Governments Religions Separatists

Nuns left the convents for many of the same reasons priests left. They remained silent too long and the guilt could only be washed away by leaving, not confessing to the knowledge of moral abuse of minors.

The ones who stayed couldn’t leave – they were addicted to the submission of the will, and still others simply got off on the perversity. There’s not much holy going on in convents and churches.

Any group suffers from the same lapses in moral character that lead to immoral behavior, because no one on the outside is watching and everyone on the inside is controlled by the elders to protect the abusers.

Out of sight, the human animal eventually succumbs and raises havoc with the freedom rights of others. Jails and prisons stink with it. So do all separatist groups reigning terror down on the heads of those they force to submit in God’s name, before God, and/or through an elusive historical human who planted himself on a cross to fulfill a prophecy. Through rabbis, priests, ministers, Imans, or swamis and jailers.

It appears that Hinduism is more centric oriented whereby motivating ones self, not worrying about the result is the best road to success while at the same time diminishing the rewards of success and raising up the hard work of being, not just doing – and the joy that can be attained by experiencing all the above.

Whereas other religions focus on a dominator figure to keep one in line with the wishes of government, Hinduism keeps the poor not wanting more, because after all when self-reliant and still poor what does one have? Joy, peace; don’t forget the huge struggles of the rich and how they crush their own bodies and souls beneath the weight of responsibility for all those beneath them. Still, perversity exists almost as a mantra built into the process to be adored and feared at once.

Cut off their hands and whip their feet bottoms means Government is God. A punishing one at that.

The same is similar in countries that forbade its citizens to worship and/or believe in a God greater than themselves. The governments wanted to be your God, saying by their actions it is they who will care for you, discounting the need of the soul to express itself through all creation – living that is. I don’t know if rocks have souls. And discounting the need of humans to recognize their beginning beyond birth.

Governments work closely with religions to make sure they toe the government line, so how authentic is religion? Government covers for religion and religion reciprocates. Religions are separatist too. So are governments. There are no needles in haystacks here. It’s all done in private, but in full view of religious and governmental forces. All the wealthy and powerful shakers and movers on the planet participate.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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