The CIA Knows My God

The CIA claims they don’t believe in God. They don’t believe in religious Gods or religions. They know my God. They’ve been spying on my computer since I had a computer, long before the internet was invented.

Finding Answer For Unknown Question

The USA government doesn’t like ‘one person changing the world’ – stick to yourself and you’ll be okay. I say, one person is the world – but they don’t get it – they’re not thinkers – deep – they’re strategists – blockers – life is about war to them.

Bloodsuckers And Strings

Answer- Don’t take any deals with strings attached from a blood sucker. Question- Who told you that? Answer- A blood sucker while dying representing every animal-eater on the planet. Question- How’d the bloodsucker die? Answer- Strangled by the strings so couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the crush.