Attention Brits -The Js and Bs and Ps Again?

Yes, just one more view – a small one, that maybe others overlooked in the history of it all. Keep reading if you will. Thank you in advance, then thank me later – not 74 years later, okay?

The Bs have a long history of colonizing people thus territories, countries, regions whatever the name dujour happened or happens to be in any given decade.

The B’s also have a very long history of staying till they get the job done, whatever that job might have been and may continue to be currently in 2023.

I just had another thought about Bs and how they’re always apologizing so they don’t have to change or so it seems, since that’s the result whether it be the intention or not. And any B would have to agree to that little ditty, even if in private, some tunes they can’t resist the debate.

I’ll bet there are a lot of hoarders in Britain and in other places where they colonized – occupied – sodomized – vocalized all forms of matter.

Mattering to me right now, however, is their propensity to hold on too tight to what they cherish, that they all agree belongs to others. They’ve established a long standing pattern of conquering and not letting go. Divide. Conquer. Stay.

A whopping 700 years to let Ireland go.

It took them 156 years to leave Hong Kong.

It took 113 years to let go of Australia – leaving a huge British presence in thought and deed.

It took 89 years to get off the fence in India – again, leaving a huge conquered mark as in birth on their psyche.

Imagine what they left in the Irish? Only the Irish know.

Does anybody now wonder why the Js are still occupying the Ps in Palestine? And why the Bs in Britain have sat on the fence for 74 years – that’s how long I’ve lived on this planet.

One could also muse that the B’s know how it feels to be told to GET OUT – to be unwanted – and could be sympathizing with the Js, since the Bs are the ones who made the promise to give the Js Palestine post World War II by leaving what they originally occupied in 1917. They fulfilled that promise by leaving Palestine in 1948, leaving the door open for the Jews to enter and reoccupy Palestine.

It’s time for the Js to leave, since they didn’t improve the quality of life in Palestine – made it worse actually – one can’t expect one to take one’s home without predicting a fight would ensue.

All of this has nothing to do with the Ottoman empire. It has to do with Britain occupying ninety percent of the world and having to give most of it up. But obviously it took, in some cases, many lifetimes to accomplish. And they still do occupy many islands and/or territories. That’s their history; that’s a pattern of behavior – a very long pattern of behavior. Very difficult to change very long behavior patterns.

So why would anyone go to the King and Queen of occupation to tell someone else not to do what they did when they’re still doing it?

14 British Overseas Territories

Are Canada and Australia under British rule?

Image result for is canada controlled by britain

As of 2023 there are 15 Commonwealth realms: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and the United Kingdom.

Commonwealth realm – Wikipedia

What is meant by Commonwealth realm?

A Commonwealth Realm is a country which has The Queen as its Monarch. There are 14 Commonwealth Realms in addition to the UK.

Canada Act, also called Constitution Act of 1982, Canada’s constitution approved by the British Parliament on March 25, 1982, and proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II on April 17, 1982, making Canada wholly independent.

Canada Act | Canada-United Kingdom [1982] | Britannica

So how is it that Canada and Australia (and others of the 14 total) are wholly independent, yet are still a Commonwealth realm? They chose to remain a member of the Commonwealth even though they were independent. It’s sort of like some slaves in America when freed by decree, chose to stay on with their masters in a working relationship. That’s all I can figure. They wanted back up.

A partial solution here between the Ps and the Js is to offer Palestine and/or Ps to be a Commonwealth realm posthumously- wholly independent yet a member of the Commonwealth. They did not have that choice in 1948 because the J’s moved in too fast to conquer and claim the land as theirs – even though Israel and/or Js were never under British rule per se. It was Palestine under British rule, not Israel. They made that choice not to be called Palestine. Okay?
It’s Palestine posthumously that now becomes a member of the Commonwealth realm under the name of Palestine – all borders thus are the same as when Britain ruled in 1947.

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