No Beginning No End

No Beginning. No End. Most of us have a hard time with the ‘no beginning and no end’ part of existence. If there’s no beginning and no end to the universe, then perhaps it makes sense that life is simply one part of a journey of which we are all a part while on EarthContinue reading “No Beginning No End”

They Torture Animals Don’t They?

“Every torturer knows that humans are animals.”~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Everybody who works at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the same name for liability purposes: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation CCF TORTURES PATIENTS With Impunity

Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 3.13.2022 Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb -It sucks the life out of humans while crushing and vaporizing them- Most people base their prejudices on one person, good or bad, then it generalizes to the entire group. Sucks the life right out of them, it’s so fast and devastating. When one activistContinue reading “Prejudice Spreads Like A Vacuum Bomb”

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So YOU say Everybody’s Different.

So YOU say Everybody’s Different. We’re all unique. That’s what we’re told. Then why standardize us all to act, be treated and treat everybody the same way? Why social engineer cookie cutter people, then claim each cookie to be different by the color of frosting to create cookie wars? Everybody does it – business, religion,Continue reading “So YOU say Everybody’s Different.”

Trump Gives Who A Pass? Is He Allowed?

12-22-2020 Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Former CIA chief: Trump realizes Russia helped him so he gives them a pass CNN Mon, December 21, 2020, 8:08 PM EST Former CIA director John Brennan and CNN’s Kate Bolduan discuss President Trump’s repeated denials that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Sharon’s COMMENT: The CIA knows all about helpingContinue reading “Trump Gives Who A Pass? Is He Allowed?”

RE: Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 6.26.2019 Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees All of a sudden Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are speaking for all Americans? Really? This is what we want? Not this American. I couldn’t care less. Maybe they should start running the country, so we wouldn’t have a catastrophic eventContinue reading “RE: Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees”

RE: It’s Always Russia’s Fault

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Mon. 9/29/2014 In fact, everybody calls Moscow – historically and now. If Obama’s CIA and NSA were spying as they say they are spying, then they would know that. If what Obama meant is that they don’t call Moscow to undermine and bomb countries to resolve differences, then Obama is right on thatContinue reading “RE: It’s Always Russia’s Fault”