It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish

It’s because you can’t shut up about it. Nobody cares but you. Every time you take somebody else’s property or dignity you set up an anti-Jew campaign to slaughter any form of resistance – only you conveniently addon the Arabs to boost your silly poll numbers. Nobody cares about your numbers or how you gotContinue reading “It’s Not Because You’re Jew-ish”

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs.

You can take back words. You can’t take back bombs. Speak before you bomb, Israel. Orthodox Jews occupying Palestine as theirs – to have and behold. A marriage; you mean they married a land and now the land is pregnant, so they can’t move? Just squat, poop and it’s yours?

Your Truth vs Mine

Your Truth vs Mine I don’t care about your truth. I care about mine. Your truth comes with a billion plus people attached. Mine has only one. A billion people can’t be right. Your truth can’t be a billion people’s truth. Tell those billion people that you speak on their behalf. Truth be told, theyContinue reading “Your Truth vs Mine”

Black Africa Says They Are Not Animals

Black Africa Says They Are Not In Animal Kingdom Black Africa has a long history of translating dominion over animals into a reason to enslave, torture and slaughter them. Fur coats are coveted as status symbols of Africa all over the globe no matter the social, economic or educational status.  Turn around, look in theContinue reading “Black Africa Says They Are Not Animals”

Blacks Want The White Family

When Grandmothers Raise Their Children’s Children When grandmothers raise their children’s children, the children grow up in the previous generation, missing the one they’re in. Actually they miss two generations by never feeling comfortable in either. Grandma talks about how it was in her day. The kids don’t hear from their own Mom how itContinue reading “Blacks Want The White Family”

Something Left Out Of History?

something left out of history reports? black and white drinking fountains why Nobody ever seems to want to know why. We already know why, we don’t have to look any further is a common refrain. Some people used them as public toilets.  Others complained, so signs went up.

Why do black people keep telling white people how they can wear their hair?

Why do black people keep telling white people how they can wear their hair? Black people recently got hair legislation passed in several states providing them special status for natural hair rights. Now come the same Black people and deny white people the right to wear their hair any way they choose. It’s their hair,Continue reading “Why do black people keep telling white people how they can wear their hair?”

Stop Stigmatizing White People

Associated Press announced that in the interest of history and Black Lives they will capitalize Black peoples and lowercase white peoples making, at least in the printed word, white people less significant and unworthy of the same respect being afforded Black people – at least by the Associated Press. I’m not sure to what colorContinue reading “Stop Stigmatizing White People”

RE: Ohio State Board of Education abolishes anti-racism and equity resolution

EQUITY MEANS FOR ALL KIDS. NOT JUST SOME KIDS. LET this be a guide for other states that passed resolutions out of fear or in support of vengeance.

THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity

THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity Way back In Massachusetts in the early 70s my mother wanted to go see Ted Kennedy talk some place downtown Springfield. Steve and I took her. The one thing I recall him saying was that he never says I. It’s WE. By saying WE he includes everybody. ‘I’ seems tooContinue reading “THE WE FACTOR And Exclusivity”


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.12.2021 White people have standardized traits now. And COCA-COLA personnel set the standards. The Brits and Antifa-like organizations are usually the standardizers of the planet, wanting everybody to look, sound, think and act the same, so governments can more easily control them. For businesses it’s a slightly different story. Some news storiesContinue reading “COCA-COLA ANTI-WHITE CAMPAIGN TO LURE NON-WHITE CUSTOMERS”

RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service

Who wrote this title? “Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”. What exactly does “The Good Chicken Service” mean? Is this writer writing an advertisement for POPEYE’S? Totally Inappropriate. The newscaster says, “the prank was a bad idea”. Who says it was a prank? When it’s againstContinue reading “RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”

Patrisse Cullors On ‘Transformative Organizing Theory’

LOOKING BACK… 7,892 views • Aug 23, 2012 YouTube 2010 workshop BLM co-founder promotes book she cheerfully compares to Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ in unearthed video “Patrisse Cullors seemingly praised the communist leader’s famous book” by W.H.Y Cullors makes claims that father in and out of prison was killed by racism in his 50s.Continue reading “Patrisse Cullors On ‘Transformative Organizing Theory’”

RE: Justin Bieber ACCUSED of stealing a hair style – (dread)locks it’s a Biblical Term

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 4-28-2021 LOCKS IS A BIBLICAL TERM, which means anybody can wear them. Imagine that?? Certain people (white colored) can’t wear the same hair styles as black colored people!! How racist is THAT! In what century do we live? The century of BLACK HAIR SUPREMACY? UGLY HAIR!! It looks like he crawled outContinue reading “RE: Justin Bieber ACCUSED of stealing a hair style – (dread)locks it’s a Biblical Term”

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies What’s the difference between British and Spanish colonizing strategies? The British invade offering a more civilized way of surviving, so the foreign entity can stand on their own in a developing world. Then they leave. They don’t transform the country into British people through procreation. The Spanish invade and conquer,Continue reading “British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies”

The Trigger Strategy

It’s being used all over social media. One group doesn’t like the other group, so they descend en masse on one of the oppositions posts or tweets and the owner of the post or tweet is charged with triggering a massive, negative response. It’s fake; it’s made-up; it’s a lie; it’s a strategy to silenceContinue reading “The Trigger Strategy”

RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds

TALK SHOWS ARE RIGGED. The views are fake and predetermined. It’s not a conversation. It’s an indoctrination. The show is called THE TALK. If you can’t be honest in your views, then the show is a fraud. The Africans wanted a conversation, then when they got it, they couldn’t handle it. I say, dump theContinue reading “RE: Osbourne Gets Canned As African Applauds”

Now Comes The Trial…

…and the terrorist threats to determine the verdict. Now comes the trial and along with it threats to burn your towns and villages if Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa don’t get the verdict they want. Guilty. That’s the justice they seek and the method to achieve it. Scare the wits out of all the whiteContinue reading “Now Comes The Trial…”


written 17 MARCH 2021 ASIAN MASSAGE PARLORS TARGETED FOR PROTEST, OR ASIAN MOB STEPPED ON SOMEBODY ELSE’S TERRITORY, OR? COMMENT: If this is a story about women or Asian women, please define Asian for the reader. On whose behalf are you speaking? Russian, Turk, Chinese, Israel (now they claim to be Asian), India, Pakistan, Kashmir,Continue reading “MASSAGE PARLOR SLAUGHTER IN GEORGIA”

Antifa Looking For Triggers On City Buses

Bus Ride From Hell With Antifa aka Black Lives Terrorists On Board Pitying someone is dismissive. Feeling at peace after the pity-move makes one keep going back for more. That’s why there’s so much of it these days. It makes one feel good without having to do or think further. Just this morning I startedContinue reading “Antifa Looking For Triggers On City Buses”

If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us

If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us The biggest fence-sitters in the world instructed President Bush to say those words in a speech to the world after the USA was bombed on September 11, 2001. I’ve heard Black activists and non-heterosexual activists say the same. In fact people in support of any issue sayContinue reading “If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us”

RE: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.25.2021 So when black people commit hate crimes against white people, the news writers give them a break by refraining from saying black man attacks unarmed white women. Now that’s discriminatory – black people getting preferential treatment in the press downplaying their hate crimes. Why mention the skin color of the womenContinue reading “RE: NYC man indicted in seven attacks targeting ‘light-skinned women,’ prosecutors say”

Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…

By Ramzy Baroud Thu, Feb 18 at 4:18 PM ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine ‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine Motivated by their justifiable aversion to former US President Donald Trump,Continue reading “Why Democrats Are As Dangerous As Republicans…”

RE: Disturbing video shows [black] man abusing young sons in Bronx train station

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.7.2021 Disturbing video shows man abusing young sons in Bronx train station And ‘white people made him do it’. That’s a common excuse black men give for beating their kids. The second is they won’t learn unless you beat them. White people moved forward against child beating decades ago – taking itContinue reading “RE: Disturbing video shows [black] man abusing young sons in Bronx train station”

RE: How To Spot A White Supremacist IS Being Taught To Underage Students

RE: Did Bernie’s inauguration outfit epitomize ‘white privilege’? A San Francisco teacher thinks so. Comment: That’s how people are supposed to dress in the winter. Maybe Bernie doesn’t own a winter overcoat.  Telling people how to dress and calling them despicable, prejudicial names because some school teacher is a white supremacist hunter and sees privilegeContinue reading “RE: How To Spot A White Supremacist IS Being Taught To Underage Students”

Black man called most prolific serial killer in US history dies

For decades the FBI stood their ground that serial killers were all white men. Guess this black man proved them all wrong. They don’t mention that he’s black in the title of the article. Well I did. If he were white his color would have been splashed all over the media. That’s discrimination against whiteContinue reading “Black man called most prolific serial killer in US history dies”

African-Style Social Justice Promotes Barbarism

African Social Justice Promotes Barbarism Social justice is collective punishment against those who didn’t create nor cause the injustice. When groups tap the government to raise their families for them injustices are bound to occur – as they do in families. Somebody in the family always gets more than the others, which isn’t my businessContinue reading “African-Style Social Justice Promotes Barbarism”

RE: President Donald Trump slams Cleveland’s decision to drop ‘Indians’ nickname

HWH: Can we see one story anywhere on the internet without Donald Trump’s name in it? Repeatedly? Why make this success story about Donald Trump? Although I support the measures taken it was too long coming. And even now the trademark Chief Yahoo lives on. Why? Because when retiring it someone else can pick itContinue reading “RE: President Donald Trump slams Cleveland’s decision to drop ‘Indians’ nickname”

Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?

YAHOO News Discontinued Its Comment Section? Remember that? A while back, Yahoo News cancelled their comment section that appeared after each article, when white people starting fighting back in response to Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa burning cities all over America terrorizing a nation in their homes, while they systematically destroyed lives and property, exploitingContinue reading “Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?”


Biden Accidentally Refers To Proud Boys As ‘Poor Boys.’ People Rave Over The Rebrand. I don’t even have to read the article. If it comes from HUFF POST, the magazine that makes its workers work for free as a privilege to HUFF POST, I know it’s prejudicial against White, Republican men or women, rich orContinue reading “STIRRING THE POT”

Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda An agenda that requires total domination over all feelings of all Black Africans – for the purpose of controlling their actions. You’d feel better and stop crying so much if you stopped feeling the pain of your entire race. That’s too large a burden forContinue reading “Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda”

To All The Jemimas

Thank you to all the Jemimas in the world of every race and ethnicity and gender. You made, and continue to make with new waves, people fear your people less. I salute your bravery in coming so close, where others feared to tread. I am a white Jemima and proud of my service to theContinue reading “To All The Jemimas”

RE: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera

From ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.03.2020 Nothing will happen to the assailants of the man and the stealers of his car. Same as in Cleveland. The government gives them carte blanche to steal whatever they want. The legacy of slavery they claim. Since when were Hispanics slaves? Oh right, they’re brown soContinue reading “RE: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera”


RE: YOUR VIEW Nobody has to prove their view to you. Opinion, view, editorial, voir dire, don’t require proof. Where do all these people on social and news media get off saying you need to prove an opinion? No you don’t. Is that coming from the gay writers – because it’s fairly new? Yeah IContinue reading “RE: YOUR VIEW”


There’s a problem with spitters in Cleveland. Now that we’re being overrun with coronavirus, it’s more of a problem. Just keep it in. Swallow; its your own body fluid. Don’t be afraid of it. It wasn’t designed to be lobbed at white people. Find out what’s causing your allergies (besides white people) and if youContinue reading “SPITTERS IN CLEVELAND”


Neeki Gilani You’re a racist POC who calls black people “animals”. Author AFC BULL Market Test Kitchen By CHEF Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef We’re all animals. You just can’t accept it. You want to be superior to everybody else. Well you’re not. Neither is anybody. The universe won’t let anyone defy who they really are.Continue reading “BLACK PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS TOO”

Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations

BLACK LIVES AND ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE ARE TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS WITH A BIG FOOT ON THE NECK OF MADISON AVENUE No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives.  Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control theContinue reading “Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations”


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.17.2020 Woman who woke up from surgery with hair braided by doctor makes the case for more Black physicians: ‘It can save lives’ It’s called prepping for surgery. Cut the hair. It will grow back. Why make a political pity-filled scene of it all? It’s just hair. When you’re having head surgeryContinue reading “RE: BRAIDING HAIR DURING SURGERY SAVES LIVES?”

RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.9.2020 Why “all lives matter” communicates to Black people that their lives don’t It’s getting so, groups with agendas see coded messages in everything. Too bad. The words speak for themselves. Stop the paranoia. ALL LIVES MATTER has been around for a long time. One race shouldn’t dictate to all others howContinue reading “RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t”