The British will free and enslave you at the same time.

That’s their style – their mode of operation.

They can’t help themselves. Seems no one can these days.

Since when did the USA become the mediator/arbitrator/parent/teacher/counselor for Israel? I thought they wanted independence.

Doesn’t look that way, when they run to USA to stop USA from selling arms to United Arab Emirates.

Israel wanted normalization with Arab countries, but still wants the USA to dictate terms on behalf of Israel. Something doesn’t seem right or equal about those relationships.

Are all the countries that are normalizing relations with Israel going to have to bend to the will of the USA – always on Israel’s behalf? Sounds like the United Nations all over again.

Free and enslaved at the same time. Israel comes out as the dictator of terms via the USA, so it doesn’t look like Israel is dictating, but they clearly are. There’s that hustle again – they just can’t help themselves.

Is the USA really part of the United Kingdom? I thought the USA was really Israel. I must have judged wrongly – that doesn’t sound like me. Have I been invaded by a foreign entity?

The United Kingdom has invaded the USA, which means the UK is the one calling the shots with Israel and the normalizing Arab countries. USA is the face. UK is the handler. Israel is the dictator.

So the UK is allowing Israel to dictate the terms in Palestine and elsewhere. Why no normalizing of relations with the Palestinians, the people they enslave on Palestinian land?


UK trust trickle down, even though they don’t. Somehow the Palestinians will rise from the ashes to catch the crumbs of normalization between Israel and the rest of the world.

Not so fast.

I’m not done here.

There’s something the world failed to see.



Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

An agenda that requires total domination over all feelings of all Black Africans – for the purpose of controlling their actions.

You’d feel better and stop crying so much if you stopped feeling the pain of your entire race. That’s too large a burden for any individual to carry. Why should you? Who made that a law that when broken leads to humiliation, loss of respect and devastation?

Your own race does that. No other race cares enough to gain that much control over another race. That’s a lie perpetuated by your own race in order to keep you in line within the herd. Yes you are animals and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you’ll understand patterns of behaviors that up until now kept you corralled in the confusion bin.

That your leaders expect it, should be questioned by every individual.

White people don’t seek to control you. There are 1.341 billion African people in the world, and out of all those people, you still have to keep knocking on white people’s doors to fix your problems? Fix them yourselves.

Can you stop crying? If the answer includes pre-conditions, then you know you are being controlled by forces within your own race.

Why would anyone want or need or expect the entire world to feel the pain of every individual in an entire race of people?

There is only one correct answer. To control them. Control the feelings, control the actions. It is a maneuver in domination thus enslavement. It’s not the white people enslaving black people; it’s the black people enslaving the black people.

The only one who can get you out of that bondage situation is you, not white people. You’re not attached to white people. You bonded with Blacks not Whites. Wake up.

You’ve been hustled. An entire race. Looking foolish in front of the world crying to white people to feel your pain. All 1.341 billion of you?


Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations


No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives. 

Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control the words people see, write and speak on social media.

Madison Avenue will put Facebook out of business. 

Most of the people on Facebook are nowhere near wealthy. So it is the lower income people that Black Lives Terrorists and Anti-defamation League terrorists (who support Apartheid in Palestine), seek to punish by slapping down their views using terrorist trolls.

Black Lives Matter and Anti-defamation League are not organizations for and of the people. 

These organizations are run by rich people pretending to be advocates for the poor and disenfranchised. They are both terrorist organizations whose main goal is to terrorize the populace into silence thus submission to their terrorist agendas.

I think it’s time for the Anti-defamation League to state its view on free speech in America and around the world and how their defamation of people who disagree with what Jews are doing in Africa isn’t defamation to them. Ruining somebody’s life because they speak the word Jew is going to end.

Jews are no better than anybody else. And their organizations built around suppressing free speech are going to be exposed for what they are and the terror they spread around the world.

Ruining somebody’s business because they don’t like the way you do business is going to end. You are the white supremacists the world hates. You were not chosen by any God to terrorize the planet into bending to your will.

Anti-Semetic? Every self-loathing Jew I ever met or heard of was anti-Semetic. I never met a Jew that didn’t hate everybody on the planet. Clean up your own hatred, and leave everybody else’s lives alone. They are not your lives to manipulate.

You’ve run the longest, largest hustle on the planet in the history of the human race.

It’s over. Learn to get along with people. You don’t own anybody.

The arrogance.

Anti-Defamation Jews defame people they don’t like.

What do you call a person who isn’t a Jew in the English language that people are familiar with? A not Jew? Nobody should have to say or differentiate?

Then why seek a Jewish majority in Palestine by importing enemies of Palestinians as settlers to take Palestinian land? Why not give them Jewish land? Is there such a thing? A Jew can own a building if they pay for it? So they’re really taking Jewish land and giving it to Jewish settlers imported from Russia in Palestine?

Who did the Jews pay for the land they took without consent? How much did the Russian settlers pay the Jews for Palestinian land? It was theirs? Why did the Palestinians flourish on that land if it belonged to the Jews? The Palestinians dropped out of the sky? Why should it belong to the Russians?

You better start working on your story. Your mumble jumble tactics aren’t working any more.


Madison Avenue is fickle. You don’t own them either, so stop acting like you do.



Donald Trump didn’t invent fake news. No individual past, present or future can be called the king or queen or the chief or the head of the lie, nor take credit for inventing the lie for the purpose of persuasion.

Government agencies that control the news and Madison Avenue working with information disseminating media outlets do that. Political campaigns do it to punch their opponents. Business people do it in the form of false promises of what their products do and how they look.

Every single government agency does it – no matter the country or region.

Why? To confuse the populace, so they can classify everyone acting confused and asking questions about what really happened into the CONSPIRACY THEORIST category of mental instability.

Madison Avenue and businesses do it for profit. Lawyers and lawmakers in every sector do it.

All individuals, even other species, lie to protect and persuade. Some are expert at it, whereby everything they communicate is some form of deception. Humans live and breathe it.

Fake news – a lie, a distorted truth, for the purpose of making someone believe something because an authority spoke or wrote it.

There’s so much junk out there, that one must assume that nearly all of it is tainted in some way, especially when coming from an authority source.

How do you wade through it? The same way juries in courts of law do it – with prejudice. Without the actual facts and the content from which the facts are exhumed or extracted, prejudice is all that’s left.

So there you have it. Fake News, fake information, fake images, all media, all movies, all documentaries are the makers of prejudice.

It’s a hustle.



Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorship by committee.

If you call yourselves a democracy because you have free elections, but everyone in the country prefers the policies and practices of socialism, then you’re basically a monolithic system of governing, which in essence becomes communism if practiced long enough, since everyone in the nation can’t all be rich, but they can all be at the poverty line, which eventually demoralizes the populace, which then requires a military presence in the civilian population to keep the system that no longer works.

The only time systems of mass control work in providing a more equal balance is when in transition. Once the goal is met, nobody likes it, because it’s too confining and restrictive. Paradoxically, it is always the masses who want and seek and rise up to achieve that equal distribution, only to discover that it produced more disadvantages, rather than fewer.

China’s system has never worked. The reason it appeared to thrive at various times throughout history is because the Chinese people were convinced by their leaders that suffering was a necessary part of the plan.

China’s system lays all the decision-making into the hands of a few old men regarding every single detail of China’s population, land, resources, and on and on.

China’s old men are no different than anybody else’s old men. Old men can’t handle that much responsibility. Young men can’t handle that much responsibility. Nobody’s men can.

Suffering, suffering, suffering. You wear it well. What a lie you projected to the world. Suffering brings you peace, wealth, happiness, ingenuity, invention? Then why do you spend so much time stealing America’s inventions?

Long live China as a democracy. If China becomes a democracy, then China keeps Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everyone is different, but equally worthy to pursue their people’s dreams. 

Not all Chinese are the same. Accept that reality as the beginning of what an ultimate Chinese Democracy will look like. Better than any other democracy.

You know how to do it. You dreamed it for centuries.



RE: Martellus Bennett calls on white QBs like Tom Brady to join Colin Kaepernick cause

Sharon Davies-Tight


Martellus Bennett calls on white QBs like Tom Brady to join Colin Kaepernick cause

Blacks need to stop blaming white men and/or women for black domestic abuse.

So what this guy is saying is if the white man tells black men to stop punching their wives, they’ll stop?

That’s not only racist, it’s stupid.

What he’s saying is that black men need to be physically and emotionally controlled by white people. That’s giving power over black men to white men,  that’s insane.

All this proves is you don’t need a brain to throw a ball. How did this even make news?


Martellus Bennett is “calling for white quarterbacks to step up on issues of race and calling out domestic abusers in the NFL by name”.

Why should white quarterbacks call out domestic abusers by name in the NFL?

Why doesn’t Martellus do it if he’s so brave and vocal? Because he doesn’t want to be shunned by his own people. How racist and pathetic is that?

Kaepernick got filthy rich off of abusing and exploiting white people. Let Kaepernick foot the bill wherever his slippery racist foot claims to want to be.

Kaepernick and Martellus are hustlers.


RE: Tiffany Haddish reveals the super sneaky way she gets honest audition feedback

Doubt she’s doing it for honest feedback. Honest feedback does not equal a list of benefits. How many careers could she ruin if she let the public hear them? Sounds like just another Nigerian hustle to me.

Add-on. The original title called what she heard on the tapes ‘racist’ and referred to all the benefits she received by secretly tape recording people after she left the room. Isn’t she the one who told vegans she would keep wearing fur until white cops stopped killing black people?

This is a woman with no conscience.

I’m beginning to doubt that she has tapes, but she sure did put the fear of BLACK PEOPLE into a lot of casting directors who evaluate auditions – people who now are searching their memory banks of her and what they said and how they should prepare for exposure.

That’s an act of terrorism, no matter how the news went back and tried to sugarcoat her excuses.

Hostage taking and the Nigerian scam are in her genes proven by her two most recent episodes involving torture, humiliation and instilling fear.

The best way to deal with people like that is to turn a back to them. If she has to secretly tape record people to steal material for her jokes, then she has no talent, beyond committing atrocious acts toward unsuspecting people.

Get her off the stage, before somebody shoots her and goes to prison and she ruins yet another life.  She needs a lesson on boundaries and crossing lines, then bragging about it.

Sue her and make her present the tapes. She is not an innocent.

Chances are she does that in a lot of other ‘places’.  Serial offenders always do. They crave attention for what they do to their victims. They relish in it.

Maybe white people should start tape recording black people. Go into any bar where black people congregate. They’re sick with hatred toward anything white, whether it walks or talks or not. It’s time to fight back.

“Tiffany Haddish’s Audition Hack Is Just Another Example Of Hollywood’s Racist, Sexist Ways”

“Her boobs aren’t big enough.”

“Wait, how many rooms did you leave it in?” Rudolph asked.

“A lot. A lot. It was like my M.O.,” Haddish said.



In reference to:


Seven Shakur

White people seem to be heartless. And no I do not blame every white person for the past actions of other white people but hey

Chef Sharon Davies-Tight

In reply to Seven Shakur.  I don’t blame every black person for the past or present actions of other black people. Re: “White people seem to be heartless” means all white people, not some white people. There are many ethnicities within the white so-called race. Even if discussing one small ethnic group, there is no such thing as every person within that group lacking the same human trait of sympathy. I wonder if the white people you reference would call black people heartless. And if white people are “heartless” as you say, then why would you look to them for comfort? Thanks for the comment.

Seven Shakur

In reply to Chef Sharon Davies-Tight.  Woah!! I don’t look to white people for comfort. And in my opinion ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE HEARTLESS PEOPLE and white people who are not heartless are still deemed heartless because of what other white people put other people through, and they continue to put people through it..and a person can’t be really blamed but they can be judged for past and present actions..thank you for your comment back have a nice day❤

WW Reply:

Anyone who cuts the hearts out of every white person on the planet (figuratively or literally), must either value that heart and hope that white people will be diminished without it, or they want it for themselves. Or both. We left every single white person without a heart – we took all of them. Even the baby hearts.

It’s like Africans eating animals whose souls they covet, and calling it soul-food. A few greens too, to hide from God the flesh and blood. God said eat plants. Ops. You ate up all their hearts to punish them because you didn’t have one?

Seven Shakur aka Ny just called all vegans heartless. Most vegans worldwide are white people who extend to all animals the same human-animal right to live out their natural lives – I add, in the absence of enslavement, torture, and slaughter.

White people are the most generous people on the planet. Take that heart away and there’s nothing left. Do you think rich Africans or Asians or Hispanics or Arabs are going to give you a hand-out or a lift up? Maybe you should put a donate button on your blog instead of calling all white people heartless, and those who have a heart, heartless, for not doing whatever it is that you think they should be doing without a heart. What’s the point of making fun of people who don’t have hearts anyway, except to get attention for money?

How do you like that one? Now we own the white heart so we can control it. We ate it so no one else can have it.

Yeah well, there goes the money right down the toilet.

Heartless means without sympathy. Calling all white people heartless means all white people lack sympathy. Giving comfort is what sympathetic people do. She’s not looking for comfort by calling white people heartless, she’s looking for pity hoping that will open the white heart to gold – cash will do. She uses her handicap to HELP THE HUSTLE along. She can do what she wants with her handicap, but name-calling all white people won’t cut it.

How about the black heart? Where’s the black heart in all this? Blacks want to be loved by white people? Or are they hiding the fact that they don’t have one, by accusing all white people of the same? This heartless jab is becoming hypocritical. Don’t ask to be loved by white people unless you love them too. Nobody loves people who call them names.

Blacks have a way of slapping you and hugging you so they don’t lose the connection while they abuse you. That’s the heart symbol at the end. It’s all a hustle.

Part of her (Ny’s) story: “Hope..that’s the only damn thing I have to hold on to. I hope to be happy and healthy one of these days..i hope that people will wake the fuck up and realize they are the reason this world is the way it is..this world is fucked up..the people are fucked up, and it’s because of this idea that everyone has to be a “someone” Those people probably don’t live that life in real life..only for people..they don’t give to the needy because they have nothing to give and that’s what you are craving for? Attention? Likes? A little popularity? What exactly..what do you wish to gain? Those people do not give to the needy, they are just greedy.

Ny claims that the world is fucked up because of fucked up people ‘who don’t give to the needy; they’re just greedy’. Where is she in this ‘fucked up’ place? Calling an entire white race of individuals heartless, and anyone associated with the heartless ones who won’t help whatever it is she wants help with, as if all those people caused her discomfort. She’s using the guilty-white paradigm hustle.

Well, it’s her story about her wheelchair that she has made the focal point of her life, as many handicapped people do. She dares you to Google the word Ataxia. There are support groups for people with handicaps.

I don’t test or dare people to look up my ailments. That’s arrogant and needy-acting. If I want them to know, I tell them. Why force someone to research something you already know about? Tell them yourself. It’s a control issue. She wants you to feel like you put her down if you don’t do it. If you do it, then she controls you and maybe she can get you to do something else. Come on.

And no, I don’t pity people with handicaps, giving them a free pass to hurt people because it makes them feel better about themselves, or gets them attention. Handicapped people are no different from anybody else in any other population. What she failed to tell you in her story is the reality of how blacks, her own race, feel about handicapped people. They have no respect for the physical or mental challenges they face. Plain and simple: They don’t like them. They’re weak in their eyes. So rather than work at helping her own race change their perception and treatment of those Challenged by Handicap, she lashes out at white people – all white people.

My handicap was caused by an accident, not an entire race of people.

If I were her, I’d remove those pity-seeking facial images from her blog.

She likes the look of sad too much.

What a pity.

So what are Africans missing as a group? If white people are missing a heart as this expert on all white people claims, then blacks must be missing something too. Whites are a minority worldwide. Blacks can’t claim that status. It looks like blacks are the bullies, trying to dominate a minority. A hard-working minority at that. An industrious minority. Why aren’t white people crying all the time? They’re too busy working – pulling themselves up rather than waiting for somebody else to do it for them.

So what are African blacks missing? It’s not the heart they want. That’s a trick to keep you off-balance.

A soul. It’s your soul they want.

That’s why they call cooked animals soul food. They think they don’t have a soul. They kill the animal, eat the animal, and according to their belief system, they now have a soul. They own the soul of the animal they eat.

If you eat someone, then you have ultimate power over them, and according to African blacks, that someone’s soul comes with that package.

Soul food isn’t about love of food like the blacks tell you. It’s love of committing atrocities against other species and sometimes their own for the purpose of gaining a soul that they apparently think they lack.

Why doesn’t God stop us from doing bad things? God left us. God left Africa a long time ago. The devil remained. And they have forever been saying the devil made them do whatever they know they shouldn’t have done. It seems they need an entity to control them – so they chose the animals they eat.

It’s messed up. I don’t know how to extract that UGLY from a culture. But it needs to be done. Better they do it themselves and not negotiate that as a condition for monetary gain. We don’t reward terrorists.

African blacks reference the devil a lot. They see the devil in everybody but themselves. Notice how Nancy Pelosi Called Donald Trump the devil in a very public way – she did that to appease blacks and get them on her side. It’s like yeah, I get you, I got your back, stick with me. She doesn’t have anybody’s back but her own.

Yeah, blame their lack of soul on the white man. Those colorless people. You know, that minority that popped up out of nowhere.

Once you shit that soul out of your body, you need another soul. The need is endless.

That’s why non-blacks fear blacks. It’s what they do to get to your soul. That’s some scary shit.

They’re always saying ‘look at me, look at me’. It’s a trick. That’s where they set the trap. They begin with the eyes. Ever notice when you look up at a black person, they’re already zeroed in on your eyes? Even if you’re driving a car and their walking on the sidewalk. They’re searching for souls.

They need that soul like an addict needs drugs. Madison Avenue knows this and exploits it.

I say find your own soul and leave mine alone. In defense of those you slaughter, how’s that been working for you? Judging by this expert on the white heart, not very good. The Hustle is still in full swing, which means they don’t feel fulfilled yet. They want human sacrifice and human blood – white people’s blood.

Won’t they ever learn? An animal is an animal.

All these black Africans coming out of the closet thought the world would accept them for what and who they are.

They were wrong.

The world wants to work with civilized people, not people who want to eat them for their souls.

That the deciders let you come out as you are, giving no instructions to clean your image up, shows that they wanted you to make fools of yourselves. Nobody befriends a savage unless it’s a trap. You got what you gave.

Find your soul within yourself – before it’s too late. The devil won’t mind, if that’s who you’re worried about.




I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people create so much trash, and then just leave it for somebody else to clean up?

That’s how they do it? And they say they’re better than the people whom they leave behind who have to clean up what’s left of their respective countries – alone? Who’s cleaning up all this trash along thousands of miles of somebody else’s land? Yeah. Who’s footing the bill? Yeah.

How much cash does ICE give each person to financially sustain them until they achieve gainful employment after they cross the border? They don’t?  I thought they were poor. How do they pay human smugglers if they’re so poor? Where do they get the money? Poor people don’t have savings accounts – not with THAT much money in them. So they arrive with no cash, right? I mean do they have credit cards? Where would they get them? Oh, so the plan is to steal their way into the country, then steal all the while they’re there until they get a job that can support them and all their family?

For how long? No end date? Who are they allowed to steal from? Is this all planned out ahead of time? Is there a job listing someplace that provides jobs to anybody who applies that pays enough to support a family?

This isn’t five hundred years ago when people moved into a wilderness to take their chances with the elements. This is a different world – five hundred years later. You need money and a means to support yourselves now. This country is already built. The countries they left are already built. People already did the sacrificing; now these ungrateful hooligans want to make them sacrifice again, just for them, without anything to offer in return? Just let us in or we’ll huff and we’ll puff and blow your house up?

Does the government notify businesses in advance to tell them to let them steal what they want after they force themselves over the border into American lives? Who reimburses the store owners and restaurants? Nobody? Oh, so they raise their prices for everybody else. I was wondering why prices go up so often in the area where I live. So what they steal gets passed onto me – the working poor.

That ‘no end date’ for committing crimes is way out of control. People are suffering because of rampant theft.

People with jobs, full-time jobs, walk around with designer everything from head to toe, buying from the street. Not actually on the street, but in taverns, bars, restaurants, from people who steal merchandise, who walk in like they were invited to set up a ‘hot merchandise’ booth, and everybody participates, the bartenders, waiters, patrons, looking over the merchandise, deciding whether and what to buy.

Those who don’t participate get bullied, “What you’re too good for this? Yeah, wait till you’re in his shoes, you’ll do the same thing. At least he’s not begging.” I had to say “no” about ten times before he gave up on me; then he came back to try me again.  I wondered about all the people he approached that have pensions, social security checks, and drinking money, what was their excuse for buying stolen property?

It’s not just non-food items; it’s food too. Wait till Thanksgiving; frozen turkeys and everything that goes with it, nuts too (nuts are a big-small item) will be popping up in every establishment. The police don’t go out, they’ll get shot – that was the plan all along.

How do you get amnesty for stealing? Shoot a few cops when they come out on a call, then riot and destroy the businesses. They’ll get the message. Yeah, they got, it. I got it too.

If perchance they don’t have any stolen merchandise to sell, they enter an establishment, in a group, dressed to the nines, slam their designer purses on the bar or table, so everybody looks up, one of them will slap their hand on the bar/table, to let you know they’re in charge, order top shelf everything, then when they’ve had enough, but haven’t quite finished, they’ll falsely accuse a white person of doing something racially motivated, then get super loud and confrontational, then walk out without paying for anything with the bartender’s or owner’s apologies.

Nobody did nor said anything to them. They played every part, even the white person’s part. Everybody backs down. Except me, when they did it to me, I stood my ground and got as loud in defense of MY self, MY rights as they were against me.

It went on for a long time. They still got their meals and top-shelf Long Island Ice teas for free, but I didn’t back down slithering into somebody else’s shadow for protection like I see so many others do. The entire tavern knew I wasn’t backing down. The bartender figured because I was a local, a good tipper and knew her that I’d be back, that she’d back down to the hustlers, then when they come back, which all hustlers do when they succeed, she’d hustle THEM. She wasn’t afraid of losing any money from my sector, so in essence, took their side over mine by giving them free meals and drinks. Well, I didn’t go back and I won’t. Those black African female hustlers cost that bartender and that owner some serious change. Steve and I have been going there for ten years. I don’t participate in the hustle. The bartender, who isn’t afraid of anybody, should have known that.

The bartender who thought she knew me, gambled and lost.

This happens all over Cleveland, all the time. And they get away with it because the Cleveland mayor gave them permission to break the law, supported by Eric Holder and Barack Obama, back when they were relevant. It’s not that blacks don’t know that stealing is wrong. Hey, they burn their own people alive for stealing in Continental Africa. So this ignorance of right and wrong is just another hustle. They burn people alive for snitching, right here in Cleveland. Wherever black Africans gather, there’s a hustle going on. Rich or poor their socio-economic status doesn’t matter.

Sure they have a conscience, just like most people, but the part of the conscience that blocks the behavior after determining that it’s wrong is shut off. It doesn’t work. The switch to the con is on. I’m not sure if it broke, or if the off capability was never there. If it was never there, then the world is screwed. Ever wonder what’s wrong with Africa? No, it isn’t the white guy. It’s the switch. It’s stuck in the on position.

I never owned a designer purse, or shoes, or jewelry. If I can’t afford it, I don’t steal it or buy what other people steal. Are you kidding? This is what the black leaders tell blacks to do? So what, they’ll get burned alive for doing it? No, no, from the white guy, steal from the white guy; he won’t burn you alive; just give him your jungle stare and scare the daylights out of him – or her. Those white people won’t call the cops. Besides, the cops buy the same stolen stuff.

Black rich people love to buy from the street. That’s their contribution to their brothers and sisters who are less well off than they are. They nickel and dime them though. I never saw one of those well-off government operative black people who buy from the street in a tavern, offer to buy their brother or sister, selling the junk, a drink. If they’re feeling so sorry for them, that they buy their expensive stolen stuff cheap, then how ’bout buying the poor guy or gal a top-shelf Long Island ice tea, like the one they ordered for themselves? See, that’s where they give themselves away.

Well, these hustlers picked the wrong white woman to hustle. I’ve lived on my own for a very long time and I know how to take care of myself. It isn’t by running away in fear from a hustler. I stand my ground. I do not waiver. Hey, I’m familiar with hustlers on the street. I speak to them. Look them in the eye, talk to them like I talk to you. Sometimes if I have some cash on me, I give it – not always change either. They know I don’t put up with violence or intimidation and they respect that line I draw.

What happened in that tavern never should have happened. Somebody gave somebody else wrong intel on me and were they shocked at my response.

One day I looked out the window and thought for a few seconds I was looking at a page from a National Geographic magazine. A tall African woman dressed in a long floral dress, flip-flops and a cloth-wrapped jug support on her head was carrying on that head a case of bottled water – twenty-four to a pack – in Cleveland near The Edge of Lakewood.

I thought, wow, how does she do that? Africans must have hard heads to support that weight. If she’s poor, why not drink tap water? It’s free. That’s what most people drink. Not for them though. It’s bottled water, and that’s free too. They walk into stores and just take the water. The country from whence they came, must have given out free bottled water, so every time they see bottled water (and anything else they want) in a convenience or grocery store, they just take it and walk out.

How do I know? Because we saw two of the hustlers pushing a grocery cart from Lucky’s Market up the street the day before filled with cases of bottled water, taking it to a convenience store to sell cheap. They could hardly push the cart, it was piled so high.

This is what happens: Hustlers steal the cases of bottled water, say from a grocery store. They sell them cheap to local convenience stores. Other hustlers go in and steal them from the convenience stores to sell to somebody on the street or in a bar.

When Lucky’s opened, it was like a free market just came to town. Every hustler from miles around showed up. It looked like a caravan of merchandise leaving the store in Lucky’s own carts destined for other parts of the neighborhood to be sold for cash. Nobody says anything.

Some new employees on the inside were evidently working with them. That’s what happens when a big company moves in and wants to hire from the neighborhood to keep the City Council members happy. But that in no way is a requirement. They’ll steal whether they have someone on the inside or not. When someone does finally call the cops, it’s always about racism, never about stealing.

Downtown last week I went into a dollar store. Dollar? Really? Then why is everything so expensive? An African man slides in past me, looking in every direction around him, then slithers up to a rack, opens his coat, removes something from the rack, slides it carefully and quickly under his belt, grunts and groans something about ‘yeah, right, I’ll pay you later, I really need these ah I don’t have any money’, as he hip-hops then slides past me like a wind pushed him out the door. The owner looked up from the register and immediately looked down when he saw me looking at him. This is what happened: The African guy followed me into the store and used me as a shield to block the owner’s view as he stole a pair of sunglasses. It was a crime of opportunity.

Out the door, just like that.


The most destructive hustlers are those who falsely accuse people in front of a crowd for the purpose of swaying the crowd in their favor and disrupting the establishment to get the attention of the people in charge. The owner gives them what they want – rips up their food and drink tab, so they eat and drink for free – just to get them out of the store/restaurant and restore the establishment to quiet.

Nobody talks about the real victims here – the ones falsely accused by the hustlers trying to get free food and drinks, who have no available recourse in the aftermath of the hit. People remember what was said about somebody else in that circumstance. It’s a relatively small community – most communities are small or a smaller part of a bigger city. It changes someone’s view – it’s never for the betterment of anyone, except the hustler who really doesn’t care about anything but the hustle. The victims live with that scar. Every time the people who witnessed the hit see the person who took the hit, they see something bad, something grotesque, something not good, even though the only thing the victim did wrong was to walk out of the house baring their white skin.

I see a good reason for white people to start wearing black make-up when they leave the house: for personal protection against aggressive, malicious, black hustlers wanting to exercise their black power.

People are talking about it, whereas they didn’t in the past, which means they’re getting fed up with having to tolerate people breaking the law by permission of the government, and the tenuous position it puts the waiters in who have to deal with the sudden outbursts by the hustlers, plus the reputation factor of those falsely accused, who now have the equivalent of a scarlet letter hanging on their necks everywhere they go.

I guess I shouldn’t call it a ‘scarlet letter’. What should I call it? It deserves a name. The black African Fist hanging around my neck? Black power. That’s about right. Black power takes your money, reputation, and confidence all in one hustle. That’s the goal in addition to the hustle part, making you fear them. I was BLACK-FISTED at a local tavern by a black African female USA government operative wanting to make her bones using me. The fear part didn’t work with me, but it could have, had it gotten out of control.

The Operative Plan is to Pop the White Person – verbally assault them till they do or say something they would not have said nor done otherwise. Eventually, this strategy will be called and addressed for what it is: INCITEMENT and PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE, amounting to psychological torture. It’s like these black hustlers are all trained in harsh interrogation techniques. White people aren’t going around intentionally trying to pop black people to get free meals and drinks that they can well afford, or to tape record them, which amounts to spying on their private conversations, hoping they say something they can use to embarrass them for extortion and/or blackmail purposes.

The American Black is not looking very good right now. The malicious intent of their actions prove the Nigerian scam root, that is, unfortunately, painting everybody in the group with the same brush. That’s the problem when you identify with such a large group of people, in which so many harbor the same qualities that foster superiority and hatred toward anyone who doesn’t look and act as you do.

It’s a stressful environment, and the ones mostly being hustled are those living from paycheck to paycheck. This social engineering spear-headed by Cleveland FBI isn’t working. But the mayor keeps saying it is. That’s only because whites aren’t burning the city in response to the massive social injustices being served upon them by black Africans in Cleveland per permission of all those in authority.

Hate crimes are being committed against white people every day in every way that blacks can figure out a way to inflict pain and suffering onto the color they love to hate, while emptying their white pockets and instilling fear, thus terror, into their white lives and the lives of their white families, so when they return, the white person gives them what they want, before they stage the hustle.

Justifying what blacks do by claiming white people do the same does not exonerate the crimes. Whites don’t do it as a racial group, or as a right based on their DNA. With blacks and browns, it’s institutionalized based on color as an entitlement. It appears now that the only result from the FBI wiping out the Italian – Jewish – Irish – Russian Mobs was that it allowed the Black and Brown Mobs to flourish mostly undetected and with impunity. It starts in the neighborhoods. Being that it’s as open and common as it is in Cleveland neighborhoods means they’re already infected, which also means Cleveland isn’t the only place where these hate crimes, against white people for no other reason than they’re white, are being committed.

Does this sound familiar? Hijacking trucks full of merchandise to sell to business owners and patrons at a reduced rate, but still for profit.

The Black Mafia has risen. Okay, Black and Brown. It deserves a better name than that. Using Mafia is stealing somebody else’s brand name. How about the B&B Mob? The blacks and browns hate each other, so why would they ever want to join forces?

That begs another question? Why would the USA want to bring into its country, without question, mass numbers of people from one of the most dangerous terrorist nations on earth – Honduras, a breeding ground for terrorists who want to control the drug trade in the USA, using the USA as their home base?

What comes next is anybody’s guess.




White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks

White people, all white people, of European descent, have been openly and subversively blamed and targeted for reprisals by black people in America for decades, without any recourse or recognition, legal or otherwise for being falsely accused, abused and collectively punished for the enslavement of African blacks centuries earlier, a practice which they did not create, condone nor participate in.

Millions upon millions of people unjustly accused and convicted in the kangaroo courts in America where their characters and careers are publicly dismantled by-association of color and countries of origin in the public squares where they live, work, and socialize by Black People Of America after demanding an apology from the white target for being white. It’s called WHITE-LYNCHING.

For decades nearly all white people in America stood down and bore the brunt of African rage, allowed to proceed unchecked out of fear of what black people would do if they didn’t. Not any more.

White people have reached their saturation point of being collectively tortured for something they had no part in. You don’t abuse someone, then tell them the abuse will stop if they join your cause. Those are terrorists talking.

Weary of being forced to bow to black America or lose all they worked hard to achieve their entire lives, changed the dynamic on race in the current climate in America. They went too far too long. Blacks wanted it to be all about race so it will be.

The world will see who the real terrorists are now, centuries later, when it is shown that black Africans refused to heal for financial and privilege benefits. Europeans are weary of being forced to explain themselves, being called racist bigots when it’s the blacks who are the racist bigots by demanding cash from people who didn’t participate in their past.

Don’t include us in your HUSTLE schemes to turn white against white. Eventually, whites will organize, as they should since they’ve been abused by blacks in America too long for blacks to change on their own. Blacks institutionalized prejudice and discrimination against all white people for their personal gain and collective gain as a race.

There are no laws protecting white people against hate crimes, either locally, state or on the national level. Keep that in mind the next time you take a bow to please someone because they think you should feel guilty for the color of your skin. It’s a hustle – the AFRICAN HUSTLE. Don’t fall for it.

Never apologize for calling someone a name they call themselves publicly. Again, it’s a hustle – the African HUSTLE. Don’t give them the satisfaction of mind-lynching you in public.

Yes, white is a color. We are people of color – the color white, and yes, it is a beautiful color.

There’s no universal law that states you have to like or dislike certain types of people. Blacks don’t like anybody they can’t control, but they want you to like them more than your own kind. Ask them to do the same. That’s where the discrimination shows – expecting somebody else to do something you won’t do.

Ask the black person to join the white people cause. You know where that will go – right down the toilet. You know the cause – all white people are blamed for slavery, so that gives all descendants of slaves the right to own and abuse white people forever. That condition of servitude to black people and entitlement to own white people is outlawed, but the blacks still engage with impunity – widespread engagement.

Slave isn’t a race by the way, nor an ethnicity, so you can’t be a descendant of slaves. There’s no DNA marker associated with slavery. By insisting there is, you discriminate by pigeon-holing people into DNA categories that don’t exist, making them forever slaves. Besides, all humans come from slave cultures; it’s just that Africa hasn’t gotten out of their slave-state-trait mindset yet. Why? They don’t feel the need. They’re mostly black. There’s no benefit to collect for cleaning up their culture. When there’s money on the table, they’ll start the hustle, not until.

Cultures don’t have DNA markers either. The chain of poverty is not represented in the DNA helix.

You have a right by nature to feel more comfortable among people of your own race, gender, ethnicity. Nature actually dictates it.

I’m feeling white people’s pain, not the pain of black people. The blacks are faking their pain for financial benefit. Cory Booker, a black guy who thinks he has the right temperament for public office is one bad faker. He has to look at his notes to tell him when to cry in pain. “Can’t you feel my pain, can’t you feel it?”, as he musters his entire body using the art of theatrics to play the parts of millions of black people all at once, crying in unison.

I see black people rub their eyeballs till they sting and tear up, to make people feel sorry for them. It’s a common and popular strategy used among most black people. If they can’t find a tear to make a point, they’ll create the illusion of a flood by harming their own eyeballs.

No, I can’t feel your pain because you’re faking it. I told you the first time.

I feel the prejudicial pain of white people, a forever pain imposed on white souls for acts of enslavement they had no play in, put upon them by the entire black race. Now that is one mother fucker bitch of a suitcase to haul around with you for your entire existence on Earth, forced upon whites by blacks under threats of even more grotesque acts against you and all your family members, even your four-legged family members, if you do not submit to the black African will.

I heard it. I heard it all. How could I help but hear it? The injustice of falsely accusing and punishing an entire race of people who are innocent? For so long? But then I don’t support collective punishment. I didn’t support it when the Jews did it to the Palestinians and I don’t support it when black Americans do it to white Americans.

Fixating on the past for financial benefit is getting old, especially in light of the truth of slavery still existing in the world today, and these blacks, in particular, couldn’t care less. There’s the tell right there. It isn’t about slavery. It’s about the Hustle. THE AFRICAN HUSTLE.

Don’t ever apologize for being accurate. Don’t ever bow to validate their’s or anybody else’s superiority. They’re big on black supremacy. Then they cry like a baby when somebody calls them the same name they call themselves. It’s all a show. In the aftermath, out of sight of white folks, they’re all laughing and rolling on the floor, counting their money and recounting for all to hear the fear in the eyes of those they broke. It’s the hustle; they just happen to be particularly good at faking tears to make them look like a flood.

This isn’t about blacks needing more and more money to heal, because we all know it’s a forever Nigerian scam. No hospital in the world would want to operate on a race that refuses to heal to keep free money and privileges flowing into their color categories.

It’s about white people needing to heal from the grossly unjust punishment imposed on them by an entire black race for personal financial gain – decade after decade after decade without any let-up.

Europe and Africa at war. That’s what the blacks wanted it to be – all about race. Who will win?

I’m in it for me. So I already won. I stand my ground, even if they plant a bomb beneath me. I’ll be standing when you find me.



TIFFANY HADDISH makes deal with devil



Comedian, Tiffany Haddish, recently made a deal with the devil. She’ll wear fur until white people stop killing black people.

“I’m going to wear fur every day until they stop killing black people. When the police stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. It’s my new protest. So sorry PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), don’t be mad at me, be mad at the police.”


I scanned for her image on Google and could not find one photo with her wearing fur. She doesn’t wear fur; until NOW she’s nobody’s fool!!


Tiffany Haddish is a predator. If black people didn’t exist as an excuse, she’d still be a predator. “She’s nobody’s fool?” She’s not fooling anybody with her publicity stunt using torture and slaughter of innocent animals to keep her name relevant. I never heard of her till now. She just made it all the way to my wall of terrorists on Yeah, I’ll take her down from the wall when she goes vegan!! – With an apology to all the animals she tortured and slaughtered because she could.

So why is this a horrific strategy? Fur animals cannot make policy changes or decisions. Tiffany Haddish via Black Lives Terrorists put fur animals on the chopping block in an attempt to force animal rights activists to join their cause against white police officers who shoot black suspects during the commission of a crime or when in the pursuit of a person of interest, upon accessing that the target is a physical threat to them.

Black Live Matters, although not associated with veganism, made an attempt to hijack their membership through acts of terror committed against the animals the vegans care about and whose lives they try to save.

It was a despicable act. It is a perfect example of the African Hustle, whereby they threaten violence against innocents to achieve a goal without proving its worthiness or working for it.

They want to increase their numbers dramatically to sway public opinion and politicians to succumb to their demands. Colin Kaepernick hijacks sports stadium. Tiffany Haddish hijacks the animal rights movement.



The Other White Meat

I don’t play by the rules of any movement. I’m an activist not a loyal follower of anything or anyone or anybody else’s agenda.

Although I registered as a democrat back in my early twenties and they have forever held me to it, I am not a member of the democratic political party – nor any political party. Although I am an independent person, I am not a member of the independent political party group.

I am not a member of the animal rights movement. I have never worked for the animal rights movement and if I ever protested where other animal rights people were also protesting, I made my own signs with my own messages and participated as an individual.

My self-worth is not based on what group I belong to, because I don’t belong to any.  No group or other individual rubber-stamps me with their belief system.

I belong to certain demographics and certain ancestries; I do not harbor in my DNA any of the political agendas associated with those demographics and ancestries.

Vegans think they can steal my work, put their name on it and call it theirs. That’s a Jew trick. They always say the same thing: It’s for the cause, not the individual. I’m all over social media under a zillion names all whom take credit for my words – sometimes changing a word here and there so that it’s not an exact replica. That must tell you something about who’s lacking in the department of original, creative thought – and integrity. Better their name than mine. We have the power; you have the words.

The words have the power as they well know, but they try to convince you of the opposite. That’s the Jew Hustle.

Yes, they’re white people.

Most vegans are Jews. And most Jews are white.

They use as a further excuse, that because I don’t charge people money to see my work, anybody can use it and put their name to it – or circulate it on social media under an anonymous signature, while their name hangs in the background as the one who sent it and whom people will identify with the message.

It’s a process of association not fact. It’s a hustle. A Jew hustle.  If those two hustle techniques don’t convince, then they say, you owe us. You called us Jew. How many times did you call us Jew? Multiply that times 3.14 and you owe us your soul and your words – forever. That’s a Jew Hustle.

Yes, they think in decimals.

Most Black groups when referencing or blaming white people for whatever it is that’s on their complaint Menu of the day, they really mean Jews. They’re just too scared of Jews to point the finger in the accurate direction, so they point the finger at a color – white.

They figure let the whites duke it out. What they’re lacking in knowledge, which is important in strategy, is that the other white people are as scared of them as Blacks are. Jews move underground in the USA via their Mossad terror network to destroy your life and the lives of your family if you do or say anything they don’t like.

They do it under the noses of congress and they do it with impunity. Lots of unsolved cases of people disappearing are the result of Mossad eliminating them.

So blacks inherently do know that there are white people (Jews) and the other white people (non-Jews).

They just pretend that they don’t, in order to save their own hides.


Why Do Humans Need It?

I’ve no patience for pity-seekers. Pity-seeking is a hustle.

It’s a lazy method of getting what you want, without much effort to obtain it.