Tomorrow’s Here How Does It Look?

Become more of a doer, more of a thinker, more of an advocate for, rather than against – is that even possible? All at once?

What category does the against fall into then?

Maybe the world needs ‘an against’ in order to function clearly.

Don’t do this, don’t do that. Yeah, dos and don’ts, mostly don’ts, though.

A Religion Can’t Be A Race

A race or ethnicity can’t be a religion.

Over-manipulation lends itself to corruption. 

If you manipulated this, and everything else, then you manipulated the truth of your beginnings.

You shot yourself in the foot wouldn’t you say?

Black Africans are more open to kindness than white Europeans.


White Europeans are suspicious of any kindness. 

Black Africans embrace it, then they kill you.

Fate Is The Name

Nobody thinks about the morning when they’re having fun at night. 

Well, okay we do, but we always find a reason to continue. 

Who knows? 

There may not be a tomorrow.

Q. Is the glass half empty or half full?

A. It depends if what’s in the glass was poured to half or drank full down to half.

Q. Is the glass half empty or half full?

A. It depends if what’s in the glass was poured to half or drank full down to half.

How many people actually pour a half glass of anything where others would see? Maybe when they’re home.

Nobody gets a half a glass of anything in a restaurant.

So it depends where the pouring occurs. And if it looks like it’s been touched.

Love Hate

Love never dies. It stays in the universe to be reclaimed.

Hate dies out of necessity, allowing for change to occur through mutual honesty, respect, and simultaneous responsibility.

Love to hate.

Hate to love.

Both eventually mutate into admiration.      

Scholars don’t change the world, otherwise the Palestinian-Jew situation would have been solved long ago.

People need to write for non-scholarly political figures so they understand the process without needing a tutor. Their arrogance keeps them from it.

Too bad.

If you go by looks in determining race or ethnicity, Jews look more like African Albino than Asian.

Palestinians in Palestine look more Asian than African.

That’s my take based on somebody else’s formula for determining peoples by region based on physical appearance.

Read the above very carefully to be sure you interpret accurately.

By accepting the world as it is nothing changes except the weather – until people get bored.

What I do to food should be a sin it tastes so good.

the animal-free chef

Slavery Wasn’t Outlawed For Everybody

Do vegans think that burning cities across the globe will make better the lives of all non-human animals whom human animals enslave, torture and slaughter?

Of course not. Nobody with the sight to see would go that route.

So where does that put the city burners who exacted revenge for Africans enslaved, tortured and slaughtered centuries ago?

Not in a good place, since their slave days ended with federal laws that outlawed slavery.

Too bad it didn’t outlaw slavery for everyone. For instance Black on Black or Spanish on Spanish.

Slavery is only outlawed when it’s White on Black or White on any color including White.

The Spanish wanted nothing to do with outlawing slavery. They chose to be slaves as a means to an end.

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