Is The World Sick Yet?

Is The World Sick Yet?

Sharon’s Comment: For a group of people who still cry over WW II concentration camps, they sure aren’t the ones shirking war these days. Come to think of it, in past days, turned to years, turned to decades – in the eightieth decade now and the world still has not opened it’s eyes and turned it’s blind eye plus head back to the reality of their truth being not much more than “lies, damn lies and statistics”.

Pounding the Middle East with bombs doesn’t support the ‘poor we’ little folks of which they’ve convinced the world since 1948. How did that war sound like the ‘poor we’ to the world? It didn’t. That’s how they manipulate the world into believing there is peace when they make war. It’s the smoke and mirrors strategy that gets them what they want every time – and the world as naive as they are swallows it every time. The Jews lassoed an entire ethnic group of Palestinians in Palestine locking them in concentration camps – seventy-four years ago and they’re still there, absent those murdered and absent those who fled persecution.

Those American factories on disputed territories are replicas of Hitler’s factories during WW II. Jews are inept in many problem solving ways, but they do know how to copy to perfection.

Who will set the Palestinians free?

Did anyone in the world ever hear of any country telling the Jews to stop the occupation? No.

Jews follow instructions – that’s why they have so many iron-clad books, never to evolve controlling all their actions in their political, religious and personal lives, because they don’t know how to evolve. They need to be told what to do and shown how to do it. That’s a consequence of inbreeding. They can do business-only with outsiders, because they don’t trust their own behavior in matters other than those that concern money.

Someone once said that psychopaths are motivated by money only, and that psychopathy is not a mental illness. I majored in psychology at Smith College I never heard that reference. Maybe because I studied experimental psychology, applying the scientific method to the study of behavior. Still, one might think it would have come up at some point. Jews probably wrote the book on that one, swooshing away responsibility for their horrific actions when provoked. Jews trigger easily. Most serial killers (maybe all) are psychopaths who trigger easily, then methodically, using signs and codes, plot the deaths of others to quiet their minds.

Jews follow instructions. They don’t know how to figure things out. They can memorize large amounts of data forever, but don’t know how to use it until someone else shows them. That’s why there are so many malpractice suits in the medical field.

The world needs both talents working together to succeed at anything.

Stop bombing Syria. When is enough, enough? And Palestine, and Russia, and Ukraine or the world will collectively bombard Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and you’ll never be able to grow another fruit, vegetable, grain or nut on the land you claim to own by birthright and your Yahweh.

North Korea? You’re on the list. Do you like olives?

An outpost is like an olive tree. It’s built as a placeholder for further growth and development. It takes about fifteen years. The Jews on one end of their patience spectrum trigger easily, at the other end, they can wait anybody out for a purpose that benefits them. There’s not much going on in between, except minor ‘pruning’ as they call it.

“They don’t stop us”. That has been their reason for moving forward on their plans to dominate the Middle East. No matter how long it takes, they know the world will grow weary long before they do.

So what’s it going to be? Is the world just going to cry absent action?

Tell them to stop. What are you afraid of? Jews have something on all world leaders.

Look what President Biden did prior to this announcement; he gave them a green light. I saw it on television. I was shocked. I knew what was coming up next, and the world ignored it. Ignoring breeds ignorance. For a reason. Jews blackmail people. It’s one of their specialty du jour strategies used to gain what they need to quiet their collective inbreeding minds. It was inbreeding, not incoming. Don’t you get it? How perverse do I have to get in my words before you wake yourself up, somebody will do it for you (that’s a writing tip on a rolling sentence – a placeholder for word warrior).

Learn to multi-task. Satisfy everybody at once. No more peace words unless you really want to see the world vomit. Your peace words have forever war attachments. Peace to Jews is ignored; they don’t know what it means; they can’t function in what the rest of the world calls a peaceful environment; they need chaos to motivate them to survive, otherwise they’ll commit mass death. Yes, like the moon children in communes, all thinking and acting alike, being told what to do and when and how to do it, because there’s strength in numbers, and absolute control when one person or group determines the outcome for all those beneath them.

“U.S. President Joe Biden said he looked forward to working with Netanyahu to address regional threats, like Iran, and to promote regional peace, including with the Palestinians.”

Je n’ai pas de mots


Netanyahu’s government vows to expand West Bank settlements, annex occupied territory 

Dec 28, 2022 11:13 AM EST

JERUSALEM (AP) — Benjamin Netanyahu’s incoming hard-line Israeli government put West Bank settlement expansion at the top of its priority list on Wednesday, vowing to legalize dozens of illegally built outposts and annex the occupied territory as part of its coalition deal with ultranationalist allies.

The coalition agreements, released a day before the government is to be sworn into office, also included language endorsing discrimination against LGBTQ people on religious grounds, contentious judicial reforms, as well as generous stipends for ultra-Orthodox men who prefer to study instead of work.

READ MORE: Israeli air force veterans urge Supreme Court to halt incoming government

The package laid the groundwork for what is expected to be a stormy beginning for the country’s most religious and right-wing government in history, potentially putting it at odds with large parts of the Israeli public, rankling Israel’s closest allies and escalating tensions with the Palestinians.

“What worries me the most is that these agreements change the democratic structure of what we know of as the state of Israel,” said Tomer Naor, chief legal officer of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, a watchdog group. “One day we’ll all wake up and Netanyahu is not going to be prime minister, but some of these changes will be irreversible.”

The guidelines were led by a commitment to “advance and develop settlement in all parts of the land of Israel,” including “Judea and Samaria,” the biblical names for the West Bank.

Israel captured the West Bank in 1967 along with the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem — territory the Palestinians seek for a future state. Israel has constructed dozens of Jewish settlements home to around 500,000 Israelis who live alongside around 2.5 million Palestinians.

Most of the international community considers Israel’s West Bank settlements illegal and an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians. The United States already has warned the incoming government against taking steps that could further undermine hopes for an independent Palestinian state.

In response to a request for comment, the Palestinian leadership emphasized that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved only through the establishment of a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Without a negotiated two-state solution, “there will be no peace, security or stability in the region,” said Nabil Abu Rdeneh, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

There was no immediate U.S. comment.

Netanyahu, who served 12 years as prime minister, is returning to power after he was ousted from office last year. His new government is made up of ultra-Orthodox parties, a far-right ultranationalist religious faction affiliated with the West Bank settler movement and his Likud party.

In the coalition agreement between Likud and its ally, the Religious Zionism party, Netanyahu pledged to legalize wildcat settlement outposts considered illegal even by the Israeli government. He also promises to annex the West Bank “while choosing the timing and considering the national and international interests of the state of Israel.”

Such a move would alienate much of the world, and give new fuel to critics who compare Israeli policies in the West Bank to apartheid South Africa.

The deal also grants favors to Itamar Ben-Gvir, a far-right politician who will be in charge of the national police force as the newly created national security minister.

It includes a commitment to expand and vastly increase government funding for the Israeli settlements in the divided West Bank city of Hebron, where a tiny ultranationalist Jewish community lives in heavily fortified neighborhoods amid tens of thousands of Palestinians. Ben-Gvir lives in a nearby settlement.

The agreement also includes a clause pledging to change the country’s anti-discrimination laws to allow businesses to refuse service to people “because of a religious belief.”

The legislation drew outrage earlier this week when members of Ben-Gvir’s party said the law could be used to deny services to LGBTQ people. Netanyahu has said he will not let the law pass, but nonetheless left the clause in the coalition agreement.

READ MORE: Israeli doctors, health care workers reject Netanyahu allies’ anti-LGBTQ remarks

Among its other changes is placing Bezalel Smotrich, a settler leader who heads Religious Zionism party, in a newly created ministerial post overseeing West Bank settlement policy.

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Smotrich said there would be no “changing the political or legal status” of the West Bank, indicating that annexation would not immediately take place.

But he leveled criticism at the “feckless military government” that controls key aspects of life for Israeli settlements — such as construction, expansion and infrastructure projects. Smotrich, who will also be finance minister, is expected to push to expand construction and funding for settlements while stifling Palestinian development in the territory.

Netanyahu and his allies also agreed to push through changes meant to overhaul the country’s legal system — specifically, a bill that would allow parliament to overturn Supreme Court decisions with a simple majority of 61 lawmakers.

Critics say the law will undermine government checks and balances and erode a critical democratic institution. They also say Netanyahu has a conflict of interest in pushing for the legal overhaul because he is currently on trial for corruption charges.

“Since (the new government’s) intention is to weaken the Supreme Court, we’re not going to have the court as an institution that would help guard the principles of freedom and equality,” Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, a Jerusalem think tank, told reporters.

Two of Netanyahu’s key ministers — incoming interior minister Aryeh Deri and Ben-Gvir — have criminal records. Deri, who served time in prison in 2002 for bribery, pleaded guilty to tax fraud earlier this year, and Netanyahu and his coalition passed a law this week to allow him to serve as a minister despite his conviction. Ben-Gvir was convicted in 2009 of inciting racism and supporting a terrorist organization.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday expressed “deep concern” about the incoming government and its positions on LGBTQ rights, racism and the country’s Arab minority in a rare meeting with Ben-Gvir, one of the coalition’s most radical members. Herzog urged Ben-Gvir to “be attentive to and internalize the criticism.”

The government platform also mentioned that the loosely defined rules governing holy sites, including Jerusalem’s flashpoint shrine known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, would remain the same.

Ben-Gvir and other Religious Zionism politicians had called for the “status quo” to be changed to allow Jewish prayer at the site, a move that risked inflaming tensions with the Palestinians. The status of the site is the emotional epicenter of the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Associated Press writer Isabel DeBre in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

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