Mercury Planet Facts | How Far is Mercury From the Sun?

Small Yet Mighty Mercury Still Holds Many Mysteries

Two different spacecraft have visited the planet, but there’s still so much we don’t know about it.

By Jennifer Leman

Nov 9, 2019


Rockets roared to life on August 3, 2004, as an intrepid spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral and set out to uncover mysteries about the Solar System’s smallest planet: Mercury. The Messenger craft—short for Mercury

Surface, Space Environment, Geo-chemistry and Ranging—rocketed toward the dense, little planet with big plans.

Mariner 10—the first spacecraft to visit multiple planets and use gravity assist to fling itself from one to another—swept past Mercury three times in the 1970s. It returned striking photos of the planet’s surface and revealed what we know about temperature changes, giving scientists and astronomers a basic understanding of processes.

Only two missions have visited the mysterious little planet tucked against the sun. Mariner’s images of Mercury opened up a whole new world for exploration. Messenger would give scientists much, much more data along with surprises astronomers could never have imagined.

Now, a new mission, BepiColombo is racing toward Mercury and will expand our understanding of one of the solar system’s most intriguing planets.

A Few Quick Basics


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system—slightly larger than the moon—with a radius of only 1,516 miles. If the Earth were the size of a nickel, according to NASA, Mercury would be the size of a blueberry.

It only takes sunlight 3.2 minutes to reach the surface of the Swift Planet, which sits tucked close to our sun—just 36 million miles away from the star. Sunlight reaches Earth in roughly eight minutes, by comparison. During the day, Mercury’s surface temperatures reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit and dip to -290 degrees Fahrenheit at night because the planet has no atmosphere to retain heat. So, don’t think about colonization.

Mercury has what’s called an exosphere made from solar-wind propelled oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium, and potassium atoms that have bounced off the planet’s surface. The moon-less Mercury’s magnetic field has a strength just one percent that of Earth’s and is wildly askew, much stronger along the planet’s northern Hemisphere, according to the New York Times.

Every morning, at dawn, the planet is subjected to a spray of micrometeoroids, according to NASA.

Mercury’s core is solid and makes up about 85 percent of the planet’s radius. It’s liquid outer core, is also mainly made of iron and is surrounded by a rocky mantle. Like Earth, the planet has a thin hard crust.

Godspeed Messenger

4.5 billion years ago, a swirl of gas, rock, and dust came together to form the smallest planet in our solar system. Because it lacks an atmosphere, the planet is covered in pockmarks from the many billions of years of asteroid and meteorite impacts.

Upon its closest approach, sweeping within 142 miles of the planet at a clip of 12,000 miles per hour, Messenger revealed insight into Mercury’s surface processes.

Large flat plains, interpreted as (relatively) fresh lava flows—not yet scarred by impact craters—showed that the planet may be more dynamic than previously thought. It’s a volcanic planet, as astronomers long suspected. Messenger imaged one peak larger than the state of Delaware.

The spacecraft also proved something incredible: the presence of water ice within the planet’s shadowed craters. At the time of its discovery, the The New York Times reported that there was enough ice in some of the craters to cover Washington D.C. in a two and a half mile-deep block of ice.

The mystery deepened when Messenger’s readings revealed that a dark, tar-like organic substance surrounded many of the ice deposits. These compounds are similar to what’s found on some asteroids and meteorites.

The spacecraft also discovered volatiles like chlorine, sulfur, sodium and potassium on the planet, according to The Times, signifying that Mercury has a complex origin story. It has shrunk, too, since its inception—by as much as 14 miles, NASA says.

After an 11 year mission, on April 30, 2015, Messenger dove into the planet, smashing a 50-foot-wide crater in the planet near Janácek crater in Suisei Planitia.

Some Celestial Oddities


Just half a billion years after it formed, Mercury is thought to have been hit by a giant asteroid, which smashed a Texas-sized crater into the surface and knocked the planet into a strange, oblong orbit.

Mercury’s strange, egg-shaped orbit takes it around the sun every 88 days. Curiously, the planet rotates three times every two orbits, roughly every 58 Earth days. It’s a seasonless planet, too. Spring, summer, fall and winter are exactly the same because the axis along which Mercury rotates is almost perfectly upright.

Even weirder, some parts of the planet see two sunrises. The sun peeks over the horizon, briefly dips below, and then rises again for the rest of the day. The same process, but in reverse, happens along some parts of the planet during its sunset. One solar day—a full day-night cycle—takes 176 Earth days.

Roughly thirteen times each century, Mercury passes across the sun in a five-and-a-half-hour transit that is visible from Earth. Professional and amateur astronomers can track the planet with binoculars or a telescope equipped with a solar filter as it inches in front of the star.

⚠️ Never view the sun without a proper solar filter.

The last transit occurred on May 9, 2016, and the next will occur on Nov. 11, 2019. After that, the next transit won’t occur for 13 years. The entire transit will take five and a half hours, beginning at 7:35 a.m. EST and wrapping up at 1:04 p.m. EST, according to NASA.

Humans Make a Return Visit

In the next 6 years, we’ll learn even more about Mercury. BepiColombo, an ESA-JAXA mission, is currently zipping toward the planet. It launched in October 2018, and is scheduled to reach the planet in 2025, at which point it will return even more information about our Solar System’s smallest planet.

The mission is composed of two spacecraft: ESA’s Mercury Planetary Orbiter, which will carry a whopping 11 instruments, including cameras, spectrometers (IR, UV, X-ray, γ-ray, neutron), radiometer, laser altimeter, among others to probe the planet, and Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter, which will carry an imager and only five scientific instruments, including a magnetometer, ion spectrometer, electron energy analyzer, cold and energetic plasma detectors and a plasma wave analyzer.

As BebiColombo sails closer to the Swift Planet, it will take measurements of the planet’s exosphere and magnetosphere, collect data to reveal more about Mercury’s origin, inspect its planetary layers and conduct a critical test of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

But eventually (in roughly 3.5 billion years), Mercury will expire. Scientists believe the sun will become brighter, expand, and swallow Mercury, Venus, and Earth before eventually turning into a white dwarf star.

But until then, there is much to learn about the smallest planet in our solar system. Does it have active tectonics? Do its craters contain water or sulfur ice? Does the planet have aurorae like here on Earth?

Luckily, BepiColombo is on the hunt for answers…

Source: Mercury Planet Facts | How Far is Mercury From the Sun?



Teacher Of The Year Kneels At Football Game Knowing Donald And Melania Trump Attended


Kelly Holstine said, “Kneeling is a way to show respect for the military and our country, while also supporting oppressed and marginalized humans.”

This coming from a “Teacher Of The Year?”  Where has she been for the past few years? When somebody kneels, in respect and thanksgiving, they kneel on both knees. You ‘take a knee’ on one knee, not two. If she wants to show the military and our country respect, she should volunteer at one of the ‘help the veterans groups’. 

What she was actually doing was using a public forum to disrespect the President of the USA and the First Lady.

Since when are gays marginalized? They’re all over the news all the time. Write a letter to the White House, your congresspeople. Teach your kids how to go through the process – instead of taking the quick route, by humiliating someone in public. This coming from a gay person is hypocritical, given that gays claim non-gays humiliate them and gays want respect. Well, it works both ways.

This whole mess of an action gone logically and strategically awry, while all Holstine could complain about was her knee shaking. That’s what made headlines on Yahoo – ‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’. She’s forty-six years old acting like a kid. She’s a teacher; she has experience in public speaking. Lots of it.

As Teacher Of The Year, she was the first gay teacher bestowed that honor, then refused, like a petulant child, to go to the White House when invited, because she what? Wanted more? How does one get more than that, unless they’re trying to blow up the White House?

First you get recognized, then you get a meeting, establish a rapport, then go from there. She had it all right in the palms of both hands and she threw it away to get international recognition by humiliating the President and First Lady in public. In other words, she wants somebody else to do her work for her. TAKING A KNEE is EASY. What’s a shaky leg and complaining about it do for the gay community she says is marginalized? She’s acting like a confused teenager.

  • No. I’m not going to say all those capital letters when referencing every alternate sexual identification group that exists.
  • Oddly, the most discriminated against sexual orientation group in the USA right now are heterosexuals, whom she blames for all that goes wrong in their lives. 
  • Oddly, the ones beating up gays in gay restrooms and gay bars, and the ones raping gays, are gays.

Kelly Holstine, director of educational equity at OutFront Minnesota, an LGBT+ civil rights group doesn’t use all the capital letters either. Who can remember them all and in perfect order? LGBT + civil rights. That demand alone is discriminatory against heterosexuals and Euro-Americans. It looks like she wants Africans and Spaniards on her side, suggesting by the omission of Euro-Americans, that they don’t deserve civil rights?

It’s hard to believe that after all these decades, gay women still want to be called lesbians. Why, if they want equality with men don’t they include both men and women under the gay designation? If two gay women are in a relationship and one takes the male part and the other takes the female part, is one considered lesbian and the other gay? I don’t know. How would I know, since they have so many categories and classifications. She’s discriminating against women here – still. Even I call both gay men and lesbians, GAY. Gay man. Gay woman. Gay.

Oh, and other marginalized HUMANS? What does that mean? Other animals, not in her ‘human’ category, don’t deserve rights? Do gays eat animals? Does she?

As a teacher of anything she didn’t make the grade. Does she teach only gay kids? If not, then where does that leave all the kids who don’t fit into her marginalized category? Up the creek without a paddle. She’s forty-six years old – and she’s teaching discrimination. Actually, sexual orientation should not be a factor in anybody’s classroom, yet she made it a factor by refusing to attend the White House for a teacher of the year award – based on her sexual orientation.

‘Treat everybody the same’ evidently is not her goal. She wants to separate, not unite. If it’s to unite, then it has to be on the terms of the group to which she belongs, which means every human except Euro-American heterosexuals.

Now that does not make for a good teacher.

Should we be classifying all animals according to their sexual orientation? Only HUMAN animals?

Okay, all the L people stand over here. All the G people sit over here. All the Q people, here. All the T people here. All the B people stand over there. All the C (conflicted) people come on up here. All the P (plus) people go stand in that corner. All the civil rights impaired people, form a circle around me. 

All the H (heterosexual) people and the E (Euro) people kneel over here. You’ve got a lot of praying and paying to do. Both knees. Get down on both knees and show your respect to the others whom you oppress.

Hey Sharon, do I have to take this course? No. Get out of there.  

School shouldn’t be about categorizing and dividing people according to sexual orientation.

Gays shouldn’t get a free pass because they’re gay. Nor should anybody get a free pass because of the category that society or another competing group puts them into. I’m Euro-American and heterosexual. I never got a free pass, in fact, I’ve been overlooked and pushed aside my entire life to make way for somebody else.

Equality was never achieved by assigning people to particular groups or by curing a prejudice with discrimination. 

Payback never solves a crisis; it creates one.

Grow up. If you want the president’s ear, then accept the invitation when it’s given.

‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’





RE: Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes

Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes


It’s Hollywood-style. He’s an actor. If something about a person can be changed, it’s fair game. That’s their rule.

Yahoo UK. The British still call people by their sexual organs. It dominates their movies: dick, cunt, fuckwit, wanker, pedo, cocksucker, dickhead, douche bag.

The USA military pays for sex changes. People can’t get heart transplants because they can’t afford it.

Old people get wheelchairs instead of back surgery that could cure them.

Transpeople are quickly turning into a privileged class, while whining all the way to the top. Maybe we should be more sympathetic toward non-transgender people, who live with what they’ve got, whether they like it or not.

Why DO men have more rights than women? That’s the real offense. Why does Hollywood still put rape scenes in movies? Re-enact rape, because it happens in real life?

In my view, transgender people are stealing attention away from more serious grievances by dominating the news – every day all the time. I’m surprised they didn’t blame Donald Trump. Or did they and I didn’t notice, because transgender Trumps Trump?

Are transgender people regarded as handicapped? Do they want to be? I live around transgender people. They make fun of everybody. So do gays. Maybe they should lead the example parade on gender sensitivity, if they’re so offended.

Or maybe they’re not. Maybe the offended ones are heterosexuals acting on behalf of transgender people. I don’t know. Maybe they should grow a pair (or two) and learn to laugh at themselves. lol. 

ADD-ON: Transphobic means fear of transgender people. I’ve never heard of anybody fearing transgenders.



Word Warrior Davies-Tight

Too bad the American Negro chose/demanded of the world that they be called Black, when their true color is brown. By choosing the black rather than the brown label for themselves they opened the door to competition south of the USA border. That was a huge strategical blunder. What were they thinking, that American Natives got a lot of money by being called Red, so they copied that model? I don’t know of anybody who calls Indians Red. No one. Oh, the Red Skins, a football team. Well, they won’t have that name for long. Washington D. C. of all places, calling their team by a skin color. And where did you get the idea that Red people prospered under the supposed color of their skin?

  • [I never saw a red-skinned person, unless they had a sunburn and even then it was more pink than red. Same is so with…

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RE: Racist posters which appeared in city centre condemned

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 12.17. 2019

Racist posters which appeared in city centre condemned

Living in a city where old people are targeted because they’re white, this is a much needed message.

Yes. It is okay to be white. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to be who you are.

If black is beautiful, then so is white beautiful.

If blacks can be proud to be black, then whites can be proud to be white.

Those who disagree are the real racists.

It’s like being afraid to say you’re from Massachusetts, or that you’re Catholic.



“The smaller the thread, the stronger, more powerful the thread. The smaller it gets, the more powerful it gets, that is, smaller than an atom, and then smaller than that, and smaller than that.

There is a point, whereby the size is so small and so powerful that it creates a big bang. You can saw a table in half, a big table, with little consequence.

Split the atom that makes up the table in half and you have a major powerful event. Splitting atoms and smashing protons is not good for the universe.

By splitting them, you’re attempting to destroy the power that holds the universe together. You’re attempting to alter the universe in a fundamental way.

Don’t create a monster that you know nothing about, just because you can. Where is your sense of responsibility?” HWH


Alternative Intelligence

She’s got us over a barrel. Right where she wants us. It’s like pulling hen’s teeth. I just can’t catch a break. If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck. Katie bar the door. Circle the wagons. Hold on tight, we’re going for a ride. Gloss it over. Firm it up. This baby needs a new pair of shoes. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. You’ve got a tough row to hoe. What goes around comes around. An eye for an eye turns the other cheek. Knock on wood. Cash on the barrel head.



Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered

STRATEGIC ClipBoard:  Scary. How could we miss it? Or think one couldn’t exist – just because we live here? Hope it doesn’t eat up our sun or misalign the planets causing collusions.

Yeah, all that collusion talk on the media all over the world upset the Galaxy. You want collusion? I’ll show you collusion.

No. The Galaxy isn’t a woman. Neither are ships or cars or countries. Strange how people call their land MOTHER, yet women across lines and locations still don’t have the rights of status that men enjoy.

I wonder if it’s the same on other planets? Why do we always think that any extraterrestrial life we happen upon is going to be superior to us. What if they’re inferior to us, yet stronger and more brutal? Do you really want to find them? Do you really want them as your neighbor? What if they’re searching for human food and they already found us? What if they want our planet for themselves?

You can be smart and still inferior to us.

Ask the Jews if they’re harboring any alien-slanted humans among them?

I’ve seen a few. Many are on public assistance, living in public housing, but they’re geniuses.

How does that happen?

Lots of questions without answers.

Humans are hung up on ‘superior’ aren’t they? It’s not just the Japanese, Chinese, Germans, Russians, Africans, Indians, Indigenous people, it’s everyone, every group. Even when an individual or group submits to another, they still think they’re superior. It’s not a wish, it’s a knowing that they’re superior.

Ah, I almost forgot the British. They wanted me to forget them though. It’s rude if you claim superiority, but they all still think they are.

Now, what are we going to do about that black hole? Most people would say nothing. We’ll observe it.

The correct answer is, “We’re going to look for another one that may be closer to Earth.

No. It’s not MOTHEREarth. You can call it mother when mothers get the same status rights as fathers.

It’s a trick to pacify women so they won’t ask for much. Look, we name the most important things in our lives after women. That’s quite a status.

Yeah, but status doesn’t pay the bills. I got a promotion without a pay raise, doing the same job I do now.

IN NAME ONLY are you superior.

This inferior woman here wants back pay for Two Decades.


‘I don’t believe in God, a religious-based God, but I believe in a superior being’. That’s been floating around for a long time. In fact, my journey into the unknown began with that internal declaration. It evolved from there and is still evolving.

I love evolution. I still can’t wrap my head around ‘something from nothing’. Or, ‘there is no beginning and there is no end’.

If there’s no ending and no beginning, then everything is always transitional.

I wonder with transitional people, how far that will go? Once it starts, it accelerates unless a more forceful opposing state blocks the process.

The process doesn’t just effect gender; it effects the entire organism.

I wonder what the acceleration will look like?


ABC News


ABC 11.30.2019

Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered (ABC News)

Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered originally appeared on

A black hole with a mass 70 times greater than the Sun was discovered, leaving scientists stunned.

“Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our Galaxy, according to most of the current models of stellar evolution,” Professor Jifeng Liu, who led the team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that made the discovery, said in a statement.

Scientists previously believed that the mass of an individual stellar black hole could not be more than 20 times that of the Sun. These stellar black holes are different than so-called supermassive black holes, which are found at the center of galaxies and can be billions of times the mass of our Sun…

FINISH UP: Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered



RE: O'Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11.29.2019

O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Aren’t there stalking and menacing laws in D.C.? How can one patron force another patron to leave a bar?

There are juvenile detention centers all over the US in nearly all towns/cities where underage children are put who break the laws. Why isn’t O’Malley trying to release those children from those cages?

Maybe O’Malley shouldn’t be trying to ‘hijack’ people in bars to have ‘serious’ discussions. O’Malley may do well to look at his own boundary issues regarding his own behavior.

I’m actually more surprised that high school kids still hang out together when one or more of them becomes famous, “as he gathered with fellow members of his class at Gonzaga, a Catholic high school in Washington from which Cuccinelli also graduated”.

Martin O’Malley is 56 years old.

Why isn’t he releasing all the Catholic boys from the grips of Catholic priests who hold them captive for their entire lives absent the actual cage? It’s a psychological cage that never leaves them.

Don’t play politics with children in cages. Be the example and release them in your own church and in your own cities and states.

ADD-ON: What O’Malley proposes is that Donald Trump and anyone in the current administration immediately release all the children held at the border into the desert to be preyed upon by Catholic priests and sex traffickers for profit. That’s that deal. That’s what will happen.

They’ll take the problem boys first, saying they’ll straighten them out, all they need is some discipline. We all know what that discipline means. Martin O’Malley also knows. He is the one advocating the release to the churches. I say no. I will always say no. Better they stay where they are until a solution emerges.

Going from one cage to another cage is not a viable solution.

Notice how the Pope keeps telling the US to release the children. I say no, not to them, not ever to anyone who claims to want them.

If someone wants them, they want them for their own personal use or as commodities.

Martin O’Malley has not presented a viable solution that starts and ends in a good place.

Handing them over to their own people is the same as handing them over to a slew of slave masters, who will own and exploit them, making them forever indebted to those who freed them. What kind of freedom is that?

I’m asking, because the world and especially the children, deserve a concrete answer. “I don’t know” is not a satisfactory answer in this situation. Find out.

These children are not inanimate objects to be sold to the highest bidder. That’s the plan from the other side. “We’ll take them off your hands, put them in good homes, feed them, clothe then, educate them, vaccinate them for sure, all we need is some benefits we can rely on over time”. Although we have networks and some donation resources, it’s going to cost.

The ‘Tell’ here is “we’ll take them off your hands”. Like damaged dogs or half dead plants, seen as eventually becoming profitable if nourished back to sanity and health. By their own people of course.

Hey, we know how to do it. We’ve done it with millions of others. Ever hear anyone complain?

That’s another ‘Tell’ – ever hear anyone complain? Why not, should be the question?

You mean that millions of people go through an initiation, an indoctrination process and nobody ever filed a complaint about bad treatment? Why not?

Slaves can’t do that. They wouldn’t live to tell about it. How many died who tried?

Those children whom everybody claims to love are not free. They’re not happy. Everything they think, say and do is controlled through somebody else with consequences for non-compliance.



World leaders lose their tempers when America says ‘America First’. In their minds America is saying that all other countries don’t matter, that they come second or third or way down on the ladder or nowhere on the ladder. But doesn’t each of those complaining countries put their countries first? Of course they do.

Nobody respects a father or mother who puts outsiders first, rather than their own. Nobody on earth can put outsiders first and still be considered competent and respected heads of their families.

Some say, we can all be one happy world family. Just let us in, or give us your money, or your scientific and technological knowledge, open it all up to us. ‘It’s going to take too long to get what you have and we don’t want to spend all the required time catching up.’

So all these decades you all were enjoying the life of leisure swinging in your hammocks, while others, worlds away, worked to make living on earth easier and more productive for everyone. You wanted your way in your culture in your region in your time and everybody leave you alone. You didn’t want all that modern stuff. What happened? Now you do. So where have you been?

Your superior/supremacist attitude held you back. Your egos, big as cave openings, wouldn’t let you out. You think the more somebody acquires the more superior they are. It’s the ones who refused to change for the purpose of moving away from the cave life who are the real supremacists. They’re the ones who thought the old way was the only right way, wanting to keep living the way they always lived.

Your culture, instead of invention, ingenuity and progress, came first. You clung to your culture like a baby clings to a blanket.

You said leave us alone; get out of our spaces. Go back from where you came. Yet here you are losing your tempers because America finally said “America First”. We didn’t put America first for a long time. We shared our knowledge; our people paid with their wages to send people with skills, knowledge and supplies to help you build your nations, but still there were too many who wanted the old life – a life where people die young, where they suffer without knowledge on how best to survive.

You didn’t want to be catapulted into the modern world. The issue was the catapult; it was too sudden. But it didn’t have to be if you had stopped with all that meaningless cultural supremacy. There’s not much value in anything that comes under the label of culture. It’s a bunch of traditions that hurt more than help – in almost every instance. Everything else comes under the labels of ‘living’ and ‘progressing’ or ‘dying’.

In short, you didn’t want to do the work of it, even when you were shown how and given the tools and the funds. You still found a way to muck it up.

So what have you all done for America, except make continuous demands on America’s people, their resources, knowledge and experience?

There’s a growing trend that expects America to become a welfare state absorbing the poor people of other nations, because they have more money than their countries of origin, while supplying financial aid and services to those nations of origin as well as to others.

If America becomes filled with people with low paying jobs, and everybody gets the same benefits, with no incentives to create something better, how will these Americans pay enough taxes to send money and other aid to all the countries it currently subsidizes? Does Cuba send aid all over the world? How far back on the evolutionary scale of development do you want to go?

How will America be a military to all countries who want protection if America can’t afford a military? Socialism can only sustain it’s own people for a limited amount of time, turning America into a welfare state capable of only sustaining itself.

World leaders need to think twice before attacking the American system that helps to feed their people and keep them free by providing subsidies off the backs of the American worker.

Yes. In order to keep sharing what we have with the world, we need to keep progressing and to take care of our own first. It is the citizens who pay out of their pay checks in taxes to supplement economies of over two hundred nations worldwide. Regionally, Africa receives 32 percent of all U.S. aid, followed by the Middle East at 31 percent and South and Central Asia at 25 percent. Afghanistan receives the most.

In the meanwhile, all classes of working Americans subsidizing the economies of other nations, so they can survive and thrive, deserve a thank you from all those countries benefiting from their hard work and sacrifice.

So, again, what have you given the hard working American people, except your demands and disrespect? Think on that.



YELLOW square-profile SHARON copy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.9.2019

Jim Carrey has a long history of depression that he made very public long ago.

He since has found a cure for his depression and others might be unwittingly following his example.

Cure for depression = brutalizing people with your art.

Every time I see this guy now he’s smiling.

President Trump is his therapy. Jim Carrey should be paying for that.

It sets a bad example to glow every time you abuse someone.



RE: House Intelligence Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  11.25.2019

House Intelligence Committee in possession of video, audio recordings from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas

RE: REPORT: “Guiliani crony handed over tapes to House panel”

That’s the lead title to make you click on the story.

The word crony is an ageist slur. The writer of that slur is an ageist.

Blacks don’t like racial slurs, gays don’t like gender slurs, women don’t like sexist slurs, Hispanics don’t like ethnic slurs, old people don’t like ageist slurs.

Nobody calls a young person a crony. There is nothing positive about that word. Yahoo writers need to clean up their prejudicial writing.


RE: Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11/20/2019

Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

I grew up in an area where Spanish people (specifically Puerto Ricans) lived, and they in the warm weather hung outside their windows. Every day, Every night. And yes, they often put their kids on the window ledge, because they were on the window ledge, hanging their feet over or leaning over.

It was dangerous, but they did it. It was their way. Part of their culture. I do not believe that this man in any way intentionally harmed his granddaughter. He just did what came naturally to him, to place his granddaughter up on the ledge, as so may Spanish people do with themselves and their children.

  • The only question for him should be why he thought the window was closed.

My own mother and father would never have placed me on a window sill for any reason, but Spanish people do that. I think it’s time for them to change that way about their culture.

My only question for the people who maintain the ship is why only one window out of all the windows was open? Or was it being replaced? Or, perhaps they purposely keep one window open, so people can experience the fresh air while leaning over the rail.

Puerto Ricans know the habits of Puerto Ricans. I would not be so quick to absolve the ship company from liability if they left the window purposely open, knowing there were Spanish speaking people on board who like to hang out of windows.

Why was only one window open and why was the grandfather drawn to it?

People falling from windows is not that uncommon.

Spanish people specifically are fascinated by windows and doors. They like them open. They like that feeling of freedom – of bringing the outside world to the inside.



Meet the Robot Pioneers That Will Allow Us to Colonize Mars | Digital Trends

Meet the robotic pioneers that will help humanity colonize Mars

By Georgina Torbet November 21, 2019 3:00AM PST

Meet the robotic pioneers that will help humanity colonize Mars

From NASA’s upcoming Moon to Mars mission to Elon Musk’s ambitious plans to use a SpaceX Starship to eventually colonize Mars, the race to populate the Red Planet is already on. But before humans can visit Mars and set up any kind of long-term base there, we need to send out scouts to see the lay of the land and prepare it for manned missions.

The mechanical pioneers we’ll be sending to Mars in the coming years will follow in the tire tracks of explorers like the Curiosity rover and the Insight lander, but the next generation of Martian robotics will use sophisticated AI, novel propulsion methods, and flexible smallsats to meet the challenges of colonizing a new world.

Designing for the Mars environment

There are distinct difficulties in building machines which can withstand the Martian environment. First, there’s the cold, with temperatures averaging around minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit and going down to minus 190 degrees Fahrenheit at the poles. Then there’s the thin atmosphere, which is just one percent the density of Earth’s atmosphere. And then there’s the troublesome dust that gets kicked up in any operations on the planet’s surface, not to mention the intense radiation from the Sun’s rays.

These environmental conditions create problems for robotics, from temperature variations which cause mechanisms to expand and contract and so wear over time, to dust getting into gears which prevents the use of exposed lubrication.

NASA’s Curiosity rover, with its robotic arm built by Maxar to withstand the Martian environment.


“It’s a very unique and extreme environment, even for space robotics,” said Al Tadros, VP of Space Infrastructure and Civil Space at Maxar Technologies, which is the company that builds the robotic arms for NASA’s Mars rovers. Maxar’s robotic arms must be able not only to survive this harsh environment, but also perform the tasks like digging and drilling which enable scientific investigations….


  Meet the Robot Pioneers That Will Allow Us to Colonize Mars | Digital Trends




RE: There’s reason to believe NFL’s Colin Kaepernick workout was a Trojan horse.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

The Trojan Horse got into the Kingdom.
Kaepernick did not



You claim to be out of the closet, but you still have sex in public restroom stalls.


Gay parks? I didn’t know they existed, till I moved to the West Side of Cleveland. Beautiful on-the-lake park, well-kept. Gays only. No need for a posted sign claiming dominance over this park, or that restaurant or those bars.

Families can’t go to some parks on Lake Erie, because everybody’s having sex in cars – in broad daylight. Or, pick up and drop off young boys waiting to make some fast cash.

Looking for a pick up? Want to state your preferred sexual style?

The car says it all. Hood up. Trunk up. One or two side doors open. Four doors open. All up and open. Pick your preference. Various cars sporting various sex styles. A communique.

Public restrooms, public restaurants, public parks should be public for everybody.

Gays stake their claim and everybody else leaves.


Because of inappropriate behavior in public spaces. Non-gays don’t want to be around what most non-gays consider private, not public.

There’s only one required qualification for squatting rights. Can we have sex there? Or can we pick up and drop off without incident?

Out of the closet, means you don’t have to have sex there. All tax payers fund those parks.

Too cheap to get a room? Don’t want to bring your recent pick-up date home to your apartment?

But guess what? Gay motels exist too. What constitutes a gay motel? Motels are places people go to have sex. So what? It’s private. Isn’t it?

Gays are more comfortable around their own. Just like Africans and Hispanics and Chinese, and Indian et al and women and men and children, the young, the old, the middle-aged, rich, poor, in-between. We all have our categories.

  • You thought I left out white people. White people aren’t comfortable around anyone. They are independently-minded. They don’t want to depend on anyone for their success. Why? Because they inherently don’t trust each other or anyone else.

While in public, playing the integration game, there’s a baseline behavior paradigm that everyone for everyone’s comfort abides by.

Yet, segments of each group feel, think they should be able to be themselves, no matter where they be at any moment. Au naturel movements create problems, when they speak for everyone in the category through their loud, contrary actions.

Stereotypes are formed by these contrarians wanting to act out out in public spaces and expect everybody else to accept who they are and how they act. Well, who you are is not necessarily how you act. Chew on that. It’s called exhibitionist behavior. That’s what non-exhibitionists avoid.

Yet, gay parks, restaurants, bars, motels do exist. So stereotype or not, the facts on the ground support it.

Maybe gays aren’t yet fully out of the closet and have over such a long time been groomed in the closet that they don’t understand how to act in public when out of the closet. They had to hide their sex. Coming out of the closet thus means to have sex in public.

Closet=closed. Public=open.

Discretion doesn’t mean using the bathroom stall instead of the bar stool. Come on. You need to be discreet in public places, just like non-gays need to be discreet in public places. If you can’t delay gratification till you get home, or to a motel, then that needs to change. The world isn’t going to keep accepting all the flaws that you are too lazy to discipline.

SAFE to GAYS in public places, actually means safe to have sex in public places – and not be negatively judged or beaten up for it.

At least be honest while you’re protesting for your rights.

That’s not one of them.

Reserve a stall in a public restroom?? For two people??




Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/31/2019

Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight: ‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’

How is it that white people being pushed out of their community, are responsible for leaving it in shambles? Are white people responsible for the condition of all neighborhoods?

If black spaces are in shambles because white people aren’t there to clean them up, that’s on the black people, not the white people.

Blacks drive whites from their homes, because blacks want to be with blacks, not whites. I see the same behavior in apartment buildings. Blacks take it over.

They scare whites into leaving with their aggressive, reckless behavior and it works. So stop blaming white people for black dominance strategies to occupy neighborhoods or apartment buildings.

It’s not “white flight”. It’s black domination.

Now M. Obama who knows everything about white people is on a campaign to force white people to stay after the blacks move in and take over?

Take the scab off your own discrimination M. Obama. Since when is it black people’s or white people’s right to say who lives where?

Aside: Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, do the same thing, only it’s called colonization of towns and apartment buildings. They make trouble for white people, making them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. So the white people leave to live in peace someplace else and it opens up more spaces for Spanish families.

It always involves an effort to ‘push out’ people not like them. They’ll keep a few token whites around for appearances – those they know they can control. It is never an assimilation strategy – from my experience.

Why is it that black people are on television talking about white flight? It’s called black domination. They want to control the narrative.

M. Obama doesn’t want to make white people not afraid of black people. She wants to keep the black dominance in play.



When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight   10/14/2019

When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Black people in America appropriated those braids from the Native Americans. Blacks are not native to America.

Let people wear their hair any way they want. What kind of society dictates who can wear what hair style?

Maybe blacks should stop dying their hair blonde, and straightening their hair, thus appropriating white people’s hair style. It works both ways.

Leave people’s hair alone, and stop looking for payment or prejudice where there should be none.

Corn rows are named after corn fields. The American black did not invent corn.

In Cleveland I’ve seen several very white-skinned people with black people’s hair – thick and wiry. Does that mean they can’t twist their hair into dread locks?

Huff Post is taking people’s right to wear their hair how they want away from them. That’s not a liberal bias. It’s something else that’s much more ugly.

Who are non-black minorities? Does the term ‘non-black’ connote that everybody else is less important than black minorities? Does ‘black minority’ connote poor, middle or rich blacks? Does the minority status automatically assume an economic status? What constitutes a minority?

So are we talking about controlling how only poor minorities can wear their hair or rich minorities too?

How is it that a news and opinion website called the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington forced her writers to work for free as a privilege, became the expert on slavery issues and what is racist in America? There’s a big blind spot there.

Hair is not racist. So how about we stop making it racist? How about if the liberals stop dividing people based on hair? That is so prejudicial, but as they say in other circles, people with the most glaring prejudices, often can’t see through the hair.

Color me bald.



Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/14/2019

Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

A year or so ago, a blown up life size doll of President Trump was set up at various locations around some city for people to punch in the face or kick – like a BOBO doll that bounces back when you hit it.

This isn’t much different. Or like Kathy Griffin staging a mock beheading of the president.

Guess it was his time to hit back. Frankly, I doubt if he planned or staged it. His supporters did. Just like Hillary’s supporters staged the attacks on Trump.

It was ugly to watch, just as this video was also probably ugly to watch.

Seems we’re moving backwards in time, rather than forward as a people.

We seem to have no control over our own actions, instead blaming somebody we don’t even know for our own base behavior. Maybe it’s time we stopped letting outsiders control our emotions.




Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that’s why they’re always thinking on it, with it, and through it.

Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country – I don’t suppose.

I wonder though, if there are significant cultural and aesthetic and moral differences among black countries like there are among white countries? Absent modern day immigration.

Do all the black peoples from all the black countries in Africa sing and dance together, eat the same food, think the same thoughts, speak in one black voice like they do in America?

Or, at least that’s the impression professional blacks, those who make a profession out of their skin, want to imprint on the world.

Like one China, one voice, one huge, massive simultaneous vote?

Is that Black Africa too?

China’s changing. That unison, simultaneous strategy keeps the populace tethered to each other.

That’s the same as slavery, and I think the Chinese are waking up to that.

Maybe it’s time for black Africans to wake up too.

Everybody votes for the same thing, when they’re trained to follow the group.

Who do the leaders follow, though?

Not the populace; I can guarantee you that.



Advanced Alien Civilizations May Produce ‘Technosignatures’ That We Could Find, Experts Say



Who says an alien civilization needs to be advanced to exist? Because it’s so far away? Or because we’re so far from it, that we’re the advanced ones? In which direction along the time frame before it starts bending are you referencing?

Or are we basing that assumption on biological constraints?

Who says something alien to us has to be civilized? We’re not civilized. You mean moral? If biology isn’t in the field, then moral doesn’t matter.

What does intelligent civilization mean? Technologically advanced? You mean no going to school to learn it? No growth from birth to death of an alien? Where do aliens go when they die? If they don’t have skin, then what proves the death if not decay?

Why so stuck on radio transmission constraints? If all movement makes sound when one has the ears to hear it, then the universe is one heck of a noisy place. And you’re looking for a dew drop in the ocean. A radio wave like any other radio wave is like a dew drop like any other dew drop in a body of like-dew drops. You don’t have the sophistication to discern a different drop? Why? Because you don’t know what you’re looking for. You don’t know how it will be different.

How different is the unique radio transmission you’re looking for? You mean in alien radio language compared to human radio language? Why would they be different?

When astronauts go above the earths surface, do they really see the earth spinning? Or is the earth so big that the spin is negligible, more like a sloth sleep walking? Has any human ever witnessed it? How far above earth does one have to go to witness a spin? The degree or rate of spin is not recognized by the human eye. So what does fast mean, if we can’t see the result? Has anyone ever shown it? In real time?

How fast does the earth spin on its axis relative to the environment it spins in and what forces the spin?

The earth spins on its axis at 1,000  miles per hour.

The earth moves around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour.

I could not find a simplified answer to what forces the spin, except from my own logic that begins with, “once born (and or created) all biological and non-biological entities move”.

All births create friction, a lot of births create a lot of friction and some entities lock together to form a bigger entity and others disperse to seek a random existence. A vacuum is required for anything to be birthed or created, thus a vacuum is the beginning of a birth of the creation of movement.”

“What came first the chicken or the egg, the vacuum or the movement? Answer: neither. A medium came first.”

The key is to find something artificial? unnatural? why? You mean like garbage? Even garbage conforms to the laws of physics. So what’s unnatural or artificial there?

What you don’t already know is what’s unnatural, artificial.

Advanced Alien Civilizations May Produce ‘Technosignatures’ That We Could Find, Experts Say

By Yasemin Saplakoglu – Staff Writer

If we can do it … couldn’t E.T.?

— If life evolved on other planets as it did on Earth, aliens may be zooming around in vehicles that belch pollution into space. Or they might have had their very own Edison — and a planet blanketed in artificial light.

A group of astronomers is searching for these strange signals from distant exoplanets, or what are called “technosignatures,” because they may point to the existence of intelligent civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos. The term “technosignature” is a relatively new one, first coined in 2007 by astronomer Jill Tarter, who at the time was the director of the Center for SETI Research. But even before the birth of the term, astronomers have been searching for technosignatures, the most popular one being radio transmissions. Practically speaking, that often meant looking for something strange — an anomaly in the data that could indicate the presence of something unnatural — like a planet that’s a bit too bright.

Historically, that search wasn’t taken seriously. Now, however, scientists say they may have a real shot at finding such signals — as long as they look for the right things in the right places.

What would such technosignatures look like? For instance, when scanning distant exoplanets, data anomalies such as an unusual atmospheric makeup could be a clue to “complex life engineering its environment,” said Joseph Lazio, an astronomer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, during a talk at the Astrobiology Science Conference on June 26.  But scientists must be cautious; that same signal “could just be a planet covered in pond scum that’s producing oxygen,” Lazio said.

Another possible technosignature is the ultrafast blinking of a star. “If you see a star, say, blinking on and off faster than a microsecond, that’s not obviously a natural phenomenon,” he said. What’s more, almost any reasonably advanced civilization could create such a signature.

“It’s not really all that difficult, we can do it today on a lab bench,” Lazio said. Humans have created lasers, for example, that release photons trillions of times a second, he added.

Radio waves beaming through space at a certain frequency may also be a clue to intelligent alien civilizations. Natural sources don’t typically produce radio waves within a very narrow range of frequencies, Lazio said. And yet, “it’s really easy for us to do it” artificially, Lazio said. So if we can do it … couldn’t E.T.?

Searching for life in the cosmos has historically focused on finding biosignatures, or biological signals, such as oxygen left behind when living creatures breathe. Today, we have many ways to detect biosignatures. Similarly, there are several major classes of technosignatures: chemical signatures such as atmospheric pollution; megastructures that reflect, absorb or block light from a planet’s host star; “self-luminous” signals such as artificial illumination, radio or laser communication; and waste heat, which is “an unavoidable result of any kind of activity,” Svetlana Berdyugina, the director of the Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics in Freiburg, Germany, said during the talk. (Waste heat is produced by machines or other processes that use energy).

Berdyugina and her team are looking for optical signals. As a planet travels around its own star, the light that is reflected by the planet changes, depending on where the planet is in its rotation and in its orbit. Stitching together signals produced by that reflected light over time, researchers can create what’s called a light curve. That, in turn, could provide a glimpse of the planetary surface — and any unusual features there, Berdyugina said. For example, a giant megastructure will reflect light in a very different way, than, say, an empty field.

Berdyugina and her team previously used this technique to resolve geographic features, such as mountains and craters, on planets and moons in our own solar system, as well as on simulated exoplanets. Now, they are working to understand if this technique could reveal weird shapes and artificial illumination on a planet’s surface.

There are also other programs searching for light signal, such as a 10-year initiative from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), called Breakthrough Listen. That team is surveying thousands of stars for not only optical signals but also radio signals.

While astronomers could dream up a nearly infinite list of potential technosignatures, only a handful are worth looking for.

“The game is to try and figure out something that is artificial but is also feasibly detectable,” Thomas Beatty,

Source: Advanced Alien Civilizations May Produce ‘Technosignatures’ That We Could Find, Experts Say | Live Science




Sept. 4, 2019

ARTICLE: In new Sudan, women want more freedom, bigger political role

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

WOW, you mean women are just now wanting more freedom in Sudan? That’s what the title says.

I thought all blacks around the world were liberals, you know, democratically-minded. I thought they were naturally against all the policies of conservatism. SHOCKING to know the contrary truth.

Freedom begins at home, not in the public square. You wait too long, then you want strength in numbers, then you seek the violent route, then you go to jail.

Then people die.

Women worldwide contribute to the discrimination against them by becoming too comfortable in the submissive role within their families.

Some seek war to achieve freedom, others seek reconciliation to achieve freedom.

New Sudan, old Sudan doesn’t matter. The family is still the same family. That’s where the change should have been happening all along.




Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorship by committee.

If you call yourselves a democracy because you have free elections, but everyone in the country prefers the policies and practices of socialism, then you’re basically a monolithic system of governing, which in essence becomes communism if practiced long enough, since everyone in the nation can’t all be rich, but they can all be at the poverty line, which eventually demoralizes the populace, which then requires a military presence in the civilian population to keep the system that no longer works.

The only time systems of mass control work in providing a more equal balance is when in transition. Once the goal is met, nobody likes it, because it’s too confining and restrictive. Paradoxically, it is always the masses who want and seek and rise up to achieve that equal distribution, only to discover that it produced more disadvantages, rather than fewer.

China’s system has never worked. The reason it appeared to thrive at various times throughout history is because the Chinese people were convinced by their leaders that suffering was a necessary part of the plan.

China’s system lays all the decision-making into the hands of a few old men regarding every single detail of China’s population, land, resources, and on and on.

China’s old men are no different than anybody else’s old men. Old men can’t handle that much responsibility. Young men can’t handle that much responsibility. Nobody’s men can.

Suffering, suffering, suffering. You wear it well. What a lie you projected to the world. Suffering brings you peace, wealth, happiness, ingenuity, invention? Then why do you spend so much time stealing America’s inventions?

Long live China as a democracy. If China becomes a democracy, then China keeps Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everyone is different, but equally worthy to pursue their people’s dreams. 

Not all Chinese are the same. Accept that reality as the beginning of what an ultimate Chinese Democracy will look like. Better than any other democracy.

You know how to do it. You dreamed it for centuries.



Blame Is A Demobilizing Strategy

Perpetual blame leads to inaction, thus the blame-game becomes in reality the blame-strategy used to keep an entity standing still. A demobilizing strategy.


YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

My question is who gets the 170 million dollars? Gee. That’s a lot of money for violating a policy. Who has that kind of money? It seems like the government wants companies to violate policies so they can steal from them. A much lower fine is in order here. Nobody got raped or tortured or killed.

Somebody can lose an arm during an industrial negligence malfunction and only get a few thousand dollars compensation.

We the people deserve to know just where that 170 million dollars goes and how they arrive at the amount. Oversight is what we need. I thought congress is supposed to do that. Yes, and report back to us, the people.

Source: YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

YouTube “baited kids with nursery rhymes, cartoons, and more to feed its massively profitable behavioral advertising business,” Chopra said in a tweet. “It was lucrative, and it was illegal.”



Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist

GET OVER IT. “Humans and monkeys are both primates. But humans are not descended from monkeys or any other primate living today. We do share a common ape ancestor with chimpanzees.”

It looks like we’re all primates at some level. But it gets really confusing, because all the articles on evolution in Africa contain prejudicial info about calling black people monkeys rather than the facts. I mean, did black and white people evolve from the same animal or not? How difficult can that be to answer? Google is so afraid of hurting the feelings of black people, that their articles dance all around the issue.

I say stop disrespecting the ape, chimp, monkey, baboon by being offended by being called one. Who do you think you are? Better?


Source: Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist



Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit

If black people are so proud of their black color, then why are they so offended when somebody wants to dress up like them by painting their face black? They dye their hair blonde to look like white people, and white people don’t start screeching racism! Black people who complain for financial benefit are hypocrits with double standards written all over their actions.

Source: Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit



RE: ‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers

It’s time to convert factory and grass farms to animal-free agriculture. Animals were never meant to be used like plants.

Better now than later. No president can save the planet by repeating the mistakes of the past. Animal industries are not sustainable.

This is just the beginning of the end. It’s going to get a lot worse. Everybody but the farmers seem to accept it.

Transitioning now will be easier than a few years down the road when everybody will be rushing to convert amid hysteria and chaos.

Farmers are paid not to grow veggies now. The late-comers to conversion will be demanding the same – money for not raising animals for consumption.

Alternatives are limitless.



RE: Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Looks like another one of Obama’s “hey, that kid could have been me” opportunities.

Notice they never mention race unless it’s a white dude shooting an unarmed black dude.

That poor white woman had her head bashed in and then burned alive by a black man for no reason.

Maybe because she was an old white woman she deserved it.

ADD ON: Somebody in one of the numerous articles called this guy a white supremacist. He doesn’t look white to me.



Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

My parents didn’t take us out to eat when we were kids. Picnics in the summer time and fast food take out or pizza delivery in the winter, otherwise we ate at home. 

I’ve seen mothers of autistic kids actually make the kids worse in restaurants. The mothers make as much disturbance as the kids. Each time the kids start focusing on a task like coloring or putting things together, the mothers disrupted them with nosies and taps on the table, jingling keys, flying hands almost as if they wanted everyone to look. 

Socializing a difficult child by forcing them on others at public events or places should be discouraged. That mother knew better. She didn’t think of his needs when they went out, she thought of her own. 

Maybe they could socialize at church events, if she belongs to one, rather than using restaurants, staff and customers to do it.


Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

I don’t think there’s anything tongue-in-cheek or satirical about hunting any animal. But to hunt and kill humans because you don’t support their political party is an abomination. 

I hope that the democrats applauding this film really don’t fantasize about killing people. I know I don’t. This isn’t art; it’s trash and needs to be banned. 

There are too many copycats in the world whose brains need a little push. This could do it. 

How low can Hollywood go?


RE: Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation As Men Go At It On Twitter

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation As Men Go At It On Twitter

Anthony Scaramucci no longer works for President Trump. Why he keeps giving him advice for what he terms bad behavior is probably a form of revenge on his part that he actually gets paid to do. 

He’s acting like he’s some kind of higher moral authority. That he keeps saying publicly that he’s trying to stay married, speaks to his own skeletons. 

It’s never a good diea to trash old bosses in public or private. Anything for money seems to be the rule of the day. 

Or, he does it, so I can do it. 

I didn’t realize till Trump was elected, that there were so many copycats in the world. It’s everybody.

ADD-ON: Titles on news articles are becoming way too long. ‘Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation’ is plenty. I didn’t know if the title was talking about men as opposed to women, or white men or maybe just the two of them. Actually it’s not just on Twitter, it’s everywhere that Scaramucci is a guest contributor.

Still, that’s a pretty hefty accusation – ‘turn on nation’. What does that even mean – as in treason? And what would it look like? I can’t imagine that.

A reason for treason sounds more like a socialist democratic strategy than a republican one right now. Scaramucci’s words undermine a president.



I tried and tried to like that bagel. It just wouldn’t let me. It’s too tough, break your teeth, bite the inside of your lip trying to chew the dang thing. I developed recipes, nice ones, knowing other people worshipped the ugly thing trying to be a bun and a donut in one. No originality. Flavorless even when flavored. My dog daughter uses them like toys. Rolly Polly we call them, when Steve brings one home for Lilly Belle.

The bagel trying to be a sandwich is the biggest joke of all. I did it, tried it, it’s my way to expeiment. I succeeded by covering the hole with something that wouldn’t push through when biting into it. Spreading the thicker condiments on the lettuce rather than the bread. Some bagel-makers made a softer, more gentler, easier to stomach bagel, but they don’t stick around long. The big bagel-makers push them out.

I engineered my recipes for the head-in-the-sand bagel-eaters. They’re happy. But I can’t keep using a product that I have to alter so much in able to eat it. And they only stay fresh for one day. Hey, this isn’t in the category of a French baguette, where you know in advance to eat the day you buy.

Poppy seeds give pregnant women a positive opioid test and babies get taken away from their rightful mothers based on the results of that test.

On the ‘everything’ bagel they appear like tiny black dots all over it. That’s what bagel-eaters want, ‘everything’ so they don’t miss out on ‘anything’.

What they should have added is ‘everywhere’.

Strategy-wise, bagel-eaters don’t like to choose. Again, they’re afraid they’ll miss out on or lose something by choosing one or more over the others.

Did the bagel-makers stop putting poppyseeds on the bagels? NO. They relished in the attention, making the bagel even more appealing to addiction prone bagel-eaters. No high yet, but keep trying and it could happen if your body likes opioids, and many bagel-eating bodies do. Opioids gravitate to where they’re liked.

But those poor mothers whose babies were swiped away from them put into foster homes right from birth, because of that test. Babies bonding with strangers all because of the bagel-maker not wanting to change the recipe.

Now comes the sesame seed being highly allergic in allergy-prone people, which is a lot of people, since the number of people with allergies and sensitivities are rising through the roof. Yes, the sesame seed also appears on the ‘everything bagel’.

Still, that they kept the poppyseeds on… and washing doesn’t help much, since if you wash poppyseeds they clump together, so have to be dried, and that makes a mess and costs a whole lot more, so everybody makes light of it. Funny isn’t it? Bagel-maker too lazy to wash the poppyseeds. Change the test not the bagel, they say as they seeth through yeasty nails dug deep into their piles of dough.

That even one baby got swiped from his/her mother, and father too, is one family too much. Your baby sees some strange person first and bonds with that stranger, knows that stranger’s smell, cries for that stranger that isn’t you, just because you had to have an ‘everything’ bagel, knowing that the bagel had opioids that show up in a urine test when you go to the hospital to give birth.

What a heartache – a heartache that the entire world feels for that mother and that baby and that father and the families of both, whose smells will be strange to that baby when that baby is rightfully returned to it’s real family.

The Jews did that. And they’re still doing it.

Yes. The English Muffin is definitely superior to all bagels, seeded or not. It’s just the way life made it. Nooks and crannies is an English term, but the holes in the muffins are like basins or craters that hold liquid, that slowly seeps into the risen dough like syrup on pancakes, instead of holes where liquid falls straight through to your lap.

I’ll take the English muffin over the bagel any day of the week. I don’t have to find ways to like it. It’s perfect the way it is. Frankly I prefer my plant burgers on a lighly toasted English muffin rather than a burger bun. It’s sturdier and doesn’t fall apart as easily, but tender at the same time. Soft in the middle and lightly crisped on the edges when lightly toasted. That’s the only way I eat an English muffin, toasted.

Animal-Free is my only requirement – no milk or whey or any part of the animal disguised as a plant.

The chefs on Food Network turned their noses up at the English Muffin, but then again the bagel-makers butter their buns, plus they eat animals – the whole animal, raw, bloody, alive sometimes, insects too, so you know where their taste buds lie – at the bottom of the sewer of humanity. They laugh a lot – too much for culinary comfort. Not that it’s their fault – they can’t help themselves.

They keep telling people to stop them as they whistle past the graveyards of those they ate, to eat some more, but nobody does, because they know they’ll fight back with a vengeance few have seen in modern day. They want you to stop them as an excuse to release their brutality once more upon the world. Go ahead, I dare you.

So, the English Muffin wins hands down.





I’m Boycotting everything Bagel until Israel ends the illegal extermination, displacement and occupation of the indigenous Palestinians on Palestinian Land.

When the Palestinians began boycotting Israeli products made in occupied territories in lieu of isolated attacks against Israelis, the Mossad teamed up with intelligence agencies around the globe to punish the boycotters.

Really, the only means poor people have to protest being enslaved is to boycott the offenders products. Shame on all of you for stripping the citizens of the world of their right to protest with boycotts instead of violence. Where are your heads located?

Benjamin Netanyahu even traveled to the USA to make deals with governors to punish anybody boycotting Israeli products by denying them government contracts.

Yes, these governors colluded with Israel against a person’s free speech rights in the USA and their right to protest via boycotts.

Jews do it all the time. They boycott anything and anyone who opposes their agendas. They then proceed to destroy their lives.

Frankly I was surprised that the other intelligence agencies were so afraid of the Israelis.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, recently stated regarding Iran that sanctions work.

I’m going to see if they do, by boycotting everything and anything to do with bagels.



IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal




RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan

Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank

Excerpts from that article:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units…

Israeli Jews Offer to use Palestinians as human shields in the West Bank to Protect Jews

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a religious nationalist in Netanyahu’s government, wrote on Facebook that he backed the construction of Palestinian housing in Area C because “it prevents the establishment of a terrorist Arab state in the heart of the land” and asserts Israeli sovereignty over Area C…

WWD-T Comment: So this is the crux of the peace plan Israel is going to offer the Palestinians.

Israel introduces the first part of a RESERVATION SYSTEM for the Palestinians living in Palestine.

1-No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for Palestine gets filtered through Israel first. Nothing changes.

2-Wherever Israeli Jews now live or in the future settle, Palestinians will be given a small number of housing unit permits to build in the centers of these settlements, so that prospective terrorists wanting to kill Israeli Jews, would be killing their own if they attacked. This use of Palestinian families as human shields is considered a deterrent to violence that Netanyahu’s government thinks will work to keep Israeli Jews safe.

3-Netanyahu’s model of Palestinian placement is like the Indian Nations in America. Israeli Jews seek to put the existing Palestinians in Palestine on Palestinian reservations.

4-Why don’t we reverse that and put Israelis in Palestine on reservations controlled by Palestinians. Plus: No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for the Israel gets filtered through Palestine first. Nothing changes.

Hitler cannot take care of Jews. =  Israelis cannot take care of Palestinians.


IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal



Ask this Indian American living on an Indian Reservation how that plan worked out.




Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won’t turn their color, is the new racism that is quickly becoming a national security risk.

By allowing black and brown supremacists to escalate the public evisceration of anything white as the only acceptable racism, this democratic republic will fall to the hands of the black and brown terrorists among us whose only agenda is to turn this country into Spain and Africa. There is no room for white people in America, unless they denounce their color.

The blacks and browns have taken over the media, one of the first actions an invading force does before they stage a coup.

There is no hate talk toward blacks and browns that the blacks and browns didn’t create themselves by their anti-white rhetoric all over the media 24/7 – for years now. White people can’t talk back in America. People’s lives get ruined for having an opinion. It’s all about getting the white man, the white guy, divide and conquer the white man and white woman.

This state of affairs flourished under Barack Obama when he allowed blacks and browns to burn cities and break the laws with impunity as a means of economic and social revenge. No one can expect white people to forever stand down when they are constantly under attack in all sectors of their lives. White people cannot be expected to continually absorb the hateful attacks by angry mobs of black and brown supremacists.

This is what happens when blacks and browns forever receive preferential treatment in all economic and social categories by the US government and through the media which the US government controls.

The revenge of black and brown people against the white people who spread democracy around the globe, assisting all peoples of all ethnicities build their nations to become self-sufficient in a modern world is an affront to human rights and human dignity.

That the angry floods of supremacist mobs seek to take over that nation of all nations is an inexcusable and unforgiveable attack against all civilized peoples.

For a past president to blame domestic terrorist attacks on a sitting president, when one is black and the other is white, demoralizes that country and destabilizes that nations security.

Democrats involved in this coup-attempt have lost their moral compass. Revenge always does that. Like the revenge holocaust against the German people by the Jews after the Jews were freed, it always hits and destroys those not deserving of the punishment. Thus revenge always fails to produce positive, forward moving results. Instead, it keeps the cycle in continuous motion.

If you want somebody to feel your pain, then you need to stop holding onto your pain so tightly. Only then will your life improve. That you left your so-called loved ones on their own to fend for themselves against your own people whom you feared, for a cheap ticket away from them, shows your own lack of integrity and loyalty.

Don’t tell white people to love your families as you burn their cities and ruin their families.

Millions of people living in the USA undocumented put politics and money before family, God and country. That is not a civilized group of individuals.


Every time there’s a tragedy in the USA of a massacre magnitude, Israel pops up all over the media, as if to take vicarious credit, always pushing the Israeli agenda.

Look, each time Israel disrupts the Middle East and the rest of the world with ritualistic sacrificial actions toward the Palestinian people who have no defense machinery in place with which to protect themselves from the invasion of the Israelis, the world pops in predictable ways.

Jewish supremacy is in play in Palestine and the entire world feels it.

Even if the world is not cognizant of the slaughter of the Palestinian soul, it knows something’s dying and they think it’s in themselves. Pop. Pop. POPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP…..

Black and brown supremacists in the USA repeatedly declared on public broadcasting outlets that if Israeli [revenge] strategy worked for the Jews it will work for them in America. That alone should give the world sufficient reason for pause.

The black and brown supremacists don’t have an organized movement that can be investigated. They are the movement – every one of them answers to the group. There are no individual opposing views coming out of either camp, black or brown. That’s the proof.

This isn’t going to end easy nor quickly. Put the focus where it belongs. All eyes on Palestine.

Correct what needs to be corrected.

Simmer the Israeli forever-revenge-holocaust machine down.


Stop Shaming White People For Being White

It starts with government…media…advertising agencies…YOU.

You’re no better.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games

Every time I see AOC in the news her mouth is wide open and her face contorted telling somebody off. Does she ever work?

She’s too angry all the time to be making sane decisions regarding everybody in the country.

Every time she casts a vote she changes everybody’s lives, not just those in her district.

Where’s the maturity?



George Hamilton has never voted, says actors ‘have no qualifications’ to talk politics

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


George Hamilton has never voted, says actors ‘have no qualifications’ to talk politics

Nobody should have to be qualified to have an opinion.

However, actors are actors. That’s what they do.

So probably when you hear an actor with a view make headlines it’s for purposes other than the view itself.

They get paid to act.

Or in other instances to keep their name on the minds of those they entertain.