Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that's why they're always thinking on it, with it, and through it. Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country - I don't suppose. I wonder though, if there are significant cultural … Continue reading THE SIMULTANEOUS VOTE


Blame Is A Demobilizing Strategy

Perpetual blame leads to inaction, thus the blame-game becomes in reality the blame-strategy used to keep an entity standing still. A demobilizing strategy.


I tried and tried to like that bagel. It just wouldn't let me. It's too tough, break your teeth, bite the inside of your lip trying to chew the dang thing. I developed recipes, nice ones, knowing other people worshipped the ugly thing trying to be a bun and a donut in one. No originality. … Continue reading BAGEL OUT. ENGLISH MUFFIN IN.


I'm Boycotting everything Bagel until Israel ends the illegal extermination, displacement and occupation of the indigenous Palestinians on Palestinian Land. When the Palestinians began boycotting Israeli products made in occupied territories in lieu of isolated attacks against Israelis, the Mossad teamed up with intelligence agencies around the globe to punish the boycotters. Really, the only … Continue reading BOYCOTT BAGELS GLOBALLY

RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan

Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank Excerpts from that article: JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposal to build over 700 housing units for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in addition to 6,000 Israeli settlement housing units... Israeli Jews Offer to use Palestinians as human shields in the West … Continue reading RESERVATION SYSTEM for Palestinians = Israeli Peace Plan


BLACK AND BROWN SUPREMACY COUP Blacks and browns being allowed to publicly display their hatred toward all white people via mass media with impunity, via a collective of black and brown supremacists with a collective manifesto, under threats of harm if the white targets won't turn their color, is the new racism that is quickly … Continue reading BLACK AND BROWN SUPREMACY COUP

Stop Shaming White People For Being White

It starts with government…media…advertising agencies…YOU. You’re no better. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal

HWH COMMENT: Welcome to the Palestinian Hood is what Benjamin Netanyahu meant when he approved the building of 700 housing units in the West Bank while simultaneously approving permits for 6,000 units for Israeli settlers. Settlers = colonizers aka squatters. So the Russian squatters got 89% and the indigenous Palestinians got 11% of the total number … Continue reading IT’S A TRAP. Israel approves Palestinian construction in West Bank – Don’t Take That Deal

Trump = A Progressive Patriot

Donald Trump is a patriotic progressive, something I hadn’t seen before in any president, who’s not afraid to engage the people in his decision-making process while actually in office. What surprises me is that most anti-Trump people have yet to figure out that glaring strategy. Pick a topic. He throws out a ludicrous position which … Continue reading Trump = A Progressive Patriot

Nancy Pelosi’s Bullfighting Girls

I believe that.  Nancy Pelosi knows Trump is going to win in 2020, so all her efforts are directed now at destroying him rather than forming a viable plan for the future. No matter the plan, she's knows he'll still win, which puts her on a search and destroy course of action. She's not worried … Continue reading Nancy Pelosi’s Bullfighting Girls

RE: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.29. 2019 Putin says 'genius musician' Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights Russian President Putin gives an interview in Moscow OSAKA (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Elton John was "mistaken" about LGBT rights in Russia, while praising the British singer as a musical genius. Elton John … Continue reading RE: Putin says ‘genius musician’ Elton John mistaken on Russia LGBT rights

Anita Hill vs Joseph Biden

commentary JOE BIDEN - ANITA HILL Anita Hill needs to stop acting like she was raped by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. There's a winner and a loser in every court case or hearing. Everybody else is expected to accept the results and move on, like them or not, fair or not. Joe Biden did … Continue reading Anita Hill vs Joseph Biden

Know When You’re Being Manipulated

"There's only one thing we want you to do." When you hear that don't respond. Walk away. Don't ask. They want you to ask. When you ask, they have you where they want you. Whatever they offered in exchange for that 'one thing they want you to do' is something that they know in advance … Continue reading Know When You’re Being Manipulated


That's why Hispanics turned into brown people not that long ago. They saw black people raking in the dough by exploiting their color. White people pay. Big rich white people pay so the blacks don't ruin their businesses. So sure. Hey man, we're brown. Look at our skin. Forget all that Hispanic and Latino and … Continue reading BEING BLACK OR BROWN PAYS


Video games are the epitome of hyperbole. Exaggeration to make a point. That's hyperbole and is probably more commonly used than the lie in persuading an opponent or raising an issue. "It weighed a ton'' doesn't mean it actually weighed a ton. It means it weighed a lot, always more than the person looking at … Continue reading HYPERBOLE

Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?

Black leaders are popping blacks, just like Israelis pop the Jew populace each time they covet something and don't want to wade through a process to get it. When Jews commit massacres in America, it's the Jew psyche in play. Jew leaders know what to say and do publicly to disengage their own assailants from … Continue reading Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?


Brutalizing people is not an effective recruiting strategy. Neither is making enemies to build friendships. Standing at a 13% population disadvantage, making enemies by bringing white people to their knees and ruining their businesses for offenses committed by other people in the past is a destructive use of small town tactics to gain up town … Continue reading White-Lynching


EXPOSING YOUR SKIN When I write an opinion-piece about what's going on in the world that involves human beings or specific groups of human beings I am invariably asked 'why don't you like brown people; why don't you like black people; why do you hate Jews; why are you anti-immigration?'. When you criticize someone or … Continue reading EXPOSING YOUR SKIN strategy

The Compassionate Band-Aid Strategy

Using children as tools to commit crimes or as tools to make more money isn't new. Years ago people had large families, so the children grew up tending the fields and working the farms - being trained early in the execution of their 'chores'. When factories came along, they were the first in line. 'Imagine … Continue reading The Compassionate Band-Aid Strategy

Cory Booker PUNCHES HIMSELF In The Face

Cory Booker (Democratic senator from New Jersey) is not fit to serve. He is not fit to serve as a member of any public entity while holding such bigoted beliefs about white people. He's too emotional. He's too angry, too full of vengeance. He keeps comparing himself to Donald Trump and keeps justifying his bad … Continue reading Cory Booker PUNCHES HIMSELF In The Face

MAGA = swastika

Since when is wearing a hat that says MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA) a racial slur?  Writers all over the news media are calling it a racist hat.  Do they mean a white supremacy hat?  MAGA = swastika. That's how they delivered it, as bizarre as that claim sounds. Everybody with a brain knows that … Continue reading MAGA = swastika

The ‘Winning Hearts And Minds Strategy’

Chuck Schumer told the president 'open the government and we will negotiate' The president gave him three weeks to develop a border security plan. You mean the democrats didn't have a plan? All this anti-border talk so all the slaves, terrorists and wanna be drug dealer families who wanna make millions of dollars in the … Continue reading The ‘Winning Hearts And Minds Strategy’

Different Strokes…

White people often react by not reacting. Black people don't get that about white people. When black people don't react, they let you know in no uncertain terms that they're not reacting, which to the white person defeats the purpose of the strategy.  

A New Political Platform Song

Those who don't like laws and rules have lots of their own rules, and not abiding by yours is their first rule. It's not that they don't have, need or even like rules. It's that they want to make them and then decide when to break them. It's a lazy person's way of getting elected … Continue reading A New Political Platform Song

Stop Hurting People To Get Their Attention

When you hit, hurt, humiliate someone for the purpose of making them join your cause, you recruit a future traitor.  

Vegan Elitists and Slaughterhouse Sympathizers


” The USA is supposed to be the home of the brave, not the home of the stupid.”

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Nobody’s dropping bombs in Mexico, Central America or South America. Nobody is at war.

So why are 15 million people from these regions living underground in America with no plans to assimilate? What war ravaged country, or state in the United States of Mexico are they fleeing?

There are no war-ravaged countries in these regions.

Why are we supporting mass immigration of people who want dual citizenship and if they can’t have it, then they live in one of the countries illegally, and that country is always the USA?

The Nancy Pelosi’s of the country accepted the offer of a slave labor force long ago. Upon getting a conscience and admitting the wrong, a decision was made behind the backs of the American people to compensate the slave labor force off the books by keeping the borders open so as to keep the slave labor force intact.


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By Design

aka PLACEHOLDER Jewish is an adjective. Jew is a noun. Get used to it. Enter that into your next round of dictionary and word usage books, which you compile and publish for everybody else, with an acceptable usage designation. Contact McGraw Hill and Simon & Schuster. "Who does she think she is, talking to us … Continue reading By Design


Nothing I can't handle. Nothing I haven't handled before. A problem is a problem. The nature of a problem doesn't change. It's an irritant at its center - lesser or greater depending upon the problem. How best to neutralize it? In no particular order: 1 - ignore it 2 - placate it 3 - alter … Continue reading Nothing

Manufactured SAD

Anger comes after SAD. We're already at anger - for sometime now - which means we got out of SAD mode, as a nation once depressed. Stop trying to put us back to SAD, which will only result in more anger. Sad, anger, acceptance, happy, productive. Simultaneous would be nice. Yes, it's possible. No one … Continue reading Manufactured SAD

Shut Down The Government

Democrats need to be taught a lesson. You don't mess with border security for the purpose of enlarging your political base. Five billion dollars is nothing. Take it from the mindless projects Congress funds to get votes for re-election. A cheap wall is my view. We spend more on failed military planes that never fly. … Continue reading Shut Down The Government

MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody

SHOW SOME  MUSCLE. SHOW SOME PLIABILITY. Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move. Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the … Continue reading MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody


The universe seems to seek out the rare. Where there is an unusual opening or occurrence or event, the universe finds it and enters without knocking. One might think that because there are so many physical laws that rule what is physical in the universe, even the physical that can't be seen by human eyes, … Continue reading THE RARE OPENING

Which One Are You?

'Almost always' and 'nearly never' are what most mean when they say 'always' or 'never'. And most people understand the 'gist' of what somebody means. And/or they see the nuances in someone's speech. Even if a person skips a word or two, most people can fill in the blanks accurately, or accurate enough to get … Continue reading Which One Are You?

Discover Your Clifton Strengths by Tom Rath

CLIFTON STRENGTHS I'm glad I took this test and recommend it for everybody, whether your job searching or not. In fact, a good place to start taking it is in high school. Students can take it online and get immediate results for their use only. Schools should start politicking for it. What's good and beneficial … Continue reading Discover Your Clifton Strengths by Tom Rath

Free Press – A Strategy

Some people are using racial, ethnic and gender slurs to get free press. "Any press is good press". Keeps the person's name current. It's so funny to see all these people apologizing in public just to keep their names in lights. Most of the people whose careers were ruined for saying or doing something unsavory … Continue reading Free Press – A Strategy