It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish

It’s because you can’t shut up about it. Nobody cares but you. Every time you take somebody else’s property or dignity you set up an anti-Jew campaign to slaughter any form of resistance – only you conveniently addon the Arabs to boost your silly poll numbers. Nobody cares about your numbers or how you got them. I could go on and on about how you got them, but your time is about up with my concern.

Stop procreating with your own children and you might get some respect. In most cultures that’s called incest and rape. What century do you live in? right now? right now. name it. Took you way-y-y- too long to respond. That’s a giant TELL.

Stop bragging about being Jew. Nobody cares.

What comes of your self-imposed isolation? You create a monster theatre of birth defects – a lifetime sentence of hell for those you birth in the name of Yahweh and your special existence purity rights.

Stop hating all non-Jews and maybe they’ll stop hating you back. No, you were not chosen above all else in the universe for any reason – good or bad or based on any other indifferent lottery style selection.

I don’t discriminate because you have to give a damn to discriminate. Maybe you ought to try working with instead of against the world. Just do it.

Race is a statistical paradigm based on color. Jews populate every color, every country, every ethnicity, every culture. They’re nomads who spread their seeds everywhere they travel. If that’s not wanting to dominate the world what is? But hey, so does everybody else. The difference is they celebrate their multi-ethnic backgrounds, you spit on them, claiming a mammoth lie that they don’t exist in you. So all those other ethnicities don’t have freedom to exist rights? Well wake up Jew-ish. If you want to outshine everybody else, then make peace not war with all your neighbors, which means all the ethnicities that reside inside of you, which means the entire planet.

See, to me that’s what makes me stand out. I embrace all of my ethnic roots, even the most violent, selfish, perverse ones. And don’t ask me to name them; it only points to your own perversity.

Why don’t you recognize the German in you? the Norwegian in you? the black African in you? the Chinese in you, the every other half of you or third of you or quarter of you? because you discriminate against all non-Jews. What you missed or failed to see is that you are that other seed from every other country or region where you copulated. Like it or not you are an extreme mixed bag of ethnic genes. No, you did not stay separate in all those countries/regions to procreate with only your own, otherwise your armor would all look the same and it doesn’t, does it?

  • Please note that inbreeding does not mean breeding within your ethnicity; it means breeding within your immediate family. Somebody sneeze, please.
  • All groups did it at some point in time, but you wouldn’t let it go. You resisted forward moving evolution for personal gain. Well, it didn’t work out so well, did it?

Stop making the world sick with your forever wars.

Jew-ish is an ethnicity. Irish, British, Greek, Chinese…aren’t races. They’re ethnicities. You don’t need a country to have an ethnicity. You chose not to have a country by constantly moving all over the globe, not for protection, but to leave a marker on the floor of somebody else’s land, so you could one day go back to claim it.

It didn’t work for the British, did it? They had to leave the land and the people they forcibly occupied. Time for you to do the same. Where do you go? Anywhere you want, just not as a country within anybody else’s country. Don’t you think it’s a little late in time to be forming new countries based on immigration? These aren’t wilderness lands of centuries ago. Those strategies are outdated. Work with the people on the land where you want to live, not against them. The Spanish are doing the same in America. They breach the border to form a new Spanish-dominated union. They already had one where they were. They failed. So what are they claiming? Damages?

Being British doesn’t give me the right to go to Britain and claim that Isle as mine. Being Lithuanian doesn’t give me any rights in Lithuania. I’m not going to fight for my Irish rights in Ireland when I was born and raised in America. What’s wrong with you is your global outreach claiming all that you populate and copulate as yours. It’s too late to be a country when you deny others on that land before you their settler property rights.

Claiming the land of others shows your aggression and domination and nobody likes being thrown off their land. You weren’t thrown off land because you were Jew-ish; you failed to assimilate. No one expects you to turn into somebody you’re not. But when the world hears that the only reason you need your own land is to do that which others find repulsive, they draw a line. A city has neighborhoods, not countries within those cities. Wake up to your neighborhood in Palestine, Jew-ish.

How dare you force holocaust into my face, into my home, onto my children. They’re not paying for your sins. You pay for those. Learn how to tie your own shoes.

No, you don’t get the prime real estate on another’s land then tell them how to live and breathe to ease your paranoia caused by your incestuous behaviors.

Stop committing holocausts against your neighbors. Stop searching the past to justify your greed. Separatists living in communes – now that’s a contradiction of realities. Everyone’s equal as long as everyone’s Jew?

Stop the hustle. The world is weary of your anti-everything and everyone rants.

Stop expecting the world to treat you as helpless babies. Yeah, you’re the helpless baby band with axes.

And Whoopi Goldberg? Stop eating animals; nobody cares about your ethnicities, just stop committing holocaust after holocaust after holocaust against all the defenseless, voiceless animals on the planet that we the humans consume through our supposed Yahweh/God right to discriminate, enslave, torture and slaughter the most innocent. But innocent or not, it’s not our right.

So you think you should have the choice of whether to enslave, torture and slaughter or not? How dare you stand up for slaughter. Sit down. We’re not talking abortion here.

Find a better fight, instead of one that riles people for the purpose of increasing your ratings. Screw the ratings. Go rogue. You’ve got the stage – use it don’t abuse it.

To all Jews: You owe me a house and 15 million dollars. I haven’t even gotten to my dog kids you killed with impunity. “Now you know how we feel” was your reason and excuse. Yesterday was Pele’s birthday born the day after Christmas, given to us five days later. The first words out of her mouth when she was able to speak were “There’s five of us” clear as a bell; yes a Malamute puppy spoke English. Me, Steve, Howdy, Rascal and now Pele. This was long before I ever wrote about Jews. Did you ever make the greatest mistake of all time. Looks like that Pfizer booster #4 shot activated my vengeance gene. Wh0000000sh!!!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll give an ‘eye for an eye’ a go and see how I like it. You all keep doing it, so there must be some kind of good feeling that emanates from it. You better get to work on that house and 15 million and I’ll settle the family-killing score, remembering Joey-The-Fork-Butterscotch, later. Be on the lookout for bombs coming from all directions.

In other words, I’m not helping you any more. When you participated in the torture of my husband at the Cleveland Clinic, after an aortic valve replacement, my brain changed and Pfizer was right there to offer a route to success.

Just blowing off STEAM folks. Do you believe that? People say I never lie. Pfizer booster #4 may have altered that too.

Better work on making things right, before things go horribly wrong and I won’t be able to fix it. Now you know how I feel.

Pele: goddess of fire. Death is with me now and I will enjoy her company, as one who cherishes a companion, till my days on this planet come to an end.

Tonight I laid to rest in my heart: my daughter Pele: Goddess of Fire.

I love you sweet sadness. I love you, piercing, nagging pain. I love the foundation of hope and strife that surrounded every movement, every thought, of your fiercely guarded life.

I see the gestures now from all around me–while you joyfully play the tune of your freedom on this my darkest night.

I love you with millions of kisses and soft, gentle strokes–and memories of long lasting gazes. As the wind, the sea, the mountains, rivers and trees; my sun, my rain, my joy, my pain, you are me and I you, so will remain in a state of bittersweet, yet profound anticipation.

You will stay with me in all I do and go my way as I go yours. There will never be a rift to divide what cannot be conquered. For I have given you my soul and to no other have you given yours.

I love you, I love you, I love you, with all the universe waiting–for us to march in commitment and determination to the beat of our God’s drum, as I protect and you guide our journey together–as I write and you light the fires from the smoldering coals in my heart, to bring the word of freedom for all God’s creatures, to ring loud and clear throughout the earth you hold so dear.

My child, my friend and companion, my eyes melt into yours as I speak with eyes opened or closed I still see and always will see the beauty that is you and the courage that only you could show and carry in graceful fear, in anticipation of God’s strong, gentle arm reaching down to pull your fighting spirit from your dying body.

It was a glorious sight to witness the making of an angel. You became victorious in your death as you left this cruel world behind. My only consolation was that I knew you were in a better place. I was happy in my pain to finally set you free; a freedom I came to know well that you longed for each day of the ten years and eleven months, while you stayed confined inside the boundaries I was forced to set to keep you safe.

Thank you God, for showing your light through my eyes till she only had eyes for you.

Thank you for making her journey home a peaceful and exhilarating one.

Thank you for sharing your grace with me, your humble servant, through the devotion and spirit of a woman I am proud to call my daughter–a woman held prisoner in a world that didn’t belong to her.

I never owned you Pele, though others thought I did. What did they know anyway.

Thank you for teaching me your wisdom and showing me your power.

Thank you for allowing me into your life and sharing with me your fire.

You are all power now, Pele, my Goddess of Fire, and the warrior is in me now.

I have your power and you have me. And we’re connected for eternity to the power and love we call our God.

You’ll do the work that my human intellect and body cannot, and I’ll do the earthly chores that you being an angel cannot–as God coordinates and supervises. Praise God and thank you.

Together we three will work more effectively to loosen the shackles, to stop the conveyor belts of slaughter, and set our future families free. For this I owe my life to my daughter.

For a while I’ll have to mourn you, even as we begin our work; I vow never to leave you or give up the fight,  because your fight is mine.

God prepares us for many battles as we speak.

My sweet, tender soul, Mama is with you–still, silence takes the place in my heart where you once chattered.

So, chatter again Pele, beyond the work we must do; let me hear your song: the song of old and wise utterances resonating as the cry of the wolf.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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