YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

My question is who gets the 170 million dollars? Gee. That’s a lot of money for violating a policy. Who has that kind of money? It seems like the government wants companies to violate policies so they can steal from them. A much lower fine is in order here. Nobody got raped or tortured or killed.

Somebody can lose an arm during an industrial negligence malfunction and only get a few thousand dollars compensation.

We the people deserve to know just where that 170 million dollars goes and how they arrive at the amount. Oversight is what we need. I thought congress is supposed to do that. Yes, and report back to us, the people.

Source: YouTube to pay $170M fine after violating kids’ privacy law

YouTube “baited kids with nursery rhymes, cartoons, and more to feed its massively profitable behavioral advertising business,” Chopra said in a tweet. “It was lucrative, and it was illegal.”



Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist

GET OVER IT. “Humans and monkeys are both primates. But humans are not descended from monkeys or any other primate living today. We do share a common ape ancestor with chimpanzees.”

It looks like we’re all primates at some level. But it gets really confusing, because all the articles on evolution in Africa contain prejudicial info about calling black people monkeys rather than the facts. I mean, did black and white people evolve from the same animal or not? How difficult can that be to answer? Google is so afraid of hurting the feelings of black people, that their articles dance all around the issue.

I say stop disrespecting the ape, chimp, monkey, baboon by being offended by being called one. Who do you tink you are? Better?


Source: Inter fans say monkey chants not meant to be racist


Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit

If black people are so proud of their black color, then why are they so offended when somebody wants to dress up like them by painting their face black? They dye their hair blonde to look like white people, and white people don’t start screeching racism! Black people who complain for financial benefit are hypocrits with double standards written all over their actions.

Source: Alabama governor doesn’t plan to resign over blackface skit


RE: ‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘The bleeding hasn’t stopped yet’ for U.S. dairy farmers

It’s time to convert factory and grass farms to animal-free agriculture. Animals were never meant to be used like plants.

Better now than later. No president can save the planet by repeating the mistakes of the past. Animal industries are not sustainable.

This is just the beginning of the end. It’s going to get a lot worse. Everybody but the farmers seem to accept it.

Transitioning now will be easier than a few years down the road when everybody will be rushing to convert amid hysteria and chaos.

Farmers are paid not to grow veggies now. The late-comers to conversion will be demanding the same – money for not raising animals for consumption.

Alternatives are limitless.


RE: Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Florida man bashes elderly woman with mallet, sets her aflame while delivering for Best Buy

Looks like another one of Obama’s “hey, that kid could have been me” opportunities.

Notice they never mention race unless it’s a white dude shooting an unarmed black dude.

That poor white woman had her head bashed in and then burned alive by a black man for no reason.

Maybe because she was an old white woman she deserved it.

ADD ON: Somebody in one of the numerous articles called this guy a white supremacist. He doesn’t look white to me.


Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Maryland family asked to leave Outback Steakhouse because son with special needs was too loud

My parents didn’t take us out to eat when we were kids. Picnics in the summer time and fast food take out or pizza delivery in the winter, otherwise we ate at home. 

I’ve seen mothers of autistic kids actually make the kids worse in restaurants. The mothers make as much disturbance as the kids. Each time the kids start focusing on a task like coloring or putting things together, the mothers disrupted them with nosies and taps on the table, jingling keys, flying hands almost as if they wanted everyone to look. 

Socializing a difficult child by forcing them on others at public events or places should be discouraged. That mother knew better. She didn’t think of his needs when they went out, she thought of her own. 

Maybe they could socialize at church events, if she belongs to one, rather than using restaurants, staff and customers to do it.

Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Everything to Know About the Canceled Movie The Hunt

I don’t think there’s anything tongue-in-cheek or satirical about hunting any animal. But to hunt and kill humans because you don’t support their political party is an abomination. 

I hope that the democrats applauding this film really don’t fantasize about killing people. I know I don’t. This isn’t art; it’s trash and needs to be banned. 

There are too many copycats in the world whose brains need a little push. This could do it. 

How low can Hollywood go?

RE: Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation As Men Go At It On Twitter

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation As Men Go At It On Twitter

Anthony Scaramucci no longer works for President Trump. Why he keeps giving him advice for what he terms bad behavior is probably a form of revenge on his part that he actually gets paid to do. 

He’s acting like he’s some kind of higher moral authority. That he keeps saying publicly that he’s trying to stay married, speaks to his own skeletons. 

It’s never a good diea to trash old bosses in public or private. Anything for money seems to be the rule of the day. 

Or, he does it, so I can do it. 

I didn’t realize till Trump was elected, that there were so many copycats in the world. It’s everybody.

ADD-ON: Titles on news articles are becoming way too long. ‘Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation’ is plenty. I didn’t know if the title was talking about men as opposed to women, or white men or maybe just the two of them. Actually it’s not just on Twitter, it’s everywhere that Scaramucci is a guest contributor.

Still, that’s a pretty hefty accusation – ‘turn on nation’. What does that even mean – as in treason? And what would it look like? I can’t imagine that.

A reason for treason sounds more like a socialist democratic strategy than a republican one right now. Scaramucci’s words undermine a president.


I tried and tried to like that bagel. It just wouldn’t let me. It’s too tough, break your teeth, bite the inside of your lip trying to chew the dang thing. I developed recipes, nice ones, knowing other people worshipped the ugly thing trying to be a bun and a donut in one. No originality. Flavorless even when flavored. My dog daughter uses them like toys. Rolly Polly we call them, when Steve brings one home for Lilly Belle.

The bagel trying to be a sandwich is the biggest joke of all. I did it, tried it, it’s my way to expeiment. I succeeded by covering the hole with something that wouldn’t push through when biting into it. Spreading the thicker condiments on the lettuce rather than the bread. Some bagel-makers made a softer, more gentler, easier to stomach bagel, but they don’t stick around long. The big bagel-makers push them out.

I engineered my recipes for the head-in-the-sand bagel-eaters. They’re happy. But I can’t keep using a product that I have to alter so much in able to eat it. And they only stay fresh for one day. Hey, this isn’t in the category of a French baguette, where you know in advance to eat the day you buy.

Poppy seeds give pregnant women a positive opioid test and babies get taken away from their rightful mothers based on the results of that test.

On the ‘everything’ bagel they appear like tiny black dots all over it. That’s what bagel-eaters want, ‘everything’ so they don’t miss out on ‘anything’.

What they should have added is ‘everywhere’.

Strategy-wise, bagel-eaters don’t like to choose. Again, they’re afraid they’ll miss out on or lose something by choosing one or more over the others.

Did the bagel-makers stop putting poppyseeds on the bagels? NO. They relished in the attention, making the bagel even more appealing to addiction prone bagel-eaters. No high yet, but keep trying and it could happen if your body likes opioids, and many bagel-eating bodies do. Opioids gravitate to where they’re liked.

But those poor mothers whose babies were swiped away from them put into foster homes right from birth, because of that test. Babies bonding with strangers all because of the bagel-maker not wanting to change the recipe.

Now comes the sesame seed being highly allergic in allergy-prone people, which is a lot of people, since the number of people with allergies and sensitivities are rising through the roof. Yes, the sesame seed also appears on the ‘everything bagel’.

Still, that they kept the poppyseeds on… and washing doesn’t help much, since if you wash poppyseeds they clump together, so have to be dried, and that makes a mess and costs a whole lot more, so everybody makes light of it. Funny isn’t it? Bagel-maker too lazy to wash the poppyseeds. Change the test not the bagel, they say as they seeth through yeasty nails dug deep into their piles of dough.

That even one baby got swiped from his/her mother, and father too, is one family too much. Your baby sees some strange person first and bonds with that stranger, knows that stranger’s smell, cries for that stranger that isn’t you, just because you had to have an ‘everything’ bagel, knowing that the bagel had opioids that show up in a urine test when you go to the hospital to give birth.

What a heartache – a heartache that the entire world feels for that mother and that baby and that father and the families of both, whose smells will be strange to that baby when that baby is rightfully returned to it’s real family.

The Jews did that. And they’re still doing it.

Yes. The English Muffin is definitely superior to all bagels, seeded or not. It’s just the way life made it. Nooks and crannies is an English term, but the holes in the muffins are like basins or craters that hold liquid, that slowly seeps into the risen dough like syrup on pancakes, instead of holes where liquid falls straight through to your lap.

I’ll take the English muffin over the bagel any day of the week. I don’t have to find ways to like it. It’s perfect the way it is. Frankly I prefer my plant burgers on a lighly toasted English muffin rather than a burger bun. It’s sturdier and doesn’t fall apart as easily, but tender at the same time. Soft in the middle and lightly crisped on the edges when lightly toasted. That’s the only way I eat an English muffin, toasted.

Animal-Free is my only requirement – no milk or whey or any part of the animal disguised as a plant.

The chefs on Food Network turned their noses up at the English Muffin, but then again the bagel-makers butter their buns, plus they eat animals – the whole animal, raw, bloody, alive sometimes, insects too, so you know where their taste buds lie – at the bottom of the sewer of humanity. They laugh a lot – too much for culinary comfort. Not that it’s their fault – they can’t help themselves.

They keep telling people to stop them as they whistle past the graveyards of those they ate, to eat some more, but nobody does, because they know they’ll fight back with a vengeance few have seen in modern day. They want you to stop them as an excuse to release their brutality once more upon the world. Go ahead, I dare you.

So, the English Muffin wins hands down.




I’m Boycotting everything Bagel until Israel ends the illegal extermination, displacement and occupation of the indigenous Palestinians on Palestinian Land.

When the Palestinians began boycotting Israeli products made in occupied territories in lieu of isolated attacks against Israelis, the Mossad teamed up with intelligence agencies around the globe to punish the boycotters.

Really, the only means poor people have to protest being enslaved is to boycott the offenders products. Shame on all of you for stripping the citizens of the world of their right to protest with boycotts instead of violence. Where are your heads located?

Benjamin Netanyahu even traveled to the USA to make deals with governors to punish anybody boycotting Israeli products by denying them government contracts.

Yes, these governors colluded with Israel against a person’s free speech rights in the USA and their right to protest via boycotts.

Jews do it all the time. They boycott anything and anyone who opposes their agendas. They then proceed to destroy their lives.

Frankly I was surprised that the other intelligence agencies were so afraid of the Israelis.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, recently stated regarding Iran that sanctions work.

I’m going to see if they do, by boycotting everything and anything to do with bagels.



IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal



RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan

Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank

Excerpts from that article:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units…

Israeli Jews Offer to use Palestinians as human shields in the West Bank to Protect Jews

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a religious nationalist in Netanyahu’s government, wrote on Facebook that he backed the construction of Palestinian housing in Area C because “it prevents the establishment of a terrorist Arab state in the heart of the land” and asserts Israeli sovereignty over Area C…

WWD-T Comment: So this is the crux of the peace plan Israel is going to offer the Palestinians.

Israel introduces the first part of a RESERVATION SYSTEM for the Palestinians living in Palestine.

1-No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for Palestine gets filtered through Israel first. Nothing changes.

2-Wherever Israeli Jews now live or in the future settle, Palestinians will be given a small number of housing unit permits to build in the centers of these settlements, so that prospective terrorists wanting to kill Israeli Jews, would be killing their own if they attacked. This use of Palestinian families as human shields is considered a deterrent to violence that Netanyahu’s government thinks will work to keep Israeli Jews safe.

3-Netanyahu’s model of Palestinian placement is like the Indian Nations in America. Israeli Jews seek to put the existing Palestinians in Palestine on Palestinian reservations.

4-Why don’t we reverse that and put Israelis in Palestine on reservations controlled by Palestinians. Plus: No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for the Israel gets filtered through Palestine first. Nothing changes.

Hitler cannot take care of Jews. =  Israelis cannot take care of Palestinians.


IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal



Ask this Indian American living on an Indian Reservation how that plan worked out.



Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won’t turn their color, is the new racism that is quickly becoming a national security risk.

By allowing black and brown supremacists to escalate the public evisceration of anything white as the only acceptable racism, this democratic republic will fall to the hands of the black and brown terrorists among us whose only agenda is to turn this country into Spain and Africa. There is no room for white people in America, unless they denounce their color.

The blacks and browns have taken over the media, one of the first actions an invading force does before they stage a coup.

There is no hate talk toward blacks and browns that the blacks and browns didn’t create themselves by their anti-white rhetoric all over the media 24/7 – for years now. White people can’t talk back in America. People’s lives get ruined for having an opinion. It’s all about getting the white man, the white guy, divide and conquer the white man and white woman.

This state of affairs flourished under Barack Obama when he allowed blacks and browns to burn cities and break the laws with impunity as a means of economic and social revenge. No one can expect white people to forever stand down when they are constantly under attack in all sectors of their lives. White people cannot be expected to continually absorb the hateful attacks by angry mobs of black and brown supremacists.

This is what happens when blacks and browns forever receive preferential treatment in all economic and social categories by the US government and through the media which the US government controls.

The revenge of black and brown people against the white people who spread democracy around the globe, assisting all peoples of all ethnicities build their nations to become self-sufficient in a modern world is an affront to human rights and human dignity.

That the angry floods of supremacist mobs seek to take over that nation of all nations is an inexcusable and unforgiveable attack against all civilized peoples.

For a past president to blame domestic terrorist attacks on a sitting president, when one is black and the other is white, demoralizes that country and destabilizes that nations security.

Democrats involved in this coup-attempt have lost their moral compass. Revenge always does that. Like the revenge holocaust against the German people by the Jews after the Jews were freed, it always hits and destroys those not deserving of the punishment. Thus revenge always fails to produce positive, forward moving results. Instead, it keeps the cycle in continuous motion.

If you want somebody to feel your pain, then you need to stop holding onto your pain so tightly. Only then will your life improve. That you left your so-called loved ones on their own to fend for themselves against your own people whom you feared, for a cheap ticket away from them, shows your own lack of integrity and loyalty.

Don’t tell white people to love your families as you burn their cities and ruin their families.

Millions of people living in the USA undocumented put politics and money before family, God and country. That is not a civilized group of individuals.


Every time there’s a tragedy in the USA of a massacre magnitude, Israel pops up all over the media, as if to take vicarious credit, always pushing the Israeli agenda.

Look, each time Israel disrupts the Middle East and the rest of the world with ritualistic sacrificial actions toward the Palestinian people who have no defense machinery in place with which to protect themselves from the invasion of the Israelis, the world pops in predictable ways.

Jewish supremacy is in play in Palestine and the entire world feels it.

Even if the world is not cognizant of the slaughter of the Palestinian soul, it knows something’s dying and they think it’s in themselves. Pop. Pop. POPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP…..

Black and brown supremacists in the USA repeatedly declared on public broadcasting outlets that if Israeli [revenge] strategy worked for the Jews it will work for them in America. That alone should give the world sufficient reason for pause.

The black and brown supremacists don’t have an organized movement that can be investigated. They are the movement – every one of them answers to the group. There are no individual opposing views coming out of either camp, black or brown. That’s the proof.

This isn’t going to end easy nor quickly. Put the focus where it belongs. All eyes on Palestine.

Correct what needs to be corrected.

Simmer the Israeli forever-revenge-holocaust machine down.

Stop Shaming White People For Being White

It starts with government…media…advertising agencies…YOU.

You’re no better.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

RE: Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games

Every time I see AOC in the news her mouth is wide open and her face contorted telling somebody off. Does she ever work?

She’s too angry all the time to be making sane decisions regarding everybody in the country.

Every time she casts a vote she changes everybody’s lives, not just those in her district.

Where’s the maturity?


George Hamilton has never voted, says actors ‘have no qualifications’ to talk politics


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


George Hamilton has never voted, says actors ‘have no qualifications’ to talk politics

Nobody should have to be qualified to have an opinion.

However, actors are actors. That’s what they do.

So probably when you hear an actor with a view make headlines it’s for purposes other than the view itself.

They get paid to act.

Or in other instances to keep their name on the minds of those they entertain.

Andrew Yang says ‘immigrants are being scapegoated’ — and a new study backs that up

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: “According to a new analysis, immigrants and their children actually founded 223 of the Fortune 500 companies”.

This statement is misleading, since everyone in the USA, except the Native Indians, are either immigrants or sons and daughters etc. of immigrants.

What is the origin of the remaining 277 founders of Fortune 500 companies? People actually living in foreign countries?

RE: “the National Bureau of Economic Research found that immigrant-owned technology firms in the U.S. were found to be more innovative than U.S.-born firms.”

This also is confusing. What’s the difference between immigrant-owned business and U.S.-born firms if we’re all immigrants or sons and daughters of immigrants?

Does immigrant-owned mean not born in the U.S.? When they say immigrant are they referring to legal or not legal?

Mumble jumble is all I get here.

Teenager shoots at cars while shouting ‘I don’t like white people in my hood’, police say

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.1.2019

Teenager shoots at cars while shouting ‘I don’t like white people in my hood’, police say

An armed black man attempts to murder white people in a car while shouting, “I don’t like white people in my hood”.

He’s charged with four felony counts of assault, but not a hate crime.

It works both ways. If you’re going to charge a white person with a hate crime who attempts to murder black people because they’re in their white neighborhood, then it’s a hate crime when the black person attempts to murder white people because they’re in their black neighborhood.

The hypocrisy is astounding. Only blacks are allowed to get away with hate crimes. Prejudicial preference in play here.


ADD-ON: Eighteen years old is his age, which means he’s an adult. The title suggests that this black man is a child. Most people’s minds differentiate between child and adult. The teenage category includes both, so the choice of word  by The Independent News was manipulative in favor of the shooter,  because he was black. Devonta Allen is his name – that law enforcement released his name proves his adult status.

The Independent News in United Kingdom picked up the story. It happened in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then, Yahoo news picked the story up from the UK. Why didn’t the USA run the story? I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I didn’t hear or see it till this morning. It happened on 25 July 2019.

It appears, at least with this story, that the USA media outlets prefer to turn a blind eye to black on white crime. That’s discrimination.

IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal

HWH COMMENT: Welcome to the Palestinian Hood is what Benjamin Netanyahu meant when he approved the building of 700 housing units in the West Bank while simultaneously approving permits for 6,000 units for Israeli settlers. Settlers = colonizers aka squatters. So the Russian squatters got 89% and the indigenous Palestinians got 11% of the total number of permits handed out.

To Palestine: Don’t Take that deal. It is a deal clothed in building contracts and loopholes and tricks. When you take that deal, you relinquish control over the West Bank. The West Bank, in its entirety belongs to the Palestinian people, not to the Jews who stole it. Now they come back and say okay, we’ll give you a little bit of what we took, but the Palestinians won’t own the land. They can only build those 700 units on that land and pay rent to Israel. Plus Israel will want the building contracts.

DON’T TAKE IT. Start tearing down those fences and walls. Take your land back. Israelis do not control what you can and cannot build on your land.

No Jew or aggregate of Jews anywhere on the planet can exert sovereignty rights over you and/or your actions.

[Touring new construction in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Wednesday that “not a single settlement or a single settler will ever be uprooted.”]

HWH: Yes they will. They will be uprooted just as the Jews uprooted the Palestinians by bulldozing their homes and pushing them off their land. The difference here is that the Palestinians grew here long, long ago, so long ago that the land map at the back of every bible I’ve ever seen, designates Palestine as the land of the Palestinian people. It does not designate Israel as the land of the Palestinian people, nor Israel as the land of the Israeli people.

The land of Israel resides in the individual hearts of the Jewish people. They have multiple ethnicities, since they’ve populated, procreated and stayed in every country. They are their own land wherever they live. It’s a human land, not an agricultural aggregate. That’s how God made them. They know it.

Britain had no right to give to the Jews post WWII the land of Palestine. It wasn’t theirs to give. India wasn’t theirs either. Neither was South Africa. Neither was America.

To Britain:  Admit you were wrong to give Palestine it’s independence in 1948 knowing full well the Jews would commit a holocaust against an indigenous people, terrorizing the survivors, forcing them to flee. Tell them you were wrong.

Britain has invaded 90% of all the countries in the world. The list below tells you how many regions they colonized. Palestine was one of them. Britain ruled Palestine from 1920 – 1948.

Britain, out of guilt for not responding quicker to the atrocities in the factory concentration death camps throughout Europe, gave Palestine their independence in 1948, so the Jews could move in and declare Palestine theirs. It was probably the shortest run of independence of any region ever in the world.

In the year 1948 the post WWII Jews who fled to Palestine declared Israel a state on the land of Palestine.

There’s been war in the Middle East ever since. The ethnic cleansing and displacement of the indigenous Palestinians was the cause of the attack on America 0n 9-11 2001. They might as well have flown those planes themselves.

It’s time to end that war by reigning in alI Israelis involved with the atrocities committed against the indigenous Palestinian people and returning the stolen land to the Palestinians.

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Aden 1839 1858 (from India) Separate from 1937 Interior from 1873 1967

Afghanistan 1839 – 1842 1878 – 1880

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1789 – 1814 1858 1947


Antigua 1632 1663 1981

Aruba1799 – 1815

Ascension1815 by Royal Navy. 1922 Civil Administration

Ashmore and Cartier Islands18781938 to Australia

Australia 1901 1942

Bahamas 1648 – 1657, 1670 – 1717 1717 1964 1973

Bahrain 1835 1971

Baker Island18861934 to USA

Baluchistan 1877, 1887 to India 1947

Banda Islands1608, 1616 – 16211796 – 1817 then back to Dutch

Bantam16031682 to Dutch

Barbados 1627 1966

Barbuda 1666 1628 – 1632 1981

Basutoland 1868 1884 1966

Batavia1621 – 16281811 – 1816

Bay Islands 1638 – 1650 1742 – 1782, 1820 – 1860 1860 to Honduras

Bechuanaland 1885 1966

Benkulen16851825 to Dutch

Bengal 1681 1858 1947

Berbice 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Bermuda1609, 16141684

Bhutan 1911 1947

Bombay 1661 1858 1947

Bonaire1807 – 1815 then back to Dutch

Bonin Islands18271875 to Japan

British Cameroons 1914 1920 1961

British Columbia184918461871

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

British Guiana Conquered in 1796. 1815 became 3 colonies – unified in 1831 1966

British Honduras 1636 1786 1981

British Indian Ocean Territory 1784

British Kaffraria1847 joined Cape Colony in 1866

British New Guinea (Papua Territory) 1883 1886, 1906 to Australia 1884 1975

British Somaliland 1905 1884 1960

British Togoland 1914 1920 1956 to Gold Coast

British Virgin Islands 1666 1786

Brunei 1888 1984

Burma 1824 expanded in 1852 and 1885. Ruled from India until 1937 1948

Bushire 1763 1854 1971

Canada 1867 1931, 1982

Lower Canada1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada East in 18401867

Upper Canada1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada West in 18401867

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Canton and Enderbury Islands 1889 1936 – 1979 jointly with US 1979

Cape Breton Island1758 to Nova Scotia in 18201867

Cape Colony1795, 18061872, 1910 to South Africa

Cayman Islands1670 from Jamaica until 1959

Ceylon 1796 expanded in 1802 and 1815 1948

Christmas Island188819451958 to Australia

Christmas Island (Pacific) 1888 1979

Cocos Islands182618571984 to Australia

Connecticut 1633 1662 1783

Cook Islands18881965

Coorg 1834 1858 1947

Cuba1762 – 1763

Curacao1807 – 1815

Cyprus 1914 1878 1960

Cyrenaica1941 – 1951

Darien, Panama1698 – 1700

Delaware 1664 1704 1783

Demerara-Essequibo 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Dominica 1763 1978

Dutch East Indies1811 – 1816

Dutch India 1780 – 1784, 1795 – 1818, 1825 1858 1947

Egypt 1882 1914 1922 1954

Eire/Ireland/Irish Free State 1801 (part of UK proper) 1922 1935, 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Elizabeth Island 1578

Ellice Islands 1916 1892 1978

Eritrea 1941 1952

Falkland Islands 1841 1833

Fernando Po18271855 to Spain

Fiji 1835 1874 1970

Florida 1763 1783 – to Spain

French India1760 – 1765, 1778-1783, 1793-1816

French Somaliland 1942 – 1946

Gambia 1661 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1888 by itself 1894 inland territory added 1965

Georgia 1732 1755 1783

Gibraltar1704, confirmed in 1713

Gilbert Islands 1916 1892 1979

Goa1797 – 1813

Gold Coast 1631 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1874 by itself. 1830 Protectorate extended inland 1957

Goree1663 – 1664, 1758 – 1763, 1779 – 1783, 1800 – 1817

Grenada 1763 1974

Griqualand West1873 – 1880 to Cape Colony1871

Guadeloupe1759-1763, 1794, 1810-1816

Hawaii 1843 1794 1893

Heligoland 1807 1890 to Germany

Hirado1613 – 1623

Hong Kong 1842 territory added in 1860 and 1898 1997 to China

Howland Island1886 – 1935

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

India Incrementally from 1609 1858 1947 to 1950 1947 de facto

Ionian Islands 1809 1864 to Greece

Iraq 1941 to 1945 1920 1932

Italian Somaliland 1941 – 1950

Jamaica 1655 1962

Jarvis Island1889 – 1935

Kamaran Island 1915 1967

Kenya 1888 1920 1895, 1904 1963

Kuria Muria Islands 1854, 1886 to Aden 1967 to Oman

Kuwait 1899 1961

Labuan1890 to North Borneo Company1846, 1904, 1907 to Straits Settlement

Lagos 1861 1906 1960

Leeward Islands 1671 1960

Lord Howe Island17881855 to New South Wales

Madeira1801 – 1814

Madras 1640 1858 1947

Maine 1622 1691 to Massachusetts 1783

Malacca18241795 to 1816, 1826

Malaya 1874, 1896 1957

Maldive Islands 1887 1965

Malta 1800, confirmed in 1814 1919 1964


Maryland 1632 1783

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Massachusetts 1620 1691 1783

Mauritius 1810 confirmed in 1814 1968

Minorca 1708 – 1756, 1763 – 1782, 1798 – 1803 1803 to Spain



Mosquito Coast 1655 1860

Natal18431893, 1910 to South Africa

Nauru 1914 1919 1968

Nepal 1816 1947

Nevis 1628 1663, 1882 joined with St. Christopher 1983

New Brunswick17841854, 1867

New Caledonia, (Darien), Panama 1698 – 1700

Newfoundland1497, 15831713, 19341855, 1949 to Canada

New Hampshire 1623 1679 1783

New Hebrides 1906 1887 1980

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

New Jersey 1664 1738 1783

New York 1664 1783

New South Wales17701855, 1901 to Australia

New Zealand 1769, 1792, 1840 1907 1947

Nigeria 1914 1954 1960

Niue1901 to New Zealand19001974

Norfolk Island1788 – 1814 from New South Wales, 1825 – 1855 from Van Diemen’s Land, 1897 – 1913 from New South Wales1856 – 18971914 – Australian Territory

North Borneo 1775 1946 1881, 1888 1963 to Malaysia

North Carolina 1663 1729 1783

North West Frontier Province 1849 1901 1947

North West Territories167018691870 to Canada

Northern Nigeria18851914 to Nigeria1899

Northern Rhodesia 1891 1924 1964

Nova Scotia1621 to 1632, 17131846, 1867 to Canada

Nyasaland 1875 1907 1889 1964

Ocean Island 1900 1901 1979

Oman (Muscat and Oman) 1646 1800 1970

Orange River Colony (Orange Free State)1848 to 1854, 19001907, 1910 to South Africa

Palestine 1920 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Palmyra Atoll 1889 1898 to USA

Penang 1786 1826 1957

Pennsylvania 1681 1783

Perim Island 1857 to Aden 1967 to Yemen

Philippines1762 – 1764

Pitcairn Island 1838

Popham Colony1607 to 1608

Prince Edward Island1745 – 1748, 17581851, 1873 to Canada

Prince Edward Islands190817761947 to South Africa

Providence Island1629 – 1642

Pulo Condor Island 1702 – 1705

Punjab 1849 1858 1937 1947

Qatar 1916 1971

Quebec1629 – 163217591841


Roanoke1585 – 1590?

Redonda 1872 to Antigua 1981

Reunion1810 – 1815, 1942 – 1945

Rhode Island 1636 1663 1783

Rodriguez 1809, 1814 to Mauritius 1968

Rupert’s Land and North West Territories 1670, 1774 1870 to Canada

Saint Barthelemy1758, 1779, 1781

Saint Croix and Saint Thomas15871625 – 1650, 1801 – 1802, 1807 – 1815

St Christopher 1623 1663 1983

Saint Domingue, Haiti 1793 – 1798

Saint Eustatius16251665 – 1668, 1672 – 1682, 1690 – 1696, 1781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

St Helena16511834

St Lucia 1778 to 1783, 1796, 1803 confirmed in 1814 1979

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Saint Martin1690 – 16991781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

Saint Pierre and Miquelon1713 – 1763, 1778 – 1783, 1793 – 1816

St Vincent 1762 to 1779, 1783 1979

Saba1665, 1672 – 1679, 17811801 – 1803, 1810 – 1816

Samoa 1914 1889, terminated in 1899 New Zealand Mandate from 1920 1962

Sarawak 1841 1946 1888 1963

Senegal16931758 – 1779, 1809 – 1817

Seychelles 1794, 1811 from Mauritius, 1888 by itself 1976

Sierra Leone 1787 1807 1896 inland protectorates 1961

Sikkim 1890, 1918 1947

Sind 1843 1858 1947

Singapore 1819 1826 1957, 1965

Socotra 1834 – 1835 1886 1967 to Aden

Somalia1941 – 1950

Solomon Islands 1893 1978

South Africa 1910 1934

South Australia18341855, 1901 to Australia

South Carolina 1663 1729 1783

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1775, 1843, 1908

South West Africa 1919 to South Africa 1960

Southern Nigeria18841900, 1914 to Nigeria

Southern Rhodesia 1890 1888 1923 (1965 – 1979 UDI) 1980

Straits Settlements 1826 1867 1858 1963

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Sudan 1898 1956

Suez Canal Zone 1881 1922 1956

Surat 1612, 1703 to Bombay 1858 1947

Surinam 1651 1799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816 1667 to Dutch

Swaziland 1893, 1902 1968

Tanganyika 1919 1961

Tangier 1661 1684

Tasmania180318251856, 1901 to Australia

Tobago 1762 to 1781, 1793 confirmed in 1814, joined with Trinidad 1888 1962

Tokelau 1898 1889 1976

Tonga 1879, 1900 1970

Tranquebar (Danish India) 1845 1801 – 1815, 1858 1947

Transjordan 1920 1946

Transvaal 1877 to 1881, 1900 1906, 1910 to South Africa 1961

Trinidad and Tobago 1797 confirmed in 1814, joined with Tobago 1888 1962

Tripolitania1941 – 1950

Tristan da Cunha1816, 1938 from St Helena

Trucial Oman 1835 1887 1971

Turks and Caicos Islands 1678 1766 1973

Uganda 1888 1905 1894 1962

Vancouver Island184318491866 to British Columbia

Virginia 1607 1624 1783

Victoria18511855, 1901 to Australia

Walvis Bay1878, 18841922 to South Africa

Weihaiwei 1898 1930 to China

Western Australia182918261890, 1901 to Australia

Willoughby1651 – 16671799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816

Windward Islands1871 – 1960

Zanzibar 1890 1963


Oh my God, what kind of people are the British – to think they can own and control the entire planet and all its people?

Yeah, maybe I should give Britain to the Palestinians. How would you like that? It can be arranged.

Tear down the walls, reclaim your land. Move the settlers/squatters OUT – tenderly.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units.

An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe the closed-door meeting, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government advanced the proposal late Tuesday. It appeared timed to coincide with a visit by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief Mideast envoy Jared Kushner, who is expected in the region this week.

The permits would be for construction in Area C, the roughly 60% of the West Bank where Israel exercises full control and where most Jewish settlements are located. Netanyahu’s government has approved the construction of tens of thousands of settler homes, but permits for Palestinian construction are extremely rare.

Israel captured the West Bank, along with east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians seek these areas as parts of a future state. Most of the international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law and an impediment to a two-state solution to the conflict.

Touring new construction in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Wednesday that “not a single settlement or a single settler will ever be uprooted.”

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a religious nationalist in Netanyahu’s government, wrote on Facebook that he backed the construction of Palestinian housing in Area C because “it prevents the establishment of a terrorist Arab state in the heart of the land” and asserts Israeli sovereignty over Area C.

The Western-backed Palestinian Authority has control of civilian affairs in Areas A and B, which include the West Bank’s main Palestinian cities and towns.

Kushner is returning to the Middle East this week to promote the administration’s call for a $50 billion economic support plan for the Palestinians, which would accompany a Mideast peace plan that the administration has yet to release.

The Palestinians have rejected the agreement out of hand and cut off all contact with the Trump administration, saying its policies are unfairly biased toward Israel.

  The Trump’s administration’s Mideast team is spearheaded by people with close ties to Israel’s settler movement. His ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, recently told the New York Times that Israel has the “right” to annex some of the West Bank. Both critics and supporters of the settlements say the White House’s friendly attitude has encouraged a jump in settlement activity.

RE: ‘Billy Graham rule’: Safe or sexist?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘Billy Graham rule’: Safe or sexist?

RE: “Men who practice the rule are conceding they’re untrustworthy.”

Actually men thinking they need the rule concedes that women are untrustworthy. The men are being safe and I don’t blame them.

I’ve seen too many women use their sexuality to get something they want – even when wives are present.

It’s a slippery slope. Better safe than sorry.

Women making false accusations when they’re rebuffed is also an issue.

Trump = A Progressive Patriot

Donald Trump is a patriotic progressive, something I hadn’t seen before in any president, who’s not afraid to engage the people in his decision-making process while actually in office.

What surprises me is that most anti-Trump people have yet to figure out that glaring strategy.

Pick a topic. He throws out a ludicrous position which always leads to floods of feedback, which then he uses to form his stances. Past presidents relied on the CIA for input and suggestions and a few community leaders.

All other political candidates say “we can win but we need your help; we can’t do it alone.” But who has the time for the never-ending activism of knocking on doors, or standing in malls for hours signing up new voters?

With Trump all you have to do is shout out your ideas while you keep doing what you’re doing in your private life.

Brilliant strategy. Most politicians don’t have that confidence to share the stage. Their egos get in the way. Trump shares the stage with everybody.


Nancy Pelosi’s Bullfighting Girls

I believe that. 

Nancy Pelosi knows Trump is going to win in 2020, so all her efforts are directed now at destroying him rather than forming a viable plan for the future. No matter the plan, she’s knows he’ll still win, which puts her on a search and destroy course of action.

She’s not worried that she’s doing nothing for the country, because she knows he is, so let him keep doing it, while she sets out using cunning and morally corrupt strategies to take him out.

She plans on staying, She can handle those girls. She’ll come to their defense even when it’s a lie, so they’ll back off and let her at him her way. 

Yes, they’re little girls in women’s jobs who don’t know how to behave in public and who don’t know how to represent all the people. All they want is for all the people all the time to support their race, religion or gender. They are not for all. If so they would be for white people and they clearly are not. They use white people as their slaves and whores to work or fight for their rights and nobody else’s

There are more poor white people in the USA than all other groups combined. They’re not organized. If they were they’d be called white supremacists – another hate name lobbed at whites who want to preserve their race and who have white pride or who simply are more comfortable among their own. All groups are more comfortable among their own and generally prefer to procreate among their own. There is no crime there.

Forcing people to procreate with other demographics is enslavement. Leave people alone to be with whom they want, instead of doing what some social engineers say is good for all when it isn’t. Stay out of my love, like and hate life.

Hate is a natural human emotion. To legislate emotions is slavery. To pass a law telling people who or what they can love, like or hate is total enslavement of the human mind.

Nancy Pelosi way overstepped her boundaries as a liberal politician and can’t find her way back. She is Stuck in Mussolini Mode. She needs to clean up her own talk and walk before calling somebody out in public to humiliate them – another dictatorial move. She’s trying to colonize the world by having the world come to her. Mussolini tried to expand the Roman Empire by going to the Middle East: Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Albania to name a few of his conquests.

Humans who can’t hate or love are considered mentally ill, which means Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts want to legislate mental illness by humiliating in the public square anyone who expresses their right to love, like or hate anything or anyone they want. It’s a universal expression of pleasure or displeasure on a continuum.

Gays often say you can’t tell someone whom to love. That is correct. I say You can’t tell someone whom or what to hate. People hate for valid reasons, usually when under threats of the perpetrator’s making. So back off legislating emotions. It is not appropriate to dictate to anyone how they should feel. It’s not your place. I’ve seen more hate come out of the democratic party than I’ve witnessed during my seventy years on earth and in a very short time. 

Breaking News: Massive amounts of hate directed at white people across the USA and the world – all because a white man said America comes first to Americans. Yes, we take care of our own citizens first. Maybe the rest of the world needs to do the same and stop asking that crazy uncle sam you all love to hate to open his pockets for you. How dare you disrespect our nation, our people that way.

Hey globally, white people are the minority. China, Japan and all the Asians, India-Pakistan, Africa, Middle East, South America, Central America, the United States of Mexico, all the island communities and territories fall under the category of dark skinned people. They got the huge numbers. Europe is all that’s left and that’s quickly changing color. Soon white people will be an endangered color. It’s a scientific fact; stop denying it and calling it racist.

Right now South America is in a mess – always has been. Middle East is a mess and always has been. Africa also a mess. India a mess. Asia a mess.  Pakistan helpless. They all want to self-govern and keep the white face out, after the whites build their nations for them. And then when the white face leaves, they all make a mess of it. Too many pull out and migrate to other places to repeat the same story, usually to where the white faces live. But their goal is always the same – turn the new place into the old place and keep the cycle of corruption in play.

There’s a color war in the USA government, thus not a fully functioning government body. It hardly functions at all. That’s what happens when dark colors seek self-rule to the exclusion of everybody else. ‘Join Us’ they all say. But when you do, you’re left behind when the color wheel spins and you notice the color white isn’t on it.

Trump is the only one working for the American people – for all the American people – regardless of color or gender, or religion or status of handicap.

Every dark color group wants Trump to be their private dictator, and if they sense that some other color is getting his attention they go berserk in public communicating through violent, obscene, disturbing gestures and shouts of destruction their demands, like terrorists, like strange creatures mysteriously surfacing out of imaginary lagoons in the middle of every street in America. Then it spreads like a contagion throughout the planet via the media. 

Humans imitate each other. It’s their nature to do that. It doesn’t matter the race, religion, culture or gender or anything else. Imitation is the one common denominator we as humans all share. We copy one another’s behavior patterns. I don’t need science to tell me that. I observe it.

So the American people suffer a little under Pelosi’s tyranny, but so what, Trump’s doing a darn good job. She just wants to be boss at any cost. She’s not boss with Trump. She’s boss with a democratically elected president. Trump outplays, outshines, outworks her.

White people are people of color too. White is a color. Nancy Pelosi on a regular basis slams white people; Barack Obama did the same thing. The little girls she keeps protecting from the big bad white guy slams white people. Those girls put white people on the table for the world to humiliate, kill then eat. 

Not unlike the bullfighting they all support as a necessary tourist attraction for the brown people in Basque and the dog fights for the black people,  and the cock fights for the Asians, forcing white people to fight for them has become the world’s favorite blood sport.

Yet, there is no hate speech law that protects white people – only black, brown, yellow, red – every skin hue except white. Therein lies their glaring prejudice and racism.

No, Donald Trump is not a racist. Nancy Pelosi and her gang of bullfighter girls are the racists. Trash-talking white people, holding white people hostage to their flimsy social plans to transform America into their countries of origin, making poor white people go to the back of the line and pay for other people’s crimes through preferentially based social programs are all racist moves.

All because they couldn’t find the courage to stand up to the dictators in their own countries of origin. Instead, they came to America to stand up to the white people they loved to hate and the public officials whom the citizens of the USA legally elected. They’re too accustomed to coups to work methodically to achieve good things for all citizens. They want it now, and they want it for themselves, so they put all their individual and collective energies into unseating whom they hate and replacing the seat with someone they control.

Donald Trump really doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. His opponents who all want his money are racist against all white people.

Don’t ever tell someone whom you hate that they can’t hate you back or you’ll destroy their lives.

Hating someone isn’t the same as racism. Hating someone is not a crime. Loving someone is not a crime. Liking someone is not a crime. Being angry is not a crime. Crying is not a crime. Being happy is not a crime. Fearing someone is not a crime. Who is trying to take all your defenses away from you? Who is trying to make you into emotionless human robots?

Wake up and get up. What’s wrong with you? Ah, those strange creatures from the imaginary lagoons are scaring you again?

Scare them back. Scare the hell out of ’em. They’re going to kill you anyway.

NSA is on my radar screen. If you have something to say, they’ll read it. Feel free, but be cautious.



“If we don’t need the gory details to tell a story about gore, then maybe we don’t need to accept war as inevitable.” ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“LEAVING WITHOUT A TRACE” A war story-movie about the sacrifices a family makes in real time on the ground, when one is called or decides to serve their country. Based on a novel by Mindy Mejia, the film explores such sacrifice and how it impacts initially and alters forever the family dynamic.

A slow-mover that mesmerizes the viewer, forcing one to sit still the mind as it opens wide the harsh reality of physical and psychological isolation.

Mindy Mejia uses nuance to tell a story of how war leaves an indelible influence on the making of each veteran and how through each person’s uniqueness, that indelible influence unfolds differently.

Trying to heal what can’t be told, the family stumbles, succumbs and rises to a different understatement of who they are, and how to survive the changes that war brought upon them.

Rather than being left with images, facts, and figures from the theatre of the aftermath of war, the viewer takes with them a part of the collective soul of all veterans – the only part common to all – that they will ever allow you to see. Everything else is uniquely private to each individual veteran-family.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all my Veteran-family members!

I am a family-veteran. I became one when I was born into a family who served and became one again each time another family member put on that uniform.

I know what isolation looks and feels like. Over time that place brought me comfort knowing I was surviving something somebody else experienced, which I had no control over.

I believe war is NOT inevitable. Absent war and absent the intentional infliction of harm is a world I aspire to help engineer. Using my own free will and self-control opens the doors that need opening and closes those that need closing.

This is a story about accepting where we are now and working from there to achieve tomorrow.

I know that story.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

6.29. 2019

Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Russian President Putin gives an interview in Moscow

OSAKA (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Elton John was “mistaken” about LGBT rights in Russia, while praising the British singer as a musical genius.

Elton John said on Friday he was deeply upset by Putin’s comment that liberal values were “obsolete” and had been rejected by the majority of people in Western nations.

He also accused Putin of hypocrisy for saying that he wanted LGBT people to be happy after reports that gay scenes in “Rocketman”, the movie based on the singer’s life, had been censored in Russia.

“I have a lot of respect for him, he is a genius musician, we all enjoy his music, but I think he is mistaken,” Putin said when asked about Elton John’s comments in Osaka where he was attending a G20 summit.

Putin said Russian authorities had a “relaxed and unprejudiced” attitude towards LGBT people, but decisions about gender identity could only be made by adults and therefore minors need to be “left alone”.

Russian law bans “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”.

Putin also said that while he did not deny the attractiveness of liberal values in general, he was referring to situations where they impinged on traditional lifestyles.

(Reporting by Katya Golubkova; Writing by Olzhas Auyezov; Editing by Alexander Smith)

Source: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

STRATEGIC COMMENT: Being gay isn’t a liberal value as Elton John indicates. It’s a fact that runs through all races, genders, ethnicities, families, many species, political parties, religions and other groups. Elton John’s attempt to make it a liberal issue is prejudicial against all people of all genders. Gay or homosexual propaganda seeks to increase the gay population so that politically they have more clout. For that reason they appear to have attached their ‘right to be gay’ to the democratic party, making being gay a political issue, when it isn’t.

Adult gays having sex with underage boys is a real problem, since those boys haven’t matured yet. Ask any victim of sexual assault by a priest. Hear their stories of enslavement and torture by primarily gay priests.

Although straight men do have sex with young boys, the abuser is most often gay, which means there is a huge pedophilia problem in the gay community, that is not being addressed by the very people who perpetrate and hide its existence. It’s not enough to justify the action by saying straight men do it too. If it’s in your community and you’re hiding it, then it’s your problem.

It is my belief that Elton John is well aware of that problem. What is he doing about it politically?

Five minutes of explicit sex scenes regarding male on male plus oral sex scenes were deleted by the Russian editors of a film called ROCKETMAN, but not only by the Russians. Other cultures found it offensive. You can’t force people to come out of the closet. Each individual knows when it’s safe to do that. It’s not somebody else’s call to make for them.

Elton John evidently wanted to make a pornographic story about his life under the category of general audience or mature content? Explicit oral sex scenes are usually saved for porn-categorized films, not autobiographical films.

Vladimir Putin got it right when he said what adults do is their business, but what the children do is society’s business. Leave the kids out of it.

Most people believe that sex traffickers are only interested in young girls. Not so. They are equally interested in underage boys.

Sex trafficking of underage girls and boys is a huge problem in the USA and around the globe. What is actually being done about it?

What is Elton John doing about it?

By gays focusing so much on their genitals to the exclusion of most everything else, they devalue everything else about them.

Women it seems forever were valued only for their sexuality and/or mothering skills. It took a long time to value women for something beyond their male-assigned gender roles. The likes of Elton John are doing the same to gay people as men did to women. I cannot see that as a forward moving, freedom facilitating strategy.


RE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Beto and Booker’s ‘Humorous’ Spanish Skills at Democratic Debate

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Beto and Booker’s ‘Humorous’ Spanish Skills at Democratic Debate

Mocking someone is a classless reaction.

Most people are pleased when someone who doesn’t know their language at least makes an attempt.

Maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should purchase an etiquette book, now that she has a responsible public position in the USA congress.

RE: No One Could Tell All the White Guys Apart on the Democratic Debate Stage

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


No One Could Tell All the White Guys Apart on the Democratic Debate Stage

“No One Could Tell All the White Guys Apart on the Democratic Debate Stage” WOW. That is so racist.

‘No One Could Tell All the Black Guys Apart on the Democratic Debate Stage’. Why? Because they all looked the same?

You all need to pay attention to your racist language no matter the race.

They couldn’t tell any of the white guys apart on the stage, which means visual. Nobody referenced their views being similar.

Race-baiting titles are not appropriate.


RE: Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees

All of a sudden Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are speaking for all Americans? Really? This is what we want? Not this American. I couldn’t care less.

Maybe they should start running the country, so we wouldn’t have a catastrophic event happening at the border.

Maybe we should investigate congress and their collusion with Israel. Or any other country. Why do all American politicians in prominent roles need to take an Israeli tour before getting elected?

What happens on those tours? Israel doesn’t care about anybody’s interests but their own, yet we keep appeasing them at the expense of our own national security.

How many times are we going to be attacked because of our collusion with a rogue nation that won’t declare its nuclear arsenal?

How many Middle Eastern and South American countries has the CIA colluded with to unseat an existing leader?

Does congress really think the American people are that stupid?

RE: ‘I Can’t’: Don Lemon Wells Up Over Photo Of Drowned Migrant Father And Daughter

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


‘I Can’t’: Don Lemon Wells Up Over Photo Of Drowned Migrant Father And Daughter

I don’t know. Don Lemon is an emotional person. Maybe he should have been there to tell the father not to go to a country illegally.

They just jump in the water and expect God to save them? Who tells them to do that? Oh, yeah, the Don Lemons of the world knowing full well the USA doesn’t have the resources in place to accommodate them.

Has he offered any of his millions of dollars to set up tents or maybe take a few dozen in to nurse them and find them jobs?

There are only radical solutions when dealing with such large numbers of people. Why isn’t he sponsoring any of them?

He’s the one who minimized and trivialized the numbers approaching the border not that long ago. He wanted to control the situation by controlling the news. Guess that didn’t work. Don Lemon needs to start acting like a grown up and stop blaming others for what migrants do to their children.

Why does Don Lemon tearing up make news? He’s starting to resemble Jussie Smollet’s acting stunts to get attention.

Add-on: These are serious situations and all Don Lemon can do to make sure he’s front and center is to make it about himself, by posing for pictures making him look like a blowfish. Really? That’s all you’ve got? Lame. You offer your fake tears? Cheap.

RE: Residents call out local pool’s ‘racist and bogus rules’ banning baggy pants, dreadlocks, weaves

Learn to blend in. I personally don’t like to swim or sauna with people who are fully clothed, including wigs, head gear and shoes.

I didn’t see where the notice said people with dark skin were not allowed.

Dress for the occasion. Black people know how to do that – they do it all the time.

No wigs, robes or sandals in the pool. They shouldn’t need the rules explained.

Somebody’s looking for some free money, not an enjoyable pool experience.

RE: Jon Stewart Shreds ‘White Whale’ McConnell Over 9/11 Bill Response

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Jon Stewart Shreds ‘White Whale’ McConnell Over 9/11 Bill Response

This is comedy? Late night? Jon Stewart is a fraud. Why does he always look like he’s going to cry? Just proves that mega millions and mega exposure can’t make you happy.

Ratings. It’s all about ratings. How selfish is that?

If our first responders 18 years ago on 9-11 didn’t get treated fairly I don’t want a Hollywood Hack leading the parade.

When his ratings soar again he’ll be no where to be found.

Alien Life Could Be Hiding Out on Far Fewer Planets Than We Thought

Alien Life Could Be Hiding Out on Far Fewer Planets Than We Thought

By Laura Geggel, Associate Editor | June 10, 2019

Where is complex alien life hanging out in the universe? Likely not on planets stewing in toxic gases, according to a new study that dramatically reduces the number of worlds where scientists will have the best luck finding ET.

In the past, researchers defined the “habitable zone” based on the distance between the planet and its star; planets that, like Earth, orbit at just the right distance to accommodate temperatures in which liquid water could exist on the planetary surface would be considered “habitable.” But while this definition works for basic, single-celled microbes, it doesn’t work for complex creatures, such as animals ranging from sponges to humans, the researchers said.

When these extra parameters — needed for complex creatures to exist — are taken into account, this habitable zone shrinks substantially, the researchers said. For instance, planets with high levels of toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, would drop off the master list.

“This is the first time the physiological limits of life on Earth have been considered to predict the distribution of complex life elsewhere in the universe,” study co-researcher Timothy Lyons, a distinguished professor of biogeochemistry and director of the Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), said in a statement.

To investigate, Lyons and his colleagues created a computer model of the atmospheric climate and photochemistry (a field that analyzes how different chemicals behave under visible or ultraviolet light) on a range of planets. The researchers began by looking at predicted levels of carbon dioxide, a gas that’s deadly at high levels but is also needed to keep temperatures above freezing (thanks to the greenhouse effect) on planets that orbit far from their host stars.

“To sustain liquid water at the outer edge of the conventional habitable zone, a planet would need tens of thousands of times more carbon dioxide than Earth has today,” study lead researcher Edward Schwieterman, a NASA postdoctoral fellow working with Lyons, said in the statement. “That’s far beyond the levels known to be toxic to human and animal life on Earth.

“Once carbon dioxide toxicity is factored into the equation, the traditional habitable zone for simple animal life is sliced in two, the researchers said. For complex life like humans, which is more sensitive to high levels of carbon dioxide, this safe zone shrinks to less than a third of the traditional area, the researchers found.

Complex life (blue) will likely be located in a so-called habitable zone that has the potential for liquid water. Other zones aren’t a promising in the search for life, including regions with toxic buildup of carbon dioxide (yellow) and carbon monoxide (red). These likely uninhabitable zones include exoplanets such as Proxima Centauri b and the TRAPPIST-1 planets e, f and g (black dots).

Under the new parameters, some stars have no safe-for-life zone; that includes Proxima Centauri and TRAPPIST-1, two of the sun’s closest neighbors. That’s because planets around these suns likely have high concentrations of carbon monoxide, the researchers said. Carbon monoxide can bind to hemoglobin in animal blood, and even small amounts of it can be deadly. (Conversely, another recent study argued that carbon monoxide might be a sign of extraterrestrial life, but as Schwieterman put it, “these [planets] would certainly not be good places for human or animal life as we know it on Earth.”)

The new guidelines may help researchers trim the number of planets where signs of alien life look promising, a boon to the field, given that there are almost 4,000 confirmed planets out there that orbit stars other than the sun.

“Our discoveries provide one way to decide which of these myriad planets we should observe in more detail,” study co-researcher Christopher Reinhard, a former UCR graduate student who is now an assistant professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said in the statement. “We could identify otherwise-habitable planets with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide levels that are likely too high to support complex life.”

The study was published online today (June 10) in The Astrophysical Journal.

Source: Alien Life Could Be Hiding Out on Far Fewer Planets Than We Thought


Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Can Evaporate, Weird New Study Shows

Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Can Evaporate, Weird New Study Shows

By Meredith Fore, Live Science Contributor | June 10, 2019

Stephen Hawking made one of his most famous predictions: that black holes eventually evaporate entirely.

According to Hawking’s theory, black holes are not perfectly “black” but instead actually emit particles. This radiation, Hawking believed, could eventually siphon enough energy and mass away from black holes to make them disappear. The theory is widely assumed to be true but was once thought nearly impossible to prove.

For the first time, however, physicists have shown this elusive Hawking radiation — at least in a lab. Though Hawking radiation is too faint to be detected in space by our current instruments, physicists have now seen this radiation in a black hole analog created using sound waves and some of the coldest, strangest matter in the universe. Black holes exert such an incredibly powerful gravitational force that even a photon, which travels at the speed of light, could not escape. While the vacuum of space is generally thought of as empty, the uncertainty of quantum mechanics dictates that a vacuum is instead teeming with virtual particles that flit in and out of existence in matter-antimatter pairs. (Antimatter particles have the same mass as their matter counterparts, but opposite electrical charge.)

Normally, after a pair of virtual particles appears, they immediately annihilate each other. Next to a black hole, however, the extreme forces of gravity instead pull the particles apart, with one particle absorbed by the black hole as the other shoots off into space. The absorbed particle has negative energy, which reduces the black hole’s energy and mass. Swallow enough of these virtual particles, and the black hole eventually evaporates. The escaping particle becomes known as Hawking radiation.

This radiation is weak enough that it’s impossible right now for us to observe it in space, but physicists have thought up very creative ways to measure it in a lab.

Physicist Jeff Steinhauer and his colleagues at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa used an extremely cold gas called a Bose-Einstein condensate to model the event horizon of a black hole, the invisible boundary beyond which nothing can escape. In a flowing stream of this gas, they placed a cliff, creating a “waterfall” of gas; when the gas flowed over the waterfall, it turned enough potential energy into kinetic energy to flow faster than the speed of sound.

Instead of matter and antimatter particles, the researchers used pairs of phonons, or quantum sound waves, in the gas flow. The phonon on the slow side could travel against the flow of the gas, away from the waterfall, while the phonon on the fast side could not, trapped by the “black hole” of supersonic gas.

“It’s like if you were trying to swim against a current that was going faster than you could swim,” Steinhauer told Live Science. “You’d feel like you were going forward, but you were really going back. And that’s analogous to a photon in a black hole trying to get out of the black hole but being pulled by gravity the wrong way.”

Hawking predicted that the radiation of emitted particles would be in a continuous spectrum of wavelengths and energies. He also said that it could be described by a single temperature that was dependent only on the mass of the black hole. The recent experiment confirmed both of these predictions in the sonic black hole.

“These experiments are a tour de force,” Renaud Parentani, a theoretical physicist at Laboratoire de Physique Théorique of Paris-Sud University, told Live Science. Parentani also studies analog black holes but from a theoretical angle; he was not involved in the new study. “It’s a very precise experiment. From the experimental side, Jeff [Steinhauer] is really, at the moment, the world-leading expert of using cold atoms to probe black hole physics.”

Parentani, however, emphasized that this study is “one step along a long process.” In particular, this study did not show the phonon pairs being correlated on the quantum level, which is another important aspect of Hawking’s predictions.

“The story will continue,” said Parentani. “It is not at all the end.”

Source: Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Can Evaporate, Weird New Study


‘God Plays Dice with the Universe,’ Einstein Writes in Letter About His Qualms with Quantum Theory

‘God Plays Dice with the Universe,’ Einstein Writes in Letter About His Qualms with Quantum Theory

By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer | June 12, 2019

In a letter that Albert Einstein wrote in 1945, the famous physicist sketched two diagrams demonstrating a novel approach to the thought experiment called the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox.

Three letters written by Albert Einstein in 1945 are up for auction and offer an intriguing glimpse into the renowned physicist’s criticisms of how scientists were interpreting physics at the quantum level.

The letters, which were addressed to Caltech theoretical physicist Paul Epstein, describe Einstein’s qualms about quantum theory, which he called “incomplete” in one letter.

Another letter details the thought experiment that led to a quantum concept known as “spooky action at a distance” — when separated particles behave as if they were linked. The letters — eight pages of German writing and hand-drawn diagrams — will hit the auction block at Christie’s in New York today (June 12) at 2 p.m. ET, as part of the “Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts Including Americana” auction.

Einstein’s words in the letters demonstrate his fraught relationship with quantum physics, or the theories that describe the world of the very small (atoms and the subatomic particles inside them). For decades, he famously clashed with physicist Niels Bohr, whose views on the workings of the quantum world stated that particles behave differently when they are observed.

This introduced a fundamental element of uncertainty into the behavior of quantum particles; Einstein soundly rejected this perspective. Instead, Einstein argued that the rules for even tiny particles must be consistent whether the particles were observed or not.

“God tirelessly plays dice”

Einstein described his “private opinion” of quantum physics in one of the 1945 letters by referencing a phrase that he had already made famous: “God does not play dice with the universe.” In the letter, he wrote: “God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed.” This variation clarified his argument that quantum particles must adhere to certain rules that don’t change randomly, and that the quantum world required better explanations for particle behavior, according to the item description.

While Einstein admitted in the letter that quantum theory in its present form was “a highly successful experiment,” he added that it had been undertaken “with inadequate means.”

In another letter written on Nov. 8, 1945, Einstein maps the origins of his thought experiment behind quantum entanglement, using text and diagrams to explain how he first imagined it. Einstein presented this idea in a paper published in 1935; the concept — co-authored with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen — became known as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox, or spooky action at a distance, according to the American Physical Society.

Einstein and his colleagues meant for this paradox to demonstrate inherent flaws in perceptions of the quantum world. When Epstein responded to Einstein’s Nov. 8 letter with skepticism, Einstein reworked the EPR paradox, sending another version of the thought experiment in a letter dated Nov. 28, 1945.

He concluded the letter by reiterating his long-held criticism of the idea that the quantum realm couldn’t be described definitively, saying “it is this view against which my instinct revolts.”

However, recent experiments have suggested that despite Einstein’s protestations, the behavior of particles at the quantum level is likely influenced by randomness after all.

Together, the letters are expected to fetch more than $200,000 at the auction, according to the Christie’s website.

Source: ‘God Plays Dice with the Universe,’ Einstein Writes in Letter About His Qualms with Quantum Theory


RE: Mexico president tells Donald Trump: ‘America First is a fallacy’ in response to tariff threat

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


If this Mexican president thinks the USA is going to continue taking in Mexico’s poor people and those wanting to set up illegal drug businesses, then he’s delusional.

It’s time Mexico paid for the services they refuse their own people.

It’s time for the USA to take care of it’s own first and be partially reimbursed for taking in populations of other countries, because they drain the resources of their countries of origin.

Mexico doesn’t understand the concept of taking care of its own. To them it means making somebody else do it. For free.

No more freebies, Mexico.

Support legal immigration. Support the wall. Pay your fair share.

Stop whining.



1-  The one(s) who suggested the action.

2-  The one(s) who made the decision(s) to act.

3-  The one(s) who executed the action(s).


RE: Martellus Bennett calls on white QBs like Tom Brady to join Colin Kaepernick cause

Sharon Davies-Tight


Blacks need to stop blaming white men and/or women for black domestic abuse.

So what this guy is saying is if the white man tells black men to stop punching their wives, they’ll stop?

That’s not only racist, it’s stupid.

What he’s saying is that black men need to be physically and emotionally controlled by white people. That’s giving power over black men to white men,  that’s insane.

All this proves is you don’t need a brain to throw a ball. How did this even make news?


Martellus Bennett is “calling for white quarterbacks to step up on issues of race and calling out domestic abusers in the NFL by name”.

Why should white quarterbacks call out domestic abusers by name in the NFL?

Why doesn’t Martellus do it if he’s so brave and vocal? Because he doesn’t want to be shunned by his own people. How racist and pathetic is that?

Kaepernick got filthy rich off of abusing and exploiting white people. Let Kaepernick foot the bill wherever his slippery racist foot claims to want to be.

Kaepernick and Martellus are hustlers.


RE: Cher admits tweet about Trump being prison ‘toyboy’ was ‘wrong’ after outcry: ‘There is a line not to cross’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Cher admits tweet about Trump being prison ‘toyboy’ was ‘wrong’ after outcry: ‘There is a line not to cross’

Evidently Cher supports people being raped in prison as part of their sentences. To think it’s a joke is a new low in democratic ideology.


Piers Morgan


BREAKING: Cher says she wants President Trump to be raped in prison as ‘Toy boy of Big Bubba.’
Disgusting, and if she’d said it about Obama she would never work again. 

In response to the backlash, the 73-year-old Oscar winner deleted the controversial tweet. She also posted a message admitting that it crossed the line — but insisted that she wasn’t necessarily apologizing for the “stupid joke.” She added that the “Big Bubba” reference was “wrong.”

What is with Hollywood women coming out and saying the grossest things about people, wishing on them the most despicable harms, while  simultaneously jumping on the METOO bandwagon to protest those same behaviors they claim to abhor in others, that they as women engage in? They are offenders with offending dispositions. Even after they’re called out on it, they retort with another offensive position.

Evidently Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian) still supports prison rapes – as long as Big Bubba (the black man) isn’t disparaged for doing it.

Rape isn’t funny – ever.

This is the face of the democratic party. Women who support prison rape and even joke about it.

RE: Tiffany Haddish reveals the super sneaky way she gets honest audition feedback

Doubt she’s doing it for honest feedback. Honest feedback does not equal a list of benefits. How many careers could she ruin if she let the public hear them? Sounds like just another Nigerian hustle to me.

Add-on. The original title called what she heard on the tapes ‘racist’ and referred to all the benefits she received by secretly tape recording people after she left the room. Isn’t she the one who told vegans she would keep wearing fur until white cops stopped killing black people?

This is a woman with no conscience.

I’m beginning to doubt that she has tapes, but she sure did put the fear of BLACK PEOPLE into a lot of casting directors who evaluate auditions – people who now are searching their memory banks of her and what they said and how they should prepare for exposure.

That’s an act of terrorism, no matter how the news went back and tried to sugarcoat her excuses.

Hostage taking and the Nigerian scam are in her genes proven by her two most recent episodes involving torture, humiliation and instilling fear.

The best way to deal with people like that is to turn a back to them. If she has to secretly tape record people to steal material for her jokes, then she has no talent, beyond committing atrocious acts toward unsuspecting people.

Get her off the stage, before somebody shoots her and goes to prison and she ruins yet another life.  She needs a lesson on boundaries and crossing lines, then bragging about it.

Sue her and make her present the tapes. She is not an innocent.

Chances are she does that in a lot of other ‘places’.  Serial offenders always do. They crave attention for what they do to their victims. They relish in it.

Maybe white people should start tape recording black people. Go into any bar where black people congregate.  They’re sick with hatred toward anything white, whether it walks or talks or not. It’s time to fight back.

“Tiffany Haddish’s Audition Hack Is Just Another Example Of Hollywood’s Racist, Sexist Ways”

“Her boobs aren’t big enough.”

“Wait, how many rooms did you leave it in?” Rudolph asked.

“A lot. A lot. It was like my M.O.,” Haddish said.

RE: Pelosi urges Trump family or staff to stage ‘intervention for the good of the country’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.23.2019

Pelosi urges Trump family or staff to stage ‘intervention for the good of the country’

Nancy Pelosi needs to stop obsessing on Donald Trump’s personality.

Take liquor away from congress for a week and see who they really are.

Every time I see Pelosi on T.V. she looks, talks and acts drunk.

She has fallen so far, that it’s hard to imagine she was ever any other way.

I was a democrat all my life – now I’m an independent, because of the way the democratic so-called professionals handled defeat.

It’s not like they lost their jobs. It’s more like they all died.


RE: New York Times editorial board slams anti-Semitic cartoon in Times international edition

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5-1-2019

New York Times editorial board slams anti-Semitic cartoon in Times international edition

I didn’t hear any Jews complaining when Charlie Hebdo made international headlines for publishing Muslim cartons related to terrorism.

This cartoon depicted two people and the reality of their relationship. It did not focus on all Jews.

Actually, when Jews worldwide speak in one voice, then they can be criticized as a group.

The criticism claiming anti-semitism isn’t valid when directed at two people from two countries who really didn’t represent the opinions of either country.

Criticism doesn’t cause a holocaust, it stops one.

Frankly, the only one who should be offended by this cartoon is the dog who was disparaged as a tool to make fun of someone.


RE: Hundreds of migrants in southern Mexico board ‘The Beast’ heading north

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  4-30-2019

Hundreds of migrants in southern Mexico board ‘The Beast’ heading north

What kind of parents could put children on top of a moving train, then fall asleep? That’s child endangerment.

I have yet to see the horror pictures of what supposedly all these helpless people are fleeing. Where are the proof photos of bombs and concentration camps and massive outbreaks of diseases accompanied by starvation – people in tent cities in Central America?

When countries offer asylum that speak their language, which makes everything so much easier, and they refuse, then they’re not desperate; they’re nation shopping.

ADD-ON: Whatever happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” by President John F. Kennedy?

Immigrants today have no plans of giving anything. They are ‘takers’, not ‘givers’. There is no sense of loyalty or national pride.



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