the NIH below:

This document didn’t download in its entirety. Here’s the remainder starting with number 4.:

4. An undetermined number of mice confined to two cages were left in an unauthorized
area “outside of the animal facility” that wasn’t included in the approved protocol. [Case

  1. Three mice who were confined to three different cages were left in an unauthorized area,
    and their cages were “soiled, low on food and water, and without appropriate cage
    identification.” [Case 2S]
  2. An undetermined number of mice “were removed from the animal facility and appear to
    have been taken back to a laboratory where live animal work is not approved.” [Case
  3. The tails of five adult mice were clipped by a staff member who neglected to follow the
    approved protocol. [Case 2V]
  4. An undetermined number of mice were euthanized by using a secondary method that
    wasn’t included in the approved protocol. This serious deviation from the protocol
    occurred at a laboratory that had undergone “a corrective action plan that was designed
    to ensure that they would restrict their animal research activities to those that were
    approved by the [Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee].” [Case 2W]
  5. A “large animal” of an undetermined species was subjected to a surgical procedure for
    which the surgeon didn’t wear clean scrubs and didn’t scrub their hands as required.
    [Case 2X]
  6. An undetermined number of mice were subjected to an unapproved procedure in which
    their hair was removed with a depilatory before blood was drawn. [Case 2Y]
  7. An undetermined number of mice were subjected to an unapproved procedure in which
    their hair was removed with a depilatory before images were taken. “While this
    procedure resulted in skin lesions on the animals,” staff members “did not report this to
    Veterinary Services and removed Veterinary Health Stickers once they were applied to
    the cage cards.” [Case 2Z]
  8. An undetermined number of mice from “a variety” of colonies were scheduled to be
    euthanized after the laboratory to which they were assigned was closed following an
    investigation by the Department of Justice1 and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. [Case 3A]
  9. An undetermined number of mice who were confined to two cages were improperly euthanized when a staff member neglected to use a secondary method of euthanasia, in violation of the protocol. The same employee left an undetermined number of mice—who were confined to three cages—without food or water overnight. [Case 3B]
  1. The tails of an undetermined number of mice were clipped by a staff member who
    neglected to follow the approved protocol. The animals were not given any anesthetic or analgesic drugs. [Case 3D]
  2. Two mice were inoculated with bacteria, although the protocol that they were assigned to didn’t include this procedure. [Case 3E]
  3. An undetermined number of mice were used by a staff member who wasn’t authorized
    to do so in the approved protocol. In a second incident, an undetermined number of mice
  • 1
    According to a Justice Department news release dated May 14, 2020, Qing Wang, the head of this laboratory, was “charged with false claims and wire fraud related to more than $3.6 million in grant funding that Dr. Wang and his research group received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).”
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were given tumor cells, although the protocol that they were assigned to didn’t include
this procedure. [Case 3F]

Since fiscal year 2018, the Cleveland Clinic has received nearly $397 million in public
funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). OLAW’s mandate includes
monitoring the facilities that are privileged to receive federal grants for compliance with the PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals “to ensure the humane care and use of animals, thereby contributing to the quality of PHS-supported activities.”

Violations at the Cleveland Clinic have resulted in acute suffering and death for animals and have squandered taxpayer dollars.

As you know, the NIH Grants Policy Statement (NIHGPS)—which outlines the rules
governing activity in federally funded research projects—clearly specifies that the PHS
Policy “requires that an approved Animal Welfare Assurance be on file with the Office of
Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) at the time of award for all recipient organizations
receiving PHS support for research or related activities using live vertebrate animals.” Conditions of maintaining this approval include compliance “with the regulations … issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Animal Welfare Act … and other Federal statutes and regulations relating to animals,” and each institution is required “to maintain an animal care and use program based on the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.”

The NIHGPS also states that “OLAW is responsible for requesting, negotiating, approving or disapproving, and, as necessary, restricting or withdrawing approval of Assurances.” And Section IV.A of the PHS Policy gives NIH the discretion to “condition, restrict, or withdraw approval” for animal experimentation to take place at any facility receiving NIH funding.

While your office has conducted investigations into individual incidents at the Cleveland Clinic, we ask that you consider the clear pattern of chronic, egregious violations of federal animal welfare guidelines that has emerged. We urge you to protect animals, ensure proper stewardship of public funds, and cultivate public trust by withdrawing approval of the clinic’s PHS Animal Welfare Assurance, as OLAW has the authority and obligation to do.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have at

Magnolia Martínez, Ph.D.
Special Projects Manager
Laboratory Investigations Department

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to be continued…

1994 Me @ Sandusky Library researching the deaths of Steve’s Grandfather and Uncle @ the Cleveland Clinic getting tested for diabetes prior to going to a ballgame in Cleveland, Ohio. Steve’s father was at medical school and read about it in the newspaper.

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