No Beginning No End

No Beginning. No End.

Most of us have a hard time with the ‘no beginning and no end’ part of existence. If there’s no beginning and no end to the universe, then perhaps it makes sense that life is simply one part of a journey of which we are all a part while on Earth – which means it may not be such a stretch to think that there really is a pre life and an after life. What happens in each isn’t something we can see, thus prove, using current scientific methods, but it can certainly be explored an entertained.

The reason we don’t know, thus think we can’t know, at least not yet, what happens before and after physical life is that we are designed, at least in part, in a physical environment, so it is the physical that we understand best, though we’re not all that good at that either.

We were created physically, in a physical world, thus we think on a physical level. Yet, take our own bodies as an example. When we get sick, we should be able to diagnose ourselves. It’s our body, and our brain that deciphers, yet we need someone else who is trained in analyzing and diagnosing symptoms, diseases and disorders to tell us what is wrong.

The people who know there’s something wrong with themselves, but can’t pin it down will most often be judged as mental cases by doctors who don’t know either. 

There is an extent to which doctors can know, given that their view is actually the subjective view and the patient’s experience with their own body the most objective view. 

Assign subjective and objective to where they belong and new views may open up to new, more accurate ways of diagnosing patients.

Disregarding the patient’s view is the most ratted out system of diagnosis and treatment across all health care professionals, facilities and entities and leads to injury more often than not. It’s chewed out; it’s full of holes, what did you think it meant? Yeah, full of tattletalers too. Someone goes to the doctor and some other one preceded them with a rumor about the prospective patient, next thing you know that patient is diagnosed with something they don’t nor never did have – usually of an embarrassing nature. That’s not science making the call, okay?

  • Recall not that long ago, that husbands were in charge of their wives healthcare, making all the decisions, many times in absence of the wife’s knowledge. 
  • Note also that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has a huge presence in the medical professions.

What created the universe? If the universe is physical, one would think that something physical had to do that – much like a physical baby is created from physical parents. Even test tube babies are physically joined via an egg and a sperm in a tube to be then transplanted into a physical uterus and birthed by a physical mother.

What if something physical wasn’t required to create a universe? Maybe something we can’t see or feel – not like micro-organisms that can be seen with a microscope, but something enormous in size absent any biological input or non-biological physical properties.

Without going any further, one would naturally think that which we can’t see, thus explain, also needed a beginning in order to exist, whether in a physical or non-physical state.

And from where did it come – that enormous non-physical mass, that appears to include the before and after part of life, which in our physical minds also needs a beginning preceded by what came before that.

Maybe steps are required for our understanding of it all along the way, as in a puzzle needing a piece placed before the view can be appreciated – rather than rolling into all the has-to-be beginnings at once failing to examine each piece independently.

What happens every time we think of that new or different beginning? Is there, was there, an end? It’s a supposition.

A beginning denotes an end somewhere, somehow, otherwise the two words based on concepts based on reality would not exist. Before and after the party; before and after the storm. Before and after existence.

So in patterns yes, beginnings and ends exist – only because our senses tell us that. Maybe not like a baby didn’t exist until it did exist, but actually did via the physical properties of the male and female, and something had to pre-exist that design or evolution which is a design in itself, but something that shares some of the properties of the process, without sharing the properties of the entity.

Maybe the ‘before’ and ‘after’ share some of the characteristics of the process of ‘during’ without sharing the physical properties.

Maybe steps are required for our understanding to evolve, and maybe the understanding of those steps will lead to the knowledge of what that massive non-physical ‘something’, or the ‘other than something’ is – and how it operated before it created a universe that created life and how that life may return to that pre-universe existence in a non-physical form.

It appears that the universe created the ‘during’, and the non-physical mass created the ‘before’ and the ‘after’. It’s circular, not linear. Or elliptical.

So the ‘before’ and ‘after’ existed before the ‘during’.

Before the universe.

During the existence of the universe.

After life while the universe still exists.

The universe didn’t create the before and after.

Something else created the before and after.

First there was nothing and then from nothing came something. That’s what our brains can’t understand. Yet.

Two wasn’t required, only one. Still, that ‘one’ came from something or somewhere.

It appears that our brains won’t allow us to go ahead of the knowledge and work backwards from a distant conclusion – not yet anyway.

The process contains the answers.

All realities don’t conform to the same measurement or confinement.

It may be possible for a non-physical realm to be measured.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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