Violence Against Elders @ The Cleveland Clinic

I just witnessed the most horrible verbal and threatening abuse of a patient who was just moved out of ICU to another floor to complete post surgery therapy. The nurse who did it refused to give her name, his room number or the floor he was on. This patient had an aortic valve replacement yesterday and is 76 years old. It sounded like she was trying to stroke him out – (give him a heart attack or stroke). It sounded like something you’d see in a war movie done by military or intelligence people trained to torture. I’ll be up all night wondering what is happening to him. He’s too sick to leave the hospital.

That man is my husband of 51 years. I’m writing this as a placeholder to finish when I am able. I was on the cell phone with him when it occurred… it went on for 42 minutes, with me screaming into the phone for them to stop.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation main campus 6:28 pm outgoing call 42 minutes.

Message Sent via iPhone to Steve’s sister:

24 December 2022

Saturday 9:51 AM 

Hey Carol,

Steve had some incidences at the hospital that put him in danger, by a nurse who verbally threatened and tortured him, that I witnessed for 42 minutes during a telephone conversation we were having, then the next day by nursing staff that couldn’t recognize he was in electrolyte crisis.

They claimed not to have any salt, only sugar. I explained that this happens often and to give him some salt and a large glass of water and he’ll level out. It sounded like he was also in that same crisis the night before upon arriving to another floor.

The day before surgery the CCF called concerned that his potassium level was six. His cardiologist was over medicating him with lasix and spironolactone.

I immediately prepared myself for the worst, since I wasn’t given assurances, and got an Uber to take me to the CCF with salt. Upon arriving he took the salt and a large glass of water, which stabilized him enough so he could act as unconfused as possible in order to get him out of there. He was desperate to leave and I was not leaving without him.

We both acted as if our lives depended upon him answering all their questions accurately. The night before, the nurse who tried to ‘stroke him out’ yelled, “if you don’t tell me the truth right now, I’m going to bring 3 big men in here who know how to get the truth out of you.”

I’m still in shock over the intensity of hearing this abuse for 42 minutes, while I kept screaming into the phone he dropped on the bed.

I’m not going to go into any more detail at this time, other than what I’ve said publicly, since it has become a criminal and legal matter.

When you talk to Steve please relate only happy stories about what’s going on with you all and don’t ask questions about his situation. He’s still shell shocked and suffering from long-time over prescribed diuretic and the spiron…which has a diuretic action.

The discharging nurse finally after discussion agreed to discontinue the spiron…

He had a satisfactory day yesterday. Keeping him hydrated, nourished and nurtured. Taking trips down memory lane filling in his blanks with my recalls and he doing the same – with lots of laughs.

I’m taking care of his health, well being and security now. Notified one of my brothers who is military and he identified what that nurse did to him as torture.

Please, again, do not ask him questions about the past. Bringing back those memories in his fragile state will only impede his progress. His biggest fear right now is that someone is going to force him back to the CCF.

Everybody at CCF knows and are talking about it. The clinic calls day and night from different numbers trying to talk to him. They all have questions. He is not in any state to be interrogated about events that occurred. Those calls are being blocked.

Know we love you both and are grateful for your support. His rehabilitation is my purpose now and any intervention from them to cover themselves legally and criminally is continued manipulation and abuse.

Steve’s stats are good. We have all the necessary equipment to monitor him. His mental state is the most alarming and at this point any intervention on their part will hurt rather than help. One does not return to their offender for advice.

At one point I requested the nurse’s name from another nurse who entered the room and all she thought she knew was the first name Paulette. The offending nurse refused to give her name, the room number he was transferred to and the floor he was on.

Katherine Cassidy told me the offending nurse went home. I related to her what happened and although she claimed not to witness it, she said “I believe you” on several occasions.

Please know that your brother is in the best of hands receiving the best supportive care. His incision site looks great and is healing quickly. 

Hopefully his mind and fatigue will improve over time. Sometimes he’s alert and I can see him struggling to preserve the integrity of his brain function. He is not combative in any way, more the opposite.

During that 42 minute horror he never lost his temper. He just kept trying to answer the questions in his words that he could retrieve from his brain.

Again thank you for being there for him. It means the world to me.

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