Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered

STRATEGIC ClipBoard:  Scary. How could we miss it? Or think one couldn’t exist – just because we live here? Hope it doesn’t eat up our sun or misalign the planets causing collusions.

Yeah, all that collusion talk on the media all over the world upset the Galaxy. You want collusion? I’ll show you collusion.

No. The Galaxy isn’t a woman. Neither are ships or cars or countries. Strange how people call their land MOTHER, yet women across lines and locations still don’t have the rights of status that men enjoy.

I wonder if it’s the same on other planets? Why do we always think that any extraterrestrial life we happen upon is going to be superior to us. What if they’re inferior to us, yet stronger and more brutal? Do you really want to find them? Do you really want them as your neighbor? What if they’re searching for human food and they already found us? What if they want our planet for themselves?

You can be smart and still inferior to us.

Ask the Jews if they’re harboring any alien-slanted humans among them?

I’ve seen a few. Many are on public assistance, living in public housing, but they’re geniuses.

How does that happen?

Lots of questions without answers.

Humans are hung up on ‘superior’ aren’t they? It’s not just the Japanese, Chinese, Germans, Russians, Africans, Indians, Indigenous people, it’s everyone, every group. Even when an individual or group submits to another, they still think they’re superior. It’s not a wish, it’s a knowing that they’re superior.

Ah, I almost forgot the British. They wanted me to forget them though. It’s rude if you claim superiority, but they all still think they are.

Now, what are we going to do about that black hole? Most people would say nothing. We’ll observe it.

The correct answer is, “We’re going to look for another one that may be closer to Earth.

No. It’s not MOTHEREarth. You can call it mother when mothers get the same status rights as fathers.

It’s a trick to pacify women so they won’t ask for much. Look, we name the most important things in our lives after women. That’s quite a status.

Yeah, but status doesn’t pay the bills. I got a promotion without a pay raise, doing the same job I do now.

IN NAME ONLY are you superior.

This inferior woman here wants back pay for Two Decades.


‘I don’t believe in God, a religious-based God, but I believe in a superior being’. That’s been floating around for a long time. In fact, my journey into the unknown began with that internal declaration. It evolved from there and is still evolving.

I love evolution. I still can’t wrap my head around ‘something from nothing’. Or, ‘there is no beginning and there is no end’.

If there’s no ending and no beginning, then everything is always transitional.

I wonder with transitional people, how far that will go? Once it starts, it accelerates unless a more forceful opposing state blocks the process.

The process doesn’t just effect gender; it effects the entire organism.

I wonder what the acceleration will look like?


ABC News


ABC 11.30.2019

Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered (ABC News)

Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered originally appeared on

A black hole with a mass 70 times greater than the Sun was discovered, leaving scientists stunned.

“Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our Galaxy, according to most of the current models of stellar evolution,” Professor Jifeng Liu, who led the team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that made the discovery, said in a statement.

Scientists previously believed that the mass of an individual stellar black hole could not be more than 20 times that of the Sun. These stellar black holes are different than so-called supermassive black holes, which are found at the center of galaxies and can be billions of times the mass of our Sun…

FINISH UP: Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered



RE: Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Judiciary, House Intel Committees

All of a sudden Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are speaking for all Americans? Really? This is what we want? Not this American. I couldn’t care less.

Maybe they should start running the country, so we wouldn’t have a catastrophic event happening at the border.

Maybe we should investigate congress and their collusion with Israel. Or any other country. Why do all American politicians in prominent roles need to take an Israeli tour before getting elected?

What happens on those tours? Israel doesn’t care about anybody’s interests but their own, yet we keep appeasing them at the expense of our own national security.

How many times are we going to be attacked because of our collusion with a rogue nation that won’t declare its nuclear arsenal?

How many Middle Eastern and South American countries has the CIA colluded with to unseat an existing leader?

Does congress really think the American people are that stupid?


RE: ‘NO TAPES,’ Trump Tweets As He Brags Omarosa Called Him A Civil Rights Champ

Is Omarosa Manigault Newman going to be investigated for election tampering? “Manigault Newman told “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on MSNBC on Monday night that a former member of the “Apprentice” production might leak an audio tape of Trump purportedly using the slur sometime before the November elections.” Sounds like collusion to me.