RE: What the Brits Need They Can’t Give Themselves

The real British way, believe it or not, is that EVERYBODY’S LIFE MATTERS. That’s what colonization was all about. Every individual mattering. That message was and continues to be British Born. However, somewhere along the way of what and whom they deemed equal, they lost their way. They unilaterally decided that people had to takeContinue reading “RE: What the Brits Need They Can’t Give Themselves”

Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?

YAHOO News Discontinued Its Comment Section? Remember that? A while back, Yahoo News cancelled their comment section that appeared after each article, when white people starting fighting back in response to Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa burning cities all over America terrorizing a nation in their homes, while they systematically destroyed lives and property, exploitingContinue reading “Recall Yahoo News Comment Section?”

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism As A Strategy To Increase Their Numbers And Obtain Free Socio-Economic Benefits Black Lives Destroy Veganism by Associating Their Violent Strategies With The Animal Rights Movement Bartering with the lives of other animals to achieve your own goals is extortion and wholly unethical. Vegans are people for the ethical treatmentContinue reading “Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism”

RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.9.2020 Why “all lives matter” communicates to Black people that their lives don’t It’s getting so, groups with agendas see coded messages in everything. Too bad. The words speak for themselves. Stop the paranoia. ALL LIVES MATTER has been around for a long time. One race shouldn’t dictate to all others howContinue reading “RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t”