Occupation Is Not A Jew-ish Birthright

In Response to: How not to fight antisemitism

When anti-Semitism aka anti-Jewism requires a library of books to understand it, that’s a ‘Tell’ used to avert the eyes of the accused – everyone not Jew – away from the horrific acts of occupation historically and currently claimed by Jews worldwide to be their birthright.

Occupation. The occupier is in your face, under your skin, in your organs, your bones, your loins, your groins, your whispers, every cell of you becomes occupied by your oppressor. That’s what readying a group or a person for a holocaust looks like from the air. A death row prison.

That’s all you need to know, if you’re interested. How to currently stop NOW the enslavement, torture and slaughter of occupation.

One cannot go back and stop the past, although Jews worldwide have been trying to do just that, by conducting massive experiments in occupation in the NOW. Massive experiments against their neighbors the Palestinians in Palestine for 74 years with no end in sight in lieu of the so-called holocaust against them in Europe during WWII. 

It takes a crime to cure a crime they say. An eye for an eye, yet the Palestinians didn’t take even one eye to provoke said occupation. Jews took all the eyes of the Palestinians in an unjust, unprovoked war against indigenous people absent a means to fight a massive steel, metal and iron war machine largely financed and supplied by the USA. Why? To give the USA a foothold in the region to dominate the Middle East with their threats of nuclear weapons and bombs, and now by hidden nuclear weapons controlled by Orthodox Jews in the region, that go undeclared except by innuendo. Some day those nukes will be pointed at the USA. 

“How could we have known” will not be a viable or acceptable excuse. They know, yet continue the gambling with American lives. The USA cares nothing about Jews or Israel; their only reason for being there is to control the Middle East, by giving the Jews permission to act on behalf of the USA. If need be, the USA will shut down those experiments against the Palestinians and take over the land themselves to keep that dominating connection out of the hands of a rogue self-named state: Israel.

If anti-Jewism is racism named so by the Jews, then anti-Palestinian is also racism, openly committed, by the way, by the Jewish majority. Neither is a race. Both are ethnicities. Keep color out of it, since Jews exist in all countries – Jews who mated with the corresponding countries in order to look like everybody else in those countries. A little late don’t you think, to stop that train?

Bottom line: Stop your own discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter policies if you want non-Jews to be less suspicious of you.

No matter what the United Nations claims, occupation of the mind and body and land of any people is a brutal crime against humanity.

Calling anti-Jewism anti-Semitism is a “Tell”, a lie to include all Arabs in order to increase their numbers. Guess that means Jews are Arabs after all. Semites are ethnic, which means Jews and Arabs are ethnic; that’s not the same as race.

It looks like Jews reside in all the Arab states. Jews claim to be such a tiny minority, then why should a minority in all the Arab states get a country of their own? That would be like the Irish claiming a country in every country in which they reside. Or the Italians claiming statehood in America, or the Spanish claiming statehood in every country to which they migrate.

Are there six million Palestinians? People who didn’t commit anything against anyone whom the Jews can kill through occupation? Five point three million not counting those living in Israel or those who fled persecution into neighboring or global countries. Britain gave the go ahead.

How not to fight antisemitism a suggestion by a Christian, another huge global occupier – first we feed you, then we convert you, then we own you – in the name of zJesus Christ of course. No Christian speaks alone on behalf of all Christians, except this one: Jonathan Kootab.

The Jews roam all over the planet claiming their superiority over all people not Jew. You can start there, by dismantling your own superiority platform/campaign backed up through terror, which denotes dominance over all non-Jews. Zionism, antisemitism, doesn’t matter, their message is always the same. Superiority or we’ll make your lives living hells; and they continue down that road at this very moment, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again in office claiming ownership over the entire West Bank of Palestine.

Jews worldwide, right now are provoking the Palestinians into war and smiling while they do it, knowing they’ll pop and the Big Jew gets his cake and eats it too. Russia must be proud. ‘Russia’s doing it, we can do it too.’

If the entire world is anti-Jew, and they’re not, then Jews are the only ones who can stop it, not through war, but peace. Jews can’t live without war, that’s why the world fears them. They’re a minority wanting to be a majority. How does one do that? Through terror.

Occupation is not a Jew-ish birthright, nor is it a Christian birthright. Do you understand that, Christian Iman?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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