El Chapo – Netflix

If you want to see a demonstration of translation of languages watch this interesting tale told two ways – both in English – one vocal and the other sub titles. Yet they’re both different – not far off the mark though. For instance: ‘you mother fucker’ spoken in English is translated via sub titles to ‘you asshole’.

It gets a little more complicated, but it opens a window to the difficulty in translating one language to another even when they’re both English with the vocal and the sub title translations being done by different people. Or two people who understand English, but who have different primary languages. Then ‘asshole’ gets translated to ‘bastard’.

Or, ‘Don’t count on me anymore’ vocally translates in the sub title as ‘I won’t keep helping you’.

Or, ‘Kill the host. Kill the disease’ vocally translates in the sub title as ‘So, dead dogs…don’t bite’.

Or, ‘a monster’ vocally translates in the sub title as ‘an asshole’.

When listening and reading the sub titles, it’s uncomfortable to hear and see different words. It jolts the brain each time it happens, which in a movie such as this more ‘jolting’ than the subject matter itself already provides becomes a bit much to overcome.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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