Gender Bias

I have a writing station in every room – except the bathroom. My thoughts end there. Private means private fellas, and female fellas and trans fellas. Okay?

Oh, in my room I have three writing stations: desk, head of bed, foot of bed.

In kitchen, one with two clipboards one for recipes, the other for grocery lists.

In dining area I have one within reach from every chair without having to rise or walk around anything.

Couch, always a board with paper and pen at each end, mostly hidden from view.

Steve’s room – same thing – no matter where I sit I’m within reach of a paper on a board or in a receptacle (all scrap – already been used on one side or from USPS mailings – the greatest finds being the totally blank on one side!). I use those for two halves. I have two sizes note scrap paper 1/2, 8-1/2×11 inch and 1/4, 8-1/2×11 inch (block size, not strip).

When done, if work-related, it goes in the ‘to shred’ bin. I save them a bit in case I need to recheck for accuracy. The notes that get shredded now are those that could be construed as non-representative of my thoughts, feelings, after thoughts or threats to stop working when all hope is gone and all one sees is that it never does get better – unless one lies to one’s self.

Taken out of context stuff is the most difficult to prove as lies. That’s the one exception to the FBI code of lying usually punishable by real jail time and real rape every night until they say enough – all for doing what comes natural – lying to protect one’s self. The FBI telling people it’s against federal law to lie to them? Is that constitutional? Context is everything. This coming from people who claim there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Actually there is, so if this federal law stating lying is unconstitutional is based on the non-existence of coincidence, then it needs to to be upended.

Hey. I thought rape was illegal? Federal prisons are rape rooms – what does it matter who does it and who gets it? What is it about male politicians and law enforcement who love to hear that men get raped every night in prison? Police too, always bragging about it, threatening people with it. I wonder if it’s against the law for law enforcement to threaten a person with rape every night by some big black African in order for them to get someone to squeal. Snitch. Lie? Women too, support rape of men by men? Cher Bono – one half of the Sonny and Cher duo from “I GOT YOU BABE” fame – does and she let the whole world know it. Women too? Who would think.

If you threaten to kill somebody it’s menacing. If law enforcement threatens you with rape it isn’t? Whoa, not good.

Oh, and I forgot – almost – so it’s not a lie, I have two writing stations in my purse. One for Steve when we’re out in case he gets a blockbuster thought while visiting TICK TOCK TAVERN. He used to write on napkins whole plans for his future, over a few beers, turned to wine, turn to wine, and how about that Jim Bean Manhattan straight up, stirred?

And one for me too! I always look to see if the bartender gave us equal. Usually they give the man a little more. Mostly women ‘tenders do that. And I always check to make sure they don’t. It sounds like a nuisance, and it gets boring, but still why should I be openly disrespected by getting poured less simply because I’m a woman? I’m paying the same price he is. I do that every time – for all the women/girls in the world who are forced to settle for less by other women looking for a bigger tip from the guy. Women disrespecting women in restaurants, bars, lounges and taverns all over the world.

Second thing: I pay and I leave the tip. Unless Steve sneaks one in – and the bar maids love that. They automatically think he’s giving more, when in reality he always gives less. They interpret it as more coming from a man. Even though the places we frequent know us, they still hand him the bill. Even though I’m sitting there with the credit card in my hand, they slide the bill on the counter toward him. Every single time for thirteen years we’ve been going there, they get it wrong. It’s the same everywhere. Even when he says, ‘she’s paying’ and points to me, they still slyly move it toward me, but more toward him, followed by a few openly flirtatious facial gestures. Have they no shame?

Every single time, I take the bill, saying I’m paying and they’re still flirting with him, thinking that’s going to make me give her a bigger tip? It must work, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. So when it’s woman on woman all bets are off with a woman’s so-called right to be served equal in restaurants, lounges, bars and taverns around the globe – all minimizing the presence of women by giving them less product and worse service, service that’s gender-biased and they don’t care.

That’s why we don’t have an equal rights amendment for women, because the women block it.

I go through that every single time – for decades now, always for every woman/girl in the world every breed of animal far and high, deep and wide I stand my ground for myself on their behalf. THAT’S MY PRIDE.

I force my own hand every single time I pay and tip when Steve and I go out.

If you can’t muster handing the bill to a woman, ’cause it just doesn’t feel right, then place it in the middle and be gone. We don’t want to end our dining experience by a con-tale from a waitress that puts her child’s education and well-being in my hands. They treat you like you don’t matter, until you’re writing the tip, then they hover with all their bad luck stories so I’ll do what? Empty my bank account?

Steve thinks I tip too much. The ‘tenders should know that, but they go by the averages – supposedly women in the past tipped less, probably because the ‘tender flirted with her husband/boyfriend – so uncool – but so common it’s comical. Try dissing them when they’re out and about sitting on the other side of the bar; it’s a whole different story. “That bartender poured me almost half what she poured my boyfriend. I’ll take care of her later”.

There’s no tendency to change. Even at the grass roots level, the wanton disregard for women in public places remains steadfast as a symptom and a symbol of what we as members of a greater world society have come to accept as normal within our homes, that which runs much wider and deeper across the board in every regard. Even in the little, simple ways, sexism becomes so glaringly obvious, yet accepted, that one shrugs it off as if it were preordained, written into our DNA to discriminate against women in all ways, at all times, making them fight for scraps against other women.

So I do my little thing every single time, reminding me every single time that we have not progressed in the women’s rights movement and that was and continues to be primarily instigated and perpetuated by women. Women seem to have become addicted to the con, the scam, the scheme of a class considered by half the human conglomerate to be subservient in all ethnicities – regardless of religion and socio-economic status. Destined by some universal design to fight for the crumbs men leave behind.

When men and women go out for entertainment, women are still considered the second class citizens of the world on the arms of men, which means the men will be respected and the women won’t. Reversing the order doesn’t solve the problem.

Ever hear a man in a bar say to a woman who gives an opinion not his or laughs too loud, you’re drunk? It’s not all that long ago when women didn’t go to bars or before then, weren’t allowed unless they were prostitutes. For men only. Somehow, we got a foot in the door, then stopped there. Many women are flattered by men who subvert them in public, making them play the helpless damsel in distress, whom he wants to save, for a price. With what? A smaller pour than she gave you?

When my mother made pies, she cut them into six equal pieces. There were six people in the family. Everybody who wanted pie, got an equal piece. She got it right.

So someone says, then I won’t stand when you come into the room or open the door for you. I don’t care where or if you sit or stand or what you do with the door. Just serve me equal. Everything else will take care of itself. Whoever gets to the door first, walks through and holds it open for the next in line.

If pie costs five dollars, it should be the same size and the same price for men as for women. You pay for what you consume. Don’t sell me a half a drink at full price because I’m a woman.

When it’s the woman being humiliated by a man, both women and men find a way to justify it. You know the saying, ‘she gives as good as she gets’? That’s not usually used to describe a man. When the man is humiliated by the woman, both men and women oppose it; they blame the woman hands down. She should have let him slide. Even in conflict, men and women are treated differently.

Men share a bond that women don’t. That’s because traditionally bound by culture, women had to scrap and connive for what they got. They didn’t own anything, not even themselves. Not much has changed, when you lump the whole world together. Even in more progressive cultures, lines are drawn in favor of the male across all categories – some glaringly obvious and others more insidious.

Women are still trying to own their own bodies, and even in America, the most progressive nation, men still control the reproductive rights of women. It’s her body; if she got pregnant, then somebody didn’t take precautions and it’s the man who deposits the sperm into the woman. The woman doesn’t deposit anything into the man, so it is the man who is responsible for every pregnancy. In the minds of men, that means they control it. They conquered the uterus, broke in and left a deposit, knowing neither of them wanted a baby out of it. Too late for that. Now it’s in the woman, you gave it to her, so she decides. It’s not about murder, unless you’re aborting a viable fetus, then birth it, give it up for adoption, the woman wants no trace. Then it’s up to her. A man made a life-changing decision for the woman without her approval to make a baby. Well, you shouldn’t have left your sperm someplace that you didn’t want it.

Using constitutional rights to force women to have unwanted babies is constitutionally discriminatory and dictatorial toward women. Keep religion out of politics. What? Christians don’t get abortions? Of course they do. What are you doing? Women don’t have an equal rights amendment, so now you’re going to force them to carry a baby to term that they don’t want?

GET WOMEN AN EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT NOW. That’s the only move that will work for all women. NOW. Across the board. Forget this equal pay for equal work; it didn’t work; it never will until there is equal rights protection for women under the Constitution. “All men are created equal” DID NOT apply to women, otherwise women would have been able to vote and they were not.

What? An embryo has Constitutional rights, but the women carrying the embryo doesn’t? HOW DARE YOU. The world laughs at us looking down our noses at the countries who still treat women as their property. So does the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights still treat women as property of men. Well, you gave the sperm; you left it; it’s no longer yours. It belongs to the person growing it inside her body against her will, not your body. Yeah, go ahead and tell me one more time, how you control my reproduction rights, as you skip out on the Dad part of that deposit.


If abortion is murder, then why isn’t the murder of a child, or a man or woman considered unconstitutional? And further, why is abortion covered under federal law and the rape and murder of prisoners in federal prisons aren’t? Do prisons have an obligation to keep safe the prisoners from violent crime in federal prisons? Why if abortion is murder are women not prosecuted for murder who have an abortion? Why prosecute the doctor performing the abortion? A lot of mumble jumble going on here.

Look, no body parts can be allowed to go to research labs from aborted fetuses. No more live births to keep baby intact to harvest organs. That is an abomination, a desecration, a perversity that begs for an end. Hillary Clinton didn’t care if the states performed live dismemberments of whole babies, while still attached to the umbilical cord, as long as the federal government didn’t do that. It has to be wrong for whoever does it. Dismemberment of live babies still attached, which meant the mother still owned the baby, that she was told she had to carry to full term, so her full term baby could be dismembered alive right in front of her. HORROR ALERT. HOLOCAUST ALERT.

And why create family planning centers around abortion, making the dismemberment of a child the centerpiece of care for the whole family? It’s absurd. Who’s profiting from all these abortion family planning communities? You can’t plan a family without abortion ties? We take your baby and we give you low income x-rays and screening tests for other diseases. What, family planning abortion communities take the place of primary care physicians for poor people?

Legalize the morning after pill over the counter. No, parents don’t have the right to know. You don’t know the stigma in families. So keep out of the sociology department when deciding matters of constitutional rights of all people. We need a serious relook at who really is free in this country. It is not women. It is not children.

A boy kid buys a condom. Okay. A girl kid buys a condom and there is outrage and scorn directed at that girl kid.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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