Militaries are in the business of destroying property and people. 

They kill or maim those they view as a threat to their killing strategies – as well as those they view as a threat to the Wall Streets of the rich and powerful influencers who invest in said destruction coupled with promises to rebuild a more prosperous tomorrow with the accompanying music and sunshine that prosperity brings – until the next war is analyzed as being necessary, then prophesied as inevitable, then argued as a means to a better end by those same rich influencers who simply put, can never be rich enough.

Progress and change cannot survive in the presence of war long term.  It can only thrive in its absence.

To satisfy a few greedy ones, the whole world must suffer by killing each other and abandoning all hopes for better lives. 

For whom you all should ask?  

For whom does your bell toll?

Who raises you up – even in times of greatest sorrows?

Nobody; you’re left to raise yourselves up individually. The militaries don’t like groups sorrowing about anything – it’s fertile grounds for mutinies and mobs leading to riots. Militaries only like groups for recruits – now that makes them money they can bank on.

Peace, theoretically is not a money maker. War isn’t either, since one must destroy what was already built, then rebuild at a greater cost. 

Peace, however opens the door to innovation.

War brings suffering and loss to the masses and greater wealth to the largest investors.

The masses are left to fend for themselves with meager rations, while the wealthy enjoy their winnings feasting on animal meats and wines on yachts in mansions at resorts for the privileged few.

When ready they’ll dole out building contracts to the loyal-to-war candidates. Not the needy. 

The needy get their throw-aways. The needy are the true loyals, yet when injured at war, usually fighting somebody else’s battles of whom they’ve never heard, they come home to the same rationed care, rationed food, services, while the purveyors of war dine out on two healthy legs, two healthy arms, two healthy eyes. 

It isn’t fair. It just isn’t fair.

The wealthy influencers including the militaries will be the first to tell you:


What goes around doesn’t always come around to the deserving party – good or bad. 


So artists are we now?

Sharpening your torture knives, for another round of Merry-Go-Round-The-Militaries?

Those investors who fund the wars will perish along with everyone else. There will be no more WALL STREETS gambling the monies off the backs of the poor only to lose by winning.

Mark it or not, the day is nigh and the night is bright with slaughter.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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