Who’s Leading the Pack?

Brits are the Queens and Kings of occupation – though others prefer to call it colonialism. Call it what it was, they moved in to change culture – through military might and missions (religious) maneuvers. The world copied and the world has been falling ever since.

The Africans balk today, but they copied too right along with everybody else. Erase history so no one can learn from it, making them the new conquerors. Their plan didn’t work, it never does when conquering is the means and the goal.

Hitler and the Jews did it. It’s not working for them either. Why, one might ask, would any group of people want to be forever tied to their oppressors? The Brits as a consequence became the pawns. So will the Africans; so will the Jews.

Whose pawns?

Who do you think?

No country in the European Union. They’re too old and weak, no signs of monumental progress.

The only country in the previous Soviet Union that can hold its own is Russia and they’re not innovative enough to lead the world to a better non-confrontational place. Though their fear of the West is justified, they haven’t come up with anything better.

India is too emotional across the board. They took too seriously the ways of the British and became fence-sitters, except in the acquisition of Nuclear weapons. But those won’t be needed in the future. Anyone who has them will fall prey to the intellectual advancements of more progressive peoples and nations.

Not the USA; they’re in that same Russia boat going nowhere slowly.

China’s the only one left to lead and do they ever have issues with a capital ‘I’.

Hey, I’m not voting for any of them. I’m just telling you what I see based on NOW, not yesteryear.

The Middle East is like a camel who’s been out in the desert too long. War-weary, no insights, no motivation, stuck, like a car that is forever stalling going uphill to get a drink of water. They can’t even tell the difference any more. Water, gas, oil? what? there’s salt in the oil?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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