Earthquake. Aftermath Of Bombs.

How many of those building contracts in Syria and Turkey did Israel have prior to the recent earthquake of 2023?

That’s why they bomb Gaza on a regular basis, for building contracts as reported by Shimon Perez prior to his death on national/international television.

STOP BOMBING THE PLANET. How many years now in the Middle East? Iraq, Afghanistan. Syria, Yemen. North Korea. WW II WW I. Now: Ukraine-Russia bombardment with NATO, USA, Israel and German military involvement. Long term massive assaults – all of them and still on-going, and they blame a fault line – a condition of nature – when an earthquake wakes everybody up in the middle of whatever they were doing that they now deem frivolous in comparison.

Syrians had to think they were being bombed. That’s what the damage looks like. The world media generally hides the effects of bombs from public viewing except every now and then. Why? Because they know they could have prevented the damage by not bombing. With an earthquake they figure it’s an act of nature or God, not controllable by humans and what they do or don’t do that may contribute to it.

Underground testing of nuclear missiles has long term effects, even when stopped. It’s like a side effect that doesn’t go away when the drug is withdrawn. Nature seems to fall into that category of long term effects from injury. And why wouldn’t it? Why scientists don’t take that factor into consideration when making their recommendations is a mystery. Instead they consider how much assault planet Earth can sustain, and don’t worry we’re no where near the limit. The limit of what? What did they set as a limit that would cause specifically what type of damage?

Earth is our home. Who in their right mind would consistently assault their own home just to the brink of total disaster? That’s insanity talking without a conscience. That looks like Israel bulldozing the houses of Palestinians who don’t give them up freely to Immigrant Jews. Under the auspices of the United Nations. Pop a Palestinian and Israel gets another home for free. They can always rebuild. Think of the money in that?

STOP BOMBING THE PLANET. Figure it out. Bombs. Earthquake.Tremors. Look at the pictures. Earthquake Bombs. Punch somebody in the head or take a bad fall and it causes concussion. A brain bruise and consequent wobble. If done repeatedly it knocks one off-kilter resulting in a myriad of life-long symptoms that become chronic.

Over twenty years the USA and allied forces bombed Iraq and Afghanistan without global Earth consequences? Scientists support that? There is no doubt of the consequences, so why keep denying them?

‘Major parts of Syria have effectively been bombed back to Ottoman times’ reports the Times of Israel. “Civil war leaves Syrian cities in ruins, economy in a shambles”.

So does an earthquake – the aftermath of the bombs.

Will they ever learn? Not when it financially benefits the ones doing the bombing. How to change it? Who would want to? Yeah, but all those sentient humans dying horrific deaths who had no part in any grievances, how about them? Hey, everybody has to die sometime. Thinking of a world without war? Yeah well, I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, and war keeps coming.

War creates enemies where there once were none, so the cycle continues unless there is a global effort to stop it. Well, you know we’re so deep, small steps might as well not be taken; it’s just too big a force to block at this stage with all the new weaponry being designed to accommodate war as a part of life, the right to exist. At what risk? I don’t know, except that we have a right to destroy and rise from the ashes not destroyed – to fight another day.

Another way.

We already have those other ways in place as sanctions.

But that’s punishment and punishment doesn’t sell, it makes people seethe beneath the surface of their existence, their culture, defining their goals in the presence of war not in its absence.

What can I say?

Expect more earthquakes.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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