The British will free and enslave you at the same time.

That’s their style – their mode of operation.

They can’t help themselves. Seems no one can these days.

Since when did the USA become the mediator/arbitrator/parent/teacher/counselor for Israel? I thought they wanted independence.

Doesn’t look that way, when they run to USA to stop USA from selling arms to United Arab Emirates.

Israel wanted normalization with Arab countries, but still wants the USA to dictate terms on behalf of Israel. Something doesn’t seem right or equal about those relationships.

Are all the countries that are normalizing relations with Israel going to have to bend to the will of the USA – always on Israel’s behalf? Sounds like the United Nations all over again.

Free and enslaved at the same time. Israel comes out as the dictator of terms via the USA, so it doesn’t look like Israel is dictating, but they clearly are. There’s that hustle again – they just can’t help themselves.

Is the USA really part of the United Kingdom? I thought the USA was really Israel. I must have judged wrongly – that doesn’t sound like me. Have I been invaded by a foreign entity?

The United Kingdom has invaded the USA, which means the UK is the one calling the shots with Israel and the normalizing Arab countries. USA is the face. UK is the handler. Israel is the dictator.

So the UK is allowing Israel to dictate the terms in Palestine and elsewhere. Why no normalizing of relations with the Palestinians, the people they enslave on Palestinian land?


UK trust trickle down, even though they don’t. Somehow the Palestinians will rise from the ashes to catch the crumbs of normalization between Israel and the rest of the world.

Not so fast.

I’m not done here.

There’s something the world failed to see.



Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

Your Emotional Pain Is Manufactured By A Racially Biased Agenda

An agenda that requires total domination over all feelings of all Black Africans – for the purpose of controlling their actions.

You’d feel better and stop crying so much if you stopped feeling the pain of your entire race. That’s too large a burden for any individual to carry. Why should you? Who made that a law that when broken leads to humiliation, loss of respect and devastation?

Your own race does that. No other race cares enough to gain that much control over another race. That’s a lie perpetuated by your own race in order to keep you in line within the herd. Yes you are animals and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you’ll understand patterns of behaviors that up until now kept you corralled in the confusion bin.

That your leaders expect it, should be questioned by every individual.

White people don’t seek to control you. There are 1.341 billion African people in the world, and out of all those people, you still have to keep knocking on white people’s doors to fix your problems? Fix them yourselves.

Can you stop crying? If the answer includes pre-conditions, then you know you are being controlled by forces within your own race.

Why would anyone want or need or expect the entire world to feel the pain of every individual in an entire race of people?

There is only one correct answer. To control them. Control the feelings, control the actions. It is a maneuver in domination thus enslavement. It’s not the white people enslaving black people; it’s the black people enslaving the black people.

The only one who can get you out of that bondage situation is you, not white people. You’re not attached to white people. You bonded with Blacks not Whites. Wake up.

You’ve been hustled. An entire race. Looking foolish in front of the world crying to white people to feel your pain. All 1.341 billion of you?


Hasidic Jewish Wedding In New York Expecting 10,000 Guests Stopped By City Officials

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.19.2020

I’m shocked that the Hasidic Jews didn’t stop it themselves. Why did they need city officials to do it for them? Ten thousand people descending in one location from around the country?

Now they’re saying the corona/covid-19 virus is causing a rise in anti-Semitism. How can a virus do that?

Why didn’t it surprise me to hear they’re suing the state and/or the governor? They’re the ones trying to exploit a pandemic for financial gain, claiming lockdowns violate their religious rights.

No religion has the right to break the law.

The Hasidic Jews are the ones who are referenced when any topic regarding Jews is raised. These are the tiny minority of Jews who appear to speak for all Jews.

Non-Jews, and all Jews non-Hasidic, fear them. And that’s how they like it. They wield a lot of power and can quickly turn brutal if ‘their way’ isn’t honored.

President Trump was right when he said, “they’re only in it for themselves and they stick together” – meaning nobody else matters. Although the USA supports religious freedom, it is still a secular country and run by secular laws that all citizens, no matter the religion must obey.

“Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental human freedoms, which ensures the ability of people to believe, worship, and follow their faiths without punishment from the government.”

“The principles of secularism which protect and underpin many of the freedoms we enjoy are:

Separation of religious institutions from state institutions and a public sphere where religion may participate, but not dominate.

Freedom to practice one’s faith or belief without harming others, or to change it or not have one, according to one’s own conscience.

Equality so that our religious beliefs or lack of them doesn’t put any of us at an advantage or a disadvantage.”

Every time Israel plans to, or actually does, take more Palestinian land by approving more settlement building – several thousand units at a time – the Hasidic Jews stage anti-Semitism scenarios around the world, in order to keep the critics of their actions at bay.

Everybody knows that when this tiny group gets riled up, bad things happen.

They’re accusing a virus of anti-Semitism at the same time Jews are planning on taking the whole West Bank in Palestine. They opportunistically recall the days of old, when Jews were shunned for bad hygiene, whom many associated with the spread of diseases. They bring up all their woes and past grievances of rejection, to distract the world from what is happening right under their noses.

Ten thousand people? Really? In one place? Brooklyn? And the Hasidic Jews want an exemption based on their religious freedoms that every other American has? Every other American is not free to break the law and/or to harm others.

“Multiple Jewish congregations are suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the state of New York, claiming that steps Cuomo has taken to subdue the coronavirus in the Empire State are “blatantly anti-Semitic.””

“A Roman Catholic diocese and an Orthodox Jewish group are both suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his latest coronavirus restrictions that limit religious gatherings to 10 people or less.”

So, SUBDUING THE VIRUS SUBDUES THE JEWS – and now the Catholics. Whoa. Anything for money. What are they afraid of, that the congregations will forget how to congregate and hand over their money? Maybe they don’t have any to hand over, with so many out of work. Looks like they’re suing to make up for their loss in collections. Crafty. Also corrupt.


Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism As A Strategy To Increase Their Numbers And Obtain Free Socio-Economic Benefits

Black Lives Destroy Veganism by Associating Their Violent Strategies With The Animal Rights Movement

Bartering with the lives of other animals to achieve your own goals is extortion and wholly unethical.

Vegans are people for the ethical treatment of animals.

Putting animals on the negotiating table to be slaughtered or not slaughtered, depending on whether the ethical people will or won’t endorse Black Lives Matter and condemn All Lives Matter is unethical at its core.

By telling vegan organizations that Black Lives will go vegan if the Vegan Movement endorses Black Lives Matter is putting the animals up for slaughter if the ethical movement does not comply with the demand.

Never ever put an animal’s life on the line or on the table or on the block as a bartering tool to achieve anything.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists have darkened the vegan movement with their pledge, by making vegans believe that their support of Black Lives Matter will result in Black Africans becoming vegan.

By associating so closely with a terror organization that threatens to keep wearing fur and eating animals until White cops stop killing Black Africans in the commission of a crime and until Black justice is achieved, those vegan organizations are also labeled terrorist groups.

Know in advance that by nature of terrorism, those groups never concede on anything. So your chances of flipping Black animal-abusers by joining their terror group is zero. While at the same time, once you’re labeled a terrorist, it never leaves you.

So, Black Lives cared nothing about the animals or the long steady progressive and productive journeys and achievements of the animal rights movement, when they made a strategical decision to draw vegans into their terror group based on a lie.

ALL LIVES MATTER is the only all-inclusive ethical standard for all animals.

It is nobody’s turn if it’s not everybody’s turn. Everybody gets recognized. This ‘one group over another group’ is why the world is in such a mess.

Taking turns does not work well for groups nor individuals. Somehow some individuals and groups never get their turn.

Violence cannot be an accepted strategy for change. It is unethical.


RE: Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail?

Trump says he is holding up coronavirus aid to block Postal Service funds for voting by mail

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.15.2020

The title only says some of it. Ohioans got their applications for mail-in ballots for state elections. We mailed ours in and expect no problems with the actual ballots. The post office didn’t need an extra 25 billion dollars to do it. That’s way too much money. Tax payers are going to have to pay that back. Trump said he wants a deal, so make a deal. “…“Now, if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting, they just can’t have it.”…”

  • Learn to listen and read.

The post office allocation is in the deal. Democrats want to piece meal it. Stop playing with the voters I say to everyone, especially to Democrats. I’m tired of congress spending time and money on bills they know in advance won’t pass the senate. Find a compromise. Instead they use their working hours to purposely create failure so they can blame it on the Republicans. The Republicans did the same thing when Obama was in office. 

I’m shocked that Obama can’t see that he is advocating doing the exact same thing that he abhorred in others when they did it. When are you going to stop this game? Show us in detail where the post office suddenly needs 25 billion dollars that they didn’t need prior to the CC Virus?

Where’s our stimulus check Nancy Pelosi? Make a deal. Delay is not a deal it’s a strategy to hurt the American people. It’s not your money Nancy Pelosi. It’s ours. We have too many wealthy people in Congress.

Twenty-five BILLION???

Frankly, I’ve seen in Cleveland what people do with the mail. There will be a plan in place to confiscate ballots. Blacks in Cleveland are allowed to steal people’s packages. Nobody cares – as long as they’re black. The same with stealing cars. People have insurance, so the green light goes on for Blacks stealing cars.

Postal workers deliver all the packages to one place and everybody knows when. Surveillance cameras don’t deter thieves, because they know that management won’t check them. I tried. My packages are stolen regularly. The ballots will be stolen too.

Voting places already practice social distancing. I can go to a bar and a restaurant, but can’t vote because the booths are too close to one another? No they’re not. Open all polling places. Issue mail-in votes as previously done. I get the option every year through the mail. Why all of a sudden does it require 25 billion dollars? Postal workers already self-distance , inside and outside. Ever been to a post office? Really? Does Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats think we’re that stupid? Has she ever been to a post office?

I’m 71 years old. I need a picture ID to buy a bottle of wine or beer at Walgreens and the grocery store. I need a picture ID to use a pre-paid senior bus pass otherwise they won’t let me on the bus. And now the Democrats want people to be able to vote without a picture ID? Where are my civil rights? don’t I have any? because I’m white? Who are these people? Why do I need one to buy beer or take a bus? Looking for terrorists? chances are they won’t be in Walgreen’s or taking a bus. And Democrats say certain other people don’t have to show a picture ID??

Make a stimulus deal for every American. Stop bailing out failing businesses that were already failing. It’s our money not yours. You’re filthy rich, we’re not.



DNR = do not resuscitate

Naturally occurring endangered species who don’t eat plants will not be blocked from extinction by using extraordinary measures to preserve their existence.

Animal-eaters of the world, including but not limited to the human species, will be eliminated through the process of immediate selection, and not as in the past, preserved through the process of high birth rates.

If you are an animal-eater, you are doomed. If your family and identifying groups are animal-eaters, you all are doomed.

Plants are the keys to the long term survival of every species. If some animals, including the human animal, can’t function optimally on plants, they will be genetically altered, if their contribution is essential or complimentary to the universe.

Massive numbers of animals feasting on other animals signals to the universe impending doom.

The universe no longer has the luxury of waiting for humans to change their abominable ways.

The universe will present the cure by altering all beings that matter into exclusively plant eating prototypes programmed for long term survival.

You’re being prepped for another correction. It will be painless. If you don’t resist using and abusing animals (including the human animal) you will take longer to program and be considered a liability, which will place you outside of the matter category.

Ignorance is not a defense nor an excuse to continue aberrant behavior. History is your enemy – avoid it like the plague. All of our ancestors were in that history, so know that the accusers will soon become the accused.


Criticizing Heinous Acts

It’s appropriate to verbally attack individual countries and their animal abusing cultures and practices.

It doesn’t matter that the whole world engages in similar abuses.

To deny people the right to criticize on an individual basis, as the opportunities present themselves, especially when a particularly heinous act comes to light, actually acts as justification for continuing the behavior.

Speaking in general to the world mutes the message. It’s not personalized enough to be an effective strategy for positive change.

Everybody does it makes it sound normal and acceptable. Change is not likely to occur when that method of treating everybody the same at all times is applied.

No one accepts responsibility when everybody engages in the same abuses. The abuses go unchecked. Shaming people for calling out cultures is a strategy used by governments that don’t want to change and animal abusing industries that profit from torture.

Particularly heinous acts elicit hatred toward the offending parties. It’s a reflexive response by more civilized people.

Not all humans exhibit that same response. It’s been trained out of them as if they were soldiers at war. It’s difficult to awaken them to the reality of suffering in other creatures. Their culture forbids it.

Chinese trolls often cite the Americans eating cows and pigs and chickens as the same as Chinese eating dogs. They see a discrepancy between being kind to dogs and not being kind to cows, pigs, lambs et al. Americans eat them after all. You can’t love someone you eat.

Yet, let an American eat a panda and the argument becomes a mute point. All cultures have favorite animals. So lets not get carried away calling racist anybody who calls out an animal abusing culture by its name.

Witnessing heinous acts such as cooking animals alive or cutting an animal’s legs off so they can’t escape the torture is an assault to the psyche of those who hear the internal scream and feel the terror of the victims.

Don’t ever demean that gifted person or scold that gifted person or deny that person’s right to scream in pain at those responsible for such heinous acts wherever and whenever they occur. They are the voices of those victims. They are screaming for them. They’re not screaming “please world stop”.

They’re looking their souls straight in the eye and identifying them. These offenders are not faceless and should not be treated as if their face doesn’t matter. Yes their faces matter. It is everything to those who suffer at the hands attached to those faces.

Call them out on what they do – always and forever when it happens. Shine that light on the actual people doing it in real time. Name their country, their culture, their distinguishing features – all of it.

And don’t ever stop.

Criticism stops a holocaust; it doesn’t cause one.

That being said, the hater should expect to be hated by the individuals hating them for doing something they see as survival-oriented. Still, there are ways you can tamp down your response, so that the recipient isn’t hearing only your anger, but the message along with your undeniable disdain.


Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/31/2019

Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight: ‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’

How is it that white people being pushed out of their community, are responsible for leaving it in shambles? Are white people responsible for the condition of all neighborhoods?

If black spaces are in shambles because white people aren’t there to clean them up, that’s on the black people, not the white people.

Blacks drive whites from their homes, because blacks want to be with blacks, not whites. I see the same behavior in apartment buildings. Blacks take it over.

They scare whites into leaving with their aggressive, reckless behavior and it works. So stop blaming white people for black dominance strategies to occupy neighborhoods or apartment buildings.

It’s not “white flight”. It’s black domination.

Now M. Obama who knows everything about white people is on a campaign to force white people to stay after the blacks move in and take over?

Take the scab off your own discrimination M. Obama. Since when is it black people’s or white people’s right to say who lives where?

Aside: Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, do the same thing, only it’s called colonization of towns and apartment buildings. They make trouble for white people, making them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. So the white people leave to live in peace someplace else and it opens up more spaces for Spanish families.

It always involves an effort to ‘push out’ people not like them. They’ll keep a few token whites around for appearances – those they know they can control. It is never an assimilation strategy – from my experience.

Why is it that black people are on television talking about white flight? It’s called black domination. They want to control the narrative.

M. Obama doesn’t want to make white people not afraid of black people. She wants to keep the black dominance in play.




Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that’s why they’re always thinking on it, with it, and through it.

Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country – I don’t suppose.

I wonder though, if there are significant cultural and aesthetic and moral differences among black countries like there are among white countries? Absent modern day immigration.

Do all the black peoples from all the black countries in Africa sing and dance together, eat the same food, think the same thoughts, speak in one black voice like they do in America?

Or, at least that’s the impression professional blacks, those who make a profession out of their skin, want to imprint on the world.

Like one China, one voice, one huge, massive simultaneous vote?

Is that Black Africa too?

China’s changing. That unison, simultaneous strategy keeps the populace tethered to each other.

That’s the same as slavery, and I think the Chinese are waking up to that.

Maybe it’s time for black Africans to wake up too.

Everybody votes for the same thing, when they’re trained to follow the group.

Who do the leaders follow, though?

Not the populace; I can guarantee you that.



Blame Is A Demobilizing Strategy

Perpetual blame leads to inaction, thus the blame-game becomes in reality the blame-strategy used to keep an entity standing still. A demobilizing strategy.



I tried and tried to like that bagel. It just wouldn’t let me. It’s too tough, break your teeth, bite the inside of your lip trying to chew the dang thing. I developed recipes, nice ones, knowing other people worshipped the ugly thing trying to be a bun and a donut in one. No originality. Flavorless even when flavored. My dog daughter uses them like toys. Rolly Polly we call them, when Steve brings one home for Lilly Belle.

The bagel trying to be a sandwich is the biggest joke of all. I did it, tried it, it’s my way to expeiment. I succeeded by covering the hole with something that wouldn’t push through when biting into it. Spreading the thicker condiments on the lettuce rather than the bread. Some bagel-makers made a softer, more gentler, easier to stomach bagel, but they don’t stick around long. The big bagel-makers push them out.

I engineered my recipes for the head-in-the-sand bagel-eaters. They’re happy. But I can’t keep using a product that I have to alter so much in able to eat it. And they only stay fresh for one day. Hey, this isn’t in the category of a French baguette, where you know in advance to eat the day you buy.

Poppy seeds give pregnant women a positive opioid test and babies get taken away from their rightful mothers based on the results of that test.

On the ‘everything’ bagel they appear like tiny black dots all over it. That’s what bagel-eaters want, ‘everything’ so they don’t miss out on ‘anything’.

What they should have added is ‘everywhere’.

Strategy-wise, bagel-eaters don’t like to choose. Again, they’re afraid they’ll miss out on or lose something by choosing one or more over the others.

Did the bagel-makers stop putting poppyseeds on the bagels? NO. They relished in the attention, making the bagel even more appealing to addiction prone bagel-eaters. No high yet, but keep trying and it could happen if your body likes opioids, and many bagel-eating bodies do. Opioids gravitate to where they’re liked.

But those poor mothers whose babies were swiped away from them put into foster homes right from birth, because of that test. Babies bonding with strangers all because of the bagel-maker not wanting to change the recipe.

Now comes the sesame seed being highly allergic in allergy-prone people, which is a lot of people, since the number of people with allergies and sensitivities are rising through the roof. Yes, the sesame seed also appears on the ‘everything bagel’.

Still, that they kept the poppyseeds on… and washing doesn’t help much, since if you wash poppyseeds they clump together, so have to be dried, and that makes a mess and costs a whole lot more, so everybody makes light of it. Funny isn’t it? Bagel-maker too lazy to wash the poppyseeds. Change the test not the bagel, they say as they seeth through yeasty nails dug deep into their piles of dough.

That even one baby got swiped from his/her mother, and father too, is one family too much. Your baby sees some strange person first and bonds with that stranger, knows that stranger’s smell, cries for that stranger that isn’t you, just because you had to have an ‘everything’ bagel, knowing that the bagel had opioids that show up in a urine test when you go to the hospital to give birth.

What a heartache – a heartache that the entire world feels for that mother and that baby and that father and the families of both, whose smells will be strange to that baby when that baby is rightfully returned to it’s real family.

The Jews did that. And they’re still doing it.

Yes. The English Muffin is definitely superior to all bagels, seeded or not. It’s just the way life made it. Nooks and crannies is an English term, but the holes in the muffins are like basins or craters that hold liquid, that slowly seeps into the risen dough like syrup on pancakes, instead of holes where liquid falls straight through to your lap.

I’ll take the English muffin over the bagel any day of the week. I don’t have to find ways to like it. It’s perfect the way it is. Frankly I prefer my plant burgers on a lighly toasted English muffin rather than a burger bun. It’s sturdier and doesn’t fall apart as easily, but tender at the same time. Soft in the middle and lightly crisped on the edges when lightly toasted. That’s the only way I eat an English muffin, toasted.

Animal-Free is my only requirement – no milk or whey or any part of the animal disguised as a plant.

The chefs on Food Network turned their noses up at the English Muffin, but then again the bagel-makers butter their buns, plus they eat animals – the whole animal, raw, bloody, alive sometimes, insects too, so you know where their taste buds lie – at the bottom of the sewer of humanity. They laugh a lot – too much for culinary comfort. Not that it’s their fault – they can’t help themselves.

They keep telling people to stop them as they whistle past the graveyards of those they ate, to eat some more, but nobody does, because they know they’ll fight back with a vengeance few have seen in modern day. They want you to stop them as an excuse to release their brutality once more upon the world. Go ahead, I dare you.

So, the English Muffin wins hands down.





I’m Boycotting everything Bagel until Israel ends the illegal extermination, displacement and occupation of the indigenous Palestinians on Palestinian Land.

When the Palestinians began boycotting Israeli products made in occupied territories in lieu of isolated attacks against Israelis, the Mossad teamed up with intelligence agencies around the globe to punish the boycotters.

Really, the only means poor people have to protest being enslaved is to boycott the offenders products. Shame on all of you for stripping the citizens of the world of their right to protest with boycotts instead of violence. Where are your heads located?

Benjamin Netanyahu even traveled to the USA to make deals with governors to punish anybody boycotting Israeli products by denying them government contracts.

Yes, these governors colluded with Israel against a person’s free speech rights in the USA and their right to protest via boycotts.

Jews do it all the time. They boycott anything and anyone who opposes their agendas. They then proceed to destroy their lives.

Frankly I was surprised that the other intelligence agencies were so afraid of the Israelis.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, recently stated regarding Iran that sanctions work.

I’m going to see if they do, by boycotting everything and anything to do with bagels.



IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal




RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan

Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank

Excerpts from that article:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units…

Israeli Jews Offer to use Palestinians as human shields in the West Bank to Protect Jews

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a religious nationalist in Netanyahu’s government, wrote on Facebook that he backed the construction of Palestinian housing in Area C because “it prevents the establishment of a terrorist Arab state in the heart of the land” and asserts Israeli sovereignty over Area C…

WWD-T Comment: So this is the crux of the peace plan Israel is going to offer the Palestinians.

Israel introduces the first part of a RESERVATION SYSTEM for the Palestinians living in Palestine.

1-No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for Palestine gets filtered through Israel first. Nothing changes.

2-Wherever Israeli Jews now live or in the future settle, Palestinians will be given a small number of housing unit permits to build in the centers of these settlements, so that prospective terrorists wanting to kill Israeli Jews, would be killing their own if they attacked. This use of Palestinian families as human shields is considered a deterrent to violence that Netanyahu’s government thinks will work to keep Israeli Jews safe.

3-Netanyahu’s model of Palestinian placement is like the Indian Nations in America. Israeli Jews seek to put the existing Palestinians in Palestine on Palestinian reservations.

4-Why don’t we reverse that and put Israelis in Palestine on reservations controlled by Palestinians. Plus: No land beyond the designated reservations. No defense force. No free access to the sea. Everything marked for the Israel gets filtered through Palestine first. Nothing changes.

Hitler cannot take care of Jews. =  Israelis cannot take care of Palestinians.


IT’S A TRAP. ISRAEL APPROVES Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal



Ask this Indian American living on an Indian Reservation how that plan worked out.




Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won’t turn their color, is the new racism that is quickly becoming a national security risk.

By allowing black and brown supremacists to escalate the public evisceration of anything white as the only acceptable racism, this democratic republic will fall to the hands of the black and brown terrorists among us whose only agenda is to turn this country into Spain and Africa. There is no room for white people in America, unless they denounce their color.

The blacks and browns have taken over the media, one of the first actions an invading force does before they stage a coup.

There is no hate talk toward blacks and browns that the blacks and browns didn’t create themselves by their anti-white rhetoric all over the media 24/7 – for years now. White people can’t talk back in America. People’s lives get ruined for having an opinion. It’s all about getting the white man, the white guy, divide and conquer the white man and white woman.

This state of affairs flourished under Barack Obama when he allowed blacks and browns to burn cities and break the laws with impunity as a means of economic and social revenge. No one can expect white people to forever stand down when they are constantly under attack in all sectors of their lives. White people cannot be expected to continually absorb the hateful attacks by angry mobs of black and brown supremacists.

This is what happens when blacks and browns forever receive preferential treatment in all economic and social categories by the US government and through the media which the US government controls.

The revenge of black and brown people against the white people who spread democracy around the globe, assisting all peoples of all ethnicities build their nations to become self-sufficient in a modern world is an affront to human rights and human dignity.

That the angry floods of supremacist mobs seek to take over that nation of all nations is an inexcusable and unforgiveable attack against all civilized peoples.

For a past president to blame domestic terrorist attacks on a sitting president, when one is black and the other is white, demoralizes that country and destabilizes that nations security.

Democrats involved in this coup-attempt have lost their moral compass. Revenge always does that. Like the revenge holocaust against the German people by the Jews after the Jews were freed, it always hits and destroys those not deserving of the punishment. Thus revenge always fails to produce positive, forward moving results. Instead, it keeps the cycle in continuous motion.

If you want somebody to feel your pain, then you need to stop holding onto your pain so tightly. Only then will your life improve. That you left your so-called loved ones on their own to fend for themselves against your own people whom you feared, for a cheap ticket away from them, shows your own lack of integrity and loyalty.

Don’t tell white people to love your families as you burn their cities and ruin their families.

Millions of people living in the USA undocumented put politics and money before family, God and country. That is not a civilized group of individuals.


Every time there’s a tragedy in the USA of a massacre magnitude, Israel pops up all over the media, as if to take vicarious credit, always pushing the Israeli agenda.

Look, each time Israel disrupts the Middle East and the rest of the world with ritualistic sacrificial actions toward the Palestinian people who have no defense machinery in place with which to protect themselves from the invasion of the Israelis, the world pops in predictable ways.

Jewish supremacy is in play in Palestine and the entire world feels it.

Even if the world is not cognizant of the slaughter of the Palestinian soul, it knows something’s dying and they think it’s in themselves. Pop. Pop. POPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP…..

Black and brown supremacists in the USA repeatedly declared on public broadcasting outlets that if Israeli [revenge] strategy worked for the Jews it will work for them in America. That alone should give the world sufficient reason for pause.

The black and brown supremacists don’t have an organized movement that can be investigated. They are the movement – every one of them answers to the group. There are no individual opposing views coming out of either camp, black or brown. That’s the proof.

This isn’t going to end easy nor quickly. Put the focus where it belongs. All eyes on Palestine.

Correct what needs to be corrected.

Simmer the Israeli forever-revenge-holocaust machine down.


Stop Shaming White People For Being White

It starts with government…media…advertising agencies…YOU.

You’re no better.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal

HWH COMMENT: Welcome to the Palestinian Hood is what Benjamin Netanyahu meant when he approved the building of 700 housing units in the West Bank while simultaneously approving permits for 6,000 units for Israeli settlers. Settlers = colonizers aka squatters. So the Russian squatters got 89% and the indigenous Palestinians got 11% of the total number of permits handed out.

To Palestine: Don’t Take that deal. It is a deal clothed in building contracts and loopholes and tricks. When you take that deal, you relinquish control over the West Bank. The West Bank, in its entirety belongs to the Palestinian people, not to the Jews who stole it. Now they come back and say okay, we’ll give you a little bit of what we took, but the Palestinians won’t own the land. They can only build those 700 units on that land and pay rent to Israel. Plus Israel will want the building contracts.

DON’T TAKE IT. Start tearing down those fences and walls. Take your land back. Israelis do not control what you can and cannot build on your land.

No Jew or aggregate of Jews anywhere on the planet can exert sovereignty rights over you and/or your actions.

[Touring new construction in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Wednesday that “not a single settlement or a single settler will ever be uprooted.”]

HWH: Yes they will. They will be uprooted just as the Jews uprooted the Palestinians by bulldozing their homes and pushing them off their land. The difference here is that the Palestinians grew here long, long ago, so long ago that the land map at the back of every bible I’ve ever seen, designates Palestine as the land of the Palestinian people. It does not designate Israel as the land of the Palestinian people, nor Israel as the land of the Israeli people.

The land of Israel resides in the individual hearts of the Jewish people. They have multiple ethnicities, since they’ve populated, procreated and stayed in every country. They are their own land wherever they live. It’s a human land, not an agricultural aggregate. That’s how God made them. They know it.

Britain had no right to give to the Jews post WWII the land of Palestine. It wasn’t theirs to give. India wasn’t theirs either. Neither was South Africa. Neither was America.

To Britain:  Admit you were wrong to give Palestine it’s independence in 1948 knowing full well the Jews would commit a holocaust against an indigenous people, terrorizing the survivors, forcing them to flee. Tell them you were wrong.

Britain has invaded 90% of all the countries in the world. The list below tells you how many regions they colonized. Palestine was one of them. Britain ruled Palestine from 1920 – 1948.

Britain, out of guilt for not responding quicker to the atrocities in the factory concentration death camps throughout Europe, gave Palestine their independence in 1948, so the Jews could move in and declare Palestine theirs. It was probably the shortest run of independence of any region ever in the world.

In the year 1948 the post WWII Jews who fled to Palestine declared Israel a state on the land of Palestine.

There’s been war in the Middle East ever since. The ethnic cleansing and displacement of the indigenous Palestinians was the cause of the attack on America 0n 9-11 2001. They might as well have flown those planes themselves.

It’s time to end that war by reigning in alI Israelis involved with the atrocities committed against the indigenous Palestinian people and returning the stolen land to the Palestinians.

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Aden 1839 1858 (from India) Separate from 1937 Interior from 1873 1967

Afghanistan 1839 – 1842 1878 – 1880

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1789 – 1814 1858 1947


Antigua 1632 1663 1981

Aruba1799 – 1815

Ascension1815 by Royal Navy. 1922 Civil Administration

Ashmore and Cartier Islands18781938 to Australia

Australia 1901 1942

Bahamas 1648 – 1657, 1670 – 1717 1717 1964 1973

Bahrain 1835 1971

Baker Island18861934 to USA

Baluchistan 1877, 1887 to India 1947

Banda Islands1608, 1616 – 16211796 – 1817 then back to Dutch

Bantam16031682 to Dutch

Barbados 1627 1966

Barbuda 1666 1628 – 1632 1981

Basutoland 1868 1884 1966

Batavia1621 – 16281811 – 1816

Bay Islands 1638 – 1650 1742 – 1782, 1820 – 1860 1860 to Honduras

Bechuanaland 1885 1966

Benkulen16851825 to Dutch

Bengal 1681 1858 1947

Berbice 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Bermuda1609, 16141684

Bhutan 1911 1947

Bombay 1661 1858 1947

Bonaire1807 – 1815 then back to Dutch

Bonin Islands18271875 to Japan

British Cameroons 1914 1920 1961

British Columbia184918461871

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

British Guiana Conquered in 1796. 1815 became 3 colonies – unified in 1831 1966

British Honduras 1636 1786 1981

British Indian Ocean Territory 1784

British Kaffraria1847 joined Cape Colony in 1866

British New Guinea (Papua Territory) 1883 1886, 1906 to Australia 1884 1975

British Somaliland 1905 1884 1960

British Togoland 1914 1920 1956 to Gold Coast

British Virgin Islands 1666 1786

Brunei 1888 1984

Burma 1824 expanded in 1852 and 1885. Ruled from India until 1937 1948

Bushire 1763 1854 1971

Canada 1867 1931, 1982

Lower Canada1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada East in 18401867

Upper Canada1763 Quebec colony divided in 1791 renamed Canada West in 18401867

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Canton and Enderbury Islands 1889 1936 – 1979 jointly with US 1979

Cape Breton Island1758 to Nova Scotia in 18201867

Cape Colony1795, 18061872, 1910 to South Africa

Cayman Islands1670 from Jamaica until 1959

Ceylon 1796 expanded in 1802 and 1815 1948

Christmas Island188819451958 to Australia

Christmas Island (Pacific) 1888 1979

Cocos Islands182618571984 to Australia

Connecticut 1633 1662 1783

Cook Islands18881965

Coorg 1834 1858 1947

Cuba1762 – 1763

Curacao1807 – 1815

Cyprus 1914 1878 1960

Cyrenaica1941 – 1951

Darien, Panama1698 – 1700

Delaware 1664 1704 1783

Demerara-Essequibo 1665 1781 – 1782, 1796 – 1802, 1803 – 1814, 1831 to British Guiana 1966

Dominica 1763 1978

Dutch East Indies1811 – 1816

Dutch India 1780 – 1784, 1795 – 1818, 1825 1858 1947

Egypt 1882 1914 1922 1954

Eire/Ireland/Irish Free State 1801 (part of UK proper) 1922 1935, 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Elizabeth Island 1578

Ellice Islands 1916 1892 1978

Eritrea 1941 1952

Falkland Islands 1841 1833

Fernando Po18271855 to Spain

Fiji 1835 1874 1970

Florida 1763 1783 – to Spain

French India1760 – 1765, 1778-1783, 1793-1816

French Somaliland 1942 – 1946

Gambia 1661 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1888 by itself 1894 inland territory added 1965

Georgia 1732 1755 1783

Gibraltar1704, confirmed in 1713

Gilbert Islands 1916 1892 1979

Goa1797 – 1813

Gold Coast 1631 1821 from Sierra Leone, 1874 by itself. 1830 Protectorate extended inland 1957

Goree1663 – 1664, 1758 – 1763, 1779 – 1783, 1800 – 1817

Grenada 1763 1974

Griqualand West1873 – 1880 to Cape Colony1871

Guadeloupe1759-1763, 1794, 1810-1816

Hawaii 1843 1794 1893

Heligoland 1807 1890 to Germany

Hirado1613 – 1623

Hong Kong 1842 territory added in 1860 and 1898 1997 to China

Howland Island1886 – 1935

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

India Incrementally from 1609 1858 1947 to 1950 1947 de facto

Ionian Islands 1809 1864 to Greece

Iraq 1941 to 1945 1920 1932

Italian Somaliland 1941 – 1950

Jamaica 1655 1962

Jarvis Island1889 – 1935

Kamaran Island 1915 1967

Kenya 1888 1920 1895, 1904 1963

Kuria Muria Islands 1854, 1886 to Aden 1967 to Oman

Kuwait 1899 1961

Labuan1890 to North Borneo Company1846, 1904, 1907 to Straits Settlement

Lagos 1861 1906 1960

Leeward Islands 1671 1960

Lord Howe Island17881855 to New South Wales

Madeira1801 – 1814

Madras 1640 1858 1947

Maine 1622 1691 to Massachusetts 1783

Malacca18241795 to 1816, 1826

Malaya 1874, 1896 1957

Maldive Islands 1887 1965

Malta 1800, confirmed in 1814 1919 1964


Maryland 1632 1783

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Massachusetts 1620 1691 1783

Mauritius 1810 confirmed in 1814 1968

Minorca 1708 – 1756, 1763 – 1782, 1798 – 1803 1803 to Spain



Mosquito Coast 1655 1860

Natal18431893, 1910 to South Africa

Nauru 1914 1919 1968

Nepal 1816 1947

Nevis 1628 1663, 1882 joined with St. Christopher 1983

New Brunswick17841854, 1867

New Caledonia, (Darien), Panama 1698 – 1700

Newfoundland1497, 15831713, 19341855, 1949 to Canada

New Hampshire 1623 1679 1783

New Hebrides 1906 1887 1980

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

New Jersey 1664 1738 1783

New York 1664 1783

New South Wales17701855, 1901 to Australia

New Zealand 1769, 1792, 1840 1907 1947

Nigeria 1914 1954 1960

Niue1901 to New Zealand19001974

Norfolk Island1788 – 1814 from New South Wales, 1825 – 1855 from Van Diemen’s Land, 1897 – 1913 from New South Wales1856 – 18971914 – Australian Territory

North Borneo 1775 1946 1881, 1888 1963 to Malaysia

North Carolina 1663 1729 1783

North West Frontier Province 1849 1901 1947

North West Territories167018691870 to Canada

Northern Nigeria18851914 to Nigeria1899

Northern Rhodesia 1891 1924 1964

Nova Scotia1621 to 1632, 17131846, 1867 to Canada

Nyasaland 1875 1907 1889 1964

Ocean Island 1900 1901 1979

Oman (Muscat and Oman) 1646 1800 1970

Orange River Colony (Orange Free State)1848 to 1854, 19001907, 1910 to South Africa

Palestine 1920 1948

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Palmyra Atoll 1889 1898 to USA

Penang 1786 1826 1957

Pennsylvania 1681 1783

Perim Island 1857 to Aden 1967 to Yemen

Philippines1762 – 1764

Pitcairn Island 1838

Popham Colony1607 to 1608

Prince Edward Island1745 – 1748, 17581851, 1873 to Canada

Prince Edward Islands190817761947 to South Africa

Providence Island1629 – 1642

Pulo Condor Island 1702 – 1705

Punjab 1849 1858 1937 1947

Qatar 1916 1971

Quebec1629 – 163217591841


Roanoke1585 – 1590?

Redonda 1872 to Antigua 1981

Reunion1810 – 1815, 1942 – 1945

Rhode Island 1636 1663 1783

Rodriguez 1809, 1814 to Mauritius 1968

Rupert’s Land and North West Territories 1670, 1774 1870 to Canada

Saint Barthelemy1758, 1779, 1781

Saint Croix and Saint Thomas15871625 – 1650, 1801 – 1802, 1807 – 1815

St Christopher 1623 1663 1983

Saint Domingue, Haiti 1793 – 1798

Saint Eustatius16251665 – 1668, 1672 – 1682, 1690 – 1696, 1781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

St Helena16511834

St Lucia 1778 to 1783, 1796, 1803 confirmed in 1814 1979

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Saint Martin1690 – 16991781, 1801 – 1802, 1810 – 1816

Saint Pierre and Miquelon1713 – 1763, 1778 – 1783, 1793 – 1816

St Vincent 1762 to 1779, 1783 1979

Saba1665, 1672 – 1679, 17811801 – 1803, 1810 – 1816

Samoa 1914 1889, terminated in 1899 New Zealand Mandate from 1920 1962

Sarawak 1841 1946 1888 1963

Senegal16931758 – 1779, 1809 – 1817

Seychelles 1794, 1811 from Mauritius, 1888 by itself 1976

Sierra Leone 1787 1807 1896 inland protectorates 1961

Sikkim 1890, 1918 1947

Sind 1843 1858 1947

Singapore 1819 1826 1957, 1965

Socotra 1834 – 1835 1886 1967 to Aden

Somalia1941 – 1950

Solomon Islands 1893 1978

South Africa 1910 1934

South Australia18341855, 1901 to Australia

South Carolina 1663 1729 1783

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1775, 1843, 1908

South West Africa 1919 to South Africa 1960

Southern Nigeria18841900, 1914 to Nigeria

Southern Rhodesia 1890 1888 1923 (1965 – 1979 UDI) 1980

Straits Settlements 1826 1867 1858 1963

Name Company Colony Protectorate Dominion Mandate Independence

Sudan 1898 1956

Suez Canal Zone 1881 1922 1956

Surat 1612, 1703 to Bombay 1858 1947

Surinam 1651 1799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816 1667 to Dutch

Swaziland 1893, 1902 1968

Tanganyika 1919 1961

Tangier 1661 1684

Tasmania180318251856, 1901 to Australia

Tobago 1762 to 1781, 1793 confirmed in 1814, joined with Trinidad 1888 1962

Tokelau 1898 1889 1976

Tonga 1879, 1900 1970

Tranquebar (Danish India) 1845 1801 – 1815, 1858 1947

Transjordan 1920 1946

Transvaal 1877 to 1881, 1900 1906, 1910 to South Africa 1961

Trinidad and Tobago 1797 confirmed in 1814, joined with Tobago 1888 1962

Tripolitania1941 – 1950

Tristan da Cunha1816, 1938 from St Helena

Trucial Oman 1835 1887 1971

Turks and Caicos Islands 1678 1766 1973

Uganda 1888 1905 1894 1962

Vancouver Island184318491866 to British Columbia

Virginia 1607 1624 1783

Victoria18511855, 1901 to Australia

Walvis Bay1878, 18841922 to South Africa

Weihaiwei 1898 1930 to China

Western Australia182918261890, 1901 to Australia

Willoughby1651 – 16671799 – 1802, 1804 – 1816

Windward Islands1871 – 1960

Zanzibar 1890 1963


Oh my God, what kind of people are the British – to think they can own and control the entire planet and all its people?

Yeah, maybe I should give Britain to the Palestinians. How would you like that? It can be arranged.

Tear down the walls, reclaim your land. Move the settlers/squatters OUT – tenderly.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units.

An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe the closed-door meeting, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government advanced the proposal late Tuesday. It appeared timed to coincide with a visit by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief Mideast envoy Jared Kushner, who is expected in the region this week.

The permits would be for construction in Area C, the roughly 60% of the West Bank where Israel exercises full control and where most Jewish settlements are located. Netanyahu’s government has approved the construction of tens of thousands of settler homes, but permits for Palestinian construction are extremely rare.

Israel captured the West Bank, along with east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians seek these areas as parts of a future state. Most of the international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law and an impediment to a two-state solution to the conflict.

Touring new construction in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Wednesday that “not a single settlement or a single settler will ever be uprooted.”

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a religious nationalist in Netanyahu’s government, wrote on Facebook that he backed the construction of Palestinian housing in Area C because “it prevents the establishment of a terrorist Arab state in the heart of the land” and asserts Israeli sovereignty over Area C.

The Western-backed Palestinian Authority has control of civilian affairs in Areas A and B, which include the West Bank’s main Palestinian cities and towns.

Kushner is returning to the Middle East this week to promote the administration’s call for a $50 billion economic support plan for the Palestinians, which would accompany a Mideast peace plan that the administration has yet to release.

The Palestinians have rejected the agreement out of hand and cut off all contact with the Trump administration, saying its policies are unfairly biased toward Israel.

  The Trump’s administration’s Mideast team is spearheaded by people with close ties to Israel’s settler movement. His ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, recently told the New York Times that Israel has the “right” to annex some of the West Bank. Both critics and supporters of the settlements say the White House’s friendly attitude has encouraged a jump in settlement activity.


Trump = A Progressive Patriot

Donald Trump is a patriotic progressive, something I hadn’t seen before in any president, who’s not afraid to engage the people in his decision-making process while actually in office.

What surprises me is that most anti-Trump people have yet to figure out that glaring strategy.

Pick a topic. He throws out a ludicrous position which always leads to floods of feedback, which then he uses to form his stances. Past presidents relied on the CIA for input and suggestions and a few community leaders.

All other political candidates say “we can win but we need your help; we can’t do it alone.” But who has the time for the never-ending activism of knocking on doors, or standing in malls for hours signing up new voters?

With Trump all you have to do is shout out your ideas while you keep doing what you’re doing in your private life.

Brilliant strategy. Most politicians don’t have that confidence to share the stage. Their egos get in the way. Trump shares the stage with everybody.



Nancy Pelosi’s Bullfighting Girls

I believe that. 

Nancy Pelosi knows Trump is going to win in 2020, so all her efforts are directed now at destroying him rather than forming a viable plan for the future. No matter the plan, she’s knows he’ll still win, which puts her on a search and destroy course of action.

She’s not worried that she’s doing nothing for the country, because she knows he is, so let him keep doing it, while she sets out using cunning and morally corrupt strategies to take him out.

She plans on staying, She can handle those girls. She’ll come to their defense even when it’s a lie, so they’ll back off and let her at him her way. 

Yes, they’re little girls in women’s jobs who don’t know how to behave in public and who don’t know how to represent all the people. All they want is for all the people all the time to support their race, religion or gender. They are not for all. If so they would be for white people and they clearly are not. They use white people as their slaves and whores to work or fight for their rights and nobody else’s

There are more poor white people in the USA than all other groups combined. They’re not organized. If they were they’d be called white supremacists – another hate name lobbed at whites who want to preserve their race and who have white pride or who simply are more comfortable among their own. All groups are more comfortable among their own and generally prefer to procreate among their own. There is no crime there.

Forcing people to procreate with other demographics is enslavement. Leave people alone to be with whom they want, instead of doing what some social engineers say is good for all when it isn’t. Stay out of my love, like and hate life.

Hate is a natural human emotion. To legislate emotions is slavery. To pass a law telling people who or what they can love, like or hate is total enslavement of the human mind.

Nancy Pelosi way overstepped her boundaries as a liberal politician and can’t find her way back. She is Stuck in Mussolini Mode. She needs to clean up her own talk and walk before calling somebody out in public to humiliate them – another dictatorial move. She’s trying to colonize the world by having the world come to her. Mussolini tried to expand the Roman Empire by going to the Middle East: Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Albania to name a few of his conquests.

Humans who can’t hate or love are considered mentally ill, which means Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts want to legislate mental illness by humiliating in the public square anyone who expresses their right to love, like or hate anything or anyone they want. It’s a universal expression of pleasure or displeasure on a continuum.

Gays often say you can’t tell someone whom to love. That is correct. I say You can’t tell someone whom or what to hate. People hate for valid reasons, usually when under threats of the perpetrator’s making. So back off legislating emotions. It is not appropriate to dictate to anyone how they should feel. It’s not your place. I’ve seen more hate come out of the democratic party than I’ve witnessed during my seventy years on earth and in a very short time. 

Breaking News: Massive amounts of hate directed at white people across the USA and the world – all because a white man said America comes first to Americans. Yes, we take care of our own citizens first. Maybe the rest of the world needs to do the same and stop asking that crazy uncle sam you all love to hate to open his pockets for you. How dare you disrespect our nation, our people that way.

Hey globally, white people are the minority. China, Japan and all the Asians, India-Pakistan, Africa, Middle East, South America, Central America, the United States of Mexico, all the island communities and territories fall under the category of dark skinned people. They got the huge numbers. Europe is all that’s left and that’s quickly changing color. Soon white people will be an endangered color. It’s a scientific fact; stop denying it and calling it racist.

Right now South America is in a mess – always has been. Middle East is a mess and always has been. Africa also a mess. India a mess. Asia a mess.  Pakistan helpless. They all want to self-govern and keep the white face out, after the whites build their nations for them. And then when the white face leaves, they all make a mess of it. Too many pull out and migrate to other places to repeat the same story, usually to where the white faces live. But their goal is always the same – turn the new place into the old place and keep the cycle of corruption in play.

There’s a color war in the USA government, thus not a fully functioning government body. It hardly functions at all. That’s what happens when dark colors seek self-rule to the exclusion of everybody else. ‘Join Us’ they all say. But when you do, you’re left behind when the color wheel spins and you notice the color white isn’t on it.

Trump is the only one working for the American people – for all the American people – regardless of color or gender, or religion or status of handicap.

Every dark color group wants Trump to be their private dictator, and if they sense that some other color is getting his attention they go berserk in public communicating through violent, obscene, disturbing gestures and shouts of destruction their demands, like terrorists, like strange creatures mysteriously surfacing out of imaginary lagoons in the middle of every street in America. Then it spreads like a contagion throughout the planet via the media. 

Humans imitate each other. It’s their nature to do that. It doesn’t matter the race, religion, culture or gender or anything else. Imitation is the one common denominator we as humans all share. We copy one another’s behavior patterns. I don’t need science to tell me that. I observe it.

So the American people suffer a little under Pelosi’s tyranny, but so what, Trump’s doing a darn good job. She just wants to be boss at any cost. She’s not boss with Trump. She’s boss with a democratically elected president. Trump outplays, outshines, outworks her.

White people are people of color too. White is a color. Nancy Pelosi on a regular basis slams white people; Barack Obama did the same thing. The little girls she keeps protecting from the big bad white guy slams white people. Those girls put white people on the table for the world to humiliate, kill then eat. 

Not unlike the bullfighting they all support as a necessary tourist attraction for the brown people in Basque and the dog fights for the black people,  and the cock fights for the Asians, forcing white people to fight for them has become the world’s favorite blood sport.

Yet, there is no hate speech law that protects white people – only black, brown, yellow, red – every skin hue except white. Therein lies their glaring prejudice and racism.

No, Donald Trump is not a racist. Nancy Pelosi and her gang of bullfighter girls are the racists. Trash-talking white people, holding white people hostage to their flimsy social plans to transform America into their countries of origin, making poor white people go to the back of the line and pay for other people’s crimes through preferentially based social programs are all racist moves.

All because they couldn’t find the courage to stand up to the dictators in their own countries of origin. Instead, they came to America to stand up to the white people they loved to hate and the public officials whom the citizens of the USA legally elected. They’re too accustomed to coups to work methodically to achieve good things for all citizens. They want it now, and they want it for themselves, so they put all their individual and collective energies into unseating whom they hate and replacing the seat with someone they control.

Donald Trump really doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. His opponents who all want his money are racist against all white people.

Don’t ever tell someone whom you hate that they can’t hate you back or you’ll destroy their lives.

Hating someone isn’t the same as racism. Hating someone is not a crime. Loving someone is not a crime. Liking someone is not a crime. Being angry is not a crime. Crying is not a crime. Being happy is not a crime. Fearing someone is not a crime. Who is trying to take all your defenses away from you? Who is trying to make you into emotionless human robots?

Wake up and get up. What’s wrong with you? Ah, those strange creatures from the imaginary lagoons are scaring you again?

Scare them back. Scare the hell out of ’em. They’re going to kill you anyway.

NSA is on my radar screen. If you have something to say, they’ll read it. Feel free, but be cautious.


RE: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

6.29. 2019

Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Russian President Putin gives an interview in Moscow

OSAKA (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Elton John was “mistaken” about LGBT rights in Russia, while praising the British singer as a musical genius.

Elton John said on Friday he was deeply upset by Putin’s comment that liberal values were “obsolete” and had been rejected by the majority of people in Western nations.

He also accused Putin of hypocrisy for saying that he wanted LGBT people to be happy after reports that gay scenes in “Rocketman”, the movie based on the singer’s life, had been censored in Russia.

“I have a lot of respect for him, he is a genius musician, we all enjoy his music, but I think he is mistaken,” Putin said when asked about Elton John’s comments in Osaka where he was attending a G20 summit.

Putin said Russian authorities had a “relaxed and unprejudiced” attitude towards LGBT people, but decisions about gender identity could only be made by adults and therefore minors need to be “left alone”.

Russian law bans “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”.

Putin also said that while he did not deny the attractiveness of liberal values in general, he was referring to situations where they impinged on traditional lifestyles.

(Reporting by Katya Golubkova; Writing by Olzhas Auyezov; Editing by Alexander Smith)

Source: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

STRATEGIC COMMENT: Being gay isn’t a liberal value as Elton John indicates. It’s a fact that runs through all races, genders, ethnicities, families, many species, political parties, religions and other groups. Elton John’s attempt to make it a liberal issue is prejudicial against all people of all genders. Gay or homosexual propaganda seeks to increase the gay population so that politically they have more clout. For that reason they appear to have attached their ‘right to be gay’ to the democratic party, making being gay a political issue, when it isn’t.

Adult gays having sex with underage boys is a real problem, since those boys haven’t matured yet. Ask any victim of sexual assault by a priest. Hear their stories of enslavement and torture by primarily gay priests.

Although straight men do have sex with young boys, the abuser is most often gay, which means there is a huge pedophilia problem in the gay community, that is not being addressed by the very people who perpetrate and hide its existence. It’s not enough to justify the action by saying straight men do it too. If it’s in your community and you’re hiding it, then it’s your problem.

It is my belief that Elton John is well aware of that problem. What is he doing about it politically?

Five minutes of explicit sex scenes regarding male on male plus oral sex scenes were deleted by the Russian editors of a film called ROCKETMAN, but not only by the Russians. Other cultures found it offensive. You can’t force people to come out of the closet. Each individual knows when it’s safe to do that. It’s not somebody else’s call to make for them.

Elton John evidently wanted to make a pornographic story about his life under the category of general audience or mature content? Explicit oral sex scenes are usually saved for porn-categorized films, not autobiographical films.

Vladimir Putin got it right when he said what adults do is their business, but what the children do is society’s business. Leave the kids out of it.

Most people believe that sex traffickers are only interested in young girls. Not so. They are equally interested in underage boys.

Sex trafficking of underage girls and boys is a huge problem in the USA and around the globe. What is actually being done about it?

What is Elton John doing about it?

By gays focusing so much on their genitals to the exclusion of most everything else, they devalue everything else about them.

Women it seems forever were valued only for their sexuality and/or mothering skills. It took a long time to value women for something beyond their male-assigned gender roles. The likes of Elton John are doing the same to gay people as men did to women. I cannot see that as a forward moving, freedom facilitating strategy.



Anita Hill vs Joseph Biden



Anita Hill needs to stop acting like she was raped by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

There’s a winner and a loser in every court case or hearing. Everybody else is expected to accept the results and move on, like them or not, fair or not. Joe Biden did not sexually violate her. Neither did Clarence Thomas.

Pointing out that a hair on top of a coke can looked pubic doesn’t rise to the level of assault.

Black African Intelligentsia keep saying they want Black to solve Black problems, then they inevitably return to the white people they claim oppress them to act on their behalf.

Stop re-litigating the past and focus on the future. She wanted a punishment greater than the offense and she got nothing as a result of over-reaching.

Learn and develop better strategies for creating social change.

Punishing someone forever is a losing strategy.



Know When You’re Being Manipulated

“There’s only one thing we want you to do.”

When you hear that don’t respond. Walk away. Don’t ask. They want you to ask. When you ask, they have you where they want you.

Whatever they offered in exchange for that ‘one thing they want you to do’ is something that they know in advance goes against your grain.

If you just ask out of curiosity what that one thing is, they win.

That same offer will then be off the table, because it was never on it. It was a lie told to manipulate you into a corner so they could take from you more than they were willing to fairly compensate.




That’s why Hispanics turned into brown people not that long ago.

They saw black people raking in the dough by exploiting their color.

White people pay.

Big rich white people pay so the blacks don’t ruin their businesses.

So sure. Hey man, we’re brown. Look at our skin. Forget all that Hispanic and Latino and south of the border mumbo jumbo.


What’s the matter you don’t like our skin color? That’s hate. That’s prejudice. I didn’t get that job because I’m brown. That’s discrimination.

PAY UP GRINGO. Why don’t you like brown people?



Video games are the epitome of hyperbole.

Exaggeration to make a point. That’s hyperbole and is probably more commonly used than the lie in persuading an opponent or raising an issue. “It weighed a ton” doesn’t mean it actually weighed a ton. It means it weighed a lot, always more than the person looking at it thought it weighed.

Video games by their nature are exaggerated. Everything about the design, the plan, the expectations, the results.

Hyperbole has been around a lot longer than video games. In fact, since humans could communicate, that’s how long it’s been used as a tool to influence. To influence, we exaggerate for the purpose of imprinting the brain, not with the precise wordage, but with the basic message. And it works.

Everybody in the world knows how to identify it, use it and benefit by it – except apparently Millennials, who were raised on video games.

How do you think these games kept your attention long enough to raise you?  Hyperbole. Exaggerating to make a point. A tool used to influence; to guide your thoughts thus your actions. It works.

So why do Millennials get so upset by the use of hyperbole, when they were raised on it?

My figure is that they lost often – the game, the video game.

They probably lost more often than they won. So much so, that when they hear someone use hyperbole, they go nuts, off the rails, can’t stand it. Shame them, ban them, name-call them, burn them in effigy, punch them in effigy.

Wow, who could have predicted the result of years of playing arcade or computer video games?


Since everybody uses it to influence others, that leaves the Millennials at a distinct disadvantage in coping with all forms of human interaction and behavior.


Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?

Black leaders are popping blacks, just like Israelis pop the Jew populace each time they covet something and don’t want to wade through a process to get it.

When Jews commit massacres in America, it’s the Jew psyche in play. Jew leaders know what to say and do publicly to disengage their own assailants from reality.

Blacks figured out how to mimic Jews to get what they want and are applying that strategy to their own populace. They know what to say and do to incite certain people within their group to act on the groups behalf by rising to commit a massacre in the name of revenge. Who murders a bunch of people because they got fired? It’s the psyche they play on that activates the assailant.

They call it social justice. That’s what happens when particular demographics think, speak and act in unison with an agenda based on superiority and motivated by what they can gain from applying that power over, under and through all other groups.

They’ve been preached hatred of white people and infidels and gentiles (non-Jews) for so long and so consistently that they become mentally ill by the constant nature of the onslaught of negativity fed them by their leaders – in the family, in the government, in their religions, in their businesses, in their private, individual relationships.

Jews formed a religion and government based on the characteristics of their collective personalities, rather than fairness under God-made and human-made laws, which they had no interest in changing just to get along with other people and groups in the world. ‘We are who and what we are and we’re not changing for anybody. So get used to it. Everybody does the same things we do, we just made it work for us and everybody else is jealous.’

They simultaneously, unilaterally and secretly passed a universal ‘street and shadow’ law to suppress any criticism of their ‘ways’, claiming such criticism to be anti-Jew thus ‘hate’, thus punishable by them in any way they deemed fit to stop the criticism and discourage others from engaging in the same behavior – however true and justified.

Jews scream HOLOCAUST and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped the holocaust, not Jews screaming.

Blacks scream SLAVERY and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped slavery, not blacks screaming.

They scream to make people fear. Yes. ‘Fear us, because you know what we will do if you don’t. We’ve shown you. And you know how we can pop our own people.’

The assailants aren’t tied to an organization. It’s the group psyche they’re tied to. That’s how they get activated.

Jews will kill their own to profit the group. Blacks will kill their own to profit the group. Whites kill their own all the time, but in personal interactions that have nothing to do with the group psyche.

Jews want you to hate them. Blacks now want you to hate them too. They both say they don’t care, but they really do. They manufacture hate like a product for sale. It’s easy to do. They start with the small stuff and blow it up so big that you can’t help but see something, as least a kernel of truth, but the interpretation of the kernel is the lie that works, because of the way it’s manipulated.

Like hair. Blacks cry all over Facebook, ‘white people hate our hair, they forced us to straighten it, do you know how much that costs? They persecuted us over our hair. I cried every day and every night, why don’t you like my hair natural?’

This is what people get killed over. Plain and simple. When they don’t have a big accusation in their tool box they focus on tiny, then enlarge it till it looks grotesque, and white people kneel down and apologize for not liking their hair. The blacks suffering and crying all come together on the post and say two words. Thank you.

That’s a hustle. It happens all over Facebook all the time. Facebook supports it. Heck, they could be the ones engineering it.

When you start telling people what features and characteristics and traits to like in other people, you’ve crossed a line into oppression territory.

I don’t like frizzy hair, fuzzy hair, gooey hair, matted hair, pony tails, pigtails. I tried lots of hairdos. I had a permanent curl and every time I went out in humid weather it all frizzed up. I don’t like frizz on myself. I don’t like angel type hair either that’s so fine you can’t do anything with it. I don’t blame an entire race of people for my insecurities about my hair. Heck, I just buzzed it all off, long before it became fashionable.

So they respond, ‘then you know how we feel’.

I don’t give a damn about your hair; I only care about mine. What is this ‘you know how we feel’ about?

It’s part of the group hustle, to get you to admit something, some small slight that they can attach to you. They don’t like fuzzy hair either, nobody does. It’s too hard to handle. White people could grow their hair down to the floor, but most don’t because it’s too much work to maintain it.

But look, some people are born with no legs and they adjust, so why can’t black people adjust to their fuzzy hair? It is so insignificant. That’s a key right there.

Of course it’s insignificant; that’s why they use it to scam you out of your money. They know they can get you to admit that you don’t like fuzzy hair, then they quickly call it racist, because they’re born with fuzzy hair. Then it’s slam, bam thank you ma’m for opening your wallet so quickly – or your bank account.

They blame you for the high cost of straightening, that they made a decision to purchase. Do you know how much it costs to have somebody else braid your hair or to make all the waves equal in size? That’s not natural either. Being natural costs a lot of money, so their ‘natural’ argument gets deflated.

In the 1970s nobody argued for the right to wear an afro-style hairdo. A lot of people did it. Now if a white person does it, it’s called culture appropriation and they want money from you for the privilege of wearing your hair like them. Truth be told white women straightening their curly hair and white women curling their straight hair has nothing to do with black people. They’ve been doing it forever. And even if it did, so what?

If blacks hate their hair so much, and they do, then why expect white people to like it? Oh I get it,  white people will like it so much that they’ll want to look like black people, and then they can get them on cultural appropriation charges which = more money.

When people use their hair as a political tool, you know there’s nothing else in their tool box. If you cave to their terrorist demands, that’s on you. But when you cave on behalf of everybody else, and expect every white person in the world to do as you did, cave to a terrorist group, then you become part of the hustle and part of the oppression.

When white people start defending their rights, they’re called white supremacists or Neo-Nazis. That’s a quick way to get white people to shut up when they’re discriminated against or demonized because of the color of their skin. See, blacks want to keep the oppressed label; they’re not going to give it up to anyone, much less white people, even as they collectively oppress and punish that entire race of people in the name of social justice.

Social Justice is just another way of breaking the law and getting away with it.

So this black dude kills all these white people because he couldn’t stand all the blacks screaming about white people stealing his culture and hating his hair and white people taking his football away, and now his job too. He’s a hero to black people and he knew he would be.

The news media didn’t say that five unarmed whitish people were killed by an armed black person, like they do when the shooter is white and those shot are black. That’s a glaring example of media discrimination, showing a black bias, which communicates the black privilege of socially justifiable homicide.

Whichever way you look at it, he was a suicide bomber – a ticking bomb that Black Lives Matter Terrorists popped.



Brutalizing people is not an effective recruiting strategy. Neither is making enemies to build friendships.

Standing at a 13% population disadvantage, making enemies by bringing white people to their knees and ruining their businesses for offenses committed by other people in the past is a destructive use of small town tactics to gain up town recognition – a recognition that is not sustainable, simply because it is based on the false premise that white people today are responsible for practices that all races and cultures engaged in many years ago.

Contrary to social media and cable opinion outlets the movers and shakers of the world don’t like bullies. They dislike even more those who seek to destroy the businesses in which they invest.

I have yet to see a plan emerge that had a positive global goal attached, which leads not just me but many others to the conclusion that the revenge tactics used by Black Lives Matter Terrorists serve a visceral purpose that cannot and will not translate into financial growth.

USA Census for 1860 was 31.4 million of which 3.9 million or 12.6% total population were slaves and children of slaves.

Slavery ended in 1863.

Population of USA in 2018 was 327.1 million.

By 1863 approximately  3.9 million slaves including their children were legally freed.

Approximately three hundred million people and 156 years later, some 246 million white people, none of whom participated in slavery, are now being held hostage and responsible for deeds that occurred prior to the Emancipation Proclamation Act of 1863 and the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolishing slavery. Prior to that time slavery was legal on a Federal level, although in some states it had already been outlawed to varying degrees.

There is no legal precedent for one race of persons to hold accountable another race of persons for cultural and/or socio-economic missteps that in time became abolished. Madison Avenue and Wall Street have nothing to gain and everything to lose by participating in and supporting the white-lynching tactics of ruining white people’s careers and businesses based on a nondescript terrorist agenda for the sole purpose of terrorizing the white race and destroying their culture, careers, businesses and families using revenge tactics to protest an institution that no longer exists.

In that regard they are much like ISIS terrorists who want to return to the past to recoup losses that cannot be recovered,  so they take life and limb and liberty from the white people of the present. That is enslavement and torture, which will lead to slaughter if left unchecked.





When I write an opinion-piece about what’s going on in the world that involves human beings or specific groups of human beings I am invariably asked ‘why don’t you like brown people; why don’t you like black people; why do you hate Jews; why are you anti-immigration?’.

When you criticize someone or some group that is making news by dumping on white people, and a white person has the audacity to respond, they call it hate; it’s moronic; it’s whatever grotesque and hurtful name that a person could think of calling someone.

Everybody claims to want a conversation, but when the conversation begins it’s always minus the white person. The brown or black want to play all the roles in the conversation – even the white person’s part.

That’s controlling, manipulative, dictatorial, oppressive behavior.

They want to control the entire narrative – from start to finish. It’s discriminatory and fake news when you assign an agenda-driven cable news commentator the role of white person representing the so-called white view. It’s a lie just based on the way it’s all set up. They get paid to do what they do. They are given their opinions by the CIA Media.

I don’t like or dislike a person based on their color. I have never judged a person by the color of their skin.

‘Well then why don’t you support us’?

Does that mean that as long as I don’t care what color you are, I should support you? How does it follow that whatever a brown or black person does, white people should support and if they don’t it’s because of the skin color and if they don’t care about color, then it’s a no brainer, you’re with us?

It appears to me that those who think white people should support them because of their skin color are the prejudicial people. They’re the real racists.

It’s difficult to talk rationally to someone who only sees skin color – theirs.

Hispanics are not minorities in Mexico, the island communities, Central America, South America. They are the majority in all those places. Yet, they still act like the minority, seeking pity from the entire world and anyone who will listen. Why is that? All these years they lived in places where everybody was about the same.

Were they thinking with their skin then? Or is it only when they come to the USA that they’re told to play up their skin color; accuse the white man of hating you for your skin; you’ll get lots of free stuff that way; white people don’t like it when you call them racist or black or brown haters. They’ll give you whatever you want to shut you up.

It’s one or the other: White people are being played, or brown and black people are the real racists, thinking white people should support their skin color; and if they do, then they automatically support the brown and black view – no matter the content of the view.

Actually it’s not one or the other, it’s both.

It’s becoming clear that skin color is used as a DISTRACTION STRATEGY to keep you off-balance, so the real issues don’t get debated. Keep attacking the opponent on an emotional plane, so nobody gets to the substance of the issues. They don’t want to debate; if they debate they could lose. Keep it about the color.

Oh, they’ll debate color, as long as they provide the lines for all sides.

Keep pushing that color button.

How does it work?

FEAR. They use fear of what will happen to you if you don’t cave their way.

And we see what happens all over the news.

It’s scary stuff. They crossed the terror threshold a long time ago. They’re instilling fear across the globe. They want a war.

This is terrorism.


The Compassionate Band-Aid Strategy

Using children as tools to commit crimes or as tools to make more money isn’t new. Years ago people had large families, so the children grew up tending the fields and working the farms – being trained early in the execution of their ‘chores’. When factories came along, they were the first in line. ‘Imagine the money we can make with nine kids.’

That was then. Child labor laws in the USA and elsewhere eventually outlawed the use of children for labor. It didn’t matter that the children wanted to work; it was deemed unacceptable considering the conditions under which they were forced to work with no supervision between adult and child or older children and younger children.

Spanish adults use children to storm the USA southern borders, expecting that a forced-entry effort will get them across quicker,  giving border officials no choice but to let them go further into the country, due to the mass numbers of people demanding early, ahead of the the line,  processing.

The pity (aka compassionate) strategy goes like this: They put the child out front as the negotiating tool to get them across the border by ignoring existing USA laws. They claim to have no money or resources and fully expect the USA government to give them whatever they need to survive at the tax payer expense. Fifteen million did that already with thousands more ready to breach an imaginary border.

There’s no border here. Where’s the border? I can’t see anything. It’s just dirt. Dirt isn’t a border. Dirt doesn’t make a wall. Where’s the wall, the access doors, the streets? Stop looking up at the sky. What are you doing? Oh, I thought maybe the border was in the sky somewhere. Looking for incoming at this late stage makes you look like you’re waiting for a  missile launch. Stop it.

The ‘pity for my child even if not for me‘ strategy includes an expectation that they’ll let the parents and the entire family in too. Who will take care of the child in the USA? Hillary Clinton says it takes a village to raise a child and nobody south of the border ever forgot that endorsement for all they do. We need to bring the whole village. Who says? Hillary. Hillary Clinton.

Adult primitive and predatory urges are still in play on the southern continent. Using children as strategies is inhumane regardless of Hillary Clinton’s unintentional endorsement of illegal immigration by writing a book claiming it takes a village to raise a child. But who knows, maybe she did support illegal immigration and that was her way of solidifying her base for an eventual presidential run- twice.

When someone has children for the purpose of exploitation they don’t bond with them. Why would they? They’re preparing to sell them.

Village involvement or not,  child labor, child sex, child mutilation and child exploitation of all types needs to end today not in five years.  The words ‘minor’ and ‘forced’ are conditions under which enslavement is identified and the conditions under which it flourishes unabated. All countries are involved with child slavery.

Children like to please adults. For adults to use as an excuse for exploiting children, that they like it or don’t mind or they want it, keeps the issues surrounding their exploitation from being properly and quickly addressed. The world needs this now not five years from now. It’s happening right under our noses and everybody turns away because the authorities turn away. If they’re scared of the far-reaching tentacles of the Spanish Mob Cartels, then where does that leave us?

Hispanics don’t care about child labor laws; they don’t care about any law that prohibits them from doing what they want to do. Period. A law?? A law? One might think that they’re coming from completely lawless nations, the way they talk about not knowing anything about laws. What’s a law? A law? Yet, they left those supposedly lawless nations to go to a nation of laws. It’s the laws that make the nation, not the people.

People are the same all over except for a few blips here and there in their DNA. It’s the laws that promote and facilitate progress. Through organization we achieve success, not through constant dissension, upheaval, never ending hustles, coup after coup, after coup. Just go in and take it over. That is the mentality of Spanish-speaking people inhabiting lands south of the USA border.

They are always starting over someplace else to make their own rules – again. Make America Great Again is starting to sound familiar.

We waited for you to change for us.  You didn’t do it. So now we make you change. That is the foundation and cornerstone of all their strategies. They never, ever think about changing themselves to fit into somebody else’s program, except to gain access to something else that they want, that means more to them than the temporary enslavement required in their minds to achieve it.

So, the Jews claim them as their ancestors from Basque country.

The Arabs say no way. We look at the behavior, not the historical residence. They’re Nomads, make no mistake about it; they are Nomads – that’s us. We’re south of the border people too. We’re the engineers and architects. Look at Dubai.

Children living with their parents on farms all over the USA are working the fields alongside adults or when the adults are too drunk to work, the children fill in for them. Nobody checks, because nobody cares, as long as the crops get picked.

Not all people with work cards return to their country of origin when the picking season is over. Many just stay rather than bear the expense of a trip home across the border again. Many get pregnant and have babies here; that’s the goal, since the children become an automatic USA citizen by birthright.

The crying children in all these video-taped border scenarios are crying to go home, not crying to go to the USA. The USA border officials weren’t making them cry; their parent’s hysteria and unpredictable actions were making them feel unsafe and wanting to return to a safe place again – home.

It’s easy not to provide a birth certificate. Just say you don’t have one. They are always coached on what to say, which means that what they say is a lie. Well, they threw it away, so technically it isn’t a lie. No record of birth. Yet they’re all Catholics, which means they’re all baptized, which means there is a record. The Catholic Church keeps records of births and the Catholic church is very active in all countries south of the USA border.

Everybody seems to have left out the Catholic Church in all the talk about massive numbers of people living illegally in the USA and now thinking it their right to storm the border with compassion stories to let them in or else. And they are all from Catholic Countries south of the border.

What position does the Pope take?  More children. More money for the church.

The Catholic Church is a Kingdom of Children – without a voice.

I was shocked to discover Hispanic Dreamers were thirty year old children. Why wasn’t this common knowledge? The government via the CIA news outlet hides what it doesn’t want the populace to know. What kind of convoluted legal mumbo jumbo accepts that a thirty year old is a dreamer?

Deferred action on the legal status of children who were brought to the USA illegally by some adults. I mean, how long did the USA figure on delaying action? Forever? Come on. Why did it take President Trump to address all these issues?

Do you know what happens when you apply too many band-aids to a sore without removing the old ones before applying a new one? Eventually, they all fall off at once.

That’s where the band-aid strategy always leads. Always. You can count on it.



Cory Booker PUNCHES HIMSELF In The Face

Cory Booker (Democratic senator from New Jersey) is not fit to serve.

He is not fit to serve as a member of any public entity while holding such bigoted beliefs about white people. He’s too emotional. He’s too angry, too full of vengeance. He keeps comparing himself to Donald Trump and keeps justifying his bad behaviors by saying Donald Trump does it.

Where does that come from,  that ‘monkey see monkey do’ senatorial/congressional strategy?  I certainly don’t want a copycat for an elected official deciding my fate from another state every time he votes on federal issues. That’s a kid thing; why are adults doing it?

For some reason he wants to be Donald Trump. I don’t know what he’s going to run on, except his penchant for doing whatever the Donald does. ‘If he can do it, I can do it’ is pretty weak. Not original. So why would anyone vote for someone who lacked original ideas or strategies? That’s what we need in order to get rid of gridlock – original ideas and strategies. There’s no status quo in the democratic party, except Dump on Trump. Pathetic Platform. There’s no cure on the horizon for the Cory Bookers of the world. We don’t need another irritant in the White House; we already have a slew of them.

It’s shocking how so many democrats are copying Donald Trump. We do it because he does it. What a coup for Donald Trump. The sooner you walk back or away from that strategy the happier and more productive and original you’ll become. You show the ugly needy side of yourselves by copying somebody else’s behavior. Why don’t you copy his ingenuity, industry, ambition, work ethic? It’s his coup again. You only copy what you claim to be bad behavior. Why? To show him what it looks like? That’s how you spend your time in congress, spying on Trump so you can copycat his bad behavior to show him what he looks like? That’s weak.

You are not fit to serve anybody, much less this greatly flawed but great nevertheless nation.

I think I should run for president.

Hey, I’m legal, I have the right temperament and the people skills and work ethic for the job. I’m always looking ahead, I’m a good listener and fair. I learn what I don’t know quickly. I’m in good health and live clean. I stand my ground when I know I’m right. I don’t speak my opinion unless I do know I’m right. With new information I reconsider my view.

How many contestants can say all of the above and be telling the truth?

Yeah, none. That’s why I have no interest in politics. It’s the company I’d have to keep. Decisions for all are made from egos, not based on reality. I don’t like being forced to vote the party line, rather than what’s good for the people and structures in the nation.

Yeah, I have a history I can talk about. I don’t fear disclosure. I can and do get along with anyone.

I’m Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. I like him. I understand his strategies. I like power; what can I say. I’m already groomed. The answer is no, though.

I don’t like being the face to somebody else’s words, policies and ideologies.

I’m not going to stay for the group hug. I’m onto something else more exciting.

Bet that scared the boots off ya’.

Hey, I could run the country from home, save a lot of money for the overburdened taxpayer.

Booker made a strategic mistake when he said publicly that he wasn’t going to punch Trump in the face for his fellow democrats. Just yesterday I read it.

There’s that monkey maneuver again – ‘monkey see monkey do’ I want to be like Trump so the closest I can come to being in his skin is to act like him.

That’s a knockout punch to himself that knocked him right out of contention.

Using punching words to somebody’s face publicly as a senator from New Jersey? That’s you? That’s who you are right out of the gate? You couldn’t help yourself; you needed to get that last dig in before you start your love campaign? I’m not going to love you, so don’t ask me to. Just do your job in a professional way – unless you can’t.

If you’re going to do what Trump does as long as it gets you in the White House, then how are we to trust that you’ll put your democrat skin back on once you get there?

You have no justification for that violent outburst. It’s a strategic mistake that colored you violent and vengeful. You wrote the ending yourself. Live with it.



MAGA = swastika

Since when is wearing a hat that says MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA) a racial slur?  Writers all over the news media are calling it a racist hat. 

Do they mean a white supremacy hat?  MAGA = swastika. That’s how they delivered it, as bizarre as that claim sounds.

Everybody with a brain knows that Donald Trump is not a racist. Even if he was, so what? He doesn’t have to love every person in every race. He has the right to prefer his own race over other races. Every black person I ever met was a racist. They all hated all white people.

People can like whomever or whatever they want. Isn’t that what the gays are always saying?

We have a right to love whomever we choose to love? Remember that? Well, that works both ways. Everybody has that right. Don’t tell me I have to like you and vote for giving you special privileges, just because you’re gay or black or a member of any other demographic.

Blacks, gays and Hispanics think if they keep calling the president racially-charged and gender-charged names, which are discriminatory in themselves, then he’ll drop everything he’s doing and attend to their special needs, like a nurse to a patient.

Will you be my doctor, my nurse, my teacher, my minister, my banker, my Uber driver, my mother, my father, my brother, sister, confident, hit man, yeah hit man; will you be my hit man if I abuse you and insult you hard and long enough Mr. President?

Ugh. What is wrong with these people with so many issues that they want everybody else to solve?

People wearing MAGA hats are not spreading hate; it’s the people who object to making America great again who are spreading hate.

How about a positive message coming from the hateful people? huh? got nothin’?

Maybe that’s part of the problem; you count on the success of the people you adore for your happiness. When they fail, you blame their opponent, instead of blaming yourself for being so shallow as to put your heart and soul into a person you knew nothing about, never even met, except that you voted for them.

That’s all on you.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a racial slur? It’s racist? How long can you exploit a loss by the candidate you voted for? Hillary Clinton said herself that it would take a very long time to get over.

How far can you stretch a lie?

Pretty soon white baby shoes will be considered a racial slur against all black African people. White babies will be taunted in strollers for wearing white superiority shoes. The parents out of fear for their child’s life will buy black shoes. Then they’ll be taunted and labeled racist for wearing black and appropriating black culture.

You don’t have much wiggle room left, so you should start wrapping it up before you stay in too long and it all blows up in your faces. The real truth comes out when so many people know it, because so many people were in on the plan and involved in the execution of it.

By incessantly abusing, humiliating and treating as worthless human beings, people whom you think supported Donald Trump, you thought they’d develop an aversion to the president and anything republican and thereby vote democrat.

You are mistaken. They will develop an aversion to voting. They already developed aversions to social media due to your campaign of terror against them.

So? That’s good for us; that’s what we really wanted anyway; keep all the republicans from voting, then only the democrats come out and we win everything. It worked; that’s all we care about.

Be careful with strategies that play on people’s emotions.

The democrats, sick of seeing your self-inflicted wounds splattered all over social media and every news outlet in the country over and over again in their name, will vote republican. You’ll end up being the bums that your own party votes out. You forget, a lot of white people are democrats. You demonize, terrorize and threaten to destroy the future of every single one of them.

Those white people who go to your so-called peaceful protests? They’re CIA operatives. Spies. Other agencies too. FBI. Homeland Security. They’re all there. Of course they infiltrated. When did they not infiltrate wherever black Africans gather to stage a revolt against America?

You’d do the same thing.



The ‘Winning Hearts And Minds Strategy’

Chuck Schumer told the president ‘open the government and we will negotiate’

The president gave him three weeks to develop a border security plan.

You mean the democrats didn’t have a plan? All this anti-border talk so all the slaves, terrorists and wanna be drug dealer families who wanna make millions of dollars in the USA, now that the cartels are moving here, was just a stalling technique to form a plan to prevent the wall instead of forming a plan to secure the USA and all its citizens?

Sometimes I think Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are benefitting. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like president Trump’s white-collar crime friends, but she’ll let in a whole country of law-breakers as long as she gets a cut. ‘You’re judged by the company you keep,’ she said just yesterday.

I don’t know who the friends are of anybody in congress. How should that affect me or any other citizen? I mean, she just opened a whole new can of worms.

Who are her friends and the friends of Chuck Schumer that now I have to insert into every equation regarding every decision those two ‘patriots of Italy and Israel’ make for every single citizen in the USA and now every single citizen of Mexico, Central and South America too?

That is what is called “The WORLD DOMINATION Strategy”. And I want no part of it. Those two are laying the ground work for war – a third world war.

Shimon Perez (former president of Israel) once observed that the USA doesn’t invade a country to take the country over; they invade, leave and then rebuild that country. In other words, the USA wasn’t interested in taking the land.

I used to wonder what the USA meant by “The winning HEARTS AND MINDS Strategy.” I mean, how do you do that when you’re bombing a country that didn’t bomb you – like Afghanistan and Iraq?

Now, after the fact of one of the most grotesque war responses against two sovereign nations in the absence of a war declaration, they admit it was a mistake.

But I don’t look at the mistake as much as I look at the pattern. The USA via congress (including the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate) have a history of using bad judgment when making any decision, large or small.

They never went back to examine the process. It was too uncomfortable.

Oh, we can let Hollywood make the films about it, based on the intel we give them, but they know they can’t take too many logical leaps that will make us look worse than we want to look. After all, we were attacked.

Could we have prevented the attack? Yes. We set up a military base in Saudi Arabia under false pretenses without changing hearts and minds.

Well, how do you do that – change hearts and minds by winning hearts and minds?

That they would even have to ask that question when their own social and psychological engineers came up with the plan in the first place proves the ‘bad judgment’ claim.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer right now are putting it into play in Mexico, Central and South America.

Why announce a plan that you don’t know how to use? Ask any Jew if you can blow up members of their family and win the hearts and minds of anyone left that in that family?

Are you kidding? Blow up a Jewish family and the entire world of Jews will blow you up – in a million different ways that no one could trace back to them.

There were two holocausts committed against innocent people in Afghanistan and in Iraq in response to 9-11. So, why does Israel keep erecting artifacts in holocaust museums from World War II?  “We must never forget so it won’t happen again”.

They mean just to them – not anybody else. They don’t care how many holocausts they have to incite as long as it isn’t against them – ever again.

One of the problems in the USA is that there are too many THINK TANKS in America with governmental access  (meaning the ones that politicians and other government officials use as their go-to problem solving people) that are made up primarily of Jews with Israeli perspectives and  agendas.

The Jews have a saying in English, ‘do the opposite of whatever she-he-it-they say to do’. Well sayings like that work enough times to validate them, but mostly they get the people who flip that coin, rather than do the work of stripping the ego to see more clearly, into a heap of trouble. So then up comes another saying, ‘if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all’.

Those are the people advising Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. ‘Do the opposite of whatever the president says to do.’ It’s a Jew strategy.

The Jews in Mexico, South and Central America want a state of the art wall in areas where one can be built. They love that the border is established and that people can come and go as long as they’re deemed safe to enter.

Drugs and guns are not allowed to enter any airport in the USA. In downtown Cleveland, if you go into the Justice Center you go through metal detectors. You’re not allowed to bring drugs or guns into any federal building, but somehow Pelosi and Schumer want drugs and guns to pass freely over the southern border into the USA.

Isn’t the border considered a federal entity? Well if it isn’t, there needs to be a structure that can define it as one. Like all federal buildings, it needs to control who comes and goes, otherwise stop securing federal buildings.

Admitting the mistake of committing holocausts in two countries in response to 9-11 against countries who didn’t bomb us was all the USA government officials could muster with their huge egos, so we won’t learn from the mistakes by examining the process, which includes to a large extent the degree to which motivating factors, internal incitement and withholding of critical intelligence contributed to flawed facts leading to flawed actions against innocent parties.

It’s not the winning of the hearts and minds once you blow them up, that the USA needs to advance. It’s the changing of our own hearts and minds, so that we don’t treat the citizens like machines, while we’re running up to invade, during the invasion, and only after when we get what we want, look at them as future citizens of the USA, opening our doors to all who want to leave the country we tore apart.

Changing hearts and minds is the same as invading a country and staying. We leave our stamp of war on their hearts and minds, then build them up to look and act like us – their oppressor. Is it any wonder then, that years later, when we think all is going as planned we receive an unanticipated payback call?

In the end, the results tell the story of a hearts and minds strategy being a world domination strategy.



Different Strokes…

White people often react by not reacting.

Black people don’t get that about white people.

When black people don’t react, they let you know in no uncertain terms that they’re not reacting, which to the white person defeats the purpose of the strategy.



A New Political Platform Song

Those who don’t like laws and rules have lots of their own rules, and not abiding by yours is their first rule.

It’s not that they don’t have, need or even like rules. It’s that they want to make them and then decide when to break them.

It’s a lazy person’s way of getting elected without showing up.

“You don’t tell us what to do” is their platform song.

Trust this: Nobody likes being told what to do.

So run on that.



Stop Hurting People To Get Their Attention

When you hit, hurt, humiliate someone for the purpose of making them join your cause, you recruit a future traitor.



Vegan Elitists and Slaughterhouse Sympathizers



” The USA is supposed to be the home of the brave, not the home of the stupid.”




Nobody’s dropping bombs in Mexico, Central America or South America. Nobody is at war.

So why are 15 million people from these regions living underground in America with no plans to assimilate? What war ravaged country, or state in the United States of Mexico are they fleeing?

There are no war-ravaged countries in these regions.

Why are we supporting mass immigration of people who want dual citizenship and if they can’t have it, then they live in one of the countries illegally, and that country is always the USA?

The Nancy Pelosi’s of the country accepted the offer of a slave labor force long ago. Upon getting a conscience and admitting the wrong, a decision was made behind the backs of the American people to compensate the slave labor force off the books by keeping the borders open so as to keep the slave labor force intact.


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New Year Dictum

“Surrender to the discipline not the task”





The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Of The House, are lobbying on behalf of the drone industry to use drones instead of cement to keep the floods of people wanting to cross over into the USA illegally from south of the USA border from doing so. A national security issue has turned into a lobbyist special interest windfall potential for companies that make drones.

There’s no money in cement Chuck Schumer might as well have said, when he smirked and body languaged his disdain for anything concrete. After all, there’s no money nor votes in it for him, Nancy Pelosi or any one of their 11% approval rated congressional colleagues. Cement isn’t the gift that keeps giving as drones appear to be. Drones don’t fly themselves and you need a lot of them to secure the border, plus the maintenance and training of bilingual people to operate them.


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By Design


Jewish is an adjective.

Jew is a noun.

Get used to it.

Enter that into your next round of dictionary and word usage books, which you compile and publish for everybody else, with an acceptable usage designation.

Contact McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster.

“Who does she think she is, talking to us like that?”


Get the feel of it. Own you, not how somebody describes you.

Stop trying to own a word that nobody can say for fear of having their lives made a living hell.

Stop the ‘hell’ thing and others will stop wanting to destroy you before you destroy them.

When you tell the world that you don’t care that everybody hates you, that signals to them that you think you’re above everybody else and can do whatever you want to whomever you want – with impunity. You set up that circle of hatred so you can keep taking out vengeance on innocent people, making them fear you, so they’ll give you what you want.

That’s terrorism. Instilling fear is terrorism.

It’s odd that you don’t mind being called a terrorist, but scream when somebody calls you a Jew. Yet you want a Jewish state of Israel, based on your Jewness.

That’s some kind of convoluted strategy to take what you want from others. Keep popping them, so you can take the entire bank in reparations for name-calling.

Neo-nazis? Really? I thought they were you. Jews.

Yeah, they’re you.

Neo-Nazis are JEWS.

Nazis are socialists. You know, the people who take somebody’s land to give to somebody else expecting a favor in return?

What are you doing in Mexico anyway?

What? No engineers and architects in Mexico? Brazil? Central America, South America? Honduras??

What are you doing there beneath the radar?

Organizing, funding caravans of poor people funneling and tunneling them out of the regions you want to inhabit?

Found your real land of milk and honey did you?

The 13th Tribe of Israel – in Spain. Opportunity knocked and you walked straight through that door, hiding your tracks behind you by discounting the ‘find’ – Basque Country isn’t really your birth place after all. Such high hopes deflated.

Yeah, it is.

So where did your people go?

To the Americas. That’s why so many Jews are in the United States. And now going to Mexico and all the Americas. They’ve been there for a very long time.

Ever notice how Israel cares for the French Jews, no matter where they be? Well, half of Basque country is in France – half in Spain.

They don’t want France nor Spain. They want the Americas, the place to where the Basque people migrated. Self-governing people. They don’t like others telling them what to do. They don’t like other people’s rules and laws. So it would seem.

They never wanted the Middle East. It was given to them by the British. They left that hell long ago; why go back? They took what they could get and have paid dearly for it – and made others pay too.

The Americas, wow, that’s us. Those are our people. Not the stinky poor people who don’t want to work. Send them to the USA, where they’ll be dealt with. We have lots of our people in the USA. In fact, more there than anywhere.

By design?

We do everything by design.

Talk about lucrative. South of our own border. Yeah, we need a wall.

Drugs. Drugs. Jews are big drug takers. Look at Hollywood. Rain forests. Pharmaceuticals. They probably have diamonds and gold too. Silver. Copper. Lush, lush, lush, fertile, fertile. Just enough desert to make a statement –  to remind us how far we’ve come. They’ve got everything God promised us. Why do you think they never did anything with it all? God wouldn’t let them – till we arrived.

We’ve arrived. With engineers and architects.




Nothing I can’t handle.

Nothing I haven’t handled before.

A problem is a problem.

The nature of a problem doesn’t change.

It’s an irritant at its center – lesser or greater depending upon the problem.

How best to neutralize it?

In no particular order:

1 – ignore it

2 – placate it

3 – alter it (by altering the components)

4 – destroy it

5 – remove yourself from the equation

6 – live with it

7 – redefine its importance



Manufactured SAD

Anger comes after SAD.

We’re already at anger – for sometime now – which means we got out of SAD mode, as a nation once depressed.

Stop trying to put us back to SAD, which will only result in more anger.

Sad, anger, acceptance, happy, productive.

Simultaneous would be nice. Yes, it’s possible. No one is required to wallow in stages of anything or slow-poke their way through each stage.

You’re trying to lower the temperature by going back to SAD, instead of advancing to HAPPY via acceptance. Everything is SAD on social media now. Not long ago everybody was a racist bigot cunt, now they’re all so so SAD.

Going back to SAD doesn’t lead to happy.  It keeps people in the past looking for a happy that’s gone.

Stop with the reverse psychology engineering. It’s not working. You’re confusing people.

Stop telling happy stories with a SAD component. What are you really trying to do here, except create more chaos and uncertainty?

The social engineers created this social media monster, now step back and let people figure how to get out of it on their own.

You made a mess trying to control people’s emotions. That’s oppression in case you can’t see it.

The populace will turn on the social engineers. They’ll figure out who you are. People don’t like their food genetically engineered, what makes you think they want their emotions engineered by terrorist agencies with agendas to control them for somebody else’s benefit?

They’re going to wake up and stop turning against each other, which was your socially engineered plan, and you will become their new target.

Acceptance was the next step to happy and you all pushed everybody back to SAD. Now they’ve got to do that whole anger stint all over again. That’s sadistic and detrimental to society – AT ALL LEVELS. You have a price to pay.

Getting out-of-the-way is your best strategy now.