USA Lied. We The People Don’t Have Free Speech Rights

If the Supreme Court doesn’t protect free speech of the populace in the USA, then it doesn’t prohibit it either.

Stay out of it.

Did you all forget that there’s a populace without a voice in America?

No, politicians do not represent the the populace. They represent the rich people wanting to control the voices who have no power, so they’ll stay unheard.

Don’t you have something better to do?

Oh, go ahead and claim once again that free speech isn’t for the common people. Then go and shut down all the pornography websites across the land. They operate on the premise that they do indeed have free speech rights. What? That cesspool sexually humiliating women, and men too is protected by the Federal government?

So the Federal government protects the sex slave trade, but not the freedom of speech rights of the American Street? The populace.

Pornography is protected under free speech. The men are the ones driving this campaign to put reins on the social media street. That’s where ideas flow in all forms of speak. Shut that off and you just became the darlings of Iran China Russia. The men are keeping pornography and the sex slave trade in business and free speech is why.

The same goes for violent movies that trigger people into committing crimes – they also work on that free speech premise.

You’re not thinking clearly. Look, you can’t lose your job, so do the correct thing. Either free speech rights for everybody or nobody. Forget whether they’re influencing politics; that’s what politicians do. They influence people using strategies. So what if Russia runs ads. I’ve never seen one of them. Why is that?

How about the USA providing funds to stage government coups in South America. That’s an act of war; displacing a president, whether the USA regards it as one or not. You can try to change the meanings of words but you’re not fooling anyone, all you do is engender a lack of trust.

  • Be careful, those same coups could happen upon America if you deny the populace free speech rights. Step down from your superiority supremacy pedestal; you don’t own people or their words or the street or the world.

For all we know, those mass exoduses South of the Border are the design of the USA military to gain support to interfere in the policies and practices of those representative nations.

Otherwise the people would rise up rather than leave, so that means you get the free ticket to meddle in their affairs. When the people did it in the past, benefits to the USA were limited and the people got tired of fighting your wars when the dividends to them were minuscule.

Wake Up Supreme Court. It’s your time to shine.

Afraid? I am too. The entire world is afraid of what no speech rights in America means for them. Lawyers looking for loopholes already claim that We The People have no such rights. Care to clear that up for the people on the street wanting it clarified?

We’ve become a militaristic state when we allow the military into hospital surgical rooms to torture patients. Does that come under free speech rights? Torturing people while they’re unconscious?

How does all this look to all those countries where we interfere with their political process based on America’s democracy and the free speech rights that our own government claimed all along went along with that?

Wake up Americans – your rights are about to be taken away from you by the Supreme Court. Prepare for massive protests worldwide. AMERICA LIED. Nobody’s free in America. That’s a hustle if I ever saw one.

You mean free speech rights are only for news agencies controlled by the government, not the individual? Where does that put every blogger? Oh I get it, politicians don’t like the truth being told to the populace by bloggers. Government sanctioned news agencies protect them from that.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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