Morning News Takes 3.29.2023

NEWS 3.29.2023


China threatens retaliation if House Speaker McCarthy meets with Taiwan’s president

Taiwanese deserve to be free. Ukrainians deserve to be free. But Palestinians don’t?

No one worthy of an opinion is buying your hypocrisy, Senator McCarthy.

Benjamin Netanyhu seeking asylum in the Catholic Church? Smart move BJ; they have secret properties all over South America. Maybe you can find that 13th Spanish Tribe hiding in plain sight. wink.

2-  Fear pervades trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity

The world wakes up again. The trans gender population is just like every other population – there’s always a percentage, who when stressed will commit crimes against humanity.

The Alt gender community needs to stop justifying the killing of children by focusing on all the stress they live under being who they are. 

Focus on the dead children who will never see their parents again. 

Focus on what the gay community can do to allay people’s fears. 

Stop trying to recruit elementary children to the trans gender lifestyle and future sex change operations to increase your numbers thus power of your voice.

Stand for non-violence and support the rights of all peoples, not just your own.

This entire article was about the woes of transgender people, when it should have been about the dead children. Too opportunistic and exploitive for this writer’s taste at this time of monumental grief.

It sounds too much like the Jews blaming the holocaust every time a Jewish mass murderer surfaces and pops in response to something happening in Israel.

Just don’t ever justify killing children because of trans gender or any other gender, religious or socioeconomic woes. The children didn’t cause the world to be as it is.

I’d like to know what medications this person was taking. Did S/he have the physical conversion or was waiting for one?

The gays complaining about calling this shooter a terrorist, need to rethink that. All child killers are terrorists.

3-  FDA approves the first over-the-counter version of Narcan

Fentanyl accounts for a majority of fatal overdoses. But ERs aren’t testing for it.

Fentanyl has driven a surge in drug overdoses in Latino communities

If emergency rooms aren’t testing for it, then force them. They all depend on public funds in some way, which can be traced back to the government. They’re supposed to save lives, not stand back and watch people die. Supply all emergency rooms with the pokes. What are you so afraid of? 

Next stop, the morning after pill. 

4- Israeli leaders lash out at Biden’s criticism as judicial overhaul plan sparks a rare public rift

White House sees Netanyahu as likely to abandon judicial overhaul plan to pursue compromise

The fight for the future of Israel’s political system isn’t over. Here’s what to know.


There’s no such thing as a compromise in the minds of Jews. Convict him now and get the damn thing over with. He’ll love Israeli jails/prisons. He built them using Palestinian slaves. Kibbutzim , communes, cults (that’s socialism). You have to wash your own clothes – and cigars and cognac won’t be on demand. CC. 

5-  China’s drive for a new global order leaves Putin in the back seat

I see some room here for a twosome in the back seat. Time to get romantic. Sittin’ in the back seat k-is-s-i-n-g. Biden and Putin K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Imagine Russia and USA ruling the planet. The old and the young forge a forever bond based on mutual interests.

6-  ‘The post-antibiotic era’: WHO warns of too few new drugs for deadly superbugs

Taking an antibiotic after sex helps gay men curb STDs — but might fuel drug resistance

Superbug infections spiked in pandemic’s first wave

Wow, I can’t get an antibiotic unless I have a fever over 101.2. But gay men can get it on demand as a prophylactic against sexually transmitted diseases? And even then I’m told to weather the flu. 

Everybody should have a stash of antibiotics, since they’re not effective unless taken a few days after one gets sick and then it takes a week or more to see a doctor. Wake up congress.

Be like Mexico – over the counter antibiotics and antivirals. Doctors will complain, because they’ll lose money. It’s always about the money.

Are Mexicans more antibiotic resistant than anybody else? 

Is this in Britain? Whose news am I reading here anyway? Where’s the USA news?

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