Common Cold Not So Common and some fun stuff

This new so-called common cold that’s so contagious everyone in the world will get it? Reported by several news sites in their headlines? Who has to read ‘more’? No one. It’s not natural. For the sake of herd immunity they? say. How would they know in advance is the ‘tell’.

Why be seeking/searching herd immunity for the historically up till now common cold? How did they isolate the virus – if it is a virus? Where did it begin? – what location – for those in the know to know so much about its behavior pattern?

Common colds are already contagious, supposedly with no cure, the world was told for decades. So why now does the supposed common cold get the attention of all the world? Because it was designed, that’s why.

This so-called common cold is not so common after all.

The previous common cold was also highly contagious; but it didn’t create herd immunity, because every year it came back. Nobody said anything about it mutating. So now that it’s back, what’s different and why all the fuss?

The difference is that it isn’t the common cold. Though it has some of the common cold elements/components, it also has more. Why more and why would I know? It has more elements/components, because it was designed and released and I know because I have it. We both got it simultaneously.

I often wondered why Cleveland was never on the map of one of the places that viruses showed up first. Because it’s in the USA and the USA always wants to blame some other continent or country far from them for the origin of said viruses, to be used against particular countries for political purposes. China does the same thing – often using Africa for the dissemination of viruses to test their migration patterns.

Life itself creates the virus, even though when separated it is not alive. In its effort to return to where it started, it infiltrates a living organism to hitch a ride and replicates itself, like a traveler using a map to find its way home, but because it was fragmented and dispersed, that home doesn’t exist for them any more. Their frantic urge to find it however results in infecting the entire organism trying to find its place.

The genetic material of the RNA and DNA of life – any life – that dies with the organism, creates the bits and pieces that resurface to live again in life’s perpetual need to replicate itself at every level of all organisms.

Although the swamp doesn’t create a human in full, it creates the RNA and DNA material required for their existence, so in effect, we all come from the swamp of molecules where plants and amoebas are created.

What came first, the human or the plant? Water came first, then the microscopic plant cells, then the microscopic animal cells. One could say animals derived from plant material each taking a different course in development – one as food, clothing and shelter, the other as consumers of food, clothing and shelter. Could be simultaneous in nature. The fact that these micro-organisms still exist might mean that, should plant and animal life become extinct, the RNA and DNA bits and pieces will remain to create a different form of life, similar perhaps, but not the same as we know it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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