The Under-Represented People

You can’t say all black people are discriminated against and stay honest. It’s poor black people who set the tone for all black people, so when somebody says black people, the world’s collective brain sees poor only.

Wealthy black people, once achieved, didn’t support their own who weren’t there. They jumped ship and told all white people to take over the care of their poor. It’s evidenced by wealthy black people hiding their wealth from poor black people – even to this day.

Nobody knows who the poor white people are. They don’t have a leader. And they surely don’t have wealthy white advocates – unless they’re Jews. Then again, nobody thinks of Jews as poor. And even if they did, Jew don’t help non-Jews.

Most non-Jews and non-Whites think all Jews and all Whites are rich. Most wealthy Whites think the only poor white people in the USA live in Appalachia – politicians think like that too.

Where am I going with this?

If the poor of all groups are the most discriminated against, then why doesn’t anybody know who the poor white people are, which happens to be the largest poor group per capita than any other group or combination of minority groups in the USA?

Who politically represents the poor Whites as the politicians are busy representing all the minority groups? Who are the white leaders who can approach publicly elected officials on behalf of poor white people? They don’t exist.

The Republican party in the USA does not represent poor white people. Republicans represent rich people of any demographic. The democrats only represent people of color and white isn’t a color, unless you’re gender-challenged, followed by rich people. Poor whites are off the table in both parties.

Globally, poor is the largest demographic, so why are they so underrepresented across the board by everyone? Because they’re poor and the poor are stigmatized.

Why are poor white people underrepresented? Because they’re White.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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