fragment 1

“Stand down on shaky ground.”

fragment 2

“Our sun is our master. Without it we die. There is no human equivalency.”

fragment 3

“Step up not back when in doubt. Loosen – Adjust – Tighten.”

fragment 4

“WHY is always the missing link.”

fragment 5

“History Isn’t a “WHY” Reason. It’s an excuse.”

fragment 6

“I’ve no patience for pity-seekers. Pity-seeking is a hustle.”

fragment 7

“The fact that you can’t get it right or make it fit, means you’re going about it wrong.”

fragment 8

“I have nothing in common with people who have to wait to learn a lesson before taking precautions.”

fragment 9

“I’m too small to comprehend how big you are.”

fragment 10

“Even the strongest among us doubt.

Doubt is a necessary component of problem-solving, as long as it leads someplace.”

fragment 11

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