Too Many People In Jail

Too Many People In Jail (for my prison writing  buddies) Too many people in jail or prison who don’t belong there. How does one cope with that horror? The government throws them a bible – Get Jesus – it happened to him.

Should USA Supreme Court Lower Standards For Education?

RE: As Supreme Court considers affirmative action, colleges see few other ways to diversity goals Affirmative action doesn’t belong in the Supreme Court. In fact it doesn’t belong anywhere. Colleges and Universities are free to offer education to anyone they want. They don’t need a law that includes everyone, especially in a competitive world andContinue reading “Should USA Supreme Court Lower Standards For Education?”

A Supercharged Hit Elicits A Supercharged Response

When you get a Covid Vaccine you’re being injected with a concentrated Covid Virus directly into your muscle that goes directly into your bloodstream. It’s a direct hit; unlike the air exposure from somebody’s cough or sneeze.

The CIA Knows My God

The CIA claims they don’t believe in God. They don’t believe in religious Gods or religions. They know my God. They’ve been spying on my computer since I had a computer, long before the internet was invented.

The Under-Represented People

You can’t say all black people are discriminated against and stay honest. It’s poor black people who set the tone for all black people, so when somebody says black people, the world’s collective brain sees poor only. Wealthy black people, once achieved, didn’t support their own who weren’t there. They jumped ship and told allContinue reading “The Under-Represented People”

Liquid Plumr Ad – review

THERE’S A PLUMR IN ALL OF US. Take this Ad down before someone buys LIQUID PLUMR and drinks it to unplug, unclog themselves. Butt cracks? Equals associating the digestive system with a highly toxic poison. Suggested use? For fat people? The thin bodied person suggests she already used it with success?

How Does What I Don’t Eat Make Me A Terrorist?

Imagine the USA military – and the militaries of all countries – equating somebody’s food choices with being a terrorist. How naive and dangerous the stewards of nuclear weapons to think down that path, to make known that path publicly and never to walk it back for the purpose of satisfying global slaughter markets. Who’sContinue reading “How Does What I Don’t Eat Make Me A Terrorist?”

El Chapo – Netflix

If you want to see a demonstration of translation of languages watch this interesting tale told two ways – both in English – one vocal and the other sub titles. Yet they’re both different – not far off the mark though. For instance: ‘you mother fucker’ spoken in English is translated via sub titles toContinue reading “El Chapo – Netflix”

Common Cold Not So Common and some fun stuff

This new so-called common cold that’s so contagious everyone in the world will get it? Reported by several news sites in their headlines? Who has to read ‘more’? No one. It’s not natural. For the sake of herd immunity they? say. How would they know in advance is the ‘tell’.

The Kirby Invasions Part 1

“DON’T LET THEM IN THE BUILDING” How about if they’re not a familiar employee, lacking proper indentification and are acting erratic after business hours?   This flyer was installed many times by Kirby Manor staff and many times it was removed by people engaged in illegal activities, so seniors would let them in the building. 


Merry-Go-Round-The-Militaries Militaries are in the business of destroying property and people.  They kill or maim those they view as a threat to their killing strategies – as well as those they view as a threat to the Wall Streets of the rich and powerful influencers who invest in said destruction coupled with promises to rebuildContinue reading “Merry-Go-Round-The-Militaries”

No Beginning No End

No Beginning. No End. Most of us have a hard time with the ‘no beginning and no end’ part of existence. If there’s no beginning and no end to the universe, then perhaps it makes sense that life is simply one part of a journey of which we are all a part while on EarthContinue reading “No Beginning No End”

Attention Brits -The Js and Bs and Ps Again?

Yes, just one more view – a small one, that maybe others overlooked in the history of it all. Keep reading if you will. Thank you in advance, then thank me later – not 74 years later, okay? The Bs have a long history of colonizing people thus territories, countries, regions whatever the name dujourContinue reading “Attention Brits -The Js and Bs and Ps Again?”

The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capitalContinue reading “The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ”


God grant me the strength to fight through argument those who terrorize me and others, no matter who they be. God grant me discipline in my everyday life, so that every day I may accomplish a new task that requires that discipline.

Finding Answer For Unknown Question

The USA government doesn’t like ‘one person changing the world’ – stick to yourself and you’ll be okay. I say, one person is the world – but they don’t get it – they’re not thinkers – deep – they’re strategists – blockers – life is about war to them.

USA Lied. We The People Don’t Have Free Speech Rights

If the Supreme Court doesn’t protect free speech of the populace in the USA, then it doesn’t prohibit it either. Stay out of it. Did you all forget that there’s a populace without a voice in America?

Tomorrow’s Here How Does It Look?

Become more of a doer, more of a thinker, more of an advocate for, rather than against – is that even possible? All at once? What category does the against fall into then? Maybe the world needs ‘an against’ in order to function clearly. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Yeah, dos and don’ts, mostlyContinue reading “Tomorrow’s Here How Does It Look?”

They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation CCF TORTURES PATIENTS With Impunity

I’m for rehabilitation, not incarceration.

I’m for rehabilitation, not incarceration.  Once you turn prisons over to the private business sector, they’re in it to make money and to keep those beds occupied. When the no occupancy sign goes up, which means filled to capacity, it’s time to build another prison with dollar signs in corporate eyes not rehabilitation on theirContinue reading “I’m for rehabilitation, not incarceration.”