Tomorrow’s Here How Does It Look?

Become more of a doer, more of a thinker, more of an advocate for, rather than against – is that even possible? All at once? What category does the against fall into then? Maybe the world needs ‘an against’ in order to function clearly. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Yeah, dos and don’ts, mostlyContinue reading “Tomorrow’s Here How Does It Look?”

Something Left Out Of History?

something left out of history reports? black and white drinking fountains why Nobody ever seems to want to know why. We already know why, we don’t have to look any further is a common refrain. Some people used them as public toilets.  Others complained, so signs went up.

Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included

Ashkenazic Jews 4,000 years old. ‘Ashkenazic Jews was an adopted name from intersecting trade routes in Turkey./ Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA September 5, 2018 7.25am EDT Author Eran Elhaik Lecturer in population, medical and evolutionary genomics, University of Sheffield University of Sheffield provides funding as a founding partner of TheContinue reading “Eran Elhaik On Where Jews Come From – mutations included”

Do You Recognize Me Now?

I recognize everybody, that’s why some feel recognized less. But that’s what the one’s not feeling recognized wanted, right? For everyone to be equally recognized?  Divide a million dollars among a million people and everybody gets one dollar. Do you recognize me now? ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Get new content delivered directly to your inbox.

Preaching And Practicing

Not practicing what we preach: We all know the right way, but we get lost in the chaos of life. However just because everybody does it, doesn’t mean everybody can’t improve – on anything, not just practicing what we preach. The good news is that we still know the right way even amidst the chaos.Continue reading “Preaching And Practicing”

How Many People Did You Kill Today?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.20.2020 Melania Trump commemorates the end of slavery from a gilded White House room while the president tweets threats at protesters I have a message for Black Africans: Stop looking for validation from so-called white people. It makes you look pathetic and weak. You’re hogging all the news for yourselves. There’s aContinue reading “How Many People Did You Kill Today?”