Who’s Leading the Pack?

Brits are the Queens and Kings of occupation – though others prefer to call it colonialism. Call it what it was, they moved in to change culture – through military might and missions (religious) maneuvers. The world copied and the world has been falling ever since.

RE: China Raises Limits On Reproduction In Response To Pandemic

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10 July 2021 CHINA China changes it’s one child policy per couple to three child policy per couple. How many people died in China from CORONACOVID virus, that prompted the Chinese government to change China’s one child policy to three child policy? As the story goes, the change in policy was inContinue reading “RE: China Raises Limits On Reproduction In Response To Pandemic”

China On The Moon

China’s Chang’e 5 lands on the moon to collect the 1st fresh lunar samples in decades By Mike Wall – Space.com Senior Writer China has apparently landed on the moon again — and this time the country plans to bring home some souvenirs. Chang’e 5, China’s first-ever sample-return mission, successfully touched down today (Dec. 1),Continue reading “China On The Moon”

RE: Joe Biden says ‘no trade deals’ until he has invested in America first

Sharon’s View: Now if he can just stop gloating and chastising the sitting president, which makes him sound like a whiner not a winner. Show some class Joe. It’s not your place to chide your predecessor on his way out. If you’re going to play the sore winner for the next four years, the worldContinue reading “RE: Joe Biden says ‘no trade deals’ until he has invested in America first”


Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that’s why they’re always thinking on it, with it, and through it. Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country – I don’t suppose. I wonder though, if there are significant culturalContinue reading “THE SIMULTANEOUS VOTE”


Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorship by committee. If you call yourselves a democracyContinue reading “CHINA DEMOCRACY PLAN”