The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it

Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capital punishment. When a film is made of the Holocaust no one cries out to protect the collective Germans from being categorized as Jew haters and killers, in fact, the impression is encouraged and applauded.

The Jews, in their obsessive need to control and conform all forms of the media to their liking and advantage, attempt to change history. In changing the facts no one learns the lesson that hind sight is specifically designed to teach. If one were to sanitize the Holocaust what would be learned? What purpose would be served?

When Black Lives Matter erase White history, where are the learned lessons? That from which was supposed to be learned no longer exists.

It seems that the main underlying concern and only regret of the Jews is that the movie wasn’t made in Israel where the story would have surely depicted the Palestinians and Arabs as the executioners of Jesus. 

Perhaps when the Jews embrace Jesus as their son, the most influential person in history, and raise him up as their savior (on earth and not a means to get to heaven, since that’s where we all go anyway) and follow his teachings of forgiveness, the world would be more sympathetic to their pain.

As it turns out, forgiveness will be the only worthwhile tool that secures peace in the Middle East. Perhaps when the Anti-defamation League broadens its mission to include all acts of bigotry (instead of a blurb in its mission statement making it appear that all acts of bigotry are addressed) toward all creatures, its message will be taken with more than a grain of salt. 

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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