What About Souls?

NEW AND OLD Does the body make the soul or the soul make the body? Is the soul a neutral entity all souls beingequal? Does the soul exist in the egg and the sperm? Is there such a thing as a totally new soul such as in a mutation? Do all soul materials already existContinue reading “What About Souls?”

RE: Pelosi refuses to answer question about Ilhan Omar’s latest inflammatory statements

RE: Pelosi refuses to answer question about Ilhan Omar’s latest inflammatory statements this week Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3 July 2021 I don’t even want nor do I have to read the article. Plain as day: Congress doesn’t mind when white people are criticized for what they do, so why are Jews off limits? It’s timeContinue reading “RE: Pelosi refuses to answer question about Ilhan Omar’s latest inflammatory statements”

THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity

THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity Way back In Massachusetts in the early 70s my mother wanted to go see Ted Kennedy talk some place downtown Springfield. Steve and I took her. The one thing I recall him saying was that he never says I. It’s WE. By saying WE he includes everybody. ‘I’ seems tooContinue reading “THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity”


Autoimmune Hysteria If our immune systems are in a perpetual state of fighting off the CORONACOVID virus which is being pumped into the four corners of our external and internal environments, then masses of people should be developing autoimmune responses, followed by autoimmune diseases. The media acts as if we can run but not hideContinue reading “AUTOIMMUNE HYSTERIA”


Stage Vs Step Steps are staircases to nowhere. It’s all about stages . Stages remain fluid in all directions ready for adaptation. Important distinction between step and stage and fluidity: I DON’T ALWAYS GO IN ORDER Sure you can skip steps or go up or down or stay put. But you can’t go sideways andContinue reading “BEING FLUID IS WHERE IT’S AT”


PAY TO BE HEARD You mean you’re talking for an entire country of people every time you open your mouth? Nobody can handle that coming from one person. Even when Jesus said, ‘open your mouth to speak and my words will come out’, he wasn’t telling you to speak for everybody else; it was toContinue reading “YOU SPEAK’N FOR ME?”


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.12.2021 White people have standardized traits now. And COCA-COLA personnel set the standards. The Brits and Antifa-like organizations are usually the standardizers of the planet, wanting everybody to look, sound, think and act the same, so governments can more easily control them. For businesses it’s a slightly different story. Some news storiesContinue reading “COCA-COLA ANTI-WHITE CAMPAIGN TO LURE NON-WHITE CUSTOMERS”

RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service

Who wrote this title? “Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”. What exactly does “The Good Chicken Service” mean? Is this writer writing an advertisement for POPEYE’S? Totally Inappropriate. The newscaster says, “the prank was a bad idea”. Who says it was a prank? When it’s againstContinue reading “RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”

Patrisse Cullors On ‘Transformative Organizing Theory’

LOOKING BACK… 7,892 views • Aug 23, 2012 YouTube 2010 workshop BLM co-founder promotes book she cheerfully compares to Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ in unearthed video “Patrisse Cullors seemingly praised the communist leader’s famous book” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/blm-patrisse-cullors-maos-red-book by W.H.Y Cullors makes claims that father in and out of prison was killed by racism in his 50s.Continue reading “Patrisse Cullors On ‘Transformative Organizing Theory’”

‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least

Jews Living On Stolen Palestinian Land RE: ‘Democrats back off demand that Biden delay U.S. arms sale to Israel’ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 18 May 2021 Democrat President Biden and his apartheid-supporting spineless Democrats decide to sell even more arms to the Jews to decimate the Palestinians on their own land. Jews already have a nation;Continue reading “‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least”

Stop Expecting The USA To Police The World

then burn USA cities to demand defunding the police. Demanding that the USA be a global police force is a sign of oppression. It is not the world’s place to demand one country to solve the problems of all the others. What they really want is money to make them stop warring against each other.Continue reading “Stop Expecting The USA To Police The World”

RE: Walensky CDC Director May Have Exacerbated THE WAR ON MASKS

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.13.2021 “But in her remarks on Thursday, Walensky clearly sought to extricate the agency she leads from the mask culture wars.“ Oh good, so now that I’m fully vaccinated and the two weeks wait time is long gone, which means I have all the antibodies I need to fight off the diseaseContinue reading “RE: Walensky CDC Director May Have Exacerbated THE WAR ON MASKS”

Leaky Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) May Cause Brain Diseases

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.13.2021 “We cannot try the same experimental brain modifications in humans; it is not ethical. But we have been able to use imaging techniques to compare the brains of people with Alzheimer’s with those of healthy people. The images show excessive and progressive BBB leaking in those with the disease, as wellContinue reading “Leaky Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) May Cause Brain Diseases”

India is hiding its Covid crisis – and the whole world will suffer for it

India is hiding its Covid crisis – and the whole world will suffer for it Ankita RaoThu, May 6, 2021, 6:17 AM A few years ago, as Narendra Modi came into power, I worked on an investigative report about India hiding its malaria deaths. In traveling from tribal Odisha to the Indian national health ministryContinue reading “India is hiding its Covid crisis – and the whole world will suffer for it”

RE: Eddie Gallagher claims SEALs intended for detainee to die

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6 May 2021 Does the 17 year old have a name? TORTURE. TERRORISM. He was a terrorist, because he became the enemy in Iraq when the USA invaded, and that gave the USA military the right to torture him even if it was to give Navy Seals practice in the field. NOContinue reading “RE: Eddie Gallagher claims SEALs intended for detainee to die”

RE: What were 90 adults doing huddled in one house in Houston?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.3.2021 I have only one question. Where were all the children? A plan. Send the children separately; the USA will have no choice but to take them in. We’ll smuggle the adults in to meet up later. All other reasons why are the common ones. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Over 90 people found inContinue reading “RE: What were 90 adults doing huddled in one house in Houston?”

RE: Does anybody have to ask Why? Maybe Ricco and Sharon have a better answer – read on if you want real

Over a year of violent protests with no social distancing. People coming in from out of state elbow to elbow, nose to nose, mouth to mouth then return to their respective states to spread the good word of BLACK LIVES MATTER with a death certificate attached bearing the signature of THE VIRUS. BLACK LIVES MATTERContinue reading “RE: Does anybody have to ask Why? Maybe Ricco and Sharon have a better answer – read on if you want real”

RE: Justin Bieber ACCUSED of stealing a hair style – (dread)locks it’s a Biblical Term

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 4-28-2021 LOCKS IS A BIBLICAL TERM, which means anybody can wear them. Imagine that?? Certain people (white colored) can’t wear the same hair styles as black colored people!! How racist is THAT! In what century do we live? The century of BLACK HAIR SUPREMACY? UGLY HAIR!! It looks like he crawled outContinue reading “RE: Justin Bieber ACCUSED of stealing a hair style – (dread)locks it’s a Biblical Term”

The Spanish Flu Wasn’t Spanish

Spanish flu: The deadliest pandemic in history  In 1918, a strain of influenza known as Spanish flu caused a global pandemic, spreading rapidly and killing indiscriminately. Young, old, sick and otherwise-healthy people all became infected, and at least 10% of patients died. Estimates vary on the exact number of deaths caused by the disease, but it is thoughtContinue reading “The Spanish Flu Wasn’t Spanish”

Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?

Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures? One percent of the world’s population died from the Spanish flu. Seventy million people. 1919. Some news articles cite fifty million. The Jews who claim to have lost six million in forced labor camps claim none were from the Spanish flu or any other pandemic. According to the Jews theyContinue reading “Are Jews Fudging Virus Figures?”

Obama CALLS FOR CONTINUED PROTESTS surrounding the guilty verdict of unintentional murder

Aligning himself with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, Barack Obama former president to the USA gives the violent protests and those who participated throughout the United States the credit for the guilty verdict against a police officer who kept his knee on the neck of a person resisting arrest over possession of counterfeit money, aContinue reading “Obama CALLS FOR CONTINUED PROTESTS surrounding the guilty verdict of unintentional murder”

RE: Thank You Elizabeth Warren For ‘Meddling in Israeli Politics’ will others join you?

by SHARON: DAVID’S QUOTE: “Imagine, if you can, Warren’s reaction if a foreign political leader openly offered the GOP advice on how to win back the presidency. Foreign interference, indeed.” Benjamin Netanyahu makes frequent visits to the White House advising presidents and congress people on how to proceed in all matters concerning Jews and Israel,Continue reading “RE: Thank You Elizabeth Warren For ‘Meddling in Israeli Politics’ will others join you?”

RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations Sharon’s View: Independence from whom? What country occupied the Jews from which they could claim independence? They just make stuff up wanting to look like the persecuted ones, when the opposite is true. Jews occupy every country in the world, but in Palestine they took over theContinue reading “RE: Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations”

How Did This Happen Again?

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN? How do you find one person in all of Canada with a variant virulent strain? Does Canada test every person who sees a doctor for whatever reason for variants? Who developed a test for unknown variants of coronavirus and/or Covid-19? Where? In Canada? How variant is the variant from coronavirusContinue reading “How Did This Happen Again?”

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies What’s the difference between British and Spanish colonizing strategies? The British invade offering a more civilized way of surviving, so the foreign entity can stand on their own in a developing world. Then they leave. They don’t transform the country into British people through procreation. The Spanish invade and conquer,Continue reading “British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies”

Why Gays And Transgenders Get Beat Up

WHY GAYS AND TRANSGENDERS GET BEAT UP It’s not always straights beating up gays; many times it’s gays beating up transgenders. Regarding straights beating up gays and transgenders: When Gays and Transgenders stop hitting on straight people, they’ll stop getting beat up by straight people. That’s the same as sexual assault. Keep your hands toContinue reading “Why Gays And Transgenders Get Beat Up”

The Trigger Strategy

It’s being used all over social media. One group doesn’t like the other group, so they descend en masse on one of the oppositions posts or tweets and the owner of the post or tweet is charged with triggering a massive, negative response. It’s fake; it’s made-up; it’s a lie; it’s a strategy to silenceContinue reading “The Trigger Strategy”

RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds

TALK SHOWS ARE RIGGED. The views are fake and predetermined. It’s not a conversation. It’s an indoctrination. The show is called THE TALK. If you can’t be honest in your views, then the show is a fraud. The Africans wanted a conversation, then when they got it, they couldn’t handle it. I say, dump theContinue reading “RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds”

Translating English To English

RE: Language Differences In English ‘hair’ and ‘those people’ Every minority responds with indignation when referred to in the collective voice as ‘these people’ or ‘those people’. I often wondered why, especially when they do the same thing. Don’t they see if they’re offended, then somebody else might also be offended by the same reference?Continue reading “Translating English To English”

Now Comes The Trial…

…and the terrorist threats to determine the verdict. Now comes the trial and along with it threats to burn your towns and villages if Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa don’t get the verdict they want. Guilty. That’s the justice they seek and the method to achieve it. Scare the wits out of all the whiteContinue reading “Now Comes The Trial…”

The Virus Wants To Be Interviewed – updated

By me. I thought: I don’t know how that could work – seeings though I’m supposedly virus-free, at least free of that one. If there’s no virus in me, then how can I interview it? Then I got super sick again. Worse than before. I could hardly move. Had extreme ‘scoots’. Fever of 101.4. ThoughtContinue reading “The Virus Wants To Be Interviewed – updated”

Megaphone Strategy At Protests/Riots

The megaphone strategy – at protests and riots. The use of megaphones is a domination strategy/tactic. Those using megaphones at protests and riots seek to dominate their subjects whereby their amplified voices will be heard above all the other voices. The closer they get to their target, the more brutal the noise assault. It’s aContinue reading “Megaphone Strategy At Protests/Riots”


written 17 MARCH 2021 ASIAN MASSAGE PARLORS TARGETED FOR PROTEST, OR ASIAN MOB STEPPED ON SOMEBODY ELSE’S TERRITORY, OR? COMMENT: If this is a story about women or Asian women, please define Asian for the reader. On whose behalf are you speaking? Russian, Turk, Chinese, Israel (now they claim to be Asian), India, Pakistan, Kashmir,Continue reading “MASSAGE PARLOR SLAUGHTER IN GEORGIA”

Antifa Looking For Triggers On City Buses

Bus Ride From Hell With Antifa aka Black Lives Terrorists On Board Pitying someone is dismissive. Feeling at peace after the pity-move makes one keep going back for more. That’s why there’s so much of it these days. It makes one feel good without having to do or think further. Just this morning I startedContinue reading “Antifa Looking For Triggers On City Buses”

If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us

If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us The biggest fence-sitters in the world instructed President Bush to say those words in a speech to the world after the USA was bombed on September 11, 2001. I’ve heard Black activists and non-heterosexual activists say the same. In fact people in support of any issue sayContinue reading “If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us”

RE: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.25.2021 So when black people commit hate crimes against white people, the news writers give them a break by refraining from saying black man attacks unarmed white women. Now that’s discriminatory – black people getting preferential treatment in the press downplaying their hate crimes. Why mention the skin color of the womenContinue reading “RE: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say”

RE: Rival of Palestinian president delivers vaccines to Gaza

Rival of Palestinian president delivers vaccines to Gaza 2.22.2021  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Nice job! If Netanyahu won’t do it and Abbas can’t because Netanyahu rules him, then maybe the new guy can. Smart move for United Arab Emirates to Trump Netanyahu who is using vaccines to barter for the release of prisoner(s) in Syria. LooksContinue reading “RE: Rival of Palestinian president delivers vaccines to Gaza”

The Truth About Self-Loathing Jews

Self- Loathing Jews The world hears it a lot in the movies and on talk shows. Why insert it? Looking for pity via Hollywood? Using the entertainment venue to get out your self-hate message? Why? Jews claim to be self-loathing. Why inbreed? Only comfortable with their own family. Jews have bad thoughts. Grotesque thoughts. HateContinue reading “The Truth About Self-Loathing Jews”

Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…

By Ramzy Baroud Thu, Feb 18 at 4:18 PM ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine http://www.ramzybaroud.net ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine Motivated by their justifiable aversion to former US President Donald Trump,Continue reading “Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…”