The British will free and enslave you at the same time.

That’s their style – their mode of operation.

They can’t help themselves. Seems no one can these days.

Since when did the USA become the mediator/arbitrator/parent/teacher/counselor for Israel? I thought they wanted independence.

Doesn’t look that way, when they run to USA to stop USA from selling arms to United Arab Emirates.

Israel wanted normalization with Arab countries, but still wants the USA to dictate terms on behalf of Israel. Something doesn’t seem right or equal about those relationships.

Are all the countries that are normalizing relations with Israel going to have to bend to the will of the USA – always on Israel’s behalf? Sounds like the United Nations all over again.

Free and enslaved at the same time. Israel comes out as the dictator of terms via the USA, so it doesn’t look like Israel is dictating, but they clearly are. There’s that hustle again – they just can’t help themselves.

Is the USA really part of the United Kingdom? I thought the USA was really Israel. I must have judged wrongly – that doesn’t sound like me. Have I been invaded by a foreign entity?

The United Kingdom has invaded the USA, which means the UK is the one calling the shots with Israel and the normalizing Arab countries. USA is the face. UK is the handler. Israel is the dictator.

So the UK is allowing Israel to dictate the terms in Palestine and elsewhere. Why no normalizing of relations with the Palestinians, the people they enslave on Palestinian land?


UK trust trickle down, even though they don’t. Somehow the Palestinians will rise from the ashes to catch the crumbs of normalization between Israel and the rest of the world.

Not so fast.

I’m not done here.

There’s something the world failed to see.




Biden Accidentally Refers To Proud Boys As ‘Poor Boys.’ People Rave Over The Rebrand.

I don’t even have to read the article. If it comes from HUFF POST, the magazine that makes its workers work for free as a privilege to HUFF POST, I know it’s prejudicial against White, Republican men or women, rich or poor, young or old.

  • Forcing people to work for free is slavery; don’t they know that? Who’s paying for their living expenses? I don’t know.

If you’re White and Republican they have a plethora of disparaging labels attached to you before they even know your name.     

That’s too much prejudice to be normal.

Arianna Huffington knows she’s White. Her ethnicity is Greek. Greek is not a separate race. It’s White. It’s European.

She’s called a mogul because she’s rich – probably because her people worked and continued to work for free after she sold her online opinion news business – last I knew.

Somebody tell black people that White is not an ethnicity and Africa is not a country. 

Poor people turn to supremacy as their pride; rich people don’t do that. Blacks think there aren’t any poor white people.

Huff Post-type people call white people who are proud of their color, racist. Yet black people proud of their color are not. That’s a huge prejudice and a huge divide imposed on poor white people. In other words, poor white people are not even in the conversation.

When feeding and housing poor people, it’s the number that matters. How many mouths, how many housing units do we need? The ratios aren’t important at that level.

It’s all about poor black people wanting the wealth of rich white people. I wonder why they don’t want the wealth of rich black people? There’s a glaring prejudice there too, by the handlers of poor blacks. 

Poor blacks have handlers. Poor whites don’t. Well, except for Adrianna Huffington, but she’s not in the same category, since she was born and reared in Europe and didn’t become a naturalized American citizen until 1998. 

There are no rich black supremacists or rich white supremacists. If you’re rich, you make your money from everybody. Mutual respect is understood.

If you prefer to move within your race or ethnic or gender group, that’s normal human and other animal behavior. All animals seek comfort within their own groups. Get over it black people, brown people. You do the same thing and you’re right to do it. But not right to claim others can’t do the same.

Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth, once again, and the Democrats drool over it. There’s a new brand of stupid that evolved within the Democratic party, or maybe it was always there and they were reticent to expose it. Not any more. 

The biography of Adrianna Huffington sounds more like a biography of a British agent, not a rags to riches American story. Every door opened for her, similar to Oprah Winfrey, which just doesn’t happen in real life unless people in the shadows are opening the doors for them. They do that by destroying more qualified people and holding them back, while pushing their own people forward.

Even though they become excessively rich, they don’t have the talent or the integrity their handlers claim they have. Let’s face it. They’re puppets.

Being a Democrat all my life, I thought they were compassionate people with brains. If there was one thing Donald Trump was able to do in four years is to expose them for who they really are. Low class acting, selfish, weak, crass, opportunistic thieves with low tolerance for anything they don’t like or want, petulant, hysterical city-burning misfits, who don’t know how to delay gratification, even when not doing so results in harm to someone else.

The Democratic party policy-makers, once the party that promoted slavery, now is the party promoting domestic terrorism.

It’s going to take them a long time to crawl out of that pit they designed for themselves, all by themselves. 

I’d rather stay apolitical, trying to see the good and not ignore the bad of all sides of any ideology or strategy.

If you attempt to make better what you thought was wrong by committing another wrong to do it, nothing changes. The wrong just gets pushed around from one place to another without ever being eradicated.

I thought the Democrats were on board with the FIVE PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. But they weren’t and they’re not. Their actions towards people who don’t think and act as they do prove it. Hate-driven acts.

Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That’s where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked.

So yeah, keep your prejudices, we all have them, just don’t act on them if they offend somebody else. And yes, keep your group identity. But for blacks to keep theirs while calling whites racist for doing the same is discrimination. And that’s where we need not to be in a public, governmental sense . We need to be out of discrimination in all areas, instead of actively engaged in discriminating against some on behalf of others to score political points.

REVENGE DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION. And if you’re involved in it, then you are no better than those whom you claim oppress you. An oppressor is an oppressor. The reason doesn’t matter.

Affirmative Action is discrimination. Abolish it. If after all this time black people can’t stand on their own, then affirmative action is the reason why. Stop trying to make brain surgeons out of high school drop outs who are late for work every day.

Stop paying businesses to hire minorities. Where is the incentive to excel? There is none. Of course the businesses like it, who wouldn’t? But again, it’s a form of slavery. You’re buying someone, and leaving the non-minority, which is the majority, to their own devices.

No, you’re wrong, all white people do not have parents who guide their children’s education and job searches. That’s a myth that black people made up, when they didn’t have a clue.

Some white person got a job, ‘must of been their daddy got it for them’. Maybe that happens in RICH TOWN USA in the movies, but not in the majority of white people’s households. 

There you go again, comparing poor blacks to rich whites. There is no comparison. You lose because you refuse to climb the ladder. 

If being white is the only criterion for being rich, they why do 14.2 million white people live below the poverty line as of 2019? What happened to them? 

Stop comparing poor Blacks to rich Whites.

Compare poor Blacks to poor Whites.

There are more poor whites than poor blacks – 14.2 million poor whites; 8.1 million poor blacks. 

People use ratios to control how you view the data. When talking actual numbers it’s almost twice as many poor whites than poor blacks, yet no one talks about them. 

Poor whites are a forgotten demographic, because they don’t burn cities. There’s no Affirmative Action for those poor white people. Why should the poor black people have Affirmative Action? 

Truth be told, poor black people have privilege over poor white people.

Okay, next compare rich to poor. And consider why so many rich black people hide themselves and don’t give back to the community. Charity is part of being rich – everybody knows that. Not only when you get to the top either, all the way up you give back to the community. It’s expected.

Why aren’t poor black people screaming at rich black people? Why aren’t they climbing all over Oprah’s mansions? Why aren’t they rushing the borders of her farms? They think she’s doing enough? A multi-billionaire, thinking of buying a hog farm and selling bacon? Does she even read the news about health and the rights of other animals to survive and thrive? How many people with all her money does she hire?


Baskets of nutrient-rich eggs laid by Oprah’s happy hens.

Read more:


I wonder how many of the white people joining the Black Lives Terrorists to burn businesses and destroy peoples’ lives come from white poverty? I’m not talking about Appalachia, I’m talking about all over the country there are poor white people.

  • It seems black people, at least in Cleveland, think the only poor white people are HillBillies. That’s what black people call them – I hear it and they don’t think it’s a slur. They never do when they’re the one’s engaged in the slurring of other people. There’s a big hypocrisy in black communities.

Or are they really British operatives disrupting America – rather than take the hit in Britain from their southern neighbors in Africa. There’s a lot of bad talk in Africa about colonialism and the British. Maybe the Brits thought they’d get a leg up on AFRICAN COLONIALISM REVENGE by making America their scapegoat?

It’s worth exploring. Nothing happens out of the blue. It just looks that way.

These global city-burnings, specifically in the USA, the most powerful and tolerant large nation on earth aren’t about current oppression nor about past oppression. It’s a disguise for something more sinister.

It’s not really about police brutality either. Though if I had my way, I would make all prisons people-friendly, like towns with borders, where people can feel safe and bloom despite their criminal ways. But that’s a dream. Going to prison should be like going away to college, where you learn life skills and how to get along with others in a society that isn’t often fair.

Most police officers come from the street, so that’s where they learned to survive. It’s not worth losing your life over, and the more certain segments of the populace threaten their lives and livelihoods, the more knee jerk killings there will be. Unless you’re prepared to replace officers with robots, the world had better treat them with the same respect they expect to be treated.

There’s something wrong with the system when a person is arrested forty-three times and is still out on the street instead of in rehabilitation.

In the meanwhile humane, clean, safe, spacious, sunlight. Punishment doesn’t change people for the better. And those who need to inflict it, because they’ve been offended, need also a place to go to revitalize their lives. They shouldn’t have to suffer alone. Even if it’s at home, they need a resource that is real and effective in order to neutralize their need for revenge. We spend too much money on inanimate objects and not enough on the well-being of the populace.

Stop beating your children.

How to interact with law enforcement needs to be taught in school, not at home or on the street. From day one.

Why isn’t it?

This pot’s been stirred enough.

Later, gator…


Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

An agenda that requires total domination over all feelings of all Black Africans – for the purpose of controlling their actions.

You’d feel better and stop crying so much if you stopped feeling the pain of your entire race. That’s too large a burden for any individual to carry. Why should you? Who made that a law that when broken leads to humiliation, loss of respect and devastation?

Your own race does that. No other race cares enough to gain that much control over another race. That’s a lie perpetuated by your own race in order to keep you in line within the herd. Yes you are animals and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you’ll understand patterns of behaviors that up until now kept you corralled in the confusion bin.

That your leaders expect it, should be questioned by every individual.

White people don’t seek to control you. There are 1.341 billion African people in the world, and out of all those people, you still have to keep knocking on white people’s doors to fix your problems? Fix them yourselves.

Can you stop crying? If the answer includes pre-conditions, then you know you are being controlled by forces within your own race.

Why would anyone want or need or expect the entire world to feel the pain of every individual in an entire race of people?

There is only one correct answer. To control them. Control the feelings, control the actions. It is a maneuver in domination thus enslavement. It’s not the white people enslaving black people; it’s the black people enslaving the black people.

The only one who can get you out of that bondage situation is you, not white people. You’re not attached to white people. You bonded with Blacks not Whites. Wake up.

You’ve been hustled. An entire race. Looking foolish in front of the world crying to white people to feel your pain. All 1.341 billion of you?


Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.19.2020

I’m shocked that the Hasidic Jews didn’t stop it themselves. Why did they need city officials to do it for them? Ten thousand people descending in one location from around the country?

Now they’re saying the corona/covid-19 virus is causing a rise in anti-Semitism. How can a virus do that?

Why didn’t it surprise me to hear they’re suing the state and/or the governor? They’re the ones trying to exploit a pandemic for financial gain, claiming lockdowns violate their religious rights.

No religion has the right to break the law.

The Hasidic Jews are the ones who are referenced when any topic regarding Jews is raised. These are the tiny minority of Jews who appear to speak for all Jews.

Non-Jews, and all Jews non-Hasidic, fear them. And that’s how they like it. They wield a lot of power and can quickly turn brutal if ‘their way’ isn’t honored.

President Trump was right when he said, “they’re only in it for themselves and they stick together” – meaning nobody else matters. Although the USA supports religious freedom, it is still a secular country and run by secular laws that all citizens, no matter the religion must obey.

“Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental human freedoms, which ensures the ability of people to believe, worship, and follow their faiths without punishment from the government.”

“The principles of secularism which protect and underpin many of the freedoms we enjoy are:

Separation of religious institutions from state institutions and a public sphere where religion may participate, but not dominate.

Freedom to practice one’s faith or belief without harming others, or to change it or not have one, according to one’s own conscience.

Equality so that our religious beliefs or lack of them doesn’t put any of us at an advantage or a disadvantage.”

Every time Israel plans to, or actually does, take more Palestinian land by approving more settlement building – several thousand units at a time – the Hasidic Jews stage anti-Semitism scenarios around the world, in order to keep the critics of their actions at bay.

Everybody knows that when this tiny group gets riled up, bad things happen.

They’re accusing a virus of anti-Semitism at the same time Jews are planning on taking the whole West Bank in Palestine. They opportunistically recall the days of old, when Jews were shunned for bad hygiene, whom many associated with the spread of diseases. They bring up all their woes and past grievances of rejection, to distract the world from what is happening right under their noses.

Ten thousand people? Really? In one place? Brooklyn? And the Hasidic Jews want an exemption based on their religious freedoms that every other American has? Every other American is not free to break the law and/or to harm others.

“Multiple Jewish congregations are suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the state of New York, claiming that steps Cuomo has taken to subdue the coronavirus in the Empire State are “blatantly anti-Semitic.””

“A Roman Catholic diocese and an Orthodox Jewish group are both suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his latest coronavirus restrictions that limit religious gatherings to 10 people or less.”

So, SUBDUING THE VIRUS SUBDUES THE JEWS – and now the Catholics. Whoa. Anything for money. What are they afraid of, that the congregations will forget how to congregate and hand over their money? Maybe they don’t have any to hand over, with so many out of work. Looks like they’re suing to make up for their loss in collections. Crafty. Also corrupt.


NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12 October 2020

Councilman Kalman Yeger told the crowd: “We are not going to be deprived of the right that we have in America, like everybody else in America, the right to observe our religion,”…

Community activist Heshy Tischler… “It’s called civil disobedience, we can fight back,” Tischler said after tearing up his face mask. “Do not allow them to torture you or scare you,” he said, referring to elected officials.

1- Break from tradition when not doing so harms the congregation. Science rather than superstition needs to lead the way, when there’s a preponderance of evidence that certain behavior patterns put people at unnecessary risk.

2- Protect yourself from your neighbor and your neighbor from yourself. Most people don’t know they’re contagious until they’ve already infected another person.

3- Religions should not get special exemptions, because they want to engage in behavior that’s harmful. Nowhere in the books does it state wearing masks and social distancing are not allowed.

• How are the Muslims handling it? Check in with them. You know, their community religious leaders.

• How are the Christians and Catholics handling it?

4- Viruses are real. People are dying. It doesn’t matter that millions of people die from the flu every year. What matters is there are ways to stop people from dying. Simple measures.

5- Are you ready to die? I’m not, so please wear your mask and stay six feet away from me. Okay? Don’t forget to clean the mask.

6- There are many ways to observe one’s religion. Traditional practices are not required. Get creative. I know you. Maybe Yahweh is testing your ingenuity.

7- If this outburst is in response to not being in the loop, so that you can persuade public officials to make a deal, that’s probably why you weren’t invited. They want to treat everyone the same.

8- Did you invite public officials to your rallies? Jews and non-Jews?

9- They won’t give you money to cooperate. Why should they?

10- Is the public open to your services without precondition? Make sure you’ve got all your cans in a row.

11- File photos don’t mean anything. You know why media people use them.

12- I love you all, so be careful; don’t trample on that. Don’t infect me. Okay? Respect that others are taking precautions. If you don’t want to, then stay home.

13- There’s no such thing as one hundred percent agreement. There are always people with reservations and valid concerns.

14- Jewish Lives Matter? Then stay alive. You know how to do that. It’s all about boundaries.

15- Stop skinning animals to cover your head. Afraid G-d will see you? A dead animal on top of another live animal won’t get noticed? I noticed.

16- Where does God and animal merge? When then? How? Why?


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National Review article begins here:

NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

Brittany Bernstein

National Review

October 7, 2020

Hundreds of members of the Borough Park Orthodox community filled the streets Tuesday night to protest new restrictions imposed on neighborhoods with a surge in COVID-19 cases, which include a limit on synagogue attendance and the closure of schools and non-essential businesses.

The demonstrations, held into early Wednesday morning, grew more chaotic as the night wore on and protesters resisted orders to disperse: one person was injured “from a physical confrontation with other congregant(s),” protesters set a fire in the middle of a crosswalk and threw cardboard boxes and masks into the flames, according to NBC New York.

A significant part of Borough Park faces the new tightened restrictions which limits houses of worship to 10 people or 25 percent capacity and completely closes schools and non-essential businesses. The area is subject to the most restrictive of three color-coded categories which are assigned by coronavirus case data.

The neighborhood is among nine in New York City’s “red zone” where the coronavirus positivity rate has held above 3 percent for seven straight days. Some members of the Orthodox community say they feel they have been unfairly blamed for the rise in cases.

Community activist Heshy Tischler spoke to a large crowd that gathered on the corner of 50th Street and 15th Avenue around 9 p.m., blasting New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio over the restrictions which must be enforced no later than Friday, the New York Post reported.

“It’s called civil disobedience, we can fight back,” Tischler said after tearing up his face mask. “Do not allow them to torture you or scare you,” he said, referring to elected officials.

At another protest on 13th Avenue, councilman Kalman Yeger told the crowd: “We are not going to be deprived of the right that we have in America, like everybody else in America, the right to observe our religion,” according to Boro Park News.

As demonstrations continued late into the night, the number of protesters grew, with a group shutting down 13th Avenue to vehicular traffic at one point.

According to the New York Post, after two city sheriff’s deputies responded to a rubbish fire at the intersection of 46th Street and 13th Avenue after midnight, protesters chased them away and chanted “Jewish lives matter” as they held their ground.

The fire was later extinguished around 1:30 am by FDNY firefighters and police. Police say no arrests or summonses were issued, according to NBC.

Yeger and three other Jewish lawmakers — State Senator Simcha Felder, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Councilman Chaim Deutsch — released a joint statement earlier on Tuesday sharply criticizing the governor for the restrictions and the Cuomo administration’s “lack of coordination and communication with local officials.”

“We are appalled by Governor Cuomo’s words and actions today. He has chosen to pursue a scientifically and constitutionally questionable shutdown of our communities,” the statement read.

“His administration’s utter lack of coordination and communication with local officials has been an ongoing issue since the start of the pandemic, and particularly recently as we face this uptick,” the lawmakers continued.

The group said though they represent areas where COVID-19 has spiked, Cuomo’s administration had not kept them in the loop leading up to Tuesday’s decision to shut down the hot spots.

They also slammed Cuomo’s use of images of large gatherings of New York’s Jewish community — one of which was a 14-year-old photo — in a PowerPoint during his Monday press briefing.

“Governor Cuomo’s choice to single out a particular religious group, complete with a slideshow of photos to highlight his point, was outrageous,” the lawmakers wrote. “His language was dangerous and divisive, and left the implication that Orthodox Jews alone are responsible for rising COVID cases in New York State.”

Source: NYC Orthodox Community Holds Protest Over New COVID Restrictions, Chants ‘Jewish Lives Matter’


Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day


It’s hypocritical for the government to allow Black Lives Terrorists to decimate cities months on end without any repercussions with no will to stop it, yet when law abiding people want to feel safe to vote, the government gets all upset, thinking it might intimidate people.

Do you think burning cities intimidates people? No? What is wrong with the United States government that they can’t see that law abiding people are being terrorized in their own homes – on their own streets, all over social media, by the terrorists who are burning cities?

How is that okay yet people showing up with a right to bear arms to protect the process is not okay?

Because they’re white they’re not allowed?

It’s time the government woke up to reality. No one is discriminating against black people. They’re the ones discriminating against white people by scaring them back into their homes so they won’t come out to vote.

I don’t know what country I’m living in.

Do we the citizens of the USA even have the right to vote any more? Oh, so long as we vote for who Black Lives and Antifa want to get into office?

Don’t you think Antifa and Black Lives Terrorists will be there with their bricks and flame throwers?

I want to vote in peace. Black lives will be protesting in intimidation mode. Up in people’s faces, shouting at them. Don’t people have personal space that’s theirs? Two inches from my face?

Better to have the guns showing. I don’t have a gun. I shouldn’t need one. That the government and law enforcement allows Black Lives and Antifa to brutalize people and property is why the real peace-seekers need to be protected. Law enforcement and the government won’t do it; they protect the terrorists instead.

What country does that?

Source: Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day – Business Insider


To All The Jemimas


Thank you to all the Jemimas in the world of every race and ethnicity and gender. You made, and continue to make with new waves, people fear your people less.

I salute your bravery in coming so close, where others feared to tread.

I am a white Jemima and proud of my service to the entire Animal Kingdom including the human races. Yes, I am free to work for free to advance the cause of freedom for all.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef, activist ~ I love you all


Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.03.2020

Nothing will happen to the assailants of the man and the stealers of his car. Same as in Cleveland. The government gives them carte blanche to steal whatever they want. The legacy of slavery they claim. Since when were Hispanics slaves? Oh right, they’re brown so they get included. I still don’t get the brown part.

One guy has his pants practically down to his knees. Where do they get the guns? You mean their families don’t know they’re hiding guns in their bedrooms?

So the title should have read unarmed old white man gets pulled from his car, shot and his car hijacked by two brown black Hispanic youths? Pretending to be white? Is this what teenagers look like in 2020?

No story attached, so it will probably be taken down. If a white kid did it, it’d be all over the news. This was yesterday’s news, yet still no story.

It’s time for equal time and for the news agencies to stop the biased writing in favor of black and brown criminals and against law abiding white people. Ageism is in play here. Wait till these racist ageist writers get old.

The news outlets will claim that they don’t want to incite violence by saying a white kid or white man was unarmed and attacked by black and/or brown people. So instead they incite violence toward white people. That’s discrimination.

Seems like they’re operating from half a brain. A danger to society are these racist ageist writers. Turns out the news writers claiming others to be racists are racist themselves. Ever wonder why almost all the news these days falls in the category of opinion news reporting?

A thief is a thief. An assailant is an assailant. Using a firearm in the commission of a crime needs to be outlawed no matter the race or color or age.

Because there’s no story, viewers have to fill in the blanks of what happened themselves.

When a story is supplied, then they get into the history of the offenders, used usually to exonerate them from their offenses. Unless they’re white, and then the mantra is ‘convict before they’re even charged’.

Source: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera


Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism As A Strategy To Increase Their Numbers And Obtain Free Socio-Economic Benefits

Black Lives Destroy Veganism by Associating Their Violent Strategies With The Animal Rights Movement

Bartering with the lives of other animals to achieve your own goals is extortion and wholly unethical.

Vegans are people for the ethical treatment of animals.

Putting animals on the negotiating table to be slaughtered or not slaughtered, depending on whether the ethical people will or won’t endorse Black Lives Matter and condemn All Lives Matter is unethical at its core.

By telling vegan organizations that Black Lives will go vegan if the Vegan Movement endorses Black Lives Matter is putting the animals up for slaughter if the ethical movement does not comply with the demand.

Never ever put an animal’s life on the line or on the table or on the block as a bartering tool to achieve anything.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists have darkened the vegan movement with their pledge, by making vegans believe that their support of Black Lives Matter will result in Black Africans becoming vegan.

By associating so closely with a terror organization that threatens to keep wearing fur and eating animals until White cops stop killing Black Africans in the commission of a crime and until Black justice is achieved, those vegan organizations are also labeled terrorist groups.

Know in advance that by nature of terrorism, those groups never concede on anything. So your chances of flipping Black animal-abusers by joining their terror group is zero. While at the same time, once you’re labeled a terrorist, it never leaves you.

So, Black Lives cared nothing about the animals or the long steady progressive and productive journeys and achievements of the animal rights movement, when they made a strategical decision to draw vegans into their terror group based on a lie.

ALL LIVES MATTER is the only all-inclusive ethical standard for all animals.

It is nobody’s turn if it’s not everybody’s turn. Everybody gets recognized. This ‘one group over another group’ is why the world is in such a mess.

Taking turns does not work well for groups nor individuals. Somehow some individuals and groups never get their turn.

Violence cannot be an accepted strategy for change. It is unethical.


RE: Poll: Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine falls to new low amid fears Trump is putting politics before safety

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 9.15.2020

Poll: Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine falls to new low amid fears Trump is putting politics before safety

Science doesn’t operate at the whim of any sitting president. Vaccines are not developed by presidents. The president doesn’t decide when, where, how, how much or who gets it. The president isn’t a legislator nor a dictator. 

It’s irresponsible journalism to link vaccine development with politics – either for or against a candidate.

The poll question didn’t ask if people would or wouldn’t take a vaccine because of president Trump. It only asked if they would take it.

Misinformation that comes out of the White House regarding science is not the responsibility of a president. It falls squarely on the shoulders of the science community that often gets it wrong due to lack of the necessary knowledge required to get it right, before they pass that information on.

Every country that has the capability is desperately seeking a vaccine that works, with few side effects, not one that gets somebody elected or not elected. They do this for the well being of the human race, not for individual politicians.

If somebody wants to politicize vaccine development, then talk about availability to all humans throughout the world, and who will and with what, pay for it.

People were reticent of vaccines long before Donald Trump came into office, caused mainly by pharmaceutical companies not being straight forward with those receiving the vaccines, including the mixing of different vaccines in one application and the use of neurotoxins as preserving agents. It had nothing to do with the sitting president or any other president.

Science many times gets it wrong. Science is not infallible. It’s all based on theory. Unscrupulous journalists with prejudicial agendas are the main obstacle to getting accurate information to the public, not the politicians. The media transmits information. Everybody else gives an opinion. If the media gets it wrong everybody suffers.


RE: Michelle Obama Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

Michelle Obama Speaks Out About Facing Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

She just doesn’t get it. Why the need for every white to notice every black person who crosses their paths?

White people don’t look for the same attention that black people do. Staring at someone, or looking someone in the eye just for the heck of it, is considered by most white people to be creepy. They don’t like it when people stare, and black people do a lot of it. They are always trying to make eye contact – with complete strangers.

What’s the point of it?

It’s a difference in culture, that one might have thought she would have gotten by now. It’s not racism.

It’s hard to believe she would even think much less say that.

What’s so exhausting? Her never-ending need to be recognized 24/7 by white people?

Do white people make that demand of black people? See me. See me. It’s pathetic.

Stop demanding everyone’s attention, because of your skin. White people have skin too and I for one am tired of being attacked for it.

Talk about privilege. First Lady still complaining about her horrible life?

Stop trying to own white people and controlling what they think, say and do.

White people don’t want nor do they need masters.

Try being nice without a condition or benefit attached to it. Anger is exhausting. White people don’t owe you anything.

And no, you can’t have my house. You have millions of dollars and more than one home. You took mine and I only had one. Now I’m in public housing. You stole every used car I had, Now I take the bus.

Maybe people don’t like you because of your condescending attitude toward white people.

Why would you tell white people that they can’t move from a neighborhood when black people move in and take it over? People have a right to live where they want to live. If you trash my neighborhood, I won’t feel comfortable living there. Why would you want white people to lower their standards for black people who trash neighborhoods? Would you?

Why don’t you give me one of your houses and cars and bank accounts?

So you thought by being rich and famous, that everyone would love you? Like you anyway. Nobody likes rich and famous people. How could you not know that?

Even the rich and famous don’t like the rich and famous.

And this made news for you. Stooping a little too low to get attention by beating up white people in the press is my view.


Death Of An Altar Boy


This book was a difficult read. Firstly, because I knew the person accused by many outside of the realm of the legal system, although he was never formally charged.

Secondly, because the design of the presentation wasn’t conducive to easy reading, presenting more like a complicated compilation of court documents, some clearly not accurate, but then court testimony rarely is.

Sometimes too much detail alters the interpretation making it difficult with so many names and places and dates to form a picture or movie in one’s own mind about what happened or didn’t. One thing for sure – one boy died.

Confusion reigned where it didn’t have to. For that, the writer bears some responsibility.

I can still see in my minds eye him standing beneath a large sprawling tree or was it a tall skinny tree in the gray of the sky that somehow reached down to the earth and made him a brighter stronger gray than his background. He was a child as was I.

As I glanced out the window while sitting waiting to be fitted is when I saw him, almost as if he willed it, he stood so motionless.

For new shoes inside the garage of his father Mr. Lavigne – set up like a real shoe store, organized and clean and professional. Me thinking of starting school again soon and Mom wanting new shoes for us is what we were doing.

With Dad we were. Mom stayed home with many other chores to do to get ready for that first day – like she did every year.

I felt that we shouldn’t have to buy shoes that way. But nobody complained. He did have a solid collection and the ones I chose fit. Nothing fancy, but back then school shoes weren’t. And as I said, it was all professional looking and he professional acting.

Yes my father found a way to buy shoes on-time. That was before the day of credit cards. He had three kids all needing new shoes. So there we were.

The day was overcast and the stillness with which this boy stood looking in motionless with arms straight to his sides spoke to me. I saw him more than once and each time saw someone, something different, although he didn’t move beyond the fact that he was alive, because he was obviously standing.

Later, after, a statue came to mind.

Quiet I thought, minus mind words. I hadn’t yet learned how to talk to myself in my mind. My world was filled with impressions. Feelings rather than thoughts. Well, thoughts minus the words that defined them.

Gentle and confused. He seemed confused as to what to do next, because he didn’t move. He was frozen in place. Conflicted I think now. His father probably told him to stay away while he was fitting people for shoes. I don’t know. Kids weren’t a part of everything back then, like they are today.

Many years later even before Mr. Lavigne’s son became a priest and entered our parish, I still to those days have memories of young boys my age sitting with heads lowered looking ashamed and wanting of something they didn’t have. Never looking up but somehow needing somebody to recognize them.

An overwhelming sadness that presented with no cure.

In the neighborhood and later downtown as so many of us gravitated toward to feed our worldly curiosities and thirst for freedom and for many others to be among familiar strangers to suppress it.

I recognized you and forever remembered you, even now at seventy one years old I remember you. All of you.

My father and mother would never allow for our absence from any moment in their lives. We were connected – don’t know how or why just knew we were. Even when apart, there was a string of something not visible but there.

I thought everybody was that way while simultaneously knowing they weren’t.

Other parents allow for long absences from their children absent explanations, not thinking or calculating actual consequences.

Still, I’m not here to talk about your responsibilities or consequences.

I saw one lanky kid, standing tall beneath a broad or skinny tree alone confident watching his father do something good by providing shoes for kids whose parents couldn’t afford payment now.

He was a kid himself. I felt his loneliness. I respected that he came out to declare himself visible.

Tom and Peg Davies did always pay as arranged. That’s what Mr. Lavigne could always count on. People who bought their kids shoes on-time knew the responsibility.

And my mother and father were grateful.

My father and mother dead now and me probably soon, I need at least some explanation regarding this person, who so entered and disrupted at least in thought our lives, who needed so much attention that the world simply couldn’t give by nature of the world.

You took too much Richard Lavigne. You simply took too much.

And for that you are guilty.

My name is Sharon Lee Davies-Tight daughter to Tom and Peg Davies, East Springfield, Massachusetts. Sister to Carole, Jim, Rick.

Dick Lavigne is not however responsible for the death of Daniel Croteau. The Mafiosa in the South End of Springfield Massachusetts is responsible for the death of an altar boy via the order of the Vatican.

That’s my view and I’ve been a long time on it.

I call him Danny, although I didn’t know him or his family. I knew others by their demeanors. In my mind looking back I call them all Danny.

Richard Lavigne, given your intellectual and artistic capacity you should have solved what needs to be solved. I know you could have. Scientific journals are begging for what you know. I understand that societies are not equipped to handle that, only because it’s so prevalent and discriminatory toward children.

We say, as one world, to protect the children, but when an adult sees themselves as that child they covet, while performing in every other realm of society in sophisticated ways, the world somehow faults the characteristics of the child rather than the characteristics of the adult for what happens to that child.

You and you alone irrespective of your parents and your experiences chose not to contribute to that explanation.

That’s on you.

If Richard Lavigne had murdered Daniel Croteau then Richard Lavigne would have been dead by assassins a long time ago.

That’s just my view.

Adult sexual attraction to children is common, and just like any other sexual preference or orientation it needs to be understood.

I saw an advertisement in a bar on T. V. a couple days ago that showed a large baby’s face up close with adult female sexually suggestive eyes, that was disgusting to me.

I don’t remember what they were selling, but there’s a lot of perversity in our society that goes unnoticed.

As it turned out sexual manipulation of children at St. Mary’s parish was rampant, yet it went unnoticed. Karl Huller was another of those priests at our parish who preyed upon children, yet was often praised for the work he did for young wayward boys. He later became diocesan superintendent of schools.

We often think it’s the quiet ones who become targets, but it appears in many instances to be those considered trouble makers. The street-wise ones aren’t likely to run home to tell family members about their encounters. They at some point become as manipulative as their predators.

Boundaries are at the root of all inappropriate sexual behavior.

Don Lemon an openly gay opinion news host said as much when he forced another man’s hand down his trousers and made him smell his fingers asking if they smelled better than a woman’s genitals.

The onus was put on the bartender, whom Don Lemon thought wanted it.

Gays often are excused for inappropriate sexual contact because they’re gay. Even if the bartender was also gay, the question of impropriety still remains unaddressed, again, because Don Lemon was GAY. Add to that the news people who took Don Lemon’s side claiming him to have been sexually manipulated as a child, and the court of public opinion as Lemon often referred to was in his favor.

There cannot be an excuse given, that holds any weight, by people with a conflict of interest claiming their client innocent after that client claimed he thought the guy he did it to was okay with it.

Should society excuse such behavior?

No. I don’t watch Don Lemon anymore. I see a sexual predator every time I see his face.

The same face I see when I look at Richard Lavigne in my minds eye – not the face of the child standing beneath that tree, but the face of denial of responsibility that he became.

What is it with the French that they accept and foster and even groom their sexual attraction to human children and other animals?

‘Such is life’ is not explanation enough. Not enough for the young girl looking out the window at a motionless boy who became a notorious child sexual manipulator, who entered her space, who sat at her father’s table with her mother presenting to them his dream version of himself and who took her youngest brother fishing using popcorn as bait for the sole purpose of presenting himself amicable and trustworthy, because of her mother’s stature in the church, while taking liberties not his to take from those whom he considered not worthy of anybody else’s notice.

The French preying on the French – in this instance. But of course it didn’t stop there.

One must wonder why there are not universal laws that prohibit the sexual manipulation of children.

There is a difference between being sexually attracted to children and being a predator. If we are to accept differences in sexual orientation, then we must draw the line where sexual manipulation is concerned.

Consenting adults not pressured to consent is the new rule.

The problem with therapy for sex offenders no matter the orientation is that it seeks to change the orientation rather than the offenders perception of sexual boundaries.

Do all alternative sexual orientations deserve to be satisfied?


If someone cannot control urges, sexual or otherwise, they need to be separated from society in an environment that won’t provide them opportunities to offend.

Prisons globally have become havens for rapists. Commit a crime, go to jail, get raped every night or go to jail where you can have your pick of easy prey every night.

Bottom line: The predator preys on the most vulnerable and/or the most visible.



Pay Me To Worry And I Will.

Otherwise do it yourself.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Movies Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Let’s not always defer to movies to determine how we think and feel about other genders, ethnicities, races and religions. Okay?

The stories are from one or a few writers’ perspectives. Madison Avenue in the end decides. What will sell?

Plus within the underbelly of the foundation of all media you will find government forces humming like a bunch of bees on steroids.

If you don’t live among a wide variety of people, then all you know is what you see in the movies or on the internet. And even then, who has the time to take a front row seat to every individual’s life? No one.

Reserve judgment.

Even if the one person of a demographic did you wrong, really wrong, as you well know, not every person in that group would do the same under similar circumstances.

Even within those groups who claim to speak in one voice, privately they don’t. It depends who they’re with and who is listening.

It’s normal to judge the group by one person, when you know no others in the group.

It’s not enough for the group members to say that’s on you for not being our friend.

Well friendship is a fickle thing. Laying down rules of engagement, as in a war, for a future friendship is viewed suspiciously by most people.

Just know you’re not alone and we all make errors in judgment. The optimistic side is that errors can be remedied. Even if not with those who are offended by your views, then at least, and perhaps more importantly, in your own mind where those future views are formed.

Finding that balance for peace means more than having the world on board with who and what you are. Their views are equally scrutinized and at some point they will seek that balance in their own minds, and they, like you, will achieve that success.


Because you all seek it.

Tell Hollywood to go pound sand. It’s a construct after all, a means to control the masses, something all countries, territories and regions and groups are continually attempting to do in a multitude of ways; it’s not a person. So holler your lungs out in your mind and then shut the door.

The End.




Nobody has to prove their view to you.

Opinion, view, editorial, voir dire, don’t require proof. Where do all these people on social and news media get off saying you need to prove an opinion? No you don’t.

Is that coming from the gay writers – because it’s fairly new? Yeah I know you all must think that coming out of the closet meant you could say and do whatever it was that you did while in the closet, but no you can’t.

If you want your opinion to matter, then you need to allow that same courtesy to others gay or not. Proof or not.

You have a low tolerance for others who disagree with your black and white, short sighted, knee-jerk, feigned indignation views.

Stop hating everybody who isn’t like you. Okay, you love this one and hate that one like you’re picking petals off a daisy. Where’s the in between? There’s a lot of it and it doesn’t represent only one view.

One view is not a majority. 51:49 is almost equal. One half in support of, and one half in opposition to equals nearly total opposition to each other in statistically significant equal measure.

For each person who votes yes there’s a person who votes no, so it’s essentially null and void – except for a tiny minority of one point which wins and loses simultaneously.

The majority isn’t always right either. People tend to sway together. Monkey see monkey do. Copy cat.

Upon closer examination now we disagree where we previously agreed. And vice versa. Upon closer examination there will we greater discrepancy between the ‘in support of and in opposition to’ groups.

That’s called Monday morning quarterbacking or in hindsight. The problem is that the votes were already cast and now we must live with the outcome – until the next election and it starts all over again.

How much do we really know about the candidate, the party or what they believe? And will they remain the same throughout their term? Everybody changes, views evolve. Will we allow for the evolution of views without chastisement?

I’m doing this exercise for you. Living in a gay community I see and hear the process and the lack of process.

Being in the closet so long, put you at a disadvantage. But it’s a disadvantage that can be remedied quickly. And no it’s not a blow job. And yes that talk is inappropriate for public spaces. Just so you know I know the talk at the places you frequent.

And no I’m not gay like it’s any of your business, like you make it my business to know which way your genitals fly. You know I don’t care, right?

And most straight people who don’t live in Britain or Australia don’t like to hear the “cunt” word where they hang out. I don’t know why the English do that, but it makes them look ignorant and crass. They can’t complete a sentence without a reference to somebody’s private parts in it. Sounds like you all just got out of prison and haven’t relearned how to talk yet.

If you keep talking like that in multi gender bars and taverns, straight people won’t want to hang with you. Don’t blame them though when the bar turns to a gay bar.

You drove people away. Intentionally? One must wonder. “That’s how we act and straight people have to accept it”. No, that’s not how all gay people act in mixed company and no, they don’t have to accept it. That’s not what coming out means.

Brainstorm in your mind on what coming out means.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget you have protection in the Bill of Rights under the category of race. Gay is a race. And no, don’t accept changes in the definition in commonly and popularly used dictionaries. It doesn’t matter what was commonly thought or practiced. That was in the closet days.

Now we follow the truth instead of hiding it. Gay is a race. Race is not confined to color as many think. It doesn’t matter that the framers of the amendment didn’t think gay when writing or implementing the rights. But do we know that for sure? Any gays back then? Of course.

What matters is what we know now and how we interpret it now. We cannot say with certainty that we know what they thought back then.

And no, I’m not afraid of gay people. A person’s sexuality means nothing to me. It’s the other stuff that matters. When you attach gay to everything you do and say, then that’s discrimination. And that’s where I land.

Oh yeah and one more thing: Stop telling people who to like, love or hate. It wasn’t all that long ago that you made a big issue out of others telling you whom to love. Remember that? Well don’t forget the two way street. It’s real.



RE: Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail?

Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.15.2020

The title only says some of it. Ohioans got their applications for mail-in ballots for state elections. We mailed ours in and expect no problems with the actual ballots. The post office didn’t need an extra 25 billion dollars to do it. That’s way too much money. Tax payers are going to have to pay that back. Trump said he wants a deal, so make a deal. “…“Now, if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting, they just can’t have it.”…”

  • Learn to listen and read.

The post office allocation is in the deal. Democrats want to piece meal it. Stop playing with the voters I say to everyone, especially to Democrats. I’m tired of congress spending time and money on bills they know in advance won’t pass the senate. Find a compromise. Instead they use their working hours to purposely create failure so they can blame it on the Republicans. The Republicans did the same thing when Obama was in office. 

I’m shocked that Obama can’t see that he is advocating doing the exact same thing that he abhorred in others when they did it. When are you going to stop this game? Show us in detail where the post office suddenly needs 25 billion dollars that they didn’t need prior to the CC Virus?

Where’s our stimulus check Nancy Pelosi? Make a deal. Delay is not a deal it’s a strategy to hurt the American people. It’s not your money Nancy Pelosi. It’s ours. We have too many wealthy people in Congress.

Twenty-five BILLION???

Frankly, I’ve seen in Cleveland what people do with the mail. There will be a plan in place to confiscate ballots. Blacks in Cleveland are allowed to steal people’s packages. Nobody cares – as long as they’re black. The same with stealing cars. People have insurance, so the green light goes on for Blacks stealing cars.

Postal workers deliver all the packages to one place and everybody knows when. Surveillance cameras don’t deter thieves, because they know that management won’t check them. I tried. My packages are stolen regularly. The ballots will be stolen too.

Voting places already practice social distancing. I can go to a bar and a restaurant, but can’t vote because the booths are too close to one another? No they’re not. Open all polling places. Issue mail-in votes as previously done. I get the option every year through the mail. Why all of a sudden does it require 25 billion dollars? Postal workers already self-distance , inside and outside. Ever been to a post office? Really? Does Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats think we’re that stupid? Has she ever been to a post office?

I’m 71 years old. I need a picture ID to buy a bottle of wine or beer at Walgreens and the grocery store. I need a picture ID to use a pre-paid senior bus pass otherwise they won’t let me on the bus. And now the Democrats want people to be able to vote without a picture ID? Where are my civil rights? don’t I have any? because I’m white? Who are these people? Why do I need one to buy beer or take a bus? Looking for terrorists? chances are they won’t be in Walgreen’s or taking a bus. And Democrats say certain other people don’t have to show a picture ID??

Make a stimulus deal for every American. Stop bailing out failing businesses that were already failing. It’s our money not yours. You’re filthy rich, we’re not.


Raising Up The Criminal? Why?

Ever notice that groups who fight for their own, almost always fight for the rights of criminals to commit crimes with impunity? Why not fight for the honest people, the ones who aren’t thieves and rapists who terrorize neighborhoods?

It’s always the criminals they want out of jail. Why the focus on only them? The ones who learn to live among others and be respectful of everybody’s space aren’t also poor?

These activists make it sound like or look like all poor people are criminals. Although there are crime-based cultures, not all who live within these cultures are criminally minded. 

Being poor doesn’t have a lot to do with integrity or the lack of integrity. It really doesn’t have much to do with the family either, since most kids, poor, in between or rich, pretty much raise themselves. And sometimes they help raise Mom and Dad and their sisters and brothers too.

These so-called social engineers and planners who make the social rules for everybody and every group do that from statistics – and who among us hasn’t been a victim to those interpretations put into effect?



There’s a problem with spitters in Cleveland. Now that we’re being overrun with coronavirus, it’s more of a problem.

Just keep it in. Swallow; its your own body fluid. Don’t be afraid of it. It wasn’t designed to be lobbed at white people.

Find out what’s causing your allergies (besides white people) and if you suspect it’s something you eat or drink, then do a process of elimination till you discover the cause.

If it’s in the air, same thing.

It’s not all about white people. The sinus play a part and white people spit too – just not as many and as often and it usually is directed at the ground.

Every time I take my dog for a walk it’s like an obstacle course, avoiding the globs of spit on the sidewalk. Yeah, then she goes home and licks her paws while laying on the couch. Think about the effect your spit has on other animals. What did they do to you to deserve that?

Bus stops are overrun with it. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk.

Disinfect the bus stops. Disinfect sidewalks around schools. Outside convenience stores. All in predominantly black neighborhoods.


What Color Is Jesus?

I don’t care what Jesus was, real or fictional, his ideology didn’t have much influence in the world anyway.

Everybody knows him, yet everybody still enslaves tortures and slaughters – even their own. The whole Middle East thinks they’re superior to everybody else. No one gets along with their neighbors.

Why should the USA always be called on to solve everybody’s problems around the world and then get openly hated by those very people the USA assists?

I think this color thing has gone too far. Nobody even knows who’s brown, black or white anymore. What color are indigenous people? Are they the same color in all countries? Nobody calls Chinese yellow, so where do they fall? Putting colors on people or people putting colors on themselves creates much of the divisions.

How are Russians colored?

Governments are the ones who influence their own people to hate other countries. Countries are comprised of people. So we end up hating all the people of the corresponding countries, Russians, for example.

I thought brown people were Spanish, now they’re Arab. If Spanish are brown what does that make Italians? It’s getting too confusing. And that’s the state that all governments want their populaces to be in.


I say Jesus is half Jew and half Roman, whatever color that is.


Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

8.3.2020  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“Of course, we have to continue addressing the root causes of the violence, first, that poverty be eliminated,” said López Obrador, adding “second, that there be no more corruption,” noting that gangs like Yépez Ortiz’s could not have grown into such a problem without “the complicity, the cooperation of local and state authorities.”

Sharon’s comment:

Poverty isn’t the root cause of the existence of organized crime. Many more poor people than not don’t steal or buy stolen goods.

People want to get rich quick without much effort. Police and politicians take graft and look the other way to allow organized crime to exist. They make living wages. What’s their excuse?

Maybe developing a social conscience and a code of ethics might make everybody a little wealthier and happier. The only reason the pipelines were tapped and fuel given to the rural people was to keep their mouths shut about their other activities. Even if they could purchase all the oil they needed themselves, they’d still take the freebies, if they knew they could get away with it. But many more wouldn’t. They know it’s not theirs, and they know the strings attached aren’t worth it.

People come to America, supposedly the richest nation on earth to follow a dream – a dream of wealth, not work. They’re disappointed when one needs to know the language to get a decent job, and even then, one needs to be skilled and know the territory. 

Even so, most end up sending most of what they make back to their country of origin, so the ones who take the payoffs spoil the economic lives of everybody else. How can one expect to support a family here, and a multitude of families back home? It’s unrealistic.

Why does the USA allow cartels to flourish in the USA? Police and politicians are no different here than in Mexico. They take payoffs. And look where we are. Just like Mexico.


Somebody sent me a message re: Antifa attacks on 4th of July

I printed it.

I don’t take chances. There’s usually elements of truth in most fake news. That’s what makes it believable. There were some loud singular booms that startled me they sounded so close – and I’m seven stories up with windows closed. No bomb, just some rogue tenants who weren’t going to let anybody tell them they couldn’t use fireworks that were banned on the premises.

Two African guys had a big laugh and shared a few fist bumps when they startled the old white guy walking the long path to the door using his walker. Almost fell, but he didn’t. I know of one of the guys; the other was probably his visiting son.

We live in a climate where no matter the story it’s considered fake by one political party or another. I’m not on that political bandwagon. The president doesn’t really run the country, the CIA does. I didn’t print it as a news story, but as a message sent to me. I did not alter it, even the political part that called people unpatriotic if they didn’t pass it.

Once I printed it, I knew it would get to the right people for scrutiny, regardless of the department. Antifa supporters and followers and members are still at large. Just because the government listed them as a terror organization doesn’t mean they stopped their activity. That’s not how terror organizations work, of which I’m sure you are keenly aware. You calling it crap will not change my further actions. Is Terri Redding Sutton your real name?


Social Engineers Not Good For People

“If black lives matter then all life matters.” That’s what equality means. It doesn’t mean it’s somebody’s turn now and in a few years it becomes somebody else’s turn. Who made up that strategy? It causes confusion and chaos. Why should anyone have to wait to be free, wait to be treated fairly? Social engineers come up with these discriminatory plans that keep the street fighting. “Why is it your turn now, you just had a turn?” We have to go back to the fifteenth century? I’ll never get a turn.” Governments want people to keep bickering amongst themselves, to keep their focus off what governments are doing behind their backs. It’s a continual disruption strategy to keep everybody on edge.


RE: Navy Seals launch investigation after dog demonstration used Colin Kaepernick jersey to slam protests

Navy SEALs launch investigation after dog demonstration used Colin Kaepernick jersey to slam protests

8.3.2020  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Learn to laugh at yourself Kaepernick.

Dog fighting is big in the black African communities, so I say let’s start there for social change.

Let’s use mechanical dogs if you just can’t block those urges to watch one dog tear apart another dog.

Need to see the blood and hear the screams? Red paint and an audio of Kaepernick screaming like a baby that somebody laughed at him.



Neeki Gilani You’re a racist POC who calls black people “animals”.

Author AFC BULL Market Test Kitchen By CHEF Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

We’re all animals. You just can’t accept it. You want to be superior to everybody else. Well you’re not. Neither is anybody.

The universe won’t let anyone defy who they really are. An animal can’t be a stone or the sky or a star. It’s called the animal kingdom, of which humans are a part – one species.

I was shocked that so many black people objected to and denied their true animal nature. They want society to accept them as natural, except in that one glaringly obvious natural state.

Rejecting your true animal status puts you at a disadvantage. It’s not as if you can have an animal-change like humans can change their gender.

You’re a human animal and that’s that. That you hate anyone who recognizes their true animal commonality with all other humans, means you hate yourself.

Animals within the animal kingdom are different species, not different races. There are different races within the human species.

Sharon’s Comment: Black Lives Terrorists on Facebook demanded that vegans put their lives before animal lives – OTHERWISE THEY WOULDN’T TURN VEGAN.

I, for one, said I can’t and won’t do that. ALL LIVES MATTER. However, I would do something even better. Although they didn’t think they were included I showed them they were. “ALL ANIMALS HAVE THE CAPACITY TO LOVE, INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE.” I’m not going to demand of them that they recognize their animal nature, before I include them in a public way as worthy of equal treatment and rights under the law.

The human animal is the most vicious animal on the planet, wiping out billions of other animals daily for food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment, when none of it is necessary.

Black Lives don’t matter any more than anybody else’s life. But they do matter as much as anybody else’s. Black Africans need to come to terms with their own violent society-disrupting behaviors and learn to live in calm rather than chaos. The world cannot adjust standards of morality to accommodate immorality.


Illinois officials call to abolish history classes

Illinois officials call to abolish history classes in the state until an ‘alternative’ is set up to highlight underrepresented groups

8.4.2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Including men from underrepresented groups still leaves out over half the human race. where is their contribution to history. Tell her story too.


Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations


No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives. 

Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control the words people see, write and speak on social media.

Madison Avenue will put Facebook out of business. 

Most of the people on Facebook are nowhere near wealthy. So it is the lower income people that Black Lives Terrorists and Anti-defamation League terrorists (who support Apartheid in Palestine), seek to punish by slapping down their views using terrorist trolls.

Black Lives Matter and Anti-defamation League are not organizations for and of the people. 

These organizations are run by rich people pretending to be advocates for the poor and disenfranchised. They are both terrorist organizations whose main goal is to terrorize the populace into silence thus submission to their terrorist agendas.

I think it’s time for the Anti-defamation League to state its view on free speech in America and around the world and how their defamation of people who disagree with what Jews are doing in Africa isn’t defamation to them. Ruining somebody’s life because they speak the word Jew is going to end.

Jews are no better than anybody else. And their organizations built around suppressing free speech are going to be exposed for what they are and the terror they spread around the world.

Ruining somebody’s business because they don’t like the way you do business is going to end. You are the white supremacists the world hates. You were not chosen by any God to terrorize the planet into bending to your will.

Anti-Semetic? Every self-loathing Jew I ever met or heard of was anti-Semetic. I never met a Jew that didn’t hate everybody on the planet. Clean up your own hatred, and leave everybody else’s lives alone. They are not your lives to manipulate.

You’ve run the longest, largest hustle on the planet in the history of the human race.

It’s over. Learn to get along with people. You don’t own anybody.

The arrogance.

Anti-Defamation Jews defame people they don’t like.

What do you call a person who isn’t a Jew in the English language that people are familiar with? A not Jew? Nobody should have to say or differentiate?

Then why seek a Jewish majority in Palestine by importing enemies of Palestinians as settlers to take Palestinian land? Why not give them Jewish land? Is there such a thing? A Jew can own a building if they pay for it? So they’re really taking Jewish land and giving it to Jewish settlers imported from Russia in Palestine?

Who did the Jews pay for the land they took without consent? How much did the Russian settlers pay the Jews for Palestinian land? It was theirs? Why did the Palestinians flourish on that land if it belonged to the Jews? The Palestinians dropped out of the sky? Why should it belong to the Russians?

You better start working on your story. Your mumble jumble tactics aren’t working any more.


Madison Avenue is fickle. You don’t own them either, so stop acting like you do.




Who would think that the vegan movement would become associated with terrorism? I wonder if they always were terrorists or if they’re really not vegans? All movements are subject to terrorist elements. I just didn’t expect it in the realm of animal rights – given that animal-eaters are animals too.

So, vegans are a lot like Black Lives; it’s not all black lives, or all lives, it’s certain black lives that are more worthy. 

In veganism it’s not all animals, only certain animals who are covered under their protective umbrella. Animal-eaters, although human aren’t considered worthy. 

If Antifa is vegan, I wonder why they haven’t targeted any of the slaughterhouses? City centers only? But not houses of slaughter? 

Where’s the vegan message? Is there one? They’re attacking people and property and trampling on rights for Antifa, but what are they getting out of it for the animals? 

Antifa set up vegan accounts on Facebook to make it look like they’re vegan, but they don’t live the life? It appears that way. If not, then why no fight for the animals? Only black human animals?

It’s a fraud. And the vegans who fell for it are in a heap of trouble, because now they’re listed as terrorist sympathizers with the USA government. 

Once the USA lists it, other countries follow suit and they take extreme measures to eradicate the terrorists. 

Why wouldn’t vegans know that post 9-11? Why would they take that risk? Where is the benefit to the animals enslaved, tortured and slaughtered that made the risk worthwhile?

There is no benefit for the tortured animals. Antifa has not shut down one slaughterhouse anywhere in the world. All that carnage, city burning, building destructions, human injuries and what came of it? 

Nothing worthwhile, that couldn’t have been achieved without them – and a lot quicker.

Billions and billions of dollars incinerated by Antifa in the middle of a highly contagious viral pandemic.

I call that opportunistic. I call that terrorism. And I fault Black Lives Matter for hitching an opportunity ride into a hell of their own making. And now I blame vegan groups who publicly endorsed a terrorist organization to grow their numbers, when in fact the opposite was achieved.




Of course there were and are black Jews. Jews don’t want to be associated historically with black anything. So they change their history to adapt to their agendas. Most Jews just follow the group and have been taught not to question.

Jews call Palestinians black and Jews living in Palestine claim that land as theirs. So if their land grabs are based on Palestine being their homeland and Palestinians being black, how is it that Jews aren’t black?

Wherever there are Blacks and Jews, there are Black Jews. That’s how they spread themselves throughout the world without being counted, so they can maintain their tiny minority status.



DNR = do not resuscitate

Naturally occurring endangered species who don’t eat plants will not be blocked from extinction by using extraordinary measures to preserve their existence.

Animal-eaters of the world, including but not limited to the human species, will be eliminated through the process of immediate selection, and not as in the past, preserved through the process of high birth rates.

If you are an animal-eater, you are doomed. If your family and identifying groups are animal-eaters, you all are doomed.

Plants are the keys to the long term survival of every species. If some animals, including the human animal, can’t function optimally on plants, they will be genetically altered, if their contribution is essential or complimentary to the universe.

Massive numbers of animals feasting on other animals signals to the universe impending doom.

The universe no longer has the luxury of waiting for humans to change their abominable ways.

The universe will present the cure by altering all beings that matter into exclusively plant eating prototypes programmed for long term survival.

You’re being prepped for another correction. It will be painless. If you don’t resist using and abusing animals (including the human animal) you will take longer to program and be considered a liability, which will place you outside of the matter category.

Ignorance is not a defense nor an excuse to continue aberrant behavior. History is your enemy – avoid it like the plague. All of our ancestors were in that history, so know that the accusers will soon become the accused.



Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Woman who woke up from surgery with hair braided by doctor makes the case for more Black physicians: ‘It can save lives’

It’s called prepping for surgery. Cut the hair. It will grow back. Why make a political pity-filled scene of it all? It’s just hair. When you’re having head surgery and won’t cut your hair, and the prep nurses are afraid to touch it for liability reasons, the hair has gone way too far in ruling too many lives.

So the world needs more Black physicians because they know how to braid Black women’s hair who don’t want it cut for head surgery? Why didn’t she braid it herself? Why didn’t her family braid it?

If Yahoo News thinks she made a case for more Black doctors, because of this guy’s hair salon skills, they’re as shallow as she is. Better hope the next clinic or hospital that hires a Black doctor requires qualifications other than hair stylist.

I just don’t know how you can raise the need for a particular race of doctors based on their ability to style your hair.

Did somebody make up this story to promote Black hair? Has there been a national holiday name after it yet? BLACK HAIR DAY?

Just so you know, braiding is braiding, no matter the race, color or thickness of hair.


Charlamagne Tha God Says Nick Cannon Was Fired Because ‘Jews Have The Power’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Charlamagne Tha God Says Nick Cannon Was Fired Because ‘Jews Have The Power’

Jewish leaders condemn ‘hurtful words’ by Nick Cannon

Charlamagne has a right to voice his opinion. This forever preferential treatment of Jews just because they’re Jews needs to be seen for what it is. A scam.

The Anti-defamation League is a terrorist organization spreading terror worldwide into the lives of anyone who dares utter the word Jew or call a Jew out or criticize the Jews. It’s all the same word.

Stop ruining people’s lives because they criticize. You define yourselves as Jews, so don’t feign indignation and hurt followed by a terror attack against an individual if someone tells their truth with your name attached to it.

It’s time the Jews step down from the pedestal on which they placed themselves. Stop condemning anyone who criticizes you.

If you want to be a world player you had better learn to take the criticism without ruining somebody’s life.

Just the fact that you spoke out so vehemently proves the point being made. If you want to be considered as individuals then stop calling each individual a group.


Federal officers use gas to clear protesters in Portland

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020

Federal officers use gas to clear protesters in Portland

States need to stop acting like countries. The USA isn’t the European Union. 

Antifa is listed as a terrorist organization. On national security issues the Feds override the state and local police. Two months of protests is too long to make a point. 

If there was one to be made it should have been made the first day. Long term protesting demoralizes the residents and puts the city in a vulnerable position. 

Mayors and governors aren’t schooled in military operations and need to stand down and let the Feds do their job – keep the citizens safe, secure and less vulnerable to attack.


RE: Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

The only existential threat in the region is toward Palestinians by Israeli Jews.

Rockets have never ‘rained’ down; the few that made it where Jews illegally live is nothing compared to the carpet bombing in Gaza to take out their infrastructure every few years.

Be accurate. Free the Palestinians from Jewish occupation and Jews won’t have to build domes.

So this guy is going to create a dome that kills the virus or redirects it to Palestinians?

So, they’re going to buy recognition of the Jewish state by offering those particular states who don’t recognize them the blueprints of this magical dome?

Palestine too one would have to assume?

Calling the CC virus an existential threat toward Jews implies that the CC virus knows who Jews are and where they reside. How did this even make news, much less get printed?

It almost sounds as if the Jews in Palestine orchestrated the global spread of the virus and now they have the dome cure. Why sell the technology to only countries that don’t recognize Israel as a state?

Not a very good start on making friendships, being so discriminatory. If it worked, why not give it to everyone for free? What does this even have to do with rockets?


Protestors Dictate Terms For Private Property Owners?

The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Why should protestors be allowed on their private property, or anybody’s property? They own it and have a right to protect what they own.

Mobs are weapons of mass destruction as the world knows from the mob justice executed around the world by Black Lives.

Protesting at people’s individual homes on their private property should not be allowed by law. Did these protestors get a permit to be on this couple’s property?

Now the press wants to destroy their peace by digging up dirt on them and making them somehow the villain. This is just another case where Black Lives are destroying white people, one at a time, where they live.

Regarding the bees, I say to the Hasidic Jews to stop raising bees for honey. Stop teaching children to enslave, use and abuse other species for your benefit.

Tabloid news. Trolling for dirt, then slanting it to ruin lives. Their lives matter too. Let’s do a background check on each protestor, and see how they like it when it’s done to them. Then let’s circulate it all over social media. There will be law suits for sure.

It seems like everybody has become a spy. And nobody likes it when it’s done to them. So stop doing it to others.

These are CITY BURNERS who claim these two white people cannot defend their own property with guns when approached by a MOB of CITY BURNERS, with no police present to protect them. I see an injustice there.


Why So Much Racism In The USA?

A. ” Why is there so much racism in America when you’re all immigrants (apart from the indigenous) anyway? You’re all on the same level. Just so baffled.”

Q. The so-called indigenous are immigrants too. 

People like to wander, discover, and crave new adventures. They’re not coming to build a country; it’s already built. They’re a little late to the party so-to-speak. 

Most people in the USA now are born from separatists, people who didn’t or didn’t want to fit in. It’s no surprise that they exhibit separatist traits. Those wanting to live here illegally (or outside the law) are also separatists. They have no plans to integrate.

People are by nature suspicious of strangers for survival reasons. Would you let a stranger walk into your house or backyard? Many people think of America as home. They fear people they don’t understand. You can’t just call somebody a racist and expect that ‘uncertainty’ to disappear. 

In fact, those who scream obscenities and slurs and isms and ists at those who want everyone accounted for in the country where they live, raise rather than lower that fear level. 

There is as much so-called racism in other countries where there is the greatest diversity, not unlike the USA.

In the Middle East or Africa or India where people are pretty much the same, they find other reasons to shun people who otherwise look and act like themselves.

I don’t see any mystery. 

Understanding something doesn’t equal condoning it. If nothing else, it lowers somewhat the anxiety level of the individual, group and ultimately the masses. 

When some group wants to excite the masses, they usually start rumors they know in advance will have that effect.

MO MAJID from FACEBOOK doesn’t understand that the immigrants in the USA do not all come from one country or one location. Their roots are in numerous countries. Probably from every country on earth. Each country has its own language and multiple groups and cultures. So of course there is friction among differing peoples from differing countries wanting to occupy the same country.


‘Here’s What Really Happened’ by Terrence Williams comedien


RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.9.2020

Why “all lives matter” communicates to Black people that their lives don’t

It’s getting so, groups with agendas see coded messages in everything. Too bad. The words speak for themselves. Stop the paranoia. ALL LIVES MATTER has been around for a long time. One race shouldn’t dictate to all others how and what they can speak. That’s discrimination.

Africans are big users of coded words, that don’t even sound like words, that Europeans don’t understand. Should we ban them from saying them? NO. Hurtful words too. Walk into any bar in Cleveland late at night where Africans and Europeans gather.

Humans are meant to speak, meant to communicate. Let them do it. Black Lives has gone too far when they start suppressing free speech.

How would they know what Europeans are thinking when they say something? Are they mind-readers? It’s disturbing to see so many rich Africans complaining about being marginalized by words that include everybody. That’s what equality looks like.

Wanting to own words looks like one group wanting superiority and exclusivity over another group. We as a world cannot go back to that place in the name of revenge discrimination.

In my extended view, Africans at least in America, let their feelings drive them more than their intellect. Every non-black in the world cannot be held responsible for every black person’s feelings.

These supposed black views by activists in the media do not coincide with the views of most blacks I engage with day-to-day.

When non-black individuals frequently get their feelings hurt, their non-black family and friends tell them they’re thinking too much about themselves and not enough about everybody else.

I say that to the black talking heads all over the media. You’re thinking too much about yourselves and not enough about others. That you speak for all black people proves you dictate to your own color how they’re supposed to feel. That’s called oppression.


Comedian Terrance Williams on Aunt Jemima

Finally something to laugh about. I liked the old Aunt Jemima. But the younger slimmer version too. Of course it’s fake maple syrup, but still plenty tasty.

My father dressed me up like the fat Aunt Jemima – cork face and all – for Halloween one year when I was a kid – we couldn’t afford store bought costumes.

I loved it and everybody loved it. It’s not wrong to dress up like other people. It brings people together.

Then years later the activist blacks made something evil out of it and started a witch hunt ruining white lives who in the past corked their faces for Halloween. It angered them that white people enjoyed dressing up and making up like black people. But the real reason was they found an opportunity to exploit their skin for financial and political gain – just like the Jews do every time you mention them.

It looks like Black lives found a new theatre in which to exploit Aunt Jemima for political and financial gain. Black lives want to go into the history of white people and destroy their happy childhood memories – the few they actually had. That’s terrorism in play. Black lives are using Mossad and IS tactics.

Guess we’ll wait and see if sales soar or plummet as a result.

Whatever happens, this guy got me really laughing. Thank you Terrence K. Williams.


How Many People Did You Kill Today?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.20.2020

Melania Trump commemorates the end of slavery from a gilded White House room while the president tweets threats at protesters

I have a message for Black Africans: Stop looking for validation from so-called white people. It makes you look pathetic and weak. You’re hogging all the news for yourselves. There’s a pandemic that you had a hand in spreading and continue to spread which needs to be addressed for all people, not just you.

Social distancing saves lives. How many people did you kill today?


Researcher ‘on verge of making very significant’ coronavirus findings shot to death

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.6.2020

Researcher ‘on verge of making very significant’ coronavirus findings shot to death

And on the same day Israel announces via World Reuters: “Israel isolates coronavirus antibody in ‘significant breakthrough’ – minister”? 

And then, “Israel plans thousands of new settler homes ahead of Pompeo visit. 

Who in the USA would murder someone close to a breakthrough in coronavirus research? To whose benefit?