Occupation Is Prison

Those living under occupation are living in prison.

Make no mistake about it.


Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sharon’s Say: Saudi Arabia has desalinated seawater since the 1950s and is…

“the leading desalinated water producer in the world.” He noted that the Kingdom now has reliable access to drinking water, of which 60 percent is desalinated. Sep 12, 2022

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Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech

You know we’ve become a socialist autocratic nation when social media bans people for exercising their free speech rights.

If social media wasn’t funded by paid advertisements there would be no such bans.

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Truth comes in many forms.

Trust them all.

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Gender Bias

I have a writing station in every room – except the bathroom. My thoughts end there. Private means private fellas, and female fellas and trans fellas. Okay?

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All Religions Discriminate Against Women And Children

Being a young girl, in all male religion just didn’t fit me. There was no room for me as I saw it – then and now. That was not the way of Jesus as I thought and felt it should be. Nor God. Why would either one make me less than? The men always said, no, no, you’re not less, you’re just as important. We just have different roles. Yes, but my role is always beneath. Yes, beneath, but just as important.

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The Jews And The World Need To Get this Straight

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What Jews Need To Do

Jews needs to make peace with Iran

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Is The World Sick Yet?

Is The World Sick Yet?

Sharon’s Comment: For a group of people who still cry over WW II concentration camps, they sure aren’t the ones shirking war these days. Come to think of it, in past days, turned to years, turned to decades – in the eightieth decade now and the world still has not opened it’s eyes and turned it’s blind eye plus head back to the reality of their truth being not much more than “lies, damn lies and statistics”.

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Occupation Is Not A Jew-ish Birthright

In Response to: How not to fight antisemitism

When anti-Semitism aka anti-Jewism requires a library of books to understand it, that’s a ‘Tell’ used to avert the eyes of the accused – everyone not Jew – away from the horrific acts of occupation historically and currently claimed by Jews worldwide to be their birthright.

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It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish

It’s because you can’t shut up about it. Nobody cares but you. Every time you take somebody else’s property or dignity you set up an anti-Jew campaign to slaughter any form of resistance – only you conveniently addon the Arabs to boost your silly poll numbers. Nobody cares about your numbers or how you got them. I could go on and on about how you got them, but your time is about up with my concern.

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The Lie Is The Tell

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Bloodsuckers And Strings

Answer- Don’t take any deals with strings attached from a blood sucker.

Question- Who told you that?

Answer- A blood sucker while dying representing every animal-eater on the planet.

Question- How’d the bloodsucker die?

Answer- Strangled by the strings so couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the crush.

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Violence Against Elders @ The Cleveland Clinic

I just witnessed the most horrible verbal and threatening abuse of a patient who was just moved out of ICU to another floor to complete post surgery therapy. The nurse who did it refused to give her name, his room number or the floor he was on. This patient had an aortic valve replacement yesterday and is 76 years old. It sounded like she was trying to stroke him out – (give him a heart attack or stroke). It sounded like something you’d see in a war movie done by military or intelligence people trained to torture. I’ll be up all night wondering what is happening to him. He’s too sick to leave the hospital.

That man is my husband of 51 years. I’m writing this as a placeholder to finish when I am able. I was on the cell phone with him when it occurred… it went on for 42 minutes, with me screaming into the phone for them to stop.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation main campus 6:28 pm outgoing call 42 minutes.

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Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic – update 1,

Culture Of Violence At The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation has a culture of abuse and violence toward animals via their experimental research laboratories that carries over into their treatment of the human animal in all areas of diagnosis and treatment.

This violent culture began with a terrorist attack upon the clinic decades ago by the Maccabees in protest of Jews being denied access to their services, that subsequently and consequently opened the doors to Jews to eventually become the masters of a healthcare domain that sought to rule the field of health science and healthcare via the discrimination, enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter of helpless beings whose voices were silenced by their status.

That violence continues today.

to be continued…

No wonder the clinic has such close ties to the pharmaceuticals. They reside on the grounds of the Cleveland Clinic. In my humble view, it doesn’t look right to have an animal research facility on the grounds of a hospital. Horrors. Can you hear the screams? The internal screams that their torturers can’t silence, can you feel them?

I always wondered about all these Sh-h-h signs throughout the clinic. What? We’re at a library? Pre-pandemic. Way back. Why are you hushing people? So bold and controlling, treating adults like little kids. Why are the doctors so angry all the time? Do they work for free or what? They work them to near death. Sounds like one of Hitler’s factories. They just keep copying, instead of innovating.

But in a hospital. The nerve it takes that no one can dispute, to put an animal torture facility on the grounds of a hospital, just to remind you that the care you get is all based on the torture of these fine specimens of nature that God gave to scientists to use and abuse at their pleasure.
Not many scientists believe in God, but the purveyors of torture know that most of you do, so if this animal experimental lab came as a directive from God, then it must be okay.

Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus all have at the head of their respective religions a God-type that tells them what to do and not to do, so how is it that they all follow in the steps of Godless people when it comes to using and abusing every animal known to humans? Including humans.

Where is the oversight? Where is the outrage, outcry, something, anything? Oh PETA must have shown up, but had no effect. They accused them of mistreating lab animals.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Monday accused the Cleveland Clinic of mistreating lab animals and violating federal animal treatment guidelines and asked the National Institutes of Health to pull funding for the institution.

The organization sent a letter to the NIH, alleging that clinic researchers held mice in overcrowded cages, inoculated some with bacteria and injected others with tumor cells and otherwise violated animal treatment guidelines.

The findings are a result of a six-month undercover investigation at the clinic, PETA said in a media release.

In the letter, PETA asked the NIH to pull millions of dollars of public funding from the clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic issued a statement saying that the occurrences and conditions in PETA’s letter are “inaccurate and misrepresented” and that the institution follows strict federal regulatory guidelines.

”We have received Continuous Full Accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) since October 1976,” the statement read. “In November 2019, our animal care program underwent an onsite review by the AAALAC Council on Accreditation as part of ongoing accreditation. AAALAC voted to maintain our Full Accreditation for conforming with their high standards and commended the program ‘for providing and maintaining an excellent program of laboratory animal care and use’ including ‘the promotion of a culture of care’ for the ‘healthy, well cared for and enriched animals.’”

The clinic self-reports issues to the NIH and other agencies while “taking internal actions to ensure this type of research continues to operate at the highest standards,” the statement said.

Read the full text of the letter PETA said it sent to the NIH below:

This document didn’t download in its entirety. Here’s the remainder starting with number 4.:

4. An undetermined number of mice confined to two cages were left in an unauthorized
area “outside of the animal facility” that wasn’t included in the approved protocol. [Case

  1. Three mice who were confined to three different cages were left in an unauthorized area,
    and their cages were “soiled, low on food and water, and without appropriate cage
    identification.” [Case 2S]
  2. An undetermined number of mice “were removed from the animal facility and appear to
    have been taken back to a laboratory where live animal work is not approved.” [Case
  3. The tails of five adult mice were clipped by a staff member who neglected to follow the
    approved protocol. [Case 2V]
  4. An undetermined number of mice were euthanized by using a secondary method that
    wasn’t included in the approved protocol. This serious deviation from the protocol
    occurred at a laboratory that had undergone “a corrective action plan that was designed
    to ensure that they would restrict their animal research activities to those that were
    approved by the [Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee].” [Case 2W]
  5. A “large animal” of an undetermined species was subjected to a surgical procedure for
    which the surgeon didn’t wear clean scrubs and didn’t scrub their hands as required.
    [Case 2X]
  6. An undetermined number of mice were subjected to an unapproved procedure in which
    their hair was removed with a depilatory before blood was drawn. [Case 2Y]
  7. An undetermined number of mice were subjected to an unapproved procedure in which
    their hair was removed with a depilatory before images were taken. “While this
    procedure resulted in skin lesions on the animals,” staff members “did not report this to
    Veterinary Services and removed Veterinary Health Stickers once they were applied to
    the cage cards.” [Case 2Z]
  8. An undetermined number of mice from “a variety” of colonies were scheduled to be
    euthanized after the laboratory to which they were assigned was closed following an
    investigation by the Department of Justice1 and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. [Case 3A]
  9. An undetermined number of mice who were confined to two cages were improperly euthanized when a staff member neglected to use a secondary method of euthanasia, in violation of the protocol. The same employee left an undetermined number of mice—who were confined to three cages—without food or water overnight. [Case 3B]
  1. The tails of an undetermined number of mice were clipped by a staff member who
    neglected to follow the approved protocol. The animals were not given any anesthetic or analgesic drugs. [Case 3D]
  2. Two mice were inoculated with bacteria, although the protocol that they were assigned to didn’t include this procedure. [Case 3E]
  3. An undetermined number of mice were used by a staff member who wasn’t authorized
    to do so in the approved protocol. In a second incident, an undetermined number of mice
  • 1
    According to a Justice Department news release dated May 14, 2020, Qing Wang, the head of this laboratory, was “charged with false claims and wire fraud related to more than $3.6 million in grant funding that Dr. Wang and his research group received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).”
                                        Page 2 of 3

were given tumor cells, although the protocol that they were assigned to didn’t include
this procedure. [Case 3F]

Since fiscal year 2018, the Cleveland Clinic has received nearly $397 million in public
funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). OLAW’s mandate includes
monitoring the facilities that are privileged to receive federal grants for compliance with the PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals “to ensure the humane care and use of animals, thereby contributing to the quality of PHS-supported activities.”

Violations at the Cleveland Clinic have resulted in acute suffering and death for animals and have squandered taxpayer dollars.

As you know, the NIH Grants Policy Statement (NIHGPS)—which outlines the rules
governing activity in federally funded research projects—clearly specifies that the PHS
Policy “requires that an approved Animal Welfare Assurance be on file with the Office of
Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) at the time of award for all recipient organizations
receiving PHS support for research or related activities using live vertebrate animals.” Conditions of maintaining this approval include compliance “with the regulations … issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Animal Welfare Act … and other Federal statutes and regulations relating to animals,” and each institution is required “to maintain an animal care and use program based on the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.”

The NIHGPS also states that “OLAW is responsible for requesting, negotiating, approving or disapproving, and, as necessary, restricting or withdrawing approval of Assurances.” And Section IV.A of the PHS Policy gives NIH the discretion to “condition, restrict, or withdraw approval” for animal experimentation to take place at any facility receiving NIH funding.

While your office has conducted investigations into individual incidents at the Cleveland Clinic, we ask that you consider the clear pattern of chronic, egregious violations of federal animal welfare guidelines that has emerged. We urge you to protect animals, ensure proper stewardship of public funds, and cultivate public trust by withdrawing approval of the clinic’s PHS Animal Welfare Assurance, as OLAW has the authority and obligation to do.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have at MagnoliaM@peta.org.

Magnolia Martínez, Ph.D.
Special Projects Manager
Laboratory Investigations Department

                                  Page 3 of 3

to be continued…

1994 Me @ Sandusky Library researching the deaths of Steve’s Grandfather and Uncle @ the Cleveland Clinic getting tested for diabetes prior to going to a ballgame in Cleveland, Ohio. Steve’s father was at medical school and read about it in the newspaper.

Tell The Truth Pfizer

Re: Huge Profits Predicted For Pfizer 100,000 Billion Revenue In One Year

Sharon’s Opinion: Huge under-reporting of side effects (some permanent debilitating damage) due to vaccine cocktails and singular vaccines (if that even exists any more) led to early approval and subsequent fears of retribution directed at health care institutions who reported anything that could not be proven.

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How Rare Does A Side Effect Have To Be?

Reports of rare Covid vaccine side effect does not mean jabs ‘unsafe, ineffective’“…”The vaccines are extremely safe, but like nearly all medications, mRNA COVID vaccines do come with some risk of adverse events,” he told AFP on November 21….

What does this mean? Vaccines (especially the fourth dose) is “extremely safe” for old people, but not for young people?  Did those statistics, which claim that heart inflammation is a little more likely to occur in young rather than old people pass the 2-5 percent significance test? 

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You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

Speak before you bomb, Israel.

Orthodox Jews occupying Palestine as theirs – to have and behold. A marriage; you mean they married a land and now the land is pregnant, so they can’t move? Just squat, poop and it’s yours?

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Facebook Censors The Voiceless – an Israeli solution


Facebook Censors Those Speaking For The Voiceless


How does one censor those who have no voice, if they’re voiceless? They’re not voiceless by organic design; they’re voiceless by oppression. Nobody hears, thus nobody cares, thus you’ve been censored by omission. In fact your entire voice has been censored, thus banned.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

The largest terror organization in the world conducts psychological torture experiments on all Facebook members and on all social media platforms. The military is there, FBI there too, local police, homeland security, anti-terrorism units plus every intelligence agency on the planet.

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I have a writing station in every room – except the bathroom. My thoughts end there. Private means private fellas, and female fellas and trans fellas. Okay?

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Re-occupy Palestine

To Whom it concerns: Given the juncture you’re at in the Middle East, you only have one option left: a nonviolent reoccupation of Palestine at Palestine’s request – to level the playing field – you have to suggest the request first. When Israel erected an Israeli flag above the leader of Palestine’s compound, that was a signal to you that Ariel Sharon’s plans of invasion and takeover of Palestine were indeed his only objectives, not two states living side by side, but one state where the minority rules the majority. Do those boats floating in the Mediterranean mean anything to you?

Oh right, you side with Israel, the occupier and why wouldn’t you, since you occupied ninety percent of the world at one point.

Decades later it all came true, while the world’s shakers and movers stood down watching. THAT’S NOT WHAT I CALL SHAKING AND MOVING. These behind the scenes people in THINK TANKS they call them, need to get out of the tanks. They’re too prejudicial, standardized and discriminatory in their thinking and recommendations and too many powerful people count on them for decisions they make that affect the entire planet. Too much power I’d say.

All these bridges to nowhere keep popping up in failed strategies.

Time to think anew – forget the box. If you get out of the box, the box is still there, so you didn’t really get out of it.

Think freer. Stop micro-managing every detail and the solutions for the big jobs will emerge. It’s the squabbling about minutia that stalls every process. The more they argue and debate, the worse the predicted outcome. Take a stand on oughtness for a change. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET – take the hinges off the door so you can’t sneak back in.

How do you do that? Think in the now, not in the past. Stop getting even and thinking about money all the time.

You create a predicted war, then you stand by and watch the fireworks – for seventy-four years. That’s not patience, that’s some social scientists gone awry, putting some social paradigm to the test. Sure, they’ll have no choice but to give all of Palestine to Israel, and forever be bitter about not only losing their land, their treasured souls, but their identity. That’s the predicted outcome? No, the predicted outcome was eventually a two state solution.

But that strategy failed. Seventy-four years, almost a century, and you still hold onto that theory, because you don’t want to get involved. You didn’t mind getting involved with Russia-Ukraine. Why didn’t you stand down and wait, like you advocate? Instead you armed a country to the hilt who already had a strong military.

Palestine doesn’t have anything to give you, that’s why. You use Palestine as a pawn against Iran. Talk about enslaving an entire ethnic group for your best interests, not theirs.

You don’t even have a plan do you – except to stay put at the status quo of slavery? Better to keep the slaves locked up in a country that somebody else owns, rather than test the cost of freedom? You didn’t do that with Russia-Ukraine. You were hot to trot to provide them weapons and cash to stick it to Russia. Just like you stick it to Iran using Palestinians as bait. That’s just plain perverse on every level of consideration. WAKE UP to yourself! You’ve been dreaming too long, and now you’re old and weary.

CHANGE THAT before the BigU CHANGES YOU. That’s always ugly when the BigU makes the move to change what needs to be changed instead of the humans who caused it.


A Hurricane and A Terrorist Attack

Seems like someone or someone copied a hurricane – called Ian – using bombs to blow up a bridge to Crimea. Who’s the copycat?

Something perverse about that. Cutting off people’s access to freedom and goods.

Stop saying: I wouldn’t put anything past this so and so. That problem solving process is a bridge to nowhere.

who copies? comedians? no original material?

Or was it someone who wanted it to look like a comedian did it?

Who does that?

Or someone who sided with Ukraine who had the wherewithal to carry out the attack incognito. Who doesn’t take credit for assassinations?

Ops, I’m full out.

an aside: NATO telling Ukraine that this wasn’t a good time to be applying for membership probably boiled a lot of people’s blood.

With all the spies in the world, nobody was war-gaming everybody’s next move? Who was sleeping at the switch in the USA? Looks like they were running the war – the USA calls it – against Russia on behalf of Ukraine and a missile defense system that USA and NATO sorely wanted on the Russia/Ukraine border. Could this have been averted by such a system? Somebody trying to prove a point?

No missile defense system, no bridge? Can a missile defense system stop a terrorist attack? Probably not. Nobody in Europe or Asia could stop it either? Evidently not. So what’s it good for?

Incoming – by air only. Guess somebody has to go back to the drawing board, or reassess the necessity of war.

This horrible so-called war – undeclared except in the news – is bringing out the operational flaws. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Whoever wanted to prove the necessity of a missile defense system, it backfired.

FLORIDA BRIDGE DESTROYED BY HURRICANE Ian days apart from terror attack against bridge connecting Russia to Crimea

“Sanibel Island Loses Its Only Bridge, With a Difficult Recovery Ahead – Sanibel Causeway, a three-mile bridge that serves as the only connection with the nearby Fort Myers-Cape Coral area on the Florida mainland”, NY Times reports.


“Krymskiy most, IPA: [ˈkrɨmskʲij most]), also called Kerch Strait Bridge or Kerch Bridge, is a pair of parallel bridges, one for a four-lane road and one for a double-track railway, spanning the Kerch Strait between the Taman Peninsula of Krasnodar Krai in Russia and the Kerch Peninsula of Crimea in Ukraine.” Wikipedia

Plan B

All Palestinians living on their own land are prisoners of war, occupied by Jews living in the region, eating up Palestine one square foot at a time until it all becomes Israel, land of the Jewish majority.

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Sexual Abuse By Clergy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sharon’s Comment 9.3.2022

One must wonder why the FBI wants to go back decades to investigate child abuse by clergy, when sexual molestation by clergy is ongoing, right now. How to stop that? Or why do clergy get treated differently than non-clergy? Why don’t the laws protecting minors apply equally to all people, not just some people?

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Brits And Debate

Why do the British have to debate everything?

Why do the British have to debate everything?

Yes or no; can you just answer the question?

No. They have to debate it first, which turns whatever is under consideration into an endless stream of uncertainty.

They didn’t seem to have that uncertainty when colonizing most of the world. What happened?

Sitting on the fence became too comfortable. From there they can watch without engagement.

They claim to be working secretly behind the scenes. Prove it. They can’t. So what are they saying and doing that is so awful that it needs to remain out of the worlds view?

Probably something they shouldn’t be doing.

They don’t want to tip their hand, or are they scheming to pull the rug out from beneath someone? Who knows? But everybody should care. After all, if secrets don’t get revealed, then the Brits don’t get hurt by their own secretive actions. They also don’t have to accept responsibility for those actions.

Endless debate is old school. It isn’t really about fact-finding; that anyone can do without debate. It’s about changing someone’s mind and who is better at it?

  • slick people. con people. pity people. pouty people. bully people.

I’m already tired of this; so that’s why they sit on the fence? They’re tired of listening to everybody else’s debate? Or, somebody didn’t get their way or someone or something got in their way and they love to pout?

STOP THE HUSTLE. The world tired of it long ago.

So Britain tell the world, did you know that Israel had nuclear weapons stashed someplace? Do you know their location? Why wouldn’t you have noticed, while sitting on the fence all the while they were being acquisitioned?

Either way it’s bad news for someone, that you believed lies about something so vital to the security of the planet.

You trust the Jews in Palestine so much that you let them live that lie for protection purposes?

Britain is the master divider of the world. They divide and conquer, or divide and destroy.

Each island, each country that you colonized, did you debate it with the target island or country before landing your colonizing war ships in their backyard?

Didn’t think so. It’s best that you stay out of negotiating on anyone’s behalf in secret. Your sense of fairness is highly prejudicial and discriminatory, and your long history of subjugating the masses in every country for your own benefit is well known. You needed trading partners and that’s how you went about it? By creating wars and sustaining them for decades under your thumbs of oppression?

Are you trading with Palestine yet?

What are you waiting for? Permission from the Jews who oppress in your name?

Your hustle is up; you just don’t know it yet.

Rich vs Poor


Why don’t people compare rich Whites vs rich Blacks? Because they’re the same. There’s no measurably significant difference.

The only significant difference by a large margin is between rich and poor of all groups.

Black Lives keep comparing poor blacks to rich whites.

Truth be told, when comparing poor whites to poor blacks, the poor blacks are given more and greater privileges than poor whites.

• Walk into any post office for proof of blacks getting the cushy, secure, fully-benefitted government jobs.

• Employers get government kick-backs and incentives for hiring black over white.

• Low income blacks go ahead of the line of low income whites in all government programs including college acceptance and tuition adjustments.

That’s prejudice and discrimination based on color – favoring black over white.

Poor blacks have leaders they can turn to for justice. Poor whites don’t have leaders. They’re on their own and at the mercy of everybody else. Trust this: Rich whites hate poor whites; they repulse them. There’s no justice for poor whites. They just learned to live with it.

All poor people dream of being rich. The difference between black and white is that blacks made a racial cause out of it. They keep citing ratios – with all things being equal – without taking into consideration other variables and what it takes to be rich, the effort required and the sacrifices needed to get there.

I’m always amazed at the amount of gambling of the poor and not so poor blacks. I notice the same in Asians. Nobody wins in gambling; it’s like throwing money away. But the draw is potent and a few wins makes the resistance needed to say no too overwhelming to walk away.

If Blacks want to be taken seriously, stop burning cities to protest anything. Learn a more professional approach and you’ll be treated like professionals. You look like animals climbing all over buses. Light that torch and you become savage, no matter the group to which you belong or with which you identify. Stop protesting the existence of rich whites unless you include the rich of all groups. Can you even name them? No? All ethnicities have them.

Go to your own rich people first; if they won’t meet your demands, then go outside the group. But I’m telling you right now, that if you light that match, you will set your entire group back a century or more. People have memories – all people.

No one is innocent of discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. Look what we all do to the animals whom we deem inferior thus worthy of our exploitation. Stop climbing all over everyone who doesn’t look like you. You’re no more special than anyone else.

Learn to get along first. Stop with the knee-jerk aggressive responses to every perceived slight. When anything doesn’t go your way, you immediately blame white people. Accept responsibility for your own failures. Stop inventing drama where there isn’t any. Stop the separatism, while claiming you want unity.



LIFE IN SPACE Painted By God 2000 and 2009

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The Color Gray – the true story

Re: ‘How to Set Boundaries With The Narcissist In Your Life?’

That was the headliner on Yahoo News on 8.29.2022. I didn’t have to read further.

I say, ‘How does one set boundaries with the government in your life? They’re the biggest narcissists of all.

This must be British inspired. They even have a name for it, “gray rock method”. The Brits have a name for everything and a nickname for everyone – even ruin people’s lives with their incessant name-calling.

If there’s a bully on the planet, they’re it. In fact, they’re the ones who coddle bullies and scold victims. So now they’re going to tell the world how to cope with their behavior.

Just ignore them. Act bored like you’re not interested. Evidently the British have no plans on changing their own bully behavior, so they’re telling the world how to change their behavior so the Brits don’t have to change theirs.

Strange though how they attach a color to their method. Gray. 

Rocking method? Yeah, rock yourself to sleep baby.

That’s the British government talking, intelligence they call it. They spy on the entire world, in the most personal ways, then tell their targets to get over it by not making eye contact with people.

Any country that turns their news media over to another country is committing treason against their own country. The USA did that long ago. Since then there’s been a steady stream of British immigrants filling those news positions. 

What does the color gray have to do with any of it? Nothing. Nothing at all. They hadn’t colonized the color gray yet, so decided this was an opportune time. All the other colors were used up.

Tables just turned on them, in a huge worldwide way and to avoid the scorn, they now come out in front of it all to say, ‘just ignore us, make no eye contact’. It seems that eye contact flips them, triggers them into attacking the gray matter in your brain, apparently immediately, much like black Africans ‘stroking out’ white people they don’t like – it’s called attempted murder, if they live.

Decades ago when I discovered they were spying on me and the USA government was alright with that, I attached God to the color gray. It had nothing to do with them. They knew that of course, because they read what I wrote on my computer before the days of social media. So now they’re saying God is a narcissist. 

Yellow meant success, red ambition, blue confidence, orange tenacious, green unwavering and brown calm.  That was a personal writing motivator, since I love all colors, even the seemingly dull ones, and surround myself with them. I didn’t attach anything to white and black. 

Black and white elicited too much emotion, so I left them alone. Besides, I don’t advocate for calling people colors. Back in the day, yellow meant cowardice. Now there’s that sting again that Brits do, always stinging people, like the proverbial bumble bee, planting itself on somebody’s back unaware, till they stand up and feel the bite.

It’s like the color pink they assign it to sex offenders. Yes that’s right. Pink license plates were given to offenders to alert the public to their presence and to warn children to stay away. Is that why they dress little girls in pink? My mother’s favorite color was pink; did that make her a sex offender? Brits ought to learn to think things through before they jump to stamp you with a ‘scarlet letter’.

My color coding wasn’t designed to hurt or discriminate, theirs is. They love to hurt people, all the while they’re apologizing profusely; it makes one want to empty their gut at their feet. Watch out the vomit is coming.

Then out of the blue shadows – (and yes there are lots of Brits in the intelligence agencies of countries other than their own) – they make front page news by color-coding narcissism as gray. Ops, that color and designation is already taken and it belongs to Sharon Lee Davies-Tight via MyGod aka Universe or theBigU. That’s called copyright infringement.

Who decided the placement of that article?

The British, who want to control what you read and how you interpret it. They can’t help themselves is what they’re saying, ‘so please let us be who we are – narcissists’. That’s the gist of it.

Governments set the example and the tone for all discriminatory behavior. Religions work in tandem with governmental forces, not the people’s will, but the will of the oppressors.

Remember that if you will, the next time you ask God for something, you’re asking a government employed narcissist.


Anti-Palestinianism is as American as apple pie

Sharon’s Comment:

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The Brits Defeated Themselves

Palestinians are still couped up like chickens in Palestine with no escape route. 

74 years and Britain still claims to be working behind the scenes.

74 years. How slow can one move? What are they waiting for, all the Palestinians to go to other countries so the Russian Jews can have it all?

That doesn’t sound like a peace plan to me. Maybe Britain needs new, more progressive leadership when dealing in other people’s affairs. Or else stay out of them altogether.

I hear that the British love to humiliate people, then help them. Do you think 74 years of continual humiliation is enough already?

Get up on your feet and make a bold move that can’t be taken back. Set the example and stop saying you’re making progress behind the scenes. 

What progress, except that the Jews take more land?

74 years? That’s not progress.

That’s defeat.

The Universe Has A Memory

Otherwise it wouldn’t be able to create that which requires one.


  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech
    Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech
  • Gender Bias
    Gender Bias

Your Truth vs Mine

Your Truth vs Mine

I don’t care about your truth. I care about mine. Your truth comes with a billion plus people attached. Mine has only one. A billion people can’t be right. Your truth can’t be a billion people’s truth. Tell those billion people that you speak on their behalf. Truth be told, they won’t believe you unless there’s a pay day for them attached and even then, maybe one percent will want to believe you.

Still, one percent of a billion people is a lot. But it’s also a lot to deliver on a truth that doesn’t fit any individual, except the vague truth that everybody wants more of what somebody else has that they don’t.

Bad will is a tough product to sell knowing in advance that many will suffer to raise up a few. And then the few raised up, how does one keep them there? What’s the plan? 

Give more to the poor and less to the rich isn’t a plan. Tax the rich more and they’ll donate less. There’s more people in the middle, so more taxes are collected by taxing the middle more.

People care about their own problems. It’s not that no one’s seeing you. They can’t help but see you jumping up and down and screaming, whenever the chance arises for an individual or group wanting to be heard makes itself known. Wanting what you may have that they don’t. And even if they have more, they still need to take something from you. It’s the nature of all beasts to take. 

It seems that large groups of needy people want to make those concerned about their own lives to be as concerned about those who have less or feel less worthy.

I can tell you right now that those people will not be the ones offering money or opportunities to level the field unless the contribution of the ones asking for more money (and benefits and educational opportunities and health and social care plus courses on economics that instruct on personal money management) are commensurate with their demands.

  • In other words, you had better have a better excuse for being poor than your color.

Across the board, everyone needs some rudimentary courses, so we can all manage funds, no matter the size, more effectively and efficiently. 

Learning how to manage the small resources makes one better at managing the larger resources.

The ones who can least afford it, want to get rich from being poor. For that you need a miracle worker.

There’s a reason why there’s so many people in the middle class. It’s where people have the most fun. They know how to stretch a dollar. They live richer lives in all aspects of the word. The struggle is still present, but it’s not dire. Only sometimes.

I’m talking about in America. That’s what I know. It’s my experience that counts to me and yours to you. That’s life, taking care of yourself first.

I’m Opinionated

I’m Opinionated

If you don’t like my opinions, then form your own and tell the world what they are. Don’t spend your precious time debunking the opinions of others.

If the only alternative or plan that you have is NOT THEIR PLAN, then you’ve had no effect on your life or in changing the world.

Beating up people for their opinions may feel good to some, but all that does is expose them as sadistic people deriving pleasure from beating down the opinions of others, because they have none of their own.





YOU CAN DO IT. I KNOW YOU CAN (yeah, that’s WORD WARRIOR QUOTE from way back that Obama’s people stole to motivate his constituency into action).



Does being anti-nazi really mean anti-ashkenazi? Anti-Ashkenazi Jews?

Read about the Ashkenazi Jews here: WHERE JEWS COME FROM by Eran Elhaik

Re: 4 stories Senator Lindsay Graham, South Carolina’s Pig Population, African Albinos and Chipotle

“Sen. Graham calls for Putin’s assassination — again/

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Sen. Lindsey Graham again called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin — a suggestion that was widely rebuked by lawmakers in both parties./Yahoo news.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3.16.2020

Lindsay Graham attempts to unring his own bell by doubling down on his call for the assassination of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, then expanding to one way or another, he doesn’t care how it’s done.

So, Lindsay Graham just acted as Commander in Chief of the USA. Giving the order himself to whomever wants to take it up, the instructions being, however you want to do it, he doesn’t care. He even invokes John McCain, a dead senator, claiming he would have said the same thing, worldwide I presume, since that’s the route Graham took.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is an actor in the same vein as Jessie Smollet; he never gets off stage. He’s making a fool of himself by allowing Russia to bombard the country he’s supposed to be running, while crying to the world to help him. Any president who tells the world it’s the end of the world, sitting on the largest military in Europe, while blubbering rubbish doesn’t deserve that position.

The USA got him in by ousting Viktor Yanukovych. Now Zelensky, again on the world stage, suggests to the ones behind the coup against Yanukovych, that ultimately got him, Zelensky, into office, that they use the same coup maneuver to oust President Putin.

That’s Zelensky’s strategy – another coup. Don’t like the terms of negotiations? Stage a coup. He keeps saying he wants to talk, but when the date and time are set, he comes up empty-handed.

Maybe he thinks now he doesn’t want to join NATO, and tells the world such. What does that mean? He thinks? He’s supposed to be talking to the President of Russia, not the people of the world. We aren’t President of Ukraine, he is. We aren’t President of Russia, Putin is.

Stop communicating through third parties. It’s become glaringly obvious that he does not know how to run a country, and maybe the West has been clandestinely running it for him in opposition to Russia, since Zelensky got elected after the ousting of Yanukovych.

There’s a reason why Zelensky was selected to replace Yanukovych by the West. He’s weak, malleable and takes orders from the highest bidder.

Be careful with those weak, malleable people. When cornered, they get vicious. We will not forgive? Who says that while sitting on a huge military?

Frankly, I wouldn’t want Ukraine as a neighbor with anti-Russia leanings that could be manipulated by the West. Zelensky isn’t neighborly. That could be his Jewish roots. On that alone, I agree with Russia. Zelensky is an unstable neighbor, looking in all the wrong places for affection.

I disagree with the current multiple articles regarding Jewishness and Naziism. Many white supremacists in the USA prisons have Jewish roots. Many people worldwide have Jewish roots and don’t know it.

Ever wonder why nobody talks about the number of Jews in USA prisons? Even the Blacks don’t mention it. And Blacks are always talking prisons when talking equality. Black leaders consistently and predictably call out the number of White vs the number of Black prisoners, with Blacks occupying a disproportionate higher number of beds per capita than Whites.

Where do the Jews fit in? They don’t commit crimes? Of course they do. Then why so few Jews in prison, in jails?

They’re there.

Who do Blacks fear most in prison?

White supremacists aka Neo-Nazis. I’m not sure if they’re the same. I read that if I look it up on Google, the Feds are coming for me per order of the Jews someplace. What do writers do who need to know about Neo-Nazis in order to write about them? It discourages discourse. That’s the intent. Keep them in the dark, where no one can judge. That right there reeks of Jewism. You can’t even look it up without being called anti something that isn’t good.

Why does no one talk about the disproportionate small number of Jews in prisons compared to Blacks? Why aren’t black leaders calling for more Jews in prisons, like they call for more Whites in prisons to level the prison field?

How can a Jew be a white supremacist? They always existed, just not talked about much. Supremacy is rooted in the Jewish religion. They changed it to ‘different’ when people like myself called them out on it.

How can a Jew be a Nazi? They always existed, just not talked about much.

How can a Jew be a Neo-Nazi? What does neo/new even mean in terms of Naziism, a political party? How has it changed?

  • People who hate the Jew part in themselves and/or those who don’t know that they’re Jew or part Jew.

Disgruntled Jews. Who don’t know they’re Jews. A paradox in Jewry.

Are orthodox Jews banned from serving time in prison? One must wonder why. Brutality. Probably. Humans are the most vicious of animals. Within the category of human, different groups display varying degrees of brutality.

Jews are not a tiny minority. Maybe inbreeding Jews are a minority among the greater Jew population where Italian Jews look Italian and Irish Jews look Irish and on and on.

White Jews, that’s how the world sees Jews. The Jews kept hidden the other part and still do. Every nationality has Jews, every ethnicity. Every color or shades. Every gender. The indigenous part is hard to prove, because Jews prefer to be white, and indigenous people, those who never left the forest, are anything but white. They’re not black either.

I’m beginning to think that all humans originated on islands and came from water, instead of originating on large land masses. Salt water, not rivers and lakes, except the Salt Lakes. Any other salt lakes in the world besides in Utah?

7 salt lakes around the world

  1. Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel. The most famous of the lot, the Dead Sea – also known as the “Salt Sea” – is the natural place to start. …
  2. Lake Assal, Djibouti. …
  3. Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. …
  4. Don Juan Pond, Antarctica. …
  5. Caspian and Aral seas, Central Asia. …
  6. Lake Urmia, Iran. …
  7. Mono Lake, California, USA.
  • Indigenous doesn’t set people apart, only those who never left the forest from those who did. They still have the same roots. We are all descendants of indigenous people somewhere, which means we can all wear that designation.

Jews worldwide are in support of Ukraine, because there’s a Jewish president and a Jewish population. That could be why the USA thought they could manipulate a Jewish president rather than one who was in support of Russia. To call one corrupt and the other not corrupt is based on political interpretation. Jews are some of the most corrupt people on the planet, and Russia has a large Jewish population. Most of the foreigners now occupying Palestine as settlers are Russian imports.

The USA has a long history of instigating coups and agitating the populace for or against those politicians in foreign countries with whom they want to work to achieve what is in the best interest of the USA.

Lindsay Graham has a death wish – for himself. He’s counting on God to save him from his reckless behavior on behalf of America.

  • Not on my behalf Lindsay Graham. Do not call for an assassination of anybody – on my behalf or anybody else’s behalf, except your own.

To act independently as a congressional member, calling for an assassination of a foreign president should impeach him, twice. Just to be sure, he really meant it. That’s why he repeated it long after he had time to rethink it.

Graham still didn’t unring that bell.

If he’s acting as a voice for the USA military, then I call the USA military reckless to put an old man with cognitive deficits out in front to take the hit, that they should have done themselves.

Did the military make that request or recommendation to congress?

That Graham blamed a dead senator on his word usage calling for an assassination is a tell.

Does the military require permission to assassinate a world leader?

Does the military require permission to assassinate a senator?

Just wondering.

I’m done with him. Assassination is an act of terrorism in any language, in any country. Lindsay Graham put my life in danger; he put every American’s life in danger.

I’m not going down because a reckless senator wanted credit for the death of a president in a foreign country.

ANOTHER STORY about South Carolina, Lindsay Graham’s home state, THAT CAUGHT MY EYES when searching for the state with the most pigs raised for slaughter.

I was wondering if Lindsay Graham ate a pig a day like Ariel Sharon claimed to eat a lamb a day. It’s just how my thoughts ran, thinking I should be writing something about animal rights, instead of wasting time on Lindsay Graham. Okay, his face is a little piggish looking, which probably helped that train along.

South Carolina

Posted in South Carolina Nature September 13, 2021 by Robin Jarvis

South Carolina’s Wild Pig Population Has Spread Into All 46 Counties And The Numbers Are Disturbingly High

Just when we’re getting used to the idea of alligators creeping up onto front porches here in South Carolina, bears climbing up on back decks to empty bird feeders, and coyotes making themselves at home if you leave your door open, in come the pigs – and it’s not good news, either.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

First, the numbers.
You can consider the wild hog, or pig, just a much larger version of its farm-raised cousin. Feral or wild pigs can grow up to five feet in length and males weigh an average of 200 pounds; females weigh an average of 175 pounds.

Wild pigs have proved to be extremely versatile and can easily adapt to most environments. This map shows the 2017 distribution of wild pigs in South Carolina – leaving no county untouched.
According to one report posted on Esri, in 2009, a farmer in Abbeville County reported losing one-third of his 100-acres of crops to wild pig damages.
But crops and livestock aren’t the only damage the wild pig population inflicts.
The female wild pig’s reproductive cycle is such that she can give birth multiple times per year and birth up to as many as 16 pigs with each delivery.
At the moment, the most effective way to combat the population gains of the wild pigs living in South Carolina is through humans hunting them.

Did you have any idea how out of hand the wild pig population is getting in South Carolina? Ever see one of these in the wild, or worst yet… in your own backyard? Weigh in with a comment in our Facebook thread!

For another creature that’s rapidly spreading across the state, keep reading: More And More Armadillos Are Being Spotted Throughout South Carolina And Here’s What You Should Know.

I looked in Nanny’s Suitcase in a folder called Research and grabbed a few items to look at later.

One was Scores of Albinos in hiding after attacks (the writer didn’t capitalize the word albino) CNN November 29, 2009

‘Ten thousand Albinos in hiding in East Africa amid fears of being dismembered and their body parts sold to witchdoctors. Albinos are believed to have special powers and are sought after to bring wealth and good luck…

  • Why didn’t Blacks across America go to Africa and protest the bad treatment of their own by their own? Dismembering handicapped people for their organs and bones to bring wealth and good luck? They’re white black people to them and they show no compassion, even worse, they kill and mutilate them for that which makes them different.
  • How evil can evil get? Talk about discrimination. Whoa. Terror has no bounds with Africans. This is the worst of human bias against someone for the lack of color to their skin. Yeah, if they kill and eat them they’ll get healthy, wealthy and lucky. Bet they don’t.

Then another was a full page ad in Cleveland Scene free newspaper November 11-17, 2009 page 5. CATTLE CAN’T JUMP. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US FROM RAISING THE BAR.

Insensitive I thought, regarding cows who can’t jump the fence to freedom. Making fun of cows because they can’t jump. Who does that remind me of? This entire ad bears repeating, so I’m going to just write it out.

I’m going to title it THE GOURMET BURRITO even though the ad didn’t. Well, the one that looks like a title, didn’t impress me as talking about food. I thought they were still on Olympic overload, thinking about pole vaulting or basketball, then realized it was 2009.

Gourmet burrito. It’s not often you see those two words hanging out together. But if it’s up to us, they’re going to be hanging out a whole lot more.

That’s because we believe that every burrito is born with the right to better ingredients.

And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word: better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals and better for the farmers who raise the animals.

Take our beef, for instance. More than 60% of it is naturally raised, and every day we’re striving to make that number even higher. That means no growth hormones or antibiotics, and a strictly vegetarian diet.

It’s more expensive raising cattle this way. But we think it’s worth it. and when you bite into a mouth-watering steak or barbacoa burrito, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

That’s why we are working overtime to make all our beef, in all of our restaurants, naturally raised. Changing the way America sources, serves and eats beef isn’t going to be easy.

But you’re helping us make that happen every time you come in./

This ad could be called a white washing of the cattle raise-to-slaughter industry, making it sound harmless, appealing, innocuous, worth continuing even if it costs more for natural.

Every burrito is born, acting as if a sandwich is a child birthed by a mom and pop burrito. CHIPOTLE burrito is born with rights – to better ingredients, just like humans have birth rights.

They use the word ‘better’ eight times. I’m not much of a counter, but they were all clumped together, which made me notice.


better ingredients,

when we say better we mean better,

better tasting,

better sources,

better for the environment,

better for the animals,

better for the farmers

CHIPOTLE recommends a strictly vegetarian diet, which means animal-free, for it’s cattle.

But CHIPOTLE does not recommend a strictly vegetarian diet for the eaters of its burrito made with strictly vegetarian fed cattle.

Chipotle did not say better for the consumer or the eater.

Animals are still animals no matter what they eat.

Humans are still animals no matter what they eat.

Feeding a cow/cattle an animal-free diet, does not turn the animal into a plant.

Feeding an animal an animal-free diet is not better for the animal when the animal is raised to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. The raise-to-slaughter animal does not live long enough for a good or bad diet to have much influence on health and longevity.

It’s eating the animal itself, that contributes to human and bovine diseases regardless of what the animal ate prior to slaughter.

This chipotle ad was constructed like it wanted to control the reader’s mind. MIND CONTROL. Brain-washing, white washing. It’s all there. THE GOURMET BURRITO THAT CAN’T JUMP, BUT WE’RE GOING TO RAISE THE BAR ANYWAY.

Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3.13.2022

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb

-It sucks the life out of humans while crushing and vaporizing them-

Most people base their prejudices on one person, good or bad, then it generalizes to the entire group. Sucks the life right out of them, it’s so fast and devastating.

When one activist speaks out on behalf of an entire race, and it’s negative, then the prejudice against one person grows to the entire race or group instantly.

All races are basically the same. Some groups prefer to debate endlessly, leaving the prejudice up in the air, but the actions on the ground speak toward ‘until you see the light we must ignore you/.

To some that’s hate. Ignore them means you hate them. And for that you deserve punishment.

And so the battles begin to continue…

Hate is a strong word. People throw it about like they forgot to brush their teeth in the morning. But it grows into a crime punishable by jail time. It doesn’t take much either.

Back in Oregon decades ago a wheelchair bound black woman reported that white people burned a cross on her front lawn at night. The community and police believed her and the hunt was on for the violator/trespasser, which turned out to be her. She’d get out of her wheelchair at night, walk to the garage, drag the cross to the front, set it up and set it on fire, then call the police claiming a hate crime against her.

If the result of recent riots was supposed to produce fewer people in jail, it had the opposite effect. 

Certain people are allowed evidently by law or practice to commit so-called hate crimes with impunity. Minorities specifically. Let a Russian do it though and off to jail they’ll probably go. 

Why would a Russian bother if there’s no financial benefit to the Russian?  Same goes for Ukrainians. Why commit a so-called hate crime if there’s nothing in it for them? This is in America though. They probably think Blacks and Hispanics are low intelligence and that’s all they got. Blow something up when they get upset and hope for a good outcome.

Ops. Looks like that’s what Ukrainians and Russians are doing now. Looks like that’s what Israel is doing now, and the USA doing now. Twenty years of bombing Afghanistan, decimating Iraq, now Syria. Into Somalia they go. We’re the most bomb-happy country on earth. Did we invent that vacuum bomb to bomb caves in Afghanistan or Viet Nam? 

One must wonder what all these bomb people think is going to be the positive outcome from it all? Lots of building contracts? That’s what Shimon Peres – President of Israel from 2002-2014 – said about Gaza when asked why Israel keeps bombing them. ‘Building contracts for Israel./ 

I wonder if the USA always pays, or if other countries contribute to the rebuild by garnering contracts in exchange for their support of the bombing, or at least standing back/down in the face of it? 

I wonder how long it’s going to take to rebuild Syria into the likeness of Israel?

Seventy-four years of getting away with stealing land from Palestine says it’s worth the effort.

“WHAT IS A VACUUM BOMB? A vacuum bomb, or thermobaric weapon, sucks in oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion, typically producing a blast wave of a significantly longer duration than that of a conventional explosive and is capable of vaporizing human bodies.”How do vacuums bombs work?” https://www.indiatoday.in/world/russia-ukraine-war/story/russia-ukraine-war-news-russia-has-confirmed-use-of-vacuum-bombs-1924021-2022-03-11

“A vacuum bomb sucks in oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion, typically producing a blast wave of a significantly longer duration than that of a conventional explosive.

Thermobaric weapons are the modern equivalents of flame-throwers and napalm dispensers. 

Fired as missiles, on impact with a target the rockets spread a fuel-air cloud that detonates a fraction of a second later. 

The resultant supersonic blast destroys buildings with a devastating pressure wave that can crush human bodies even if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the strike.

A Russian TOS-1 Buratino multiple rocket launcher in action

Body armour and hard cover, such as trenches, are useless as the air explodes once ignited, breaking bones, causing internal haemorrhaging, and rupturing eardrums, bowels, and other internal organs.

The weapons are said to be the most deadly munitions on the modern battlefield, save for nuclear forces.   

Russia’s Tos-1 Buratino is a variant of the self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system. Moscow has used the weapon, including earlier variants, in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, and Syria.

The vehicles have been tracked by western forces for weeks operating near the Russian city of Belgorod, close to the border with Ukraine. Western officials say the weapons have now crossed the border.  

The TOS-1 creates a blast twice as powerful as most conventional bomb blasts, and victims close to the blast radius are instantly crushed to death.

How dangerous are they?

Vacuum bombs are capable of vaporising human bodies near the ignition point. Those close by are likely to suffer burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness, according to the CIA. 

Where else have vacuum bombs been used?

Thermobaric explosives were developed by the US for use in Vietnam. The Soviets then quickly began to develop their own in response, reportedly using them against the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and China in the Sino-Soviet border conflict. 

They were instrumental for the US in its efforts to eliminate al-Qaida in the mountains in Afghanistan./ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/03/10/what-vacuum-bombs-thermobaric-weapons-cluster-bomb/

Imagine The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Lasting 74 years

USA endorses slavery of Palestinians with payment of $4.8 billion to Jews for Palestinian maintenance

White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion

“The US supports Ukrainians’ right to resist military occupation, and will supply them with all they need to fight back,” said political analyst Omar Baddar. “In Palestine, the US supports Israel’s brutal military occupation, & will ensure the occupiers get the weapons they need to maintain it.”…”

Sharon’s Comment: USA LEFT OUT A PART. The occupation by Israel in Palestine is in the USA interest. The resistance to the occupation by Russia in Ukraine is in the USA interest. There’s no morality here. It’s what suits the USA militarily globally. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia still insists this is not an occupation in Ukraine; it’s a military operation.


  • Or maybe Slavery is a USA held value. We don’t torture at home, but we send people to foreign countries to be tortured, because those countries allow it. What kind of value is that?


USA ARMS OCCUPIERS/SLAVEHOLDERS in 2022 in Palestine to pressure Iran into submission to Israel.


For the record, Orthodox Jews occupied the minds and bodies of Palestinians living in Palestine for 74 years and 28 years before that owned by Great Britain. All these years the world told Palestinian slaves owned by Britain and orthodox Jews they had to earn their freedom.

What a lie. There was never any intention of freeing anybody, unless they fled their homeland to parts unknown. When the Palestinians fought back absent a military, they were labeled terrorists. There is no deal on earth that could be made to free these slaves on their own land that would be in any way satisfactory for what they suffered by the hands of Jews worldwide. The world knows it and the world lives just fine with that hypocrisy. Enslaving humans to get back at another country is torture and the Jews worldwide were witness to their slaughter time and time again. Seal the borders, no corridors for slaves, then bomb them to hell.

In my own country, boasting to be the greatest nation on earth, riding on the tails of imaginary freedom from bondage, while supporting slavery in foreign countries when it is in their best interest to do so. They do that in our name. In the name of We the People. It is not in We the People’s best interest to promote slavery since 1948 and beyond until not one Palestinian remains on the land of Palestine.

The Jews once again made a laughing stock of the USA. And we paid them 4.8 billion dollars to do it – in just one year. They should be paying us instead of us paying them to hold slaves in captivity, as payment to the Jews post WWII fulfilling the promise of Adolf Hitler – work shall set you free – to occupy the land of Palestine and all who inhabit it.

That’s ownership. That’s Hitler bartering with people. The Jews worked for Hitler, and Hitler paid them in Palestinians rather than dollars. Paid them in People. The land came along with the people. Nobody objected strongly enough to make a difference – 74 years now, and they’re still siphoning money from the USA to maintain that occupation of the Palestinian people. Billions of dollars every year. You can bet, not much of that goes to quality of life maintenance.

According to USA Ukrainians have right to resist, Palestinians have right to submit. That’s the difference between Palestinians and Ukrainians – one are slaves held against their will for 74 years, the others are not.

Free The Palestinians From Jewish Bondage

I’m not calling them Zionists. If it were just a small group of land and people bandits, whose activities involve slavery, torture and slaughter that no other Jew supported, then I might. As it stands Jews worldwide present to the world the face of a majority in agreement with their occupier policies, and as a result have not chosen to exercise their freedom to protest worldwide to free the Palestinians from Jewish occupation. It’s not in their personal and business interest to free a people whose captivity brings in money to the occupier and expansion cause of the Jewish people in the Middle East, including weapons.

Reaction from Pro-Israel Groups
All this talk of double standards has created at least a little anxiety among pro-Israel groups and lobbying organizations. “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a dispute over territory by two peoples who both have historic claims and connections,” tweeted ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution that provides security, dignity and self-determination to both.”

Reaction from Pro-Israel Groups: On DOUBLE STANDARDS Re: Ukrainians and Palestinians.

Sharon’s Comment:

Re: “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution”?

Sharon: IT’S BEEN 74 YEARS of a path designed by orthodox Jews in the region that leads to nowhere.

Re: ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “The path to resolution is through building engagement and ultimately a two-state solution that provides security, dignity and self-determination to both.”


Sharon: Who calls that fair? Who calls 74 years a path to resolution and a two-state solution? Who could call that, “security, dignity and self-determination to both?” The only ones doing any self-determination are the ones stealing the land from the other. The one with the huge military and nuclear weapons against the other with no military.

That so-called path is never-ending. In the meanwhile, the Jewish majority ate up nearly all the land in Palestine.

PALESTINIAN LOSS OF LAND as of 2010. It’s a lot worse now. It’s 2022. The Jewish majority didn’t give any of it back. How could it take 74 years with no end in sight? Because they didn’t take all the land they wanted. There’s more to lose.

These orthodox Jews stealing Palestinian land have dragged their feet for 74 years. It’s a wonder they have any feet left.

White House says Ukrainians have right to resist while Congress moves to send Israel $4.8 billion

Fake Comments And Haters

We all know what fake news is, even though we might not always be able to discern what is and what is not fake or real. Donald Trump made sure of that. Not that it hasn’t been around since the beginning of human life, it’s just that fake wasn’t the focus, it rested in the background as a maybe.

Fake comments don’t headline news stories, like fake news does.

Who, except me maybe, cares about fake comments? But people read comments. Why do you think Yahoo News did away with theirs? For some, the details of the story don’t matter. It’s the headline they attack or support. Comment-fakers set up a pro and con situation with every headline and then go on full attack for or against. Yes, even those in favor go into attack mode.

Madison Avenue (MA) must have thought that too much focus was being placed on comments where there weren’t many ads. They want people to click on headline after headline, not stop and have a war with other comment-fakers on every single story. Too much fighting going on and pile-ons, and energy expended through words that take the attention away from advertisements.

So now, there are no comments. The title of each story is basically an editorial that tells the reader what to believe. Usually by the second paragraph the writer has already interjected the fake part woven into the story. MA also knows the short attention span of humans. So, read the headline, then the first paragraph; okay you’ve read enough now go onto the next story and see some more ads. Many times throughout the article the main point, usually biased, gets repeated. so what’s the point of continuing to read/

News agencies at the behest of advertisers tell you what your opinion is. You don’t tell the world your view in their comment sections – those days are long gone. I don’t know who took away our right to have our own opinions and to express them, but Madison Avenue (MA) played a big part.

Blogs are being continuously censored for conflicting opinions, under the guise of offending people’s feelings, when in fact it has nothing to do with feelings. It has to do with government forces including the likes of Madison Avenue who want to sell ads and the big money that buys the ads wanting to control your opinions, so others seeing the ads won’t be distracted by your views.

What a land of deception we live in that has nothing to do with the rights or freedoms that our government brags to other countries that we Americans enjoy. They don’t exist. This isn’t the land of the free; this is a land where every occupant is living under threats of severe career and life altering penalties for harboring views that conflict with the establishment or special interest groups that dominate the one sided conversation.

The inhabitants of the USA are treated like enemy combatants by every institution and business – yes businesses are the biggest offenders of your rights. And they might as well waterboard you, because when they find your opinion, and there are spies everywhere looking for holes of truth in their fabric of lies, and it doesn’t parallel park with one of their fake opinions, there is an all out assault on every part of your life. You get stripped naked and publicly harassed and humiliated and then kicked off the planet, never to be heard of again.

Yes. That’s how bad it has gotten. Rotten to the core with corruption, discrimination and enslavement. Everyone is a public figure, like it or not, which means faceless, nameless people are gunning for you to conform to their agendas.

They actually tell you who you have to hate, and if you don’t, then they slap you with a hate label.
If you don’t hate who they want you to hate, that means you like the person they hate, and hate the person they like.
So they call you a hater for liking somebody.
Or even if you don’t care one way or the other, you’re still a hater – because you won’t hate who they tell you to hate, and you according to them deserve to have your life ruined due to non-compliance with their hate-driven agenda.

I mean, this runs like a comedy routine. The tragic part is that it’s real and it’s ruining this country and the world. Nobody woke. It’s a lie that somehow gave all the so-called ‘woke’ people free reign to destroy life, limb and property. Where did you all get that interpretation from “no prejudice, beyond prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – the five principles to a better life? One leads to the other if left unchecked. Do you know what unchecked means?

How did this country get this way so fast? It is sheer, socially driven insanity. And it spread like a contagion worldwide. How could that happen? Are we so easily influenced that we just fall into line with whatever these controllers tell us what to think and how to act?

It’s scary. I keep hearing, ‘how can you not hate that person or this person or another person’, and I keep wondering why they want me to. What’s in it for them? I guess once you’re in that hater mode, you must want everybody to be in it with you. Maybe hate loves company, because there sure is a lot of it out there.

The ones calling people racist for not agreeing with them on some issue are the real haters. They hate you for not agreeing with them. Consider hating someone and the intensity involved and how easily it is these days for almost everybody to hate spontaneously. Then they made a crime out of not hating someone you hate and called it a hate crime. Unbelievable.

It’s a hustle to get you to support their agenda, by getting you to hate their target. If you don’t, they target you too.

Don’t tell me who to love or hate, dislike or like. It’s not your business. You who tell others who to hate are the real haters. Wake up!

Do you even know how to converse? Or is hate so much on your mind that it swallowed your brain?

Your own hate ate your own brain. That looks really ugly to non-haters. Stay away from decent people. Your hate is like a fast growing incurable contagious cancer. Your need to destroy others is a form of mental illness, no one has studied much. They will. These aren’t haters with a conscience. When you’re screaming compassion, that’s not compassion. That’s a lie. And you’re out of control. People should fear those who tell them who to hate, who they can talk to. Those are the real oppressors among the populace.

The elitist groups? They do the same exact thing, among elitist groups, within elitist groups. Government to government, nation to nation, people telling other people who to hate, who to talk to and who to snub. Clubs, associations, non-profits even, church groups, religions, political parties, ethnicities, genders, races, rich people, poor people, healthy people, sick people, drinkers, non-drinkers, animal eaters, animal-free eaters.

Just so you know, elitists don’t consider themselves to be part of the populace. They’re separate from the masses. Above and beyond the common folk.

Most elitists are not survivalists and most survivalists don’t mingle much with those whom they consider ill-prepared to meet challenges. When the world is on fire, those elitist groups will turn to the common folk for leadership, since they know how to survive and thrive under adverse conditions. They may not possess fashion-statement equipment, but they know how to improvise better than any elitist and survivalist groups.

So be careful who you tell to hate, and who gets wind of it. To survive one needs to get along with all types of people at all stages of evolutionary development. You don’t need to love your neighbor or love what your neighbor does, but you need to be able to mingle and contribute where it’s needed when catastrophic events occur.

Don’t assume you know what your neighbor thinks. You don’t.

Don’t be that dead weight that everybody has to drag, or that hysteric that everybody has to coddle. You need to prepare yourself. It’s not up to your neighbor to prepare for you.

When someone startles at your wanting to be noticed hairstyle, don’t blame them. That’s what you wanted. Nobody likes feigned indignation or false complaints. The only difference between them and fake news and comments, is it’s what comes out of your mouths that’s fake.

There are lots of ways to communicate. Be sure you are not sending mixed messages.

Mixed messages kill.

Lindsay Graham Wants to Retire?

Lindsay Graham Republican Senior Senator from South Carolina Wants to Retire?

But he can’t do it; she doesn’t have the grit it takes to let go. In other words, he wants to be forced out and he wants it to be in response to him calling for the assassination of a world leader on a highly publicized social media platform.

The guy has always been a mixed bag of spoiled nuts.

His last action in office was saying what he really wanted to say, without the party permission. If he gets away with it, and nobody forces him out, he’ll one up the call for assassins worldwide to go to Russia and assassinate President Vladimir Putin until he ends up before a judge and jury for committing treason. He’ll end up in a jail cell for putting all Americans at home at risk.

Lindsay Graham left wide open the door for foreign mercenaries (we call them terrorists) to enter America and assassinate the USA president.

Get that man off the stage. Retire him or fire him.

He just committed an act of terrorism.

The fact that he kept it narrow by calling on Russians to assassinate the guy only proves his intent to spread worldwide his call. He tried to cover his bases, thinking it’s okay for Russians to assassinate a Russian president. American service men are now going to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian military as soldiers of fortune and mercenaries to defeat the Russian armies – individual people thinking they can defeat the Russian military? Only if they have assassination on their minds. He’s basically calling for a Lee Harvey Oswald – ‘where is he when we need him?

USA mercenaries and soldiers of fortune already answered that call. They already geared up.

It looks like the USA just declared war against Russia by sending its former military fighters to Ukraine to assassinate the president of Russia. The USA better make sure those mercenaries never leave the USA. That one senator, Lindsay Graham, openly recruited them back to service should give the entire world reason to pause. It’s the result that matters. This is what happens when senators go rogue. They put every American citizen at risk.

The world better hope that Putin stays alive, because if he doesn’t, the USA will be pummeled in the name of Lindsay Graham, and Lindsay Graham will go down in history as the Republican senator that started World War III by taking out a hit on a world leader on social media – Lee Harvey Oswald style.

That bell cannot be unrung. The more you try, the worse it gets. Every world leader is now wondering if they’ve ever been on Lindsay Graham’s hit list. And who else has a hit list?

I don’t think even Donald Trump ever publicly called for the assassination of a president.

Lindsay Graham Seeks Assassin online via Twitter. Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Is?

Do You Know What A Half-Assed Job Means?

It is a metaphor of the human ass. Two buttocks. Two halves make a whole.

The reason government agencies, bureaus etc. fail so often is because they do a half-assed job. They spend one half of the time and effort doing the actual job or at least researching it, and the other half letting off steam – before – during – after. 

One might wonder why they spend half the time spilling their collective guts everywhere, and only half the time getting the job done right.

They don’t know how to do whatever they’re doing right. They’re too young, with little actual life experience. Everything done is based on statistics and models and methods they follow, that don’t produce results.

There must be a better way to solve crimes than to rely on snitches or to set up proned-people to commit crimes, then haul them in just as they’re about to commit the crime. 

That’s called profiling.

Government personnel mix in with friends of the target, then befriend the target, ask questions, egg people on when they’re drunk or drugged, casual meetings, set up a crime, then catch a terrorist in the making that they made into a terrorist.  

They justify it all by claiming if they could get this guy or gal to commit a terrorists act, then somebody else, not connected to government could do the same – in time.

Well in time, if not bothered by government forces pretending to be terrorist-to-be drinking buddies, these so called targets may not have been radicalized at all, if it weren’t for the government stepping into a manipulative process to speed up radicalization.

The government needs numbers to prove they are indeed catching terrorists and/or stopping terrorist attacks. 

There’s a saying that one is judged by the company they keep. Hang out where the anti-people hang and eventually you become like them. Show the proof.

I hung out at a local tavern for twelve years where supposedly all the criminals, prostitutes, drug users and heavy pushers hang out and their behavior did not ‘rub off’ onto me.

Governments don’t focus on stopping behavior, they focus on getting results, whatever it takes. They recruit a certain percentage of people whom they are pretty sure will go the distance when asked, then they set them up, very slowly.

  • It reminds me of an experiment where they strap an animal in cold water and slowly increase the heat till the skin peels off and the experimenter claims the animal feels no pain. I don’t believe it, but they make an argument that the public wants to believe and so they do. Scientists did it to humans too during World War II.

They don’t look for loose cannons to go off with light triggers. They want methodical-minded killers who can torture methodically without emotion.

So there you have it. Your serial killers. In every race, every ethnicity. They already exist among the rank and file and the elite of every military. Study them. Is that what you want, to stop a killing spree before it happens? Well, the military is the perfect outlet for these individuals. They hide well, better than radicalized people.

How to find them? 

The same way you find people to set up for crimes – the ones you think may commit crimes in the future. They’ve already been trained to kill. They’re already in databases. They’ve been mentally warped by war. The repeated tours of duty made them addicted to the kill. What to do with that addiction once home?

Find an outlet.

Why are mercenaries allowed to sell their services right out in the open? Why aren’t they brought in and questioned about their job descriptions? Where are the under cover operations to expose them, catch them? Why aren’t they tracked – these individuals who advertise themselves for hire? You don’t even have to set these dudes and dudesses up. They advertise themselves.

They’re out there for hire. Is that legal in the USA? Why have a magazine devoted especially to murder for sale, killers for hire? Where’s the expose? No journalists interested in how they get away with murder in plain sight, in full view of the government and the government doesn’t care? That needs an investigation.

Nobody has to set them up; they set themselves up. Unless the government uses these people to provide services that legally they can’t engage in, namely assassination, why let them operate with impunity? And why let the government use individuals to kill people that would otherwise be illegal? Hypocrisy reigns always in the name of governments. So why wouldn’t the media want to investigate a government that uses these people for hire to dole out death sentences to individuals the government doesn’t like for whatever reason?

Mercenaries or soldiers of fortune were explored decades ago in the press, but not in depth and only as far as the government would allow. They’re not illegal when being used against foreign governments, even though they’re not a member of any military. If they’re not part of the military, they should be illegal. But the military hires these outsiders to conduct military-style operations that otherwise would be illegal.

When these same people are used by private individuals to murder for hire, it appears that the military turns a blind eye.

When governments commit the same crimes for which civilians get prison time, it’s easy to understand why most of the population disrespects their hidden agendas. They claim to be making the world a safer place, but commit crimes against humanity for reasons unknown, that probably influence consequential assassinations and massacres across the globe accepted by them as collateral damage.

Half-assed jobber: someone does half the job right, then slacks off on the other half or does the whole of it with lack-luster effort producing inferior work. On average, a fifty-percent effort. That’s a low score no matter the job. That’s the government. It also means one sat on their ass half the time and did nothing.

I hired an employee once who told me he’d work harder for more money. Better too. I thought, he should be giving a hundred percent no matter the pay. He agreed at the price at the time, but later explained why he didn’t perform as promised. Someone like that, no matter how much you pay them they will still be slackers. If you can’t train yourself to want to do a good job, instead of just barely satisfactory and they expect the employer to accommodate all their quirks, then nobody else can train them to do otherwise.

ASSASSINS ARE TERRORISTS. Those who hire them are terrorists.

Lindsey Graham U.S. senator recently called for the assassination of a world leader, Vladimir Putin President of Russia.

Someone of his stature knew full well the impact. Make the guy scared so he’ll stop the demilitarization of Ukraine? He was also hoping one of Putin’s own people will take the hint, kill the guy and get a big payday from Lindsay Graham personally? Or from the USA government?

I’m not going to remark on the mental fitness status of Lindsay Graham previous to that highly publicized assassination wish on behalf of the USA on social media that spans continents, but if he stays in his position, and Putin is assassinated, Joe Biden will be next. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

He didn’t call for the assassination of Israeli leaders when they did the same to Palestine, or Syria in process as I write. Or at any other time, has he or anyone come out and publicly sent around the globe a written endorsement for assassination for hire? One would assume by a mercenary or soldier of fortune.

So why is Lindsay Graham still in office? Is he trying to cause a World War III? Looks like it to me. If anyone needs to be taken out, meaning fired, not killed, it is Lindsay Graham.

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    Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech
    Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech
  • Gender Bias
    Gender Bias


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  • Israel turns Sea Water Into Fresh Water?
  • Socialist And Autocratic States Ban Free Speech
  • Gender Bias