Who’s Leading the Pack?

Brits are the Queens and Kings of occupation – though others prefer to call it colonialism. Call it what it was, they moved in to change culture – through military might and missions (religious) maneuvers. The world copied and the world has been falling ever since.

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies

British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies What’s the difference between British and Spanish colonizing strategies? The British invade offering a more civilized way of surviving, so the foreign entity can stand on their own in a developing world. Then they leave. They don’t transform the country into British people through procreation. The Spanish invade and conquer,Continue reading “British vs Spanish Colonizing Strategies”

RE: British Writers: Take Your Medicine And Move On

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight – I’m a little late getting this posted, but it’s still relevant to me. Politics Donald Trump urges Mike Pence to block Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress Ben Riley-Smith The Telegraph Mon, January 4, 2021, 11:14 PM EST [Donald Trump has called on his vice president Mike Pence to intervene toContinue reading “RE: British Writers: Take Your Medicine And Move On”

Netflix Exposes Colonialism via Tics

When watching a foreign film on Netflix, I can always tell if the people in that country were victimized by colonialism aka occupation. How? By the vulgar language the actors use referencing male and female genitalia, humiliating people they dislike or who anger them. Everybody’s a dickhead, prick, cunt or twat. It’s like the entireContinue reading “Netflix Exposes Colonialism via Tics”