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41- Published 2023/03/06 at 2:43 pm The Movie: The Passion Of The Christ

depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the global Jewish outrage to it

Crucifixions are violent executions and should be depicted that way. For too many years we’ve seen Jesus on the cross as if snatched while sleeping and put there more as a symbol than a reality of a particularly horrific form of capital punishment. When a film is made of the Holocaust no one cries out to protect the collective Germans from being categorized as Jew haters and killers, in fact, the impression is encouraged and applauded.

The Jews, in their obsessive need to control and conform all forms of the media to their liking and advantage, attempt to change history. In changing the facts no one learns the lesson that hind sight is specifically designed to teach. If one were to sanitize the Holocaust what would be learned? What purpose would be served?

When Black Lives Matter erase White history, where are the learned lessons? That from which was supposed to be learned no longer exists.

It seems that the main underlying concern and only regret of the Jews is that the movie wasn’t made in Israel where the story would have surely depicted the Palestinians and Arabs as the executioners of Jesus. 

Perhaps when the Jews embrace Jesus as their son, the most influential person in history, and raise him up as their savior (on earth and not as a means to get to heaven, since that’s where we all go anyway) and follow his teachings of forgiveness, the world would be more sympathetic to their pain.

As it turns out, forgiveness will be the only worthwhile tool that secures peace in the Middle East. Perhaps when the Anti-defamation League broadens its mission to include all acts of bigotry (instead of a blurb in its mission statement making it appear that all acts of bigotry are addressed) toward all creatures, its message will be taken with more than a grain of salt. 

40- 2023/03/01 at 1:35 pm The Animal-Free Manifesto Published

The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

People usually change themselves by seeing what they like in others and pursuing it. Or by digging deep into one’s reality and the realities that surround them, motivating that change. Throwing paint on people or screaming obscenities or shaming or humiliating those you want to convert, hinders rather than helps the cause of animal rights. That’s my view based on my experience.

What are those rights that we keep talking about but not defining properly? Animal rights. What about those rights?

Do animals have a Bill of Rights? Are their concerns, needs and demands written into the constitutions of nations? No. 

The Constitution of the United States of America speaks only of men, not women or children. Animal protection laws are scantily scattered and rarely have actionable consequences attached. Animal rights activists/advocates can’t even rescue a tortured animal without the rescue person(s) being criminally charged, tried and convicted and sentenced. That’s how barbaric societies remain even in 2022.

What happened to the process, in the evolution of civilization? Humans stalled out. When we as humans see another human being tortured do we have a right to rescue? What would happen? Would the rescuers be charged with a crime? Has anyone besides the military seen someone tortured? What would it do to the psyche of the intruder witnessing such heinous acts of depravity against another living, breathing, suffering creature? 

Torture, whether conducted against the human animal or any other animal is usually done out of sight, in private, in secret. Why? Because it’s so heinous that it would elicit a strong emotional response. A trigger response. Understandably so. Against our will it would be difficult not to respond, difficult not to do something, anything, to free that suffering animal from the bondage of their torturers.

As difficult as it may be to stand down, the activist needs to in this world of prison-happy politicians by setting the example to the world that they are better off not eating or otherwise abusing/exploiting harmless, helpless creatures to the benefit of the torturers.

If you’re angry all the time, though justifiably so, nobody whether consuming animals or not wants to be around you. People want to be around those who bring them up rather than down. You already know this, simply by living a life that’s yours.

No other animal on the planet, besides humans, are afforded that right. The right to exist free from enslavement, torture and slaughter. There are an estimated five to ten million different species on the planet, of which we are one, only one. Over two million already have been described. The others will be in time. 

One wonders who those others will be, what they’ll look like, where they live, how they survive. It’s beginning to look like humans may, if they keep looking, happen upon a species so intelligent that they can and will outsmart and outwit the human species hands down at every turn in every category. What will they do to us, the humans who continue to abuse and exploit over two million different species of animals? How will they treat us?

It could be that they’ll treat humans with the same penchant to destroy human life as we humans exhibit to all other species, even within our own. Maybe they already have a plan to rescue the other five to ten million species, who would be at high risk of enslavement, torture and slaughter by the human species.

Maybe that life form will look like a highly evolved viral killing machine. What then? I don’t think we anticipate any form being more intelligent than ourselves. But species after species tell a different story. Maybe this world will be wiped clean of the human animal for doing such a terrible job of preserving our only homeland.

Be on the look out. These yet to be identified species may be here to rescue the activists from the angry, prison-happy politicians. Remember that prison-happy politician phrase. Use it appropriately. Slaughterhouses and animal farms are prisons and the world has a lot of them, in every country, every region. Humans have institutionalized the enslavement, torture and slaughter of every known species on the planet.

Raise your war-weary heads and dance that dance of success, if only in your mind, that you achieve every single day by merely saying no to discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Every day you change the world for the better by what you eat or otherwise consume or use. 

Every single day you change the world for the better by not eating or otherwise using and consuming animals and animal products. You make those decisions for you, not everyone else. You know that saying in the Movie Harry Meets Sally? She fakes an orgasm in a diner and an onlooker in another booth points to Sally when the waitress approaches to take her order and says, ‘I’ll have whatever she’s having’.

Although that was done in a sexual context, it can be applied to any circumstance. Onlookers, when they saw her pleasure wanted to eat whatever she was eating that made her so happy.

Fake it if you have to. You can do it. I know you can, because I do it every day in every way. It’s an act that is real, but I’m still acting. Humans, all humans, are natural born actors. We instinctively and intuitively act – privately and publicly. Just don’t go too far off the grid. Keeping the ‘real’ in the act is your specialty as a human. Embrace it.

Listen to a song you like. Do a few crunches or squeezes. Feel the pump in your muscles. Be alert to your surroundings. Walk tall with purpose.

Although we live in a rapidly changing world, we as humans haven’t changed all that much. Skin colors have changed into a multitude of shades of pink, brown, white and black, more due to cross-ethnic mating than climate. The slow to change human, who is your canvas, can actually work in favor of the activist.

The humans with whom you interact aren’t much different from your grandparents. That is a source of comfort. How do you get your grandparents (in your mind) to actually taste an animal-free dish with no animal products?

For starters it better taste good. Grandparents can be finicky about what they consume and so can you be finicky about what you consume. There’s very little real difference there. Don’t let age get in the way. Eat your animal-free dishes in front of them, savoring, enjoying every bite. At some point they’ll want a taste to see what all those moans are about.

At family gatherings bring one or more animal-free dishes, then share your lifestyle through the food without preaching the bad side of where theirs came from. You already know what that is. Nobody likes being preached to by peers or family or friends. You don’t either. Have a taste-testing. Make it interesting.

If you are totally confident in the choices you made and continue to make, then it will shine through those bright eyes of yours no matter how war-weary you become. When you think you’re failing or the world is failing you, remember the animals will always need you to be there for them, but in a way that suits you. Not all activists or advocates are the same, so design yourself showcasing your strengths.

Imagine the power of one species who can control five to ten million other species. Use that power in you to protect the others from the continuous reign of terror raining down on them. A never-ending holocaust.

Back to food. I propose a plan for restaurants. Two connecting plans actually.

1-  If a restaurant fails to provide you with substantial animal-free dishes, then you will be allowed by law to bring your own food and drink, paying a five dollar cover charge per person. Very few places have sufficient animal-free offerings. A fruit bowl is not animal-free. It’s fruit. So cook your dish at home and tag it along with the crowd and enjoy your time with family and friends. Get this done soon. Restaurants will welcome the added business and the patron pays for the table setting – five dollars per person. You don’t need a kitchen staff. The chefs of the world took too many liberties with the safety of patrons.

2-  Restaurants are going out of business at an alarming rate. Many are still operating on ‘fumes’, and losing their shirts to the pandemic and the inflation that followed. Owners and operators can’t continue to sustain their losses and the governments can’t continue to reimburse restaurants throughout the world for their lack of business. It’s like paying farmers not to grow crops that aren’t needed. We can’t keep paying restaurants to stay open at low profit margins.

So what to do. Everybody likes a picnic. Since the food at most establishments is at risk of injuring an already fragile populace due to poor quality control, shut down the kitchens for food. Rent out tables. You still need servers to set the table and bring the water and napkins and beverages. Five dollars a head. Half price for children under twelve years old.

Convert kitchens not people. No cooking in the kitchen until the quality improves and they’re all animal-free by decree. It’s called BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. 

Beyond your connection to your cause, know that my soul is wide open to your animal-free needs. Spill your guts out to me in your mind, one soul to another – a multitude of souls interconnecting.

Cry or laugh but DO NOT DESPAIR. It’s a vast universe. Although humans evolve slowly, change just as often comes quickly. Be there when it does – heart, mind, soul – raise your head or bow it, hug yourself and know that I’m hugging you back.

Keep marching on as you achieve one victory after another – like a string of beads threaded with the soul of life, unbreakable, unimpeachable, uncorruptible. That’s you. That’s why you were chosen to set the example – who better to do it?

You were specifically chosen to set the example and the pace through changing yourself into your own likeness. I love you, I love you, I love you. You’ve been given a priceless gift. Use it generously and wisely. You’re it.

Trust in your own personal God. Dictate the terms. Be fair – not like cutting the slaughter rate in half over a hundred years to appease the enslavers, torturers and slaughters.

Stalling doesn’t get you anywhere but nowhere.

Learn your own lessons and let others learn their own. You don’t need to tear people down and rebuild them in your design. They know what their lessons are; that’s their journey not yours. Setting a powerful, happy example is the best of activism. 

Many animal rights activists get paid who eat animals. They’re not convincing, because they don’t live the life; instead they live the lie.

Converting people, like an addict needs to stay clean and sober, shouldn’t be the goal. You made them do it and they will resent it. Setting the powerful example produces change in you and everybody notices.

Know that on social media the animal-abusing industries are everywhere acting like someone they are not. Intelligence agencies in all major countries do the same thing – spy and manipulate, for the purpose of instilling doubt and fear into the populace. 

1). They don’t want you to ever stop eating the animal meat that they claim gives you your power disguised in a multitude of nuances and strategies to knock you off kilter. Intelligence agencies from every major country do the same. No one in government positions anywhere on earth wants to give up the cash cows, cash lambs, cash pigs, cash chickens and on and on for any reason. That’s why they keep talking about measures to reduce the threats to all life on the planet, but then stall out. It’s not enough; they’re waiting too long; they don’t want to lose on their investments.

2). Even if animal meat/milk/egg etc. were determined by strict adherence to scientific procedures to be injurious to all who consume them, governments would still be telling you to keep at it, so they can keep enjoying the profits at your expense, and the expense of all those they slaughter.

3). As long as they’re spying anyway, give them something to remember. Impress them with your life, knowledge and commitment. Show them something worthwhile – something they can’t forget even if they tried. Let them see or hear a startling view – yours.

4). When you wake up to yourself and the torture that even the most hardened minds turn from, you already know that they know. You don’t have to convince them. If you can’t stop eating animals unless the world stops with you, then you’re not an activist or advocate.

5). Present your best most astute and humble-without-bleeding self.

You can do it. I know you can do it, because I do it and I’m no greater nor lesser than you. 

I love you, I love you, I love you. When I die, I’ll still love you and be there working with you along with all the souls who want change without sacrifice – absent war.

I’m the Animal-Free Chef. I define me and my life. You define you and yours. That’s my power and your power, different but all essential.

I’ve been at this for fifty-one years since 1972 in one form or another. I know of what I speak. No one could have predicted the leaps and bounds of small successes turning into larger successes, seemingly without much effort expended.

Fast paced is what we need to look at and embrace. There will be a multitude of disappointments. Feel each one, the pain, the horror, knowing all along that it’s necessary that we enable ourselves to feel and appreciate the losses that propel us to greater achievements.

There’s no room for vindictiveness – it takes too much energy and time, and energy and time are our most precious commodities which cannot be wasted on getting people back. Engaging in such tactics slows up the entire mission to stop the terror in every farm, factory, slaughterhouse, in every home, school, religious gathering, in the workplace and entertainment venues.

6). Never forget where you came from. You were an enemy to the animals before you woke up to reality and decided to change it.

You just keep being who you are so when someone lost reaches for something beyond themselves, you’ll be there setting the example and letting them know that everything is going to be okay. You are the proof of it.

Leave the light on. Light up all your posts. If you didn’t get a response, since there’s no way to tell if someone saw it unless they liked it, then like it yourself. Quite possibly they were read without you knowing it. Don’t throw it in the trash. Light up a hundred of them on every Facebook account – all across the planet. Everyone on Facebook lights up their own posts. Light up your own posts and you will get the attention you want. It has to be a massive effort to achieve impact. And all you have to do is like one hundred of your own posts.

Pick a twenty-four hour period and send out the message along with THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF MANIFESTO.

You can fight with whomever you choose, but doing so doesn’t satisfy long term. If you need to keep getting that fix to stay satisfied, then dump it as a strategy.

You make the choices for you. You met all the criteria and possess all the qualifications to succeed at what you do. You have the integrity, the knowledge, the courage, calm, confidence and compassion required in the amounts that suit you each individually.

7). The tenacity, ambition and unwavering commitment to succeed is written all over your soul. You already demonstrated that by the choices you made.

Remember to keep the lights on your posts with a like or whatever. Light up Facebook all at once, like the biggest wave on the planet.

After you read this, share it to your profile page or timeline.

Every vegan, animal-freer, plant-based, vegetarian, those considering it, those interested, just turn all those lights on. Make Facebook and the governments of the world know you’ve landed and we are the voices for those used and abused at the pleasure of presidents, kings, queens, rich, poor, every gender, ethnicity, age.

We all made a huge mistake and now we’re going to right that mistake by setting a perfect example of our best selves. Yes there is such a thing as perfection and it exists in the realm of animal-free by setting the example that prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are not viable options for surviving and thriving.

Did you ever think that there would be a totally vegan Burger King restaurant in our lifetime? Or a grocery store the size of Whole Foods completely animal-free?

We’re right in the middle of history in the making. Your calm through every crisis prior to these momentous occasions, your fortitude made it happen. Celebrate yourselves, individually and collectively, then get back to it!

It’s what you do best. Remember to talk to your personal God. Set the terms then adjust as needed. You spun the wheels in motion, now keep them moving forward by being the best example of loveliness and strength as you know you can be.

8). Use the word ‘SUFFER’ over and over again in all your writings. Every human identifies with that term unlike ‘sentient being’ with which nobody identifies.


You wrote it, through me through your example – and mine – combined.

Together the animals we revere and serve who deserve care not abuse and suffering, become one in spirit so large and influential that the world stood in awe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts to achieve change that could not, would not have happened without your courage, charm and example.

All of you who refused to consume animals and animal products are responsible for this continuing success.

The world is your stage and you’re on it. Show the world how to free those enslaved, tortured and destined for slaughter by the example you set. You can do it, I know you can. Why? Because I bore witness to it. You are the reason I never hang up.

Thank you for your devotion to a noble and just PEACE among humans and all species. The animals showed us the way, now we walk in their footsteps.

Light up the world.

Each human animal is as worthy as the animals who suffer at our hands, on our watch.

The culture and tradition of animal consumption and abuse will not continue unabated and there will be no PEACE until every slaughterhouse, animal farm, large and small is shuttered forever. We need to examine our perverse actions toward other animals and change the direction to an amicable and mutually respectful one.


We have the results of a holocaust in the meat department of every supermarket in the world.

We snuff out callously and viciously the lives of other creatures for our own pleasure and gratification.

And we’re untouched as we stroke the loins and marvel at the cut.

All my senses, with all that I learn, tell me it is wrong.

But how do I argue against years of blind, unquestioned tradition?

I have heard the screams. And felt the terror.

I invite you to do the same.

~ Chef Sharon Davies-Tight

39- 2023/03/01 at 3:29 pm PROMISES MADE FOR KEEPING

God grant me the strength to fight through argument those who terrorize me and others, no matter who they be.

God grant me discipline in my everyday life, so that every day I may accomplish a new task that requires that discipline.

God grant me courage to fight oppression, bombs and prejudice with the fire and love of your soft or sternly spoken words through my pen.

I will protest arrogance by winning for losing, with humility.

I will protest evil in every person’s heart, by mending that which another has broken.

I will protest hatred by loving those who hate me.

I will fight in small ways for rightness, because someone who fights big has few supporters.

I will no doubt be scorned and rejected for my efforts, but in the end, the scorn will have been worth the result.

I will be the stepping stone for others. And one day, they will become the stones upon which others step, in continuing the quest for peace through nonviolence and nonviolent response.

When my work on this earth is done, I will fight in a life beyond this life to accomplish in another dimension that which I was blocked from accomplishing in this one.

I have made a pact with a God whom others, in their ignorance, and through their thirst for domination through eating the blood, call the devil. But, I know that I am – today and everyday – my God.

38- Published 2023/03/01 at 1:06 FINDING ANSWER FOR UNKNOWN QUESTION

The USA government doesn’t like ‘one person changing the world’ – stick to yourself and you’ll be okay. I say, one person is the world – but they don’t get it – they’re not thinkers – deep – they’re strategists – blockers – life is about war to them.

I say, strong individuals make strong groups – they perk up – then they want control over the individual thus the group – then I call them dictators.

Policy – it’s all about policy – that means who polices the policers. The Spanish – that’s where I slip off the script – the rails – climbing a mountain I don’t know – prose makes it happen before the eye of the dye die again – faded too fast to matter – they’re tinkers – stinkers – drowning in opposition to where – they think thick – they know knots and ties – no circles for them – still they’re always in them searching for that which cannot be destroyed.

Bomb the moon just to see what happens – that’s not a thinking one who proposes before one analyzes using the science of hell while simultaneously proclaiming there is no God – why – because, just because – as if excuses found the route to nowhere exempting annihilation.

Why does India bow so much, because Chinese bow – copytigers – keep the rat-tailed humans in tow – two hands together – not steal.

Ah, all that for five words.

37- 2023/02/28 at 10:30 am USA Lied. We The People Don’t Have Free Speech Rights

If the Supreme Court doesn’t protect free speech of the populace in the USA, then it doesn’t prohibit it either.

Stay out of it.

Did you all forget that there’s a populace without a voice in America?

No, politicians do not represent the the populace. They represent the rich people wanting to control the voices who have no power, so they’ll stay unheard.

Don’t you have something better to do?

Oh, go ahead and claim once again that free speech isn’t for the common people. Then go and shut down all the pornography websites across the land. They operate on the premise that they do indeed have free speech rights. What? That cesspool sexually humiliating women, and men too is protected by the Federal government?

So the Federal government protects the sex slave trade, but not the freedom of speech rights of the American Street? The populace.

Pornography is protected under free speech. The men are the ones driving this campaign to put reins on the social media street. That’s where ideas flow in all forms of speak. Shut that off and you just became the darlings of Iran China Russia. The men are keeping pornography and the sex slave trade in business and free speech is why.

The same goes for violent movies that trigger people into committing crimes – they also work on that free speech premise.

You’re not thinking clearly. Look, you can’t lose your job, so do the correct thing. Either free speech rights for everybody or nobody. Forget whether they’re influencing politics; that’s what politicians do. They influence people using strategies. So what if Russia runs ads. I’ve never seen one of them. Why is that?

How about the USA providing funds to stage government coups in South America. That’s an act of war; displacing a president, whether the USA regards it as one or not. You can try to change the meanings of words but you’re not fooling anyone, all you do is engender a lack of trust.

  • Be careful, those same coups could happen upon America if you deny the populace free speech rights. Step down from your superiority supremacy pedestal; you don’t own people or their words or the street or the world.

For all we know, those mass exoduses South of the Border are the design of the USA military to gain support to interfere in the policies and practices of those representative nations.

Otherwise the people would rise up rather than leave, so that means you get the free ticket to meddle in their affairs. When the people did it in the past, benefits to the USA were limited and the people got tired of fighting your wars when the dividends to them were minuscule.

Wake Up Supreme Court. It’s your time to shine.

Afraid? I am too. The entire world is afraid of what no speech rights in America means for them. Lawyers looking for loopholes already claim that We The People have no such rights. Care to clear that up for the people on the street wanting it clarified?

We’ve become a militaristic state when we allow the military into hospital surgical rooms to torture patients. Does that come under free speech rights? Torturing people while they’re unconscious?

How does all this look to all those countries where we interfere with their political process based on America’s democracy and the free speech rights that our own government claimed all along went along with that?

Wake up Americans – your rights are about to be taken away from you by the Supreme Court. Prepare for massive protests worldwide. AMERICA LIED. Nobody’s free in America. That’s a hustle if I ever saw one.

You mean free speech rights are only for news agencies controlled by the government, not the individual? Where does that put every blogger? Oh I get it, politicians don’t like the truth being told to the populace by bloggers. Government sanctioned news agencies protect them from that.

36- 2023/02/13 at 4:29 pm Earthquake. Aftermath Of Bombs.

How many of those building contracts in Syria and Turkey did Israel have prior to the recent earthquake of 2023?

That’s why they bomb Gaza on a regular basis, for building contracts as reported by Shimon Perez prior to his death on national/international television.

STOP BOMBING THE PLANET. How many years now in the Middle East? Iraq, Afghanistan. Syria, Yemen. North Korea. WW II WW I. Now: Ukraine-Russia bombardment with NATO, USA, Israel and German military involvement. Long term massive assaults – all of them and still on-going, and they blame a fault line – a condition of nature – when an earthquake wakes everybody up in the middle of whatever they were doing that they now deem frivolous in comparison.

Syrians had to think they were being bombed. That’s what the damage looks like. The world media generally hides the effects of bombs from public viewing except every now and then. Why? Because they know they could have prevented the damage by not bombing. With an earthquake they figure it’s an act of nature or God, not controllable by humans and what they do or don’t do that may contribute to it.

Underground testing of nuclear missiles has long term effects, even when stopped. It’s like a side effect that doesn’t go away when the drug is withdrawn. Nature seems to fall into that category of long term effects from injury. And why wouldn’t it? Why scientists don’t take that factor into consideration when making their recommendations is a mystery. Instead they consider how much assault planet Earth can sustain, and don’t worry we’re no where near the limit. The limit of what? What did they set as a limit that would cause specifically what type of damage?

Earth is our home. Who in their right mind would consistently assault their own home just to the brink of total disaster? That’s insanity talking without a conscience. That looks like Israel bulldozing the houses of Palestinians who don’t give them up freely to Immigrant Jews. Under the auspices of the United Nations. Pop a Palestinian and Israel gets another home for free. They can always rebuild. Think of the money in that?

STOP BOMBING THE PLANET. Figure it out. Bombs. Earthquake.Tremors. Look at the pictures. Earthquake Bombs. Punch somebody in the head or take a bad fall and it causes concussion. A brain bruise and consequent wobble. If done repeatedly it knocks one off-kilter resulting in a myriad of life-long symptoms that become chronic.

Over twenty years the USA and allied forces bombed Iraq and Afghanistan without global Earth consequences? Scientists support that? There is no doubt of the consequences, so why keep denying them?

‘Major parts of Syria have effectively been bombed back to Ottoman times’ reports the Times of Israel. “Civil war leaves Syrian cities in ruins, economy in a shambles”.

So does an earthquake – the aftermath of the bombs.

Will they ever learn? Not when it financially benefits the ones doing the bombing. How to change it? Who would want to? Yeah, but all those sentient humans dying horrific deaths who had no part in any grievances, how about them? Hey, everybody has to die sometime. Thinking of a world without war? Yeah well, I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, and war keeps coming.

War creates enemies where there once were none, so the cycle continues unless there is a global effort to stop it. Well, you know we’re so deep, small steps might as well not be taken; it’s just too big a force to block at this stage with all the new weaponry being designed to accommodate war as a part of life, the right to exist. At what risk? I don’t know, except that we have a right to destroy and rise from the ashes not destroyed – to fight another day.

Another way.

We already have those other ways in place as sanctions.

But that’s punishment and punishment doesn’t sell, it makes people seethe beneath the surface of their existence, their culture, defining their goals in the presence of war not in its absence.

What can I say?

Expect more earthquakes.

35- 2021/05/19 at 6:56 am’Pick On Someone Your Own Size’ Netanyahu, somebody with a military at least

RE: ‘Democrats back off demand that Biden delay U.S. arms sale to Israel’

^ Jews Living On Stolen Palestinian Land

Democrat President Biden and his apartheid-supporting spineless Democrats decide to sell even more arms to the Jews to decimate the Palestinians on their own land.

Jews already have a nation; it’s called the United States of America. That was stolen too.

I haven’t heard one fair, viable plan for war or peace come out of the Jewish camp, except take more land until all that’s left are the slums where the Palestinian slaves are targeted to survive and thrive making money for the Jews. No self-respect allowed.

Better start talking so the world – the entire world – can see and hear your plan. No more under the table, behind closed doors. You made perfectly clear your intentions – for the world to see – by bombing essentially an unarmed country without a developed military. This is what happens folks, when one group demands control over an other group by taking away its right and ability to defend itself against invasion.

  • Without saying a word I might add or asking permission from the United Nations to start a war.

It seems Benjamin Netanyahu needed another diversion strategy from his corruption trial and inability to form a government in a place they call home on stolen land in Palestine.

  • First the pandemic and now a Middle East war.

The Jews aren’t going to invade; they already invaded decades ago. Who put that invasion story out there as if it hadn’t already happened? Fire their racist, anti-Gentile butts.

This isn’t a tit for tat; it’s another Jewish massacre against the Palestinians. Jenin all over again. Yeah we all know, you can’t help yourselves. If you weren’t warring against the Palestinians or somebody else, you’d be warring against each other.

They do it every few years to decimate where the Palestinians live in place with no escape route, corralled by the Jews, so they have to spend the next few years rebuilding what the Jews blew up. The Jews need building contracts and that’s how they get them.

Imagine living day to day 24/365 under the thumb of that Jewish maniacal cycle of destroying other people’s cities to get building contracts.

Maybe that’s why they claim nobody likes them.

They say, always they say, “but nobody stops us”.

Well, that’s a plan right there, staring right at you. They gave it to you.

STOP THEM – not with rewards, because that’s in their plan too. They get rewarded for bombing the Palestinians. Women and children are always on their radar. Do it then deny it.

They formed business alliances with the Arab countries before doing it.

Did the Arab countries know this in advance? Was that part of their business deals? To give up Palestine and Lebanon and Syria?

Wherever Jews bomb, they want to live. Don’t believe that they don’t.

  • It’s in the SMIRK. They can’t help it.

My father used to say, pick on someone your own age or pick on someone your own size. Israel always picks on the little guy. Well, it’s time the big guys stood up for the little guys and


You’ve got it. Signed, sealed and delivered.

34- 2019/07/16 at 6:35 am SNAPSHOTS OF WAR Painted by God

“If we don’t need the gory details to tell a story about gore, then maybe we don’t need to accept war as inevitable.” ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“LEAVING WITHOUT A TRACE” A war story-movie about the sacrifices a family makes in real time on the ground, when one is called or decides to serve their country. Based on a novel by Mindy Mejia, the film explores such sacrifice and how it impacts initially and alters forever the family dynamic.

A slow-mover that mesmerizes the viewer, forcing one to sit still the mind as it opens wide the harsh reality of physical and psychological isolation.

Mindy Mejia uses nuance to tell a story of how war leaves an indelible influence on the making of each veteran and how through each person’s uniqueness, that indelible influence unfolds differently.

Trying to heal what can’t be told, the family stumbles, succumbs and rises to a different understatement of who they are, and how to survive the changes that war brought upon them.

Rather than being left with images, facts, and figures from the theatre of the aftermath of war, the viewer takes with them a part of the collective soul of all veterans – the only part common to all – that they will ever allow you to see. Everything else is uniquely private to each individual veteran-family.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all my Veteran-family members!

I am a family-veteran. I became one when I was born into a family who served and became one again each time another family member put on that uniform.

I know what isolation looks and feels like. Over time that place brought me comfort knowing I was surviving something somebody else experienced, which I had no control over.

I believe war is NOT inevitable. Absent war and absent the intentional infliction of harm is a world I aspire to help engineer. Using my own free will and self-control opens the doors that need opening and closes those that need closing.

This is a story about accepting where we are now and working from there to achieve tomorrow.

I know that story.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

33- 2019/05/31 at 7:33 am 3 LEVELS OF BLAME

1-  The one(s) who suggested the action.

2-  The one(s) who made the decision(s) to act.

3-  The one(s) who executed the action(s).

 32- 2019/02/04 at 4:34 pm A HOLOCAUST FOR LAND

I recall that way back in the 9-11 days, some, or maybe one (and the others who thought it, thought better about not speaking it), voiced that it must take a lot of courage to blow one’s self up, knowing the horrible death they would suffer.

That does take courage – a lot of courage. No matter how hardened you are, it takes a lot of courage, because when you’re pre-planning it, then do the ritual thing prior to the deed, getting ready for it, and everybody is supporting you (when they never did before), for the group, family, the cause, as the time draws near, it’s only you – you ending your life – a life that your family, or your group, or their political, or religious cause, says needs to be done – and they elected you to do it, even though you volunteered.

Oh, they make you think that it was your idea, and how so brave – protecting them, and the children, the generations to come. You be the sacrifice – so we all can live a better life. See you in heaven, son – daughter. Teenagers, thinking the only way they can change the world is to kill themselves so that others will live better.

Not unlike in the USA, parents being so proud of their sons and daughters who go off to war to kill or to be killed – for their parents, for the preservation of the next generation, for the family, the country, the community, the cause of freedom. After all, we can’t be free unless we’re courageous enough to kill or be killed – to slaughter or be slaughtered for our God-given right to be free.

I am recalling again, but now in the present day – not many days ago – people talking about how courageous Benjamin Netanyahu was for slaughtering the Palestinians – the Palestinians who had no way – no effective way – of defending themselves against the holocaust that he in conjunction with the USA administration and military, waged against them. But they’re trying to kill us, is what Netanyahu kept implying, as he slaughtered them – again – again – again…

It didn’t take courage for Netanyahu to bomb an entire country of people, who were actually born, bred – right there in Palestine – living there for centuries.  Recall, it’s called Palestine, where the Palestinians grew. It’s not called Israel on any old map I’ve ever seen.

It doesn’t take courage for another president of the USA to bomb Iraq – again – … It never takes courage when you’re the bully. Think about it. You see a picture of the poor and wretched in Palestine – also some rich folks. But see the difference between Israel and Palestine and any sane person would have to conclude that one of the two is enslaving the other.

It all comes down to ownership. Ownership of land, of resources, and they don’t give a flying fig about the degenerates living on the land they want to own.

The Jews for decades have been saying that they don’t want Gaza. Then why enslave the Gazan people – making sure that they never develop that land? It has nothing to do with rockets lobbed with no destination, nor teenagers throwing rocks at military tanks. Of course the Jews want Gaza’s prime real estate. A seaside resort. The Jews covet that tiny strip of land.

They don’t want peace – they want land – the more the better. It’s all about Hamas they say. It used to be all about Hezbollah. It’s always all about somebody not giving them what they want – land.

The fight to gain Jerusalem has nothing to do with a so-called Holy site – there’s nothing Holy about their agenda – they hate Jesus – want nothing to do with a Jew telling another Jew to treat the prostitutes well – to turn the other cheek at an insult – to give without expectation of a favor in return – it’s about land – and they’ll pull every rabbit out of the hat to make the world think they’re dying as a race, they’re dying due to persecution, they’re dying because they hate themselves – because the whole world hates them – and give us this God damned land – or else you’ll make us do something horrible to you.

That ‘something horrible’ is called in everybody else’s sane mind – absent theirs – a holocaust.

A holocaust for land.

ISRAEL is preparing to retake GAZA.

31- 2022/10/09 at 9:51 am A Hurricane and A Terrorist Attack

Seems like someone or someone copied a hurricane – called Ian – using bombs to blow up a bridge to Crimea. Who’s the copycat?

Something perverse about that. Cutting off people’s access to freedom and goods.

Stop saying: I wouldn’t put anything past this so and so. That problem solving process is a bridge to nowhere.

who copies? comedians? no original material?

Or was it someone who wanted it to look like a comedian did it?

Who does that?

Or someone who sided with Ukraine who had the wherewithal to carry out the attack incognito. Who doesn’t take credit for assassinations?

Ops, I’m full out.

an aside: NATO telling Ukraine that this wasn’t a good time to be applying for membership probably boiled a lot of people’s blood.

With all the spies in the world, nobody was war-gaming everybody’s next move? Who was sleeping at the switch in the USA? Looks like they were running the war – the USA calls it – against Russia on behalf of Ukraine and a missile defense system that USA and NATO sorely wanted on the Russia/Ukraine border. Could this have been averted by such a system? Somebody trying to prove a point?

No missile defense system, no bridge? Can a missile defense system stop a terrorist attack? Probably not. Nobody in Europe or Asia could stop it either? Evidently not. So what’s it good for?

Incoming – by air only. Guess somebody has to go back to the drawing board, or reassess the necessity of war.

This horrible so-called war – undeclared except in the news – is bringing out the operational flaws. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Whoever wanted to prove the necessity of a missile defense system, it backfired.

FLORIDA BRIDGE DESTROYED BY HURRICANE In days apart from terror attack against bridge connecting Russia to Crimea


30- 2022/08/31 at 10:01 am LIFE IN SPACE Painted By God 2000 and 2009


Change for the worse or change for the better. The BigU presents the choice.

Or does it?

Can life forms that have a birth and death be treated as rocks, water and air?

Do rocks have a choice to change for the worse or better? 

q.thing and q.body changes, evolves – continually. 

In a constant state of evolution is where the Universe, thus q.body and q.thing stays relevant.

Relevance is the only constant. 

One may think irrelevant exists in the BigU, judging by how often humans deem other humans irrelevant, but it’s just a way the Big U motivates us to relax, repel or accelerate. Even in a relaxed state the organism is in a constant state of change, thus evolution.

Think about the Universe as an endless organism that lives and breathes itself. Yes, organisms contain rocks. Smaller organisms contain minerals from those rocks. All life in fact contains minerals thus rocks.

I call all of it God. The whole shebang.

Don’t worry so much; the Universe can take care of itself. Galaxies too. The solar system is more fragile and judging by the absence of observable life on other planets, Earth is extremely fragile. Earth may not disappear as in disintegrate, but it could collapse in portions that could take it off its current axis thus ultimate course. All it needs is an opportunity that sways it in that direction. Imagine the Middle East breaking off into the Universe, where it’s all alone to fend for itself?

Stop bombing the planet as a peace plan road map. It didn’t work; accept it. Find a better way.

Start by preserving better what we have to work with: Burn all the trash on the planet or recycle it, rather than dumping it into the oceans. Throwing it up into space is not the answer either. What countries still dump their trash in the ocean? We need clean water and the ocean is where we’ll be turning to meet our demand.

Africa (continental), India, Pakistan to name a few need some huge, multiple recycling plants. India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, but can’t solve the problem of what to do with their trash. It seems they want to spend their money on war weapons that could destroy huge parts of the planet, including all life from the radiation.

The world is good at providing goods, but not so good at providing means to dispose of the leftover trash from those goods.

Wake up to your own reality and fix what needs fixing.

29- 2018/11/01 at 6:47 pm WHY TAKE THE RISK?

“Stand down on shaky ground.”

28-2018/11/01 at 6:40 pm In Problem-Solving

“WHY is always the missing link.”

27-2018/11/01 at 6:39 pm Loosen – Adjust – Tighten

“Step up not back when in doubt.

Why retreat if you can make an adjustment and move forward?”.

26- 2018/11/01 at 6:37 pm MASTER YOURSELF

“Our sun is our master. Without it we die. There is no human equivalency.”

25- 2018/10/30 at 3:04 pm Astrophysics for people in a hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson – a book review

Never before have I written a review on a book where I didn’t understand ninety-nine percent of the material in it.

“Astrophysics is a very broad subject; it requires knowledge of fields such as electromagnetic theory, mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics quantum mechanics, relativity, nuclear physics and particle physics. The study of astrophysics includes measuring properties such as chemical composition, density, mass, luminosity and temperature of stellar objects and using them to model and predict how the stellar bodies would behave.” source:

Although I took a course in astronomy while in college to fulfill my science requirement, it didn’t leave much of an impact and contained nothing about astrophysics or any of the areas of study mentioned in the previous paragraph.

In fact, I never read any book from cover to cover that I didn’t understand. What would be the point? Even now after reading it, I don’t know why I want to read it again. But I do and I probably will. To do this review I’m going to go back and reread all the pages I checked to return to – pages with nuggets of interesting facts about the universe that we not only live in, but that lives within us.

That’s the first nugget I discovered when Steve brought home the book and I fanned to a page towards the end where it said,

(1). “We do not simply live in the universe. The universe lives within us”.

I was immediately hooked, since that’s something I believed all along, that we were not independent of the universe, and not simply part of it, as a working component, but it was in us and we in it.

As I read this book I didn’t understand, I did so in the same way I read any other book – now and then when I realized my mind drifting out of the zone for a few paragraphs, I returned to reread them, making sure I fully attended to each word before moving on, even though I wasn’t consciously connecting any dots, because the dots didn’t mean anything. It was like reading a foreign language. I kept up with it though, reading a couple chapters each night before going to sleep.

From this position of not knowing, I pass on to you what I thought interesting and fun facts about where we live and what lives within us, that happen to be one and the same: the universe.



Although I recommend buying the book, I read one on loan from the library. If I were younger, I’d want a copy of my own. My library is long gone now, mostly sold when we needed money for something essential.

So why the interest? Why not? It’s all around us; it’s in us; we’re in it; why not be curious about what we don’t know?

Why continue to read something I clearly didn’t understand? Maybe at some level of our intelligence or some other process yet to be recognized or named by science, we are programmed to understand some rudimentary laws of physics absent the terminology used to describe and define them.

Maybe we’re designed to recognize and understand certain concepts regarding anything even though we don’t know the formulas, equations or methods used to prove them. I believe that happened with me.

2018/10/30 at 3:27 pm Do huge genetic gaps among earths creatures exist?



(2). “If a huge genetic gap separated us from our closest relative in the animal kingdom, we could justifiably celebrate our brilliance. We might be entitled to walk around thinking we’re distant and distinct from our fellow creatures. But no such gap exists. Instead, we are one with the rest of nature, fitting neither above nor below, but within.”


with Neil Degrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 3:50 pm How old is the water you drink?


(3). “There are more molecules of water in a cup of the stuff than there are cups of water in all the world’s oceans. Every cup that passes through a single person and eventually rejoins the world’s water supply hold enough molecules to mix 1,500 of them into every cup of water in the world. No way around it: some of the water you just drank passed through the kidneys of Socrates, Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc.”


with Neil Degrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 4:24 pm Nobody owns the air they breathe, believe it or not


(4). “A single breath of air draws in more air molecules than there are single breathfuls of air in Earth’s entire atmosphere. That means some of the air you just breathed passed through the lungs of Napolean, Beethoven, Lincoln, and Billy the Kid.”


with Neil Degrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 4:36 pm Stars Outnumber Words Uttered By Humans?


(5). “There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on any beach, more stars than seconds have passed since Earth formed, more stars than words and sounds ever uttered by all the humans who ever lived.”


with Neil Degrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 7:24 pm Sun Sheds Its Skin


(6). “The sun loses material from its surface at a rate of one million tons per second.”


with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 8:36 pm Universe Had A Beginning after all


(7). “What we do know, and what we can assert, without hesitation, is that the universe had a beginning. The universe continues to evolve. And yes, every one of our body’s atoms is traceable to the big bang and to the thermo-nuclear furnaces within high mass stars that exploded more than five billion years ago.”


with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 9:00 pm Universe invisible beyond spherical edge


(8). “…there is a distance in every direction from us where the recession velocity for a galaxy equals the speed of light. At this distance and beyond, light from all luminous objects loses all its energy before reaching us. The universe beyond this spherical edge is thus rendered invisible and, as far as we know, unknowable.”

(9). “Among all constants, the speed of light is the most famous. No matter how fast you go, you will never overtake a beam of light.”


with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 9:04 pm Universality Of Physical Laws


(10). “…if we land on another planet with a thriving alien civilization, they will be running on the same laws that we discovered and tested here on Earth – even if the aliens harbor different social and political beliefs.”


with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 9:10 pm Microwave ovens essentially don’t heat food; they heat the water in the food


(11). “…water is the most common ingredient in food, and microwave ovens primarily heat water.”


with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2018/10/30 at 9:21 pm On Earth As In The Heavens


(12). “Of course, not all things and phenomena in the cosmos have counterparts on Earth…What matters is the universality of the physical laws that describe them.”


with Neil Degrasse Tyson

24- 2018/10/26 at 4:36 pm RE: Another Suspicious Package Addressed To Cory Booker Found

Another Suspicious Package Addressed To Cory Booker Found

Cory Booker has been crying and screaming for months in front of the cameras, for the populace to feel his pain.

If he is what success looks like when success arrives, there’s no hope for the rest of us whose names will never be known. Maybe he should start feeling the pain of the populace, instead of begging us to feel his.

Most of the world will think the fake bombs were the brainchild of zealots within his own party: Blame Trump for acts of terrorism against those who oppose him just before the midterm elections. It could work or it could backfire.

Maybe agents of our own government are responsible. Or, maybe some foreign entity is trying to distract our government while thousands of people rush the southern border to enter illegally.

Or, maybe this is a precursor to something much more sinister. So, who has expertise in pipe bombs, that don’t go off? I didn’t know pipe bombs had a detonator; I thought they had to be lit. Oh, my wrong, that’s a molotov cocktail. Ops > a poor man’s grenade.

23- 2018/10/25 at 5:33 pm RE: Megyn Kelly Blackface Controversy: Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Explains, ‘We’re People, Not Costumes’

Megyn Kelly Blackface Controversy: Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Explains, ‘We’re People, Not Costumes’

Black Nationalists and Black Lives Matter Terrorists got it backwards again. You change the future by changing yourself. Changing the past, wiping it off the earth as if it didn’t exist is a terror tactic used to take over a village, tribe or nation. Prepare for terrorist attacks on all children this Halloween. A “call to harm” has already been issued by Amber Ruffin ala Colin Kaepernick and Maxine Waters. How serious can you take a Black Lives Matter Terrorist who goes on an internationally broadcasted late night comedy show to terrorize ‘white’ children for the purpose of Hijacking Halloween? Very seriously.

22- 2018/10/22 at 5:38 pm RE: NFL Players Almost Come To Blows Over League’s National Anthem Payoff

NFL Players Almost Come To Blows Over League’s National Anthem Payoff

That sounds more like extortion than an agreement. Donate 90 million dollars to the charities of our choice and we’ll stop disrupting football games that’s losing you guys a lot of money. I say, you make so much money, donate your own. It’s all coming out of the pockets of the fans. They already pay sky-high prices for tickets, food, drink and swag, and now will be forced to even higher prices to offset the 90 million. The NFL isn’t going to just lose that much money and walk away. The fans will pay.

Disrespecting the fans is a bad idea. In the long term it could cost them the sport. First they killed a bunch of cops to get the other cops to babysit their kids. That didn’t work. Now they threaten to kill a sport if the NFL doesn’t babysit their kids. Raise your own kids. Don’t expect to take them to football games where the price of tickets is going to double. It’s like one fumble after another and another and another. Do they even know that extortion is a crime?

21- 2018/10/12 at 4:07 pm RE: Don Lemon Educates Donald Trump On The Real Definition Of Mob

Don Lemon Educates Donald Trump On The Real Definition Of A ‘Mob’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Fri. 10/12/2018

“Real mobs” burn cities when they get upset. One spark is all it takes from one angry voice in the middle of hundreds of people – no matter where they are. White supremacists don’t burn cities, black supremacists do. Don Lemon must have been asleep in his castle when cities were being burned.

20- 2018/09/28 at 5:46 pm RE: Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers (2)

‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers

I never knew there were so many experts on vegans who comment on Yahoo, who also eat animals. How did they find out so much about people they never met? If I’m not mistaken, France has a long history of chopping off the heads of humans when they get upset. So a brick went through a window. I’d say France has come a long way in tempering their tempers. Vegans leading the way. No one lost their head!

What’s France worried about if veganism is already dead according to the experts on Yahoo comment section? The plant-based revolution is in full swing. Veganism it appears was just a decoy.

The wealthiest people on the planet have invested in this global enterprise to save the planet by eliminating slaughter-based economies. They don’t care if you don’t like it. That train left the station while everybody was gorging on animal guts. It’s a done deal. Do you want your Impossible burger done rare, medium or well?

19- 2018/09/28 at 3:38 pm RE: ‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers

‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers

You’re missing the terrorists who want to kill and eat vegans, right here on Yahoo. Vegans aren’t killing animal-eaters. Animal-eaters are threatening to kill vegans.

18- 2018/09/17 at 5:52 pm RE: Donald Trump has ‘insecurity of a teenage girl’ says John Kerry in attack on president

Donald Trump has ‘insecurity of a teenage girl’ says John Kerry in attack on president

Hey, stay away from teenage girls, John Kerry. I know teenage girls who have more class than you.

17- 2018/09/16 at 5:55 pm RE: GOP Donor Les Wexner Announces Departure From Republican Party After Obama Visit

GOP Donor Les Wexner Announces Departure From Republican Party After Obama Visit

This guy latches onto famous people every time Victoria Secret makes news about future relevancy. He latched onto a white preacher named Joel Osteen years ago, who then went public saying Victoria Secret saved his marriage – evidently the viewing audience believed him and sales soared. As a result the preacher got filthy rich from donations and became worldwide famous.

Now V.S.’s relevancy is again in question with the #MeToo movement in full swing, so he hitches a ride with Barack Obama, hoping to increase sales. Hey, if it worked with the white minister, it should work with the black minister aka past president.

16- 2018/09/15 at 5:59 pm RE: Police complete investigation into white man who flashed gun at black students

Police complete investigation into white man who flashed gun at black students

In our apartment building we’re told not to let anyone in unless we know them. “DON’T RECOGNIZE THEM. DON’T LET THEM IN” People take the signs down. If they live there they should have a key. If they’re guests they need to buzz the apartment and be let in that way. I wouldn’t get on an elevator with four guys who entered the apartment by piggy back mode, or who tried to force their way in by any other means.

The first article said it was a hotel, now it’s an apartment building. Follow the rules is the best policy. He apologized for the gun. They could have had guns too. In an apartment building there is no designated person with authority to help people without keys or who don’t want to use the buzzer system. It’s the job of the tenants. Some do it. Some don’t. There is a fear factor operating here when the rules aren’t followed, if indeed there were any.

15- 2018/09/15 at 5:59 pm RE: Tamar Braxton says she’s been sexually abused ‘multiple times by multiple’ family members

Tamar Braxton says she’s been sexually abused ‘multiple times by multiple’ family members

This is all too common in African families and needs to be brought out into the light, so it can be remedied. What used to be accepted as their familial rights can no longer be justified. It’s a tribal mentality that must end.

14- 2018/08/25 at 4:17 pm RE: Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder Suspect Is ‘Loving Father’ to Girl, Should Be Presumed Innocent: Attorney

Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder Suspect Is ‘Loving Father’ to Girl, Should Be Presumed Innocent: Attorney

Why would you presume he is legal until they establish otherwise? Why presume anything? Who checked the political party of the landowner? Somebody is waging a defense for this guy before he’s even charged. Let’s blame the Republicans. Aside from that, most if not all killers, serial or otherwise, are loving, peaceful family members. Who told him to say he blacked out? Is that what people do when they’re killing somebody? O.J. Simpson said essentially the same thing. Someone doesn’t usually black out unless they’re drugged, drunk and/or the one being beaten up. There’s too much misinformation out there. People should be trying to get to the truth instead of covering up for who did it prematurely.

13- 2018/08/24 at 4:24 pm RE: The Mollie Tibbetts killing is not about immigration, it’s about toxic masculinity

The Mollie Tibbetts killing is not about immigration, it’s about toxic masculinity

Spanish speaking Islands and countries south of the USA are way behind the USA in women’s rights.

I’m surprised that these women who are outspoken about the border wall aren’t as outspoken regarding male dominance through violence and threats of violence in their own cultures. Of course they don’t want a wall.

Fifteen? million people here illegally, and they still haven’t assimilated into American culture.

Did someone just make up that term “toxic masculinity”? So-called “outdated definitions of manhood” are not outdated in much of the world.

If we’re going to allow males from rape cultures into the USA, this is what they do – mostly in their own communities where their actions are covered by their own.

12- 2018/08/24 at 2:49 pm RE: Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe

Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe

Okay, so they don’t want a white African minority to rule in South Africa, but they want a black African minority to rule in America. Israelis steal land from the Palestinians, yet it’s bigoted and racist to say that black Africans steal land from white landowners? They steal everything else, why not land?? They’re taught that it’s okay to steal from white people. How racist is that?

11- 2018/08/19 at 3:52 pm RE: Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

Wow. They dug four feet down and found a whole city?

10- 2018/08/14 at 4:11 pm RE: ‘NO TAPES,’ Trump Tweets As He Brags Omarosa Called Him A Civil Rights Champ

‘NO TAPES,’ Trump Tweets As He Brags Omarosa Called Him A Civil Rights Champ

Is Omarosa Manigault Newman going to be investigated for election tampering? “Manigault Newman told “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on MSNBC on Monday night that a former member of the “Apprentice” production might leak an audio tape of Trump purportedly using the slur sometime before the November elections.” Sounds like collusion to me.

9- 2018/08/14 at 3:57 pm RE: Trump calls Omarosa ‘that dog’

Actually, that’s an African-American phrase. They call people dogs all the time. Dumb animal, dog = common usage in Cleveland, Ohio. There’s so much name calling now, that to pin it on one person would be impossible and discriminatory. Many think we should expect more from our president and elected officials than we expect from ourselves. I disagree. We need to raise our own standard of behavior, instead of blaming somebody else for lowering those standards. We relinquish our own power over ourselves when we give others credit for our actions.

8- 2018/08/13 at 6:22 pm RE: Kellyanne Conway was asked to name Trump’s top black adviser. Her answer was embarrassing.

Kellyanne Conway was asked to name Trump’s top black adviser. Her answer was embarrassing.

Sounds like somebody wants affirmative action in the white house staffing. Why ask such an obviously prejudicial question? How many black people do you have working for you? How many Hispanics? Any Asians? How many Native Americans? How many white people? Ops – can’t inquire how many Whites.

Who cares? They’re all just people. Why do you ask? That would have been my response. What’s it to ya? Sounds like the only qualification that matters is skin color. Beyond that who cares? What happened to color blindness? Ops again, I almost forgot, White isn’t a color to people of color.

Do you see the irony? These were the picture(s) photoshopped for the article, which were later removed. With all these black leaders, who could name the most important to President Trump? It was stupid question. It was a racist question.

7- 2018/08/08 at 3:46 pm RE: Gay man allegedly kicked out of pool because of ‘inappropriate swimsuit: ‘If it smells like homophobia, it’s homophobia’

Gay man allegedly kicked out of pool because of ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit: ‘If it smells like homophobia, it’s homophobia’

There’s a gay parade every year in Cleveland/Lakewood, and many young and old gay men wear jock straps, fast-dancing in the street, flipping their genitals at passersby. Most people go to parades with their children, the same with hotels. I have to wonder why both gay men and straight women want to expose their stuff. They must be nudists at heart or they feel they can get away with indecent exposure, because they’re gay and covering up a bit.

It’s like ‘safe bars’ where gays can have sex in restrooms without being harassed for it. I think straight men have been wearing such suits in Europe for decades. So, it’s not just a gay behavior, because many gays are more modest; it’s a certain type of male and female who want to show their genitals or breasts to the world. Maybe that’s how they value themselves.

Shockers is what they are. They want attention and they know they’ll get it. Then they complain about it when they do. The best thing is to steer clear of exhibitionists; nothing good will come from an interaction; don’t even act like you notice.

It’s like Muslim women going into public swimming pools fully wrapped in robes and scarves. They want to shock people and see the response. I wonder how Yahoo even gets these stories. To me, they’re mostly staged. Then, some people like to act in public like they act at home. If they have a right to do as they want, then others have a right not to like their behavior.

6- 2018/03/16 at 6:05 pm RE: Jimmy Kimmel Says He’s Filing A Federal Complaint Against The Trumps

Jimmy Kimmel Says He’s Filing A Federal Complaint Against The Trumps

This coming from a guy who exploits his own baby for ratings. Has he no shame? Somebody get him into rehab. His obsession with the Trumps is pathological.

5- 2015/11/17 at 6:08 pm RE: On a Jewish State

Any country living in supposedly the free world, or any citizen of the world who wished that they did live in these supposedly free states, must be outraged by Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to make by law a Jewish state, which would by design discriminate against everybody not Jew living within the borders of Israel – borders that haven’t yet been determined by the Israelis.

Try telling Black America, that America is by law going to be declared a white people’s state.

That the entire world stands by, and does nothing, is an affront enough, but that the Israelis, by a large majority, want this discrimination to take place, shows the world who they really are – bigots.

Learn to live with people not like you, instead of wishing everybody dead through a holocaust you commit, because of your own xenophobia – an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners. Israelis are the foreigners, not the Palestinians. It’s called Palestine.

4- 2015/04/18 at 6:13 pm RE: On low milk consumption and brain wasting diseases

This is a bunch of baloney paid for by the dairy industry. Every person who has ever gotten Alzheimers, or dementia of some kind, drank milk. We don’t need to be scolded for not drinking our government recommended 3 glasses per day in order to keep the dairy industry in business. “Unfortunately, few adults meet the U.S. Department of Agricultures 3-cup recommendation for daily dairy intake”, Choi says.

We also don’t need scare tactics by these agencies telling us all we’re probably going to lose our cognitive function if we don’t comply.

“But, come breakfast time, drinking a glass of milk is a perfect place to start.” It sounds like an advertisement! It doesn’t matter that they use the words ‘possibly’ and ‘potential’ to preface their claims. It’s already out and it sounds all official.

PCI (progressive cognitive impairment) has nothing to do with not drinking milk. Again, all old people drink milk. They always drank milk. They drank milk as kids, as young adults and as middle adults. Frankly, I’m shocked that anybody would publish the results of a one week study. The dairy industry is worried that these old folks’ grandkids and great grandkids won’t drink milk. Well Nana drank it and she lost her mind!!

3- 2014/09/29 at 2:48 pm RE: It’s Always Russia’s Fault

In fact, everybody calls Moscow – historically and now. If Obama’s CIA and NSA were spying as they say they are spying, then they would know that. If what Obama meant is that they don’t call Moscow to undermine and bomb countries to resolve differences, then Obama is right on that – they don’t.

2- 2014/09/05 at 4:02 pm RE: Angela Merkel Weak On Concentration Camps In Palestine

Angela Merkel should be helping to free Palestinians in concentration camps in the Middle East, designed by Israel, rather than worrying about those who no longer are in concentration camps. That would go a long way toward Jews being respected, thus safe – worldwide. When she does something concrete, rather than just spit words of caution to Israel, to free those now enslaved by yes, Jews in Palestine, the world will respect her too.

1- 2014/09/04 at 2:45 pm RE: Failed Policies Don’t Work

It is becoming clear that the Islamic State – no matter where they operate – is sending a message to Muslims, whom they think are weak and not carrying out the missionary purpose of spreading the Islamic faith – as one of dominance – not unlike the goals of the Christians or the Jews in years past.

They, like the Israelis today, are using old, worn out models that didn’t work, to achieve power in today’s world. Israel is hell-bent on using what America did to the Native Americans – as their model for the Palestinians – putting them on reservations, marginalizing them, till they no longer exist as a race.

The Islamic State will fail – since they have no plan beyond somebody else’s failed plan. They have no plan for governance and what it takes to actually run a country – if they do ever get one. They pattern themselves after the Jews – who have a worldwide coalition of like-minded people to control from behind the scenes what happens in governments – worldwide.

After all these years it isn’t working for the Jews, and it won’t work for the Islamic State. Put a non-violent plan into action and it will work. But it takes too long they’ll say. Netanyahu could have put a plan into place, and it would have worked, but he chose to obliterate Palestinians instead. That will soon be on his head, and the Islamic State will lose their head as well.

When your only purpose is to dominate, you will lose. It is becoming increasingly clear that neither Israel nor the Islamic State have the ability to think beyond somebody else’s failed policies. That is called insanity.

You may carry out your bombings and beheadings with absolute calm – but when your calm causes chaos, then you stepped outside of the boundaries that your own God set for you. And you know exactly what I mean – because I’m looking through your God’s eyes now – and so are you.

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